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Chapter 4: Ruan Yesheng Has Successfully Entered And Reached The Apex Of Xi Mo’s Blacklist

Feng Tangtang felt that Xi Mo’s expression in that moment was akin to drinking pesticide. She hastily asked, “Ruan Ruan, is it very disgusting?”

“Not at all.” Xi Mo bore that nausea feeling and gracefully swallowed the durian chicken soup. A spring-like smile appeared on her face, “It tastes very nice.”

She would rather drink pesticide and commit suicide!

Feng Tangtang felt relieved, “That’s good. I heard that you liked to eat durians and durian cooked with chicken. Thought it was made by me this time. I was also scared that my skill changed in the crucial moment and the soup I made wouldn’t fit your taste. It’s great that you still think it’s tasty.”

Xi Mo looked at Feng Tangtang, she once again pretended to casually sip a bit in order to not make her suspicious. She then placed the spoon back into the bowl.

Feng Tangtang’s eyes were sparkling as she earnestly watched the hand that was holding the spoon.

Xi Mo: “……”

There was nothing she could do about it, she could only bite the bullet and take another sip.

Feng Tangtang was still looking at her.

Xi Mo: “……”

Kindness was hard to decline, so Xi Mo picked up the bowl of soup and drank this serious and wonderful tasting bowl of soup.

Feng Tangtang had a face of satisfaction.

Xi Mo’s expression showed tranquility, but her heart was having a fit of irritation. She understood that this little assistant Tangtang wasn’t aware of anything and was doing it purely out of good intentions. That good girl face of society also made it hard to curse her. Therefore, Xi Mo completely shifted her feelings of irritation in her heart towards Ruan Yesheng.

If it weren’t for her body being switched with Ruan Yesheng for some unknown reason, then she wouldn’t be suffering like this.

Also, Ruan Yesheng liked the durian that she loathed the most.

Ruan Yesheng even liked Durian cooked with chicken, what an exotic and dark kind of cuisine.

Xi Mo directly imagined Ruan Yeshuan as a durian. Who would’ve known that in her mind, that the Ruan-Durian would have eyes and blink a little, it would even know how to be flirty. Xi Mo was shocked to the point where goosebumps rose, and she started to hate her even more. Ruan Yesheng successfully entered and reached the apex of Xi Mo’s blacklist.

“Tangtang.” Xi Mo tried to look around and then asked, “Is my cellphone still here? Or did it break in the fire?”

“It’s here, it’s here. I was just about to give it back to you.” Feng Tangtang handed over the cellphone she had been safekeeping in her bag, “When you and Sister Xi were found and rescued by the firefighters, you guys didn’t seem to have suffer any significant physical injuries. Your cellphone was also fine, I helped you charge it. It’s just that it’s corner got a little knocked.

Feng Tangtang showed Xi Mo the corner that got knocked in.

Xi Mo took the cellphone and looked at it a little, “It’s okay, I can buy a new one later. I can use this one for now.”

She stopped talking and her eyes cooled down. Ruan Yesheng’s phone didn’t have a password, so she easily unlocked it and entered.

The first she did after getting the cellphone was go online to take a look at the news report.

Just as expected, the online news regarding the hotel fire had been earth-shattering. Guesses such as terrorist attack and such could be seen. The present tallied number of casualties which were confirmed dead was twenty-three, and the number of injured in the hospital reached two hundred and eighty-seven. Many of them were actually trampled during the chaos.

It was because the hostel was holding a press conference that day. The currently popular Empress of Heaven, Xi Mo showed up and attracted a lot of attention from reporters and fans. There were even a few other stars that went over and joined in, so the entertainment industry was completely flipped that day.

Xi Mo wanted to see the reaction on Weibo. Unexpectedly, Ruan Yesheng hadn’t saved her account, so Xi Mo had no choice but to sign in on her own account. When she signed in, she discovered that five of the most popular topics on Weibo were relevant to the matter. Xi Mo herself took account for three of these.

Hanging at the top as the hottest topic was: #News Conference Suddenly Exploded Into A Large Fire, National Goddess Xi Mo Suspected To Be Disfigured#

Xi Mo: “……”

Which one of your eyes saw that I was disfigured!

The second-ranked hot topic was: #Stand Firm Goddess! Don’t Cry Goddess! We Are All A Part Of The Goddess’ Family Tonight!#

Xi Mo: “……”

Who are you guys!

Which one of you is my family!?

Though the good news was that her latest movie ‘To Have Sex Once’ had also taken advantage of the heat to climb to the fourth hottest topic. All sorts of old news about Xi Mo, such as movies, speculations and analysis all jumped into the frying pan. Even her old graves were being dug out by the online users, making the heat continue to climb step by step.

The most frantic ones were of course, still Xi Mo’s fans.

