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Chapter 2: A Fat and Blind Rooster


Although Da Ji was an Alpha rooster, he was fat and blind, completely different from those god-like chickens. We didn’t know where he came from either. His identity was a total mystery.

“Da Jiji, how did you hurt your eyes?”

Da Ji: “I was hit by other chickens.”

I gave an “oh” and thought, The chickens that hit him must be very fierce. Da Ji is so big, and they aren’t even scared of him.

“Argh! I can’t see now, and my body was beaten until it was swollen by those cheap chickens.” Da Ji said fiercely.

Me: ??!

Is he joking with me? His obese figure wasn’t actually fat but was swollen due to being beaten?

It’s fine to be swollen, but how can he actually swell into the shape of a ball?!

“It’s easy to get fat with my physique. Those chickens are so cunning.They used to treat me with a grand meal every day, so I became a little… just a little fat.”

Me: “…”

Brother, this is more than just a little.

“Da Jiji, why did the other chickens hit you?” I became curious again.

“Because I’m handsome, rich, and loved by all.”

The ugly me: “…”

Why do I feel a sudden urge to hit him?

Da ji started scolding again. After listening to his endless complaints, I roughly understood the situation.

Da Ji was doted on much more compared to the other chickens. He was the only chicken that could get close to their owner, and he was also the chicken that definitely wouldn’t get eaten.

One day, Da Ji’s Alpha chicken friends invited him to their house as a guest. They served him a bunch of delicious food, but he was unaware that it all contained chemicals and fattening chicken feeds. They had tricked Da Ji into eating junk food, making him fat.

Seeing the state Da Ji was in, Da Ji’s owner began to dislike him and told him to quickly lose weight.

The truth was, Da Ji’s Alpha chicken friends were secretly jealous of him. They drugged their owner’s wine to make him pass out. Then they all beat up Da Ji to vent their anger and threw him into the river.

But Da Ji was strong. He didn’t die from the poison or drown in the river. Instead, he met me.

After I finished listening, I thought; Wtf! This is basically a dog-blood imperial palace fight. Just what is Da Ji’s origin?


Owner’s mountain finally had an Alpha chicken after I picked up Da Ji, and Owner was full of anticipation for the chance that his poor life could finally change. But… 

Da Ji couldn’t see and move well. He didn’t even have the slightest thought of mating with other chickens. Da Ji was also very capricious, and his strength was frighteningly great. The moment he was unhappy, he could kick away any chicken.

Owner coaxed him with delicious food and waited upon him, but Da Ji looked down upon the countryside foods. He was arrogant and not appreciative at all.

Da Jiji must be a noble from a big city. A little prince!

Da Ji wasn’t willing to reveal anymore regarding his identity, but this was not the only time I had such suspicions.

Because of this, Owner became even more disappointed.

He lamented to me over and over again, “Xiao Ji, oh my Xiao Ji. I would rather you not give me any hope from the beginning!”

Because I gave him hope, and the hope was crushed, Owner felt more despair.

I also felt distressed for Owner and said “sorry” to him many times.


I recently started to think that Da Ji was a strange Alpha chicken.

Owner had clearly arranged the best, warmest chicken coop for him. It was clean and comfortable without other chickens to disturb him. Yet, Da Ji didn’t like it. He said that he didn’t feel a sense of security, and that he must squeeze into the same place as me. He was even willing to stay with me.

Da Ji was still recovering, so he didn’t leave the coop at night. He was even lazier to move in the day. He didn’t actively seek out food, was unwilling to interact with other chickens except for me, and didn’t want other chickens to disturb him.

He often lay down with his limbs spread wide, occupying my small nest and looking like a chicken lord waiting for others to serve him.

I had never seen such a lazy and brazen, fat chicken before!

Holding a grudge, I would secretly peck Da Ji at night when he was asleep. If not that, I would pull out a feather from his head and tail.

I have observed before. When Da Ji was asleep, he was like a dead chicken. Even thunder couldn’t wake him, so he wouldn’t be awoken by me.

The feathers on my tail were naturally sparse and short, but this fellow was the total opposite of me. Da Ji’s feathers were long and plentiful. Whenever he battled, a few broken feathers would drop. I bet he wouldn’t mind me plucking some away.

I slowly started to like playing tricks on him when he slept.

But I was too naive. Da Ji still found out. “Xiao Jiji, stop plucking my feathers. I will go bald!”

Turns out he wasn’t a heavy sleeper. It was just that he could sleep more peacefully when he was next to me. I even felt that he might be pretending to sleep sometimes.

“I’m sorry.” I quickly admitted to my mistakes.

“Alright, I have forgiven you. I actually want to thank you too, Xiao Jiji.” Da Ji suddenly changed the topic.

I was stunned, “Ah? Why?”

“Thank you for removing my stray feathers. You have great mouth technique.” Da Ji gave me a wink.

Why are you suddenly sending sparks!

I shuddered as I asked, “Mouth technique?”

