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Chapter 16: I Really Am Very Surprised

In China, many things are possible with connections.

With Lu Qingming setting things up on Director Lin’s side, the issue with the interview was easily settled. After receiving a phone call, Xi Mo learned that the interview was set for Wednesday at 9 am, a rather rushed schedule.

Xi Mo also had to submit a simple resume detailing her past works as per the caller’s request. This was something most actors had to prepare before every interview. Unless you were popular enough that you were practically a walking golden billboard, with everyone knowing the shows you have acted in, the busy directors wouldn’t bother knowing your past. At times like this, a resume would be the director’s first impression, making it very important.

Xi Mo was once like a diamond billboard. But now, it wasn’t even worth comparing her to a rotten, wooden one. She was basically a newcomer.

How could Xi Mo bare with this sudden change of status? However, reality was cruel. Fortunately, she was a great actor. A great actor’s trait is their ability to play a role well at any point in time. Xi Mo was cursing Ruan Yesheng in her heart just a moment ago, but in the next moment, she was consulting over the phone with a newcomer’s disposition.

“They want me to write a resume. This is your matter. I’m not very clear about it.” Since it was a consultation, Xi Mo’s attitude towards Ruan Yesheng was relatively peaceful. “Can I directly use the things written online?”

With a simple search, Xi Mo managed to find plenty of Ruan Yesheng’s past information. However, those were all summaries by past fans. Based on Xi Mo’s experience, the credibility of such information was only around 50%. Most of the information was likely to be speculation. It is probably safer to ask the actual person.

Xi Mo also found Ruan Yesheng’s past photos.

In one of the photos, Ruan Yesheng was in a red wedding dress, treading barefoot on the snow filled ground. She looked backwards with her dark hair fluttering, her body posture slender and delicate. The photo was a tranquil freeze frame shot, yet the fluttering black hair seemed so alive it made people feel like stretching their hands out to help her brush it aside.

This photo was used in one of the advertisement posters for “Treading With Your Voice”. The photo review used “ultimate blooming beauty” to compliment her.

In the past, Xi Mo had never paid attention to these. Now that she was looking at it through the computer screen, Xi Mo had a strange feeling of going back in time.

Xi Mo didn’t like the feeling very much and immediately moved her cursor to close the page.

Ruan Yesheng’s reply came. However, she didn’t answer the question directly. Instead, she asked back lazily, “The information online says that you have taken up a lesbian film in your earlier days. Can I use this information?”

Xi Mo: “…”

The information online is nonsense! If it could be trusted, then a pig could climb a tree!

Also, I would rather die than take up a lesbian film!

“They are writing nonsense.” Xi Mo continued indifferently, “Back then, they really did come to ask me, but I rejected it. However, the information got leaked out and the people online used it for amusement. It’s all fake news. Furthermore, even now that movie has yet to be filmed. I’m not very sure about it and there’s no point talking about it.”

Ruan Yesheng said disappointedly, “Is that so? I was kind of interested in watching it.”

Xi Mo: “…”

Ruan Yesheng sulked sourly, “The information said that you filmed with Chen Qingbie. Fortunately, it is just information from the earlier days and wasn’t truly set to film. If you film it now, it would really be a good show. How many tickets do you think the box office would sell?”

Xi Mo: “…”

You are touching a sore spot!

Are you sick!?

It was destined to be an unpleasant conversation once again. With a calm expression, Xi Mo said, “Wait, I saw something. It says that you are a young Dan actress born in 1988. Young Dan actress? Young? This informant is clearly lying through its teeth. I can see that your information online isn’t that credible. However, there was an interview in which you yourself mentioned you were born in 1988. I can see that you are not a credible person either. Thank you. It seems like there is no longer a need for me to consult with you.”

Ruan Yesheng: “…”

When she first debuted in her earlier years, her company wanted to create a fresh and young flower image for her, so they purposely changed the information regarding her age. Although she has been quiet for many years now, back then, using the birth year of 1988 to debut was a very young and refreshing age. For her development as an actress, Ruan Yesheng had cooperated with her company and lied about her age, which was four years younger than her actual age.

Xi Mo said coldly, “We are the same age. Back then, I saw information online about me being a part of the Four Dan Actresses and I was so embarrassed. You on the other hand admitted to your title. It seems like your skin is thicker than mine[1].”

On the other side of the phone, Ruan Yesheng’s face was red. She said blatantly, “My skin isn’t thicker than yours, it’s younger than yours. I was not born in 1988, but I look like I was. What can you do?”

“I can do this. Young Dan actress born in 1988, good bye.” Xi Mo decisively hung up the phone.

With a responsible mind, Xi Mo had consulted this woman so that she could bring out a resume for the director to see, but it seems like Xi Mo couldn’t afford to be so carefree. For a resume, it could either be eye catching, detailed or controversial, with the latter being the most risky and shouldn’t be tried without having a golden thigh[2]. Xi Mo wrote a few sentences of information regarding Ruan Yesheng and sent out the email without even attaching a photo.

There really is a golden thigh anyway. Lin Qitang won’t remove me no matter how mysterious I act.

On the day of the interview, Xi Mo specially arrived early. The entertainment circle always prefer newcomers who are serious and humble. Being early is a way of showing her serious attitude.

As it was still early, Xi Mo was guided to the lounge of Lin Qitang’s work studio to wait. The staff sized her up before bringing her a cup of coffee. The treatment was quite courteous.

