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Chapter 5: Owner


The knife didn’t come down, and I didn’t bleed. Instead, it was Da Ji who bled.

Da Ji had hidden a knife on him in advance.

With his shirt stained with blood, the rich owner was frightened. His precious pet chicken had actually hurt himself!

Da Ji kept bleeding and took the chance to break free from the rich owner’s embrace. A chicken couldn’t fly, but he still flapped his wings and ‘flew’ to my side regardless of all costs.

Facing this unexpected incident, the other chickens panicked. Without the rich owner’s order, no one dared to step forward and stop Da Ji.

Blood kept spilling out from Da Ji’s wound, but he didn’t care. He rushed to my side and hugged me tightly, repeatedly saying “I’m sorry”… 

They all said that Alpha chickens couldn’t cry because no one had ever seen it. But now, with Da Ji’s face buried  in my neck,  I could feel my feathers become wet.

The warm liquid I felt wasn’t only his blood, but also his tears.

“Owner, eat me first.” Da Ji looked at the rich owner calmly and said with a firm attitude, “If you insist on eating him, then eat me first.”

The rich owner had an expression of disbelief: His precious chicken had turned strange again!

It was just like last year. He tried to sneak out many times. Even when he was caught, hit, and scolded, he still kept thinking about the world outside this manor as if he urgently wanted to find something.

The rich owner understood that there was definitely something more important than his owner, rich life, and status in Da Ji’s heart.


If it wasn’t for this close trip to the gate of hell, I might have never known some things in my life.

During the week Da Ji locked me out and didn’t allow me to see him, I blamed Da Ji and found him heartless and unreasonable. But I didn’t know that he was also suffering.

Da Ji felt his head ache. And his heart hurt more when he looked at the feather and bell. During that week, Da Ji couldn’t sleep well and often had nightmares.

Da Ji could only sleep peacefully after hearing my voice when I started telling him jokes and reading him bedtime stories.

After Da Ji lost his memory, when he first saw an unattractive Omega chicken like me who couldn’t release any hormones, he didn’t find me ugly but instead felt curious.

The reason why I could become one of his servant chickens wasn’t only due to my own performance but also due to Da Ji privately mentioning me to the rich owner.

When Da Ji called me “Xiao Jiji”, my secretly happy expression was captured in his eyes. He didn’t miss the slightest movement.

Although I smelled strange, Da Ji found it strangely familiar. When I fed Da Ji using my mouth, he was shocked by my bold actions. Although he looked angry, he didn’t actually mind. Or else, he would have long chased me away.

“You must be crazy!”

There was a period of time when Da Ji kept scolding me like this. In fact, he was actually scolding himself.

I was going crazy! How could I feel something for a wild chicken from the countryside? Da Ji thought.

Da Ji remembered me.

Though I didn’t know when it happened.

Maybe it was when Da Ji asked me to climb into his nest and stay close to him for warmth. Maybe it was when he plucked a feather from my tail and gave me a bell with his name engraved on it to wear on my neck.

Or maybe it was when Da Ji asked me if I liked him? Or when he secretly pecked my mouth and butt when I was asleep… 

Da Ji liked me and loved me so.


Right now, Da Ji hugged me as he cried.

“Owner, eat me first. If you insist on eating him, then eat me first.”

Da Ji stood before me with a resolute expression.

Seeing this scene, the rich owner was shocked.

So he decided not to eat me for the meantime. He also intended to let Da Ji and I mate to see what kind of result it could produce.

The rich owner felt quite helpless.

The precious chicken he doted on the most had already used his life to threaten him. What else could he do? He also felt despair!

“Are you willing to give birth to my chicks?”

Da Ji asked me the words I heard in my dream.

I was very awake this time around. With a red face, I said,” I… I’m willing.”

The process when two chickens mate was called “Rooster stepping on egg”. The meaning wasn’t literal. In fact, a rooster had to step on another chicken’s body to plant his seed.

Da Ji rode onto me and lightly bit my cockscomb while he buried his rod in me.

Nn ah! I couldn’t help but tremble. The rod was thick and hard. It grew so fierce and instantly filled me up fully.

When Da Ji started his entry, I also started accommodating him unconsciously. My butt shook along with his rhythm. It first started slow and deep, and soon he started going faster and deeper. I shook crazily along with his movement.

So… so good… It felt good! My body… was going to break!

My mind was blank white as I long lost my senses. I could only move along instinctively, leaking non-stop as I looked forward to Da Ji’s fierce rubbing and penetration.