“Oh, you can also say it as the skills in using your mouth. You have great oral skills!”


I refused to speak to him. The topic was getting dirty.


Da Ji was really a weird chicken.

Forget about the previous matters. There were more things that I couldn’t comprehend.

It was the matter of finding worms from the ground to eat. Da Ji found it disgusting and troublesome. Whenever he looked at the other chickens, he frequently shook his head, face full of disdain. But whenever I caught a worm, he liked to eat it and even asked me to feed him with my mouth.

Da Ji must have been lacking motherly love. He was actually willing to eat the rice and worms stained with my saliva!

I originally thought that a chicken prince like Da Ji was a clean freak and would definitely find others dirty.

After staying in the nest everyday, Da Ji started feeling bored overtime. He shouted loudly, asking me to help him out of the nest to take a walk and see the scenery.

I thought in my heart, You’re already ‘blind’, what scenery can you see.

Da Ji shook his head, saying that I didn’t understand and wasn’t a sentimental chicken. He repeatedly stressed, “Xiao Jiji, I’m using my heart to admire the beautiful scenery.”

Me: “…”

Da Ji’s eyes were bad, and his brain might have gone wrong too. He was indeed a “sick chicken”.

But in his heart, I was Da Ji’s “saviour chicken.” Which meant I was the handsome hero chicken. Therefore, I upheld the principle of caring for the handicapped chickens and helped Da Ji out for a walk to see the scenery.

Da Ji took me as his “chicken-shaped crutch,” but reality was not the same. I found a string and tied it onto Da Ji’s neck. A small bell also hung on the string, so whenever he walked, the bell rang.

Haha, it seems like I’m walking a chicken. And an Alpha chicken to boot.

I was secretly pleased, and the other Beta chickens were also envious. Afterall, not anyone could walk a big city’s Alpha chicken.

Owner also told me the hope of everyone, “Xiao Ji, take good care of him.”

I was stunned. Owner was previously angry and often glared at Da Ji while sharpening his knife. Not only had he decided not to take care of Da Ji, he was so angry he wanted to slaughter him.

Why had his attitude changed?

“I will sell him after I fatten him up. He is an Alpha chicken from another place I’m sure he will fetch me a good price! If it isn’t possible, then I will slaughter him and eat him myself!”

Owner’s eyes let out a murderous gleam, and he started sharpening his knife again.

Me: “…”

Isn’t Da Ji fat enough? And also, you definitely mustn’t eat Da Ji, Owner! You might find yourself in great trouble!


We were both unlucky chickens. The thin and ugly me had been disdained from young until now.So when I looked at the fat and blind Da Ji, I wasn’t able to abandon him and continued taking care of him despite his weird temper, shamelessness, capriciousness, and laziness.

Da Ji was staying here with us to recover from his injury. When his eyes healed and he had successfully slim down, he would go back for revenge.

I suggested to Da Ji that we could explain the situation to Owner and ask Owner to help us. However, Da Ji shook his head and said that it wasn’t time yet, and he might implicate Owner and I.

I kept quiet obediently. Actually, I was reluctant to see him leave.

I often said that Da Ji was strange and complained a lot about his various problems, but undeniably, Da Ji was very knowledgeable.

Every time he spoke, he would tell me a lot of overall knowledge. And he didn’t tell it dryly either. Many times, he included jokes and was often quite humorous. From one glance, I could tell he had received higher education and had read a lot.

Additionally, Da Ji was able to accept new things quite well, and since he learned things quickly, he had great learning capabilities.. He gradually didn’t need me to support him and was able to walk on his own by feeling around. He listened to the sounds from all directions. He could distinguish many things just by listening and smelling, and he soon became familiar with our complex terrain.

One day, Da Ji stepped on the soil using his chicken claws and actually stepped out a map. The map had our mountain as the center and could continue to expand outward.

I clapped for him, and the other chickens also clapped non-stop. I knew that many chickens secretly had a crush on Da Ji.

This matter soon reached Owner’s ear, and he was especially happy. Even though Da Ji was capricious, he was a genius chicken.

He decided that he would definitely sell Da Ji and earn a good sum of money after Da Ji was not blind and had successfully slimmed down. Once he got rich, he would buy the local pomelo tea factory. He would make himself the boss of the factory and drink pomelo tea every day.

Sigh. This was how much my owner amounted to.


Da Ji treated me quite well.

There were a few chickens in the neighbouring mountain who liked to bully me. They were well-known bullies, and other chickens didn’t dare provoke them. Yet, Da Ji helped beat them up for me.

Da Ji was strong and great at fighting. The bullies couldn’t win against Da Ji and could only fight with their words. They kept insulting him with “fat chicken” and “blind chicken”. Their words got more and more nasty.

I was enraged. I picked up small stones and threw them at the chickens, wanting to smash them dead. So what if they were excellent Alpha chickens? They had bad character, and the three-views were incorrect. They were scum of the chicken community!

If I knew how to fight, I would definitely teach them how to be chickens again.