With so many entertainment celebrities around, they pretty much all had a personal authenticate Weibo. Xi Mo was considered rare for being a celebrity that didn’t have a Weibo. Although her company had made a public establishment, it was taken care of by the company. It specifically aimed at all the latest news of Xi Mo. There was also a strange fan club that consisted of her large and small supporting forces, but these weren’t made by Xi Mo either. She simply couldn’t contain her fans’ frenzy.

As such, a large amount of fans that went insane rushed into the company’s public establishment to ask about Xi Mo’s situation. They left behind messages hoping she was safe and sound. Perhaps they were asking why the company still hadn’t released the information, wondering about how much longer they’re going to keep quiet about it. Perhaps some even cursing the company for not giving Xi Mo the proper protection.

Of course, there were countless people asking the company to pass on a message, “I don’t want to know anything else! I just want to know if my Goddess was really disfigured! Urgent! Waiting online!”

Following that, countless people bumped it up.

Xi Mo: “……”

Xi Mo then opened up the Weibo of her seemingly good friends in her circle. She discovered that all their Weibo comments were asking about her for news. These people probably were told by Lu Qingming and currently didn’t talk about her matters. They were all just expressing that they were wishing for Xi Mo’s best of luck. The views under their Weibo comments were rising, the threshold was broken.

If there was a circle of friends, there was naturally a circle of enemies as well.

Shen Qingbei’s Weibo had completely been taken over by Xi Mo’s fans in one night. Shen Qingbei had never posted anything related to Xi Mo before on Weibo. Her latest post was a picture of herself in the afternoon, holding a cup of black tea with the sun shining brightly. All of this combined turned into a sourness that made Xi Mo irritated. She wished she could strangle the line of text, “It’s best to be a quiet lady.”

Xi Mo endured the nausea feeling and opened Shen Qingbei’s comments. What was left below it by her fans were, “Quiet Lady! Do you know the current situation of our Goddess Xi?”

“It’s bad. My Goddess Xi had a major accident, yet you still have the time to be a quiet lady. Do you still have a conscience!?”

“Hehe! Quiet Lady! Scram!”

When all was said and done, Shen Qingbei was still another publicly strong Empress of Heaven, thus her own fans were naturally very tough. Seeing that her Weibo was being taken over in a split second, her fans all joined one after another into the fight. Both parties were fighting on Shen Qingbei’s Weibo until both were badly bruised, wishing they could rush into the screen to fight.

Shen Qingbei’s fans counter was, “Hehe! We only know that your Goddess is disfigured!”

“Hehe! We only know that your Goddess is disfigured!”

“Hehe! We only know that your Goddess is disfigured!”

Xi Mo: “……”

This sentence had already executed a magic sound brain attack successfully.

She turned off her Weibo and turned to check out Tianya.

Tianya’s glossip entertainment section was already building up a skyscraper regarding her. There were those who were worried about her, and those who were talking bad about her. It was all mixed into one confusing pile, the level of heated discussion was unprecedented. In one of the biggest forums, her fans were still fighting with Shen Qingbei’s fans.

With her heart distracted and mind in turmoil, she looked through it a few times and then unexpectedly found a post discussing Ruan Yesheng’s movie. It was an old forum post, perhaps it still had some of Ruan Yesheng’s old fans. As such, it was pushed to the top as well.

“Ruan Ruan?” Feng Tangtang watched Xi Mo from the side as she looked through her cellphone reading the news. Although her face wasn’t changing much, she was emitting a frightening atmosphere from head to toe. She was already frightened a few times.

“It’s nothing, just taking a look at what they’re saying online.” Xi Mo smiled and placed down the cellphone, “Are you bored?”

Feng Tangtang clapped her hands, “Are you bored? Then, do you want to drink another bowl of soup?”

Xi Mo: “……”

Ruan Yesheng who was over on the other side had already finished reading everything on the tablet given to her by Lu Qingming.

She knew Xi Mo was popular, but this was the first time she felt just how popular she was from the bottom of her heart. When this matter occurred, it was like the whole world was all over Xi Mo in this moment.

And no one knew she had appeared in the hotel.

No one talked about her.

She was past her prime, this was a fact. But seeing Xi Mo so popular, she was also relieved.

The corner of Ruan Yesheng’s mouth went up slightly.

Lu Qingming received Ruan Yesheng’s tablet, looked at her and said, “You can just look at the news report, don’t be affected by it. You also don’t need to worry about the theories of you being disfigured. They can say whatever they want. The more they talk about us, the more advantageous it will be. You can even get some sympathy at the same time. When the time is ripe, the company will make an announcement and have you make a public appearance. This news will naturally cause an upsurge.”

Ruan Yesheng thought how much of a leech-like high-level broker he was, these methods were all of the same set.

She acted how Xi Mo normally acted, an icy cold manner and indifferently said, “I know, I’m just a bit bored.”

Lu Qingming nodded with satisfaction, “Xi Mo, I know you have always been doing very well in this regard. I am quite assured.”

Ruan Yesheng didn’t say anything, her eyes were dull.

If she were forced to act, then she would naturally need to act the whole thing perfectly.

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