Normally, chicken mating only took a short while. But ever since the introduction of ABO hormones, the process became much, much longer. It was especially so for Alpha chickens. Their endurance came from their excellent physique. For a god chicken like Da Ji, his endurance in this area was… 

When I thought of this, not only was my face red, my whole body was red too.

Da Ji reached a depth I have never felt before as he squeezed into a tight entrance. Then, he thrust strongly into my deepest spot!

My neck shot up and I trembled. It was too stimulating. I could vividly feel my insides contract uncontrollably and squeeze Da Ji tightly. It was as if I could visualize the large rod’s shape in my head. But this sense of shame made Da Ji and I even more excited.

At the end, Da Ji finally couldn’t hold back and marked me. “Xiao Jiji, I… I like you!”

Da Ji hugged me tightly and sprayed everything into my deepest depth. I instantly felt myself being filled full. My stomach felt warm. And it was all given to me by Da Ji.

My body couldn’t help but tremble. “Ah.. Nn ah! Da Jiji, I… I like you very much too! Love… love you!”

Whether Da Ji was the handsome, godly chicken or the fat, blind chicken, I liked them all as long as it was him.


Afterwards, I asked Da Ji, “If I cannot conceive, would you… not want me?”

Da Ji shook his head firmly and said, “Xiao Jiji, I don’t want other chickens. I will only mark you and only treat you well.”

I was so happy that I hugged him and started biting him.

Da Ji touched me and said that I was always helping him remove his stray feathers. He said that I was very caring and that my oral skills were getting better.

I laughed secretly. I could pluck his feather again when he was asleep, haha.

After confirming our relationship, Da Ji started looking at other chickens more coldly. But whenever he saw me, his expression immediately changed and his eyes turned gentle.

However, Da Ji was still very fierce in that particular area. He often screwed me until I couldn’t stand or walk properly and my butt couldn’t close. Despite that, I still wanted Da Ji’s big cock since I liked its heat and hardness.

When have I become so unrestrained?

Hump. It was all Da Ji’s fault. He… He- He would sometimes play in all sorts of ways. He was so bad!

My estrus period lasted more than seven days and was longer than other Omega chickens. I often fainted from the deed, and when I woke up, Da Ji would still be pressing on my body and going on with it.

I felt very embarrassed. Da Ji, you have worked hard.

I thought that I would never release those aphrodisiac pheromones. Unexpectedly, when Da Ji and my fluid mixed together, it let out a unique scent and became a natural aphrodisiac. The effect greatly exceeded the pheromones let out by normal Omega chickens and was one that the chickens were most unable to control themselves against. None of the chickens were able to resist it.

Hence, the Beta chickens started going into heat and the other Alpha chickens started becoming excited. But when they remembered that it was Da Ji pressing above me, they became hesitant and no one dared to have ideas about me.


It had been a whole year since I left.

Owner couldn’t stop worrying and thinking about me, so he brought Dashing Brother A and many boxes of pomelo tea to the manor to visit me today.

In order to please the rich owner, Owner said that he could give him Dashing Brother A.

Dashing Brother A’s eyes shone  brightly, and his heart was full of expectancy. Wow! I could soon enter the rich world and rise up to become a noble chicken!

 But the rich owner shook his head. He didn’t care for silly chickens like Dashing Brother A that were injected with the modifier and only half complete.

Dashing Brother A was heartbroken and went to one side to cry and draw circles, cursing the rich owner.

Owner was also in pain. What was he supposed to do? Dashing Brother A was already his best chicken, but the rich owner still disliked him.

Then, Owner gritted his teeth and prepared to give the rich owner all the pomelo tea he brought. He was sacrificing his true love.

The rich owner originally felt disdainful. But when he saw Owner hugging the few boxes of pomelo tea, crying for so long as if he couldn’t bear to part with them and would die without them, the rich owner was shocked once again.

He had thought that a thin, small, and ugly Omega chicken that was unable to release pheromones was weird enough. Who knew that its owner was even better.

Just like that, Owner successfully gained the rich owner’s interest. So he let Owner and Dashing Brother A stay in the manor as guests.


Da Ji and I were both very happy to see Owner. Owner hugged us both and petted us for a long time. I especially enjoyed Owner’s caress, but Da Ji’s face was cold as he said, “Next time, please wash your hands first before you touch me. Thank you.”