Xi Mo sat on one side of the sofa. On the other side sat a clean and neat looking woman. She was a sharp looking beauty with light makeup. Her eyes were sharp and astute, making people who made eye contact with her feel like they were being seen through.

On the coffee table in front of the woman was a bag of breakfast. She had seemingly been looking at Xi Mo, as if observing something interesting. 

Xi Mo ignored her and calmly drank a sip of coffee. The bland coffee, used to welcome guests, made her knit her brows lightly in distaste.

The woman suddenly stood up and headed straight towards Xi Mo’s direction.

The exit was beside Xi Mo’s side of the sofa. Xi Mo did not know the woman and thought that she wanted to go out, so she didn’t pay her much attention. Then, she realised that the woman had miraculously moved towards her side and sat down beside her, putting a hand on Xi Mo’s shoulder somewhat intimately.

Xi Mo: “…”

Who are you!?

Who allowed you to hug my shoulder!?

With a cold expression, Xi Mo turned her neck stiffly to look at the woman’s slender and laughing eyes. In Xi Mo’s heart, braised, marinated, salted, pickled, peppered, and numerous way to process this woman’s hands flashed by.

Squinting her eyes, the woman looked at Xi Mo with a gleam in her eye and said somewhat frivolously, “Baby, I only left for a short period of time and you are already pretending that you don’t know me? What are you trying to do?”

Xi Mo: “…”



Are you sick!?

Do you wish to have some tea at the police station!?

Xi Mo was thunderstruck by her. She was close to throwing away the elegance she was showing on the surface to push her away and strangle her neck, while scolding her for being a rogue. However, in this short instance, she quickly realised something.

She was no longer herself. She was Ruan Yesheng.

This woman… should be someone Ruan Yesheng knows.

The crucial information from what the woman had said previously had already been processed in Xi Mo’s mind.

Firstly, this person was very close to Ruan Yesheng. Their relationship should be very close or else she wouldn’t be calling Ruan Yesheng something as frightening as baby.

Baby… disgusting!

In addition, this person had left for a period of time. She might have gone out of the city, maybe to another province or even overseas and had returned just recently. After swapping bodies with Ruan Yesheng, Xi Mo had already changed her number. Her old number was being used by Ruan Yesheng. If this woman wanted to contact Ruan Yesheng, she would call Ruan Yesheng’s previous number. However, Ruan Yesheng was now using Xi Mo’s voice. She wouldn’t be able to answer this woman’s call, so it is more likely that Ruan Yesheng had rejected the call and found an excuse to reply by message. Then, she told this woman about the interview at Lin Qitang’s company. This is why this woman was waiting here so early in the morning. Of course, Ruan Yesheng might not have done so due to the danger of making mistakes. So, it was also possible that this woman had gone to ask Feng Tangtang instead.

Feng Tangtang almost went crazy when she knew that Xi Mo was going for an interview. If the confidentiality agreement didn’t exist, Feng Tangtang might have bought a loudspeaker and started announcing it to the neighbourhood.

Xi Mo was breaking out in cold sweat as she had almost made a terrible mistake. Xi Mo removed the hand that was hugging her shoulders lightly and unsuspiciously. Then, she acted like she was looking at an old friend and smiled gently, “Wasn’t I waiting for you to come and greet me yourself? How have you been during the period you were away?”

After acting as Ruan Yesheng in her body for a few days, her personality could spin like the solar system no matter what strange situations are tossed at her.

The woman’s eyes moved about, looking at Xi Mo as if studying something interesting. Xi Mo felt an uncomfortable sense of pressure from the woman’s eyes, as if she could see through Xi Mo’s soul.

Then, the woman smiled and replied, “I have been well.”

For some reason, Xi Mo felt that the woman’s smile seemed strange.

The woman continued, “I called you yesterday but you didn’t answer. You didn’t reply to my message either. Without any other choice, I went to ask Tangtang. Tangtang told me that you might be busy preparing for the interview and didn’t wish for anyone to disturb you, so she told me the address and I came over.

The woman gave Xi Mo a slight glance and said, “Having an interview is such important news. Why didn’t you tell me?”

Xi Mo smiled and replied, “I was planning on telling you afterwards and giving you a surprise.”

Who are you!?

Are you Ruan Yesheng’s dad or mom? Why are you so shocked that I didn’t tell you!

The woman stared intently at Xi Mo. Moving her glossy lips, she said, “I really am very ‘surprised’.”

During the conversation, Xi Mo had taken out her phone with flying speed. Acting as if she was only sending a casual message, Xi Mo sent a text to Ruan Yesheng, asking, “There is a crazy woman calling you baby. Who is she?”

Ruan Yesheng’s reply came surprisingly fast. “Yan Tinghuan, my manager.”

Xi Mo: “…”

…This woman actually had a manager.

Xi Mo was afraid of making a mistake by addressing the woman wrongly, so she quickly replied, “How do you normally address her?”

Yan Tinghuan looked at Xi Mo with squinted eyes and said in dissatisfaction, “Baby, it seems like you are very busy? You’re replying to someone else even though you are speaking to me.”

Xi Mo held herself back and said with a smile, “It is work related, I have to reply.”

On the other side, Ruan Yesheng who read the message had a complicated smile. Her reply slowly came, “Sweetheart.”

Xi Mo: “…”

The both of you must be crazy!


[1]Thick skin – Shameless/ can take insult better

[2]Golden thigh – Strong backing

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