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Chapter 4: Feathers


I didn’t see Da Ji for a week.

For the first few days, he ordered the other chickens to lock me in the punishment room. Although he had let me out afterwards, he didn’t allow me to go near him. I no longer waited upon him but instead did menial chores. I couldn’t see Da Ji at all.

Da Ji was so cold. He didn’t even give me an opportunity to explain and just took away the feather he gave me. He also snatched away the bell.

I was sad and angry, so I scolded him, “Da Jiji, you hateful blind chicken!”

His heart being blind was also considered blind, but his heart being blind was even worse than his eyes being blind.

“Say it again.”

A cold voice suddenly sounded behind me.

Da Ji appeared and came ostentatiously towards me.

I shrank back  and quickly shut my mouth. He caught me right when I scolded him. He was definitely going to be angry.

“You’re quite spirited, bald chicken.”

I… I-I’m not bald! My feather was just naturally sparse. I secretly gave Da Ji a glare and only dared to protest in my heart.

He raised his chicken head and said, “Do you still wish to scold me? Go on.”

Me: “…”

Da Ji advanced and backed me to the wall. He forced me to look up at him when I didn’t dare to open my mouth. Maybe his hidden masochist side flared up, and he must hear me scold him.

“You’re lazy… and capricious…” Since I was unable to go against him, I could only say with a trembling voice, “Fat… fat chicken.”

I actually felt guilty about saying this to the godly chicken before me, but Da Ji was once truly as round as a ball.

“Thin chicken!” He scolded me too. Then… then he laughed.

Seeing the brightness in Da Ji’s eyes, I was stunned. Did something go wrong with his head again during the one week I didn’t see him?

“Come, Xiao Jiji. Let’s go to my nest.”

Me: “…”


I followed Da Ji into his gorgeous and spacious chicken nest. This was somewhere I wasn’t allowed to be before.

He didn’t let me continue scolding him anymore. Instead, he asked me to tell him jokes. If the joke wasn’t funny or if it was too cold, then I had to say another one until I made him laugh.

I told a few, but Da Ji’s expression didn’t change. Instead, his eyes frosted over. I trembled. My body felt so cold under this atmosphere.

I felt that Da Ji was purposely causing trouble. Maybe he was still angry with me.

“I don’t know how to tell jokes. You can find other chickens.”

“No. I only want to listen to your jokes.”

“Why?” I couldn’t help but ask.

Da Ji had repeatedly said before that I was an uncultured countryside chicken that didn’t know how to serve him. Da Ji clearly didn’t like me. He thought that I was small, thin, and bald. He found me ugly and even thought that I was a pervert and a liar. But why… 

Da Ji fell silent. He was obviously stunned by my question. And after thinking for a long while, he slowly said, “Your… voice sounds nice.”

Me: “…”

This reason sounded so fake!

Fake Brother B’s voice was clearly 100 times better than mine, yet Da Ji still hated him. Did I really not have any other good traits in his eyes?

Seeing me stare blankly at him, Da Ji laughed.

I felt perturbed. Da Ji’s mood was changing too much today.

Afterwards, Da Ji requested me to read chicks’ bedtime stories for him. I wanted to shake my head to refuse, but Da Ji sighed and revealed things about his childhood to me for the first time.

He told me that his daddy and mommy died early, and he had no impression of them at all. Da Ji also didn’t have any siblings or relatives to tell him stories. He had always been a lonely chicken.

However, due to his good looks and excellent quality, he was transferred through many chicken farms. And because of the continuous sale and transfer, there was a long period of time when Da Ji lived as a stray. It only stopped when he was fancied and bought by the rich owner using a large sum of money.

Me: “…”

I became softhearted. Sigh, it was just reading bedtime stories.

I read to him and acted expressively, bringing out the emotions in the story.

I ended up reading chick bedtime stories for a whole night. I was parched, and my throat was hoarse.

However, Da Ji grinned. The smirk on his face showed that he got what he wanted,, “Xiao Jiji, you had scolded me earlier. You can’t scold me anymore can you?”

I… I shouldn’t have been softhearted. Da Ji was a scary black bellied chicken.


The rich owner hadn’t been able to find Da Ji recently. Da Ji was often with me, and the two of us were never separated.

Uh. Although Da Ji was with me, it was only due to his bad intentions. He kept ordering me around and purposely made trouble for me.

It gradually became a habit for me to read bedtime stories to Da Ji every night.

“Come closer.” Da Ji beckoned me with his chicken wing.

I fearfully moved one tiny step closer.

“Closer.” Da Ji hooked his chicken claws.

This time, I moved three tiny steps forward. Personally, I thought that I was quite daring and close already.

“Just come directly into my nest!” Da Ji was feeling impatient. “Xiao Jiji, your voice is too soft. I can’t hear.”