Afterwards, Dashing Brother A walked in circles around Da Ji and studied him for a very long time. He was so envious and jealous. He wished to become a godly Alpha chicken like Da Ji very much.

Da Ji heartlessly gave him the blow, “It might be possible in your next life.”

Dashing Brother A: “…”

Da Ji had a sensitive sense of smell and said that Dashing Brother A had a body full of the smell of a Beta chicken. As for Owner… Da Ji could smell the scent of pomelo tea on Owner’s body even when he was far away. 

I only realized that Da Ji really was a clean freak when I saw him rush Owner and Dashing Brother A to bathe.

Owner was unhappy and refused to comply, refuting that his body had an enticing scent. He complained to Da Ji, “I merely have a pomelo tea complex, unlike your owner who has such a heavy taste. He loves chicken to the point of addiction!”

“Oh, but I don’t love him.” Da Ji was very honest and frank.


Owner looked terrified. This better not reach the ears of the rich owner. Or else, our puny lives would be in danger.

Dashing Brother A and I nodded our heads repeatedly. Mhm mhm. That was very true.


Dashing Brother A saw that I was successful in getting Da Ji and was doing papapa every night. The aphrodisiac scent that was released when we became one had also stimulated Dashing Brother A. Dashing Brother A who was still lonely and single could only rub himself, and he felt more empty, lonely, and cold.

However, he soon fell for Fake Brother B, and Fake Brother B also fell for him.

No, no. To speak more accurately, the both of them fell for each other’s genes.

Dashing Brother A wanted to mark Fake Brother B. Afterall, it felt so fulfilling to conquer a chicken who was in essence an Alpha rooster!

Unfortunately, things weren’t so easy.

Fake Brother B kicked Dashing Brother A away ruthlessly and beat him up on the ground every day. He had no wish to be marked. Even if he didn’t wish to be an Alpha chicken, he still had his pride as a rooster. He could only be marking other chickens.

Since they were both my friends, they always went in circles around me and fought nonstop. Perhaps they were enemies in their previous lives.

Da Ji found them annoying and thought of drugging Dashing Brother A and Fake Brother B one day and just letting them toss themselves.

Me” …”

Da Ji was indeed a scary, black-bellied chicken.


I started growing bigger, and my feathers also started growing after my estrus period was over. I was no longer the thin and bald chicken. I became rounder, smoother, and better looking.

I jumped around happily. But I didn’t jump for long before obediently returning back to the nest. Because… 

I have to brood the eggs and hatch the chicks.

The first batch of eggs I conceived was a boy and girl twin, also known as the “pigeon pair[1]”. I helped Da Ji give birth to a pair of brother and sister chicks. It was an excellent Alpha brother and Alpha younger sister.

The second batch of eggs were twins. The chicks that hatched from the eggs had an Alpha older brother that looked like Da Ji and an Omega younger brother that looked like me.

I gave birth to triplets during the third batch of conceiving. They were all cute chicks consisting of Alpha, Beta, and Omega, just right to form the ABO chicken brothers.

The power of love was sometimes so great. I was originally thin and small, and it was difficult for me to conceive. But I was unexpectedly good at conceiving out of all the people and chicken’s expectations.

The rich owner was stunned while Owner let out tears of happiness. “Sob sob sob. Xiao Ji, I’m so moved. I didn’t love you so much in vain!”

The rich owner felt unhappy for some reason.

Afterwards, he sent a bunch of people to surround Owner. With a small knife in his hand, the rich owner questioned, “Money, that Omega chicken, and pomelo tea. Which one do you love the most?”

Owner: “I… I- I… love my life.”

The rich owner: “…”

Afterwards, the rich owner had actually let go. He let Da Ji and I return back to Owner’s mountain. He funded Owner to build a large scale chicken farm and even lent money to Owner to buy a pomelo tea factory.

Much later, Owner’s mountain became a famous sightseeing location. Because there was Da Ji and I here, the world’s most handsome Alpha chicken and the world’s most fertile Omega chicken, a pair of celebrity chicken couple.


Author’s PS: This brain pit originated from a sidestory of another story. It was supposed to be a side story for “A Light Stick That Loves You”. As I wrote, it became more and more poisonous and eventually became a new brain pit story. I’m also scared of myself when I become crazy. Hahahaha. 


[1]Pigeon pair – The chinese words used to refer to a boy and girl twins is 龙凤胎, which directly translates to a dragon and phoenix pair. Dragon refers to the boy and phoenix to the girl. The closest english equivalent I could find was pigeon pair.

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