Da Ji and I fought happily.

When we returned to the nest, Da Ji suddenly asked me, “Xiao Jiji, do you disdain me for being fat?”

I quickly shook my head.

“If my eyes can’t be cured, and I can never see again, will you—”

“No, no!” I quickly interrupted him and comforted him, “Da Jiji, I will take good care of you. I will beg Owner to find the best doctor for you and give you the best medicine. You will definitely be able to see again!”

“…” Da Ji was silent for a moment. He thought of something again and asked, “Xiao Jiji, do you think that I look nice?”

He was fat like a ball and blind. One couldn’t say that he looked nice based on his appearance.

But I couldn’t bear to disappoint him. I thought of the words dDaddy and Mommy used to encourage me and said with a serious face, “Da Jiji, your red cockscomb and long tail are very beautiful and are greater than every chicken in the world. You are quick-witted and brave, talented in both literacy and martial arts. Not only can you fight, you are knowledgeable. You still have many other strengths. 

Anyway, all you have to remember is that you have your own handsomeness. You don’t have to compare yourself with other chickens. They are laughing at you because they are jealous of you. Da Jiji, you are the one and only! You look nice in my eyes, and I have faith in you!”

Da Ji was stunned: “…”

Ugh, I seemed to have accidentally said something very mushy. My face reddened.

Tonight before we slept, Da Ji, who was touched by my words, bore with the pain and plucked out the longest and most beautiful feather on his tail… and gifted the feather to me.

I laughed it off, thinking the feather was his gift of gratitude.

Unbeknownst to me, it was actually Da Ji’s token of love.

During the night, Da Ji slept in the same nest as me and murmured into my ears, “Xiao Jiji, can I mark you after my eyes recover and I can see you?”

The sleepy me instantly woke up.

“Can I? Can I mark you?” Da Ji asked repeatedly.

Me: “…”

He was indeed blind to fall for the ugly me.

“Da Jiji, do you like me?”

“Of course I do!” Da Ji replied very decisively, “Xiao Jiji, you treat me very well. Why would I not like you? I’m not silly.”

Me: “…”

I had to say that Da Ji thought very simply sometimes.

Did he really understand what was “like” and “love”?

I knew that like and love were different. I wished that the chicken who marked me truly loved me and wasn’t being with me because of a moment of kindness and gratitude.

Also, I wasn’t sure if I loved Da Ji.

I didn’t agree to Da Ji’s request and said to wait until he had recovered.


Five months passed, and Da Ji had indeed slimmed down. It was probably because he wasn’t used to the worms and rice we ate here and looked down on them. After his eyes stopped swelling, they started to recover. He would soon be able to see me.

I was both happy and sad. I was happy for Da Ji and at the same time worried that he would see my ugly figure.

Today, Da Ji and I originally intended to go to the mountain field to see flowers, but Da Ji fell sick with a fever. He was dazed by the burning heat, yet he still kept thinking about going to pick flowers.

What is this chicken thinking about? He’s already sick and still wants to pick flowers!

I was both angry and helpless. After thinking, I asked Owner and the other chicken friends to take care of Da Ji while I went to the mountain fields to pick flowers. Da Ji said he wanted the cockscomb flower.

When I finally came back exhausted from picking the cockscomb flower, Da Ji already left.

Owner told me that Da Ji was taken back home by his original owner.

Da Ji’s home was very far from our place. It was quite a few mountains away, probably a few thousand miles away. Da Ji’s owner was a rich man and raised Da Ji like a pet chicken. Therefore, Da Ji was an Alpha chicken with extremely pure and noble blood, many times more expensive than our countryside Alpha chicken. Since he followed a rich owner, his worth was even higher.

The cheap chicken friends who betrayed Da Ji before have been dealt with by the rich owner. The rich owner brought along a mighty bunch of people and hurriedly traveled a thousand miles, determined to bring back the unconscious Da Ji.

Owner couldn’t dissuade or resist when facing a powerful rich owner. And he was also in the wrong for secretly raising another person’s Alpha chicken, so he could only hand over Da Ji obediently.

I gave a dull “oh” after listening to Owner’s recount.

It was better this way.

Da Ji got his revenge, and his rich owner had personally brought him back. He must be happy. 

Da Ji and my fate were different from the start. It was due to an accident that our fates aligned for a small moment. Now that it was over, it was time we returned back to the path of our original fate.

A rainstorm thundered the night Da Ji left.

Owner stared at the heavy rain outside the window and drank pomelo tea once again to dispel his troubles. I didn’t have pomelo tea to drink, so I drank the rainwater. It was bitter.

After a few days, I started thinking again. Da Ji wanted to pick the flowers so much even though he was sick. Maybe he wanted to give it to someone?

That someone might be me.

And the flower language for the cockscomb flower was sincere and eternal love[1].


[1]I googled the flower language for cockscomb flower and they had different meanings in Chinese and English. For chinese, it meant sincere and eternal love.

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