This lie was too obvious, I won’t believe it. I shook my head and said, “No… No need. I will just speak louder. If it still isn’t enough, I can shout.”

“Are you stupid! If you shout at night, you will disturb other chickens from their rest.”

Me: “…”

“It’s also warmer when we are closer.”

I obediently kept my mouth shut. Winter was approaching afterall. Da Ji had lived such a spoiled life, maybe he was a chicken that was scared of the cold.

Hence, I climbed into his large chicken nest and told him stories while stuck beside him.

Da Ji asked me to call him “owner”.

I wasn’t willing. Although my current position was Da Ji’s servant chicken, there was only one owner in my heart—

That pomelo tea lunatic.

I thought Da Ji would get angry. But on the contrary, he felt that I had a backbone and admired me a little. He also had his eyes on… my chicken butt.

“What… what are you trying to do?” I asked in a panic.

Da Ji stared at my chicken butt for a long while before he shook his head repeatedly. “Sigh, why can’t I find any good feathers?”

Me: “…”

I was so angry that I wished to peck him with my mouth and plucked out all his feathers.

In the end, Da Ji still found a barely passable feather on my sparse and almost bald tail and plucked it.

Ah! My butt hurts! Couldn’t he do it more carefully?

It appeared that plucking my feather wasn’t enough for Da Ji. He hung that previous bell on my neck and said, “Mm. You look more obedient and pleasing this way.”

I noticed that Da Ji’s name was engraved on the bell.


After winter came the vibrant spring. Earth became warm again, and the garden was filled to the brim with the colour of spring. Da Ji took me on a walk around the manor garden to admire the flowers. Because of the bell on my neck, every step I took made the bell jingle… 

This always reminded me of the time Da Ji and I took our walks in the mountain plains. But our roles have changed now. He was the one leading me this time.

Although Da Ji no longer had memories of our past, I felt happy and satisfied that I was still able to stay by his side this way.

“Xiao Jiji, do you like me?”

“Ah? I… I…”

I was so nervous that I didn’t know how to reply, I shook my head subconsciously.

“Nevermind, you don’t have to answer me anymore.”

Da Ji hadn’t finished what he was saying when his expression changed and he left me behind.

I knew he was angry. But I didn’t know the reason.

I only realised that Da Ji might have been jealous after I talked about it with Fake Brother B.

“That crazy chicken is actually jealous of himself. Haha.” Fake Brother B couldn’t help but laugh out loud.

I see. Da Ji might have thought that I liked the previous ‘fat and blind’ Da Jiji more.


My relationship with Fake Brother B was good, and we were often close together. Da Ji was angry and didn’t allow me to interact with Fake Brother B.

The rich owner was also fed up with the individualistic Fake Brother B. Since he made Da Ji unhappy, the rich owner also felt unhappy and decided to ground Fake Brother B for a few days.

I scolded Da Ji for being petty. Feeling depressed, I didn’t feel like entertaining him.

We had a cold war for two days. On the third night, I was pecked twice by a chicken during my sleep. He pecked me once on my mouth and the other on my butt.

I was dazed in my sleep and heard a sentence, “Are you willing to give birth to my chicks?”

I thought I was having a dream.

When I woke up and thought back to it, my face still reddened and my heart beat still sped up. I was definitely an adult now and was starting to have my spring dream.


Ever since the end of last year, the rich owner had been feeling unhappy about me. And he was getting more and more unhappy as he looked at me this year.

The rich owner felt that I wasn’t as obedient and hardworking as when I first came here. Ever since I started serving Da Ji, I violated many rules, went against my master, and purposely seduced Da Ji.

Da Ji didn’t fuss about it, but the rich owner was different. Today, he ordered me with a gloomy face saying that he wanted to eat me?!

Up until this point, no one dared to eat the rare and precious Omega chickens. However, the rich owner wanted to try something new and be the first one to try it. If I tasted bad, he said he would directly feed me to the dogs.

When I was being captured, Da Ji gave me a light glance but didn’t say anything at all.

My heart went cold. He might have already made a choice between the rich owner and I.

It was once again the season for cockscomb flowers to be in full bloom. On the day of my execution, I was tied onto a large and luxurious dining table. The bell on my neck was forcefully removed and thrown to the ground.

On the other hand, Da Ji stared at me without any expression as he was hugged in the rich owner’s embrace. His feathers were still as bright as before, flourishing beautifully. He really was a handsome Alpha chicken.

As for the thin, small, and ugly me… wasI going to die now?

I didn’t expect that I would die so early.

Daddy, mommy, Owner, I’m sorry.

And Da Ji, actually I… 

I took one last glance at Da Ji and closed my eyes in despair. In any case, I had to die one day. I felt content being able to see the chicken I loved before I died.

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