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Chapter 50: But for him, it was an arduous journey of half a lifetime.

When Ruan Hailou opened his locked acupoints with brute force and ran towards the House of Ancestors, everyone just thought that the hatred inside him, after accumulating for over ten years, had finally reached its limit and that he was going to vent it out on the memorial tablet. They absolutely did not expect it to end like this.

Ruan Hailou’s figure had already disappeared from the cliff edge, but for a long time, the group could not recover from the shock. They didn’t know whether they should bemoan Ruan Hailou’s tragic end or gnash their teeth because they couldn’t punish him themselves. In the end, however, as they thought about those disciples of the Jade Cloud Sect and their miserable deaths, they could only let out a deep sigh.

After a good while, Yue Kunchi said hoarsely, “Junior Sister, he took Master’s memorial tablet with him. Do we need to make a new one for the House of Ancestors?”

Zhao Chiying paused for a moment, then answered, “Leave it like this for now. We can discuss it later.”

She turned around and saw Shen Qiao and Shiwu. “Daoist Priest Shen, do you have time? There’s something I would like to consult with you on.”

Shen Qiao said, “Please go ahead.”

Seeing that Shiwu was following them, Zhao Chiying showed a faint uneasiness. She couldn’t help smiling, “Shiwu, you can come too.”

Shiwu was a little embarrassed. Shy in nature, he uncontrollably hid half of his face behind Shen Qiao. But after a moment of thinking, he felt that it might be too impolite, so he quickly poked his head back out and said, “Thank you very much, Sect Leader Zhao.”

Even Yue Kunchi found the boy very cute. He yielded a snort of laughter but forgot that he still had internal injuries. After he was done laughing, he hissed through his teeth out of pain.

“I told you to rest, but since you won’t listen to me, why don’t you come with us too?” Zhao Chiying shook her head, showing obvious helplessness towards this martial brother of hers, then pointed to the front with her left hand, “Daoist Priest Shen, this way please.”

She led the three into the Hall of the Zenith Sun. This place was originally used by the sect leader of the Jade Cloud Sect to receive honored guests. As the Jade Cloud Sect slowly declined with each passing day, it had been without guests for many years. They could almost sense the smell of desolation and coldness as they walked in.

As soon as Shen Qiao and Shiwu took their seats, they saw Zhao Chiying kneeling and bowing down before Shen Qiao with a solemn expression.

“Why is Sect Leader Zhao making such a big ceremony?” Shen Qiao was very much astounded. He got up immediately to pull her up, but Zhao Chiying stopped him.

“Senior Martial Brother Yue and Yuanbai already told me. You brought Shiwu all the way from Ye City to the Jade Cloud Sect just to fulfill Martial Uncle Zhu’s final wish. You are a man of your word and deserve this show of respect from me.”

Shen Qiao’s lips stretched into a miserable smile. “There was a sudden accident in the sect so I didn’t have time to explain the details at that time. I’m afraid that Sect Leader Zhao and Elder Yue might not know about this still, but the reason for Brother Zhu’s death was all because of me.”

He then told them how he was severely wounded during the fight with Sang Jingxing, how he hid himself in the mountain after a narrow escape and then was saved by Shiwu. He mentioned how the abbot and his disciples offered him shelter which ended up in this fatal disaster.

For Shiwu, when he recalled these once again, every frame became a memory of blood and tears. But Shen Qiao had taught him courage; he was no longer that child who would break into tears at every turn. At this moment, he simply clenched both fists, trying hard to suppress his grief without a word.

After Shen Qiao finished, the Hall of the Zenith Sun fell into a deadly silence. A moment later, Zhao Chiying said in a deep voice, “They are two different things. Martial Uncle Zhu’s death was a tragedy that no one expected. You didn’t want it to happen more than anyone else. He must have walked to his death in peace out of his own will. No one could have forced him. He sought it for a good cause, and he got what he wished. How could you say it’s all your fault? The Harmony Sect clearly knew that Uncle Zhu was a member of the Jade Cloud Sect, but they still murdered him ruthlessly. They should be the ones responsible for this crime.”

The more reasonable she was, the guiltier Shen Qiao felt.

He was willing to be kind to others and didn’t care how much he gained or lost himself. But when others treated him with similar kindness and were even willing to die for him, it made him even more miserable than if they didn’t receive anything in return.

As if he had sensed what was in Shen Qiao’s mind, Shiwu suddenly grabbed his hand.

A small area of warmth covered his palm. Shen Qiao couldn’t resist grabbing Shiwu’s hand in return and wrapped that little warmth with his own.

“I appreciate Sect Leader Zhao’s kindness and consideration. But since it was caused by me, I should be the one to resolve it. It has nothing to do with the Jade Cloud Sect.”

Seeing that the man and the boy had such deep feelings for each other that they could hardly bear to be apart, an idea formed in Zhao Chiying’s mind. She asked, “In Uncle Zhu’s last wish, did he want Shiwu to come to the Jade Cloud Sect?”

“Yes. Even though Brother Zhu left the sect due to certain things and never came back, he always thought of himself as a disciple of the Jade Cloud Sect in his heart.”

Zhao Chiying took the wooden plaque Shiwu handed to her. As she gently stroked the character “Zhu” engraved on it, this calm and self-controlled woman finally showed a trace of sadness. “The Jade Cloud Sect also had members that ranked within the Top Ten in the past. Unfortunately, due to internal strife within the sect, the number of talented disciples became less and less as time went by. What happened today made the situation even worse. Yuanbai just checked, and only six of our disciples survived.”

Even if they counted Zhao Chiying and Yue Kunchi, it would only bump the number to eight. What could an eight-person sect do? It probably didn’t even need an attack from outsiders to wipe it —— if they didn’t have a slightly more outstanding disciple in the current generation, the sect would cease to exist except in name in less than ten years.

It made Yue Kunchi’s heart ache to hear this. He tried to pull in another person to make up the number, “I have another disciple in Ye City…”

A name suddenly appeared in Shen Qiao’s mind, “Is Brother Yue talking about Han E’ying?”

“Exactly. Her father was the Palace Attendance of Qi, Han Feng. Her aptitude was not bad, but because of her special status, I didn’t formally take her as my disciple and only treated her as an outer disciple of our sect and taught her a few times. Has Daoist Priest Shen met her before?”

“We met once,” Shen Qiao answered.

The reason he could meet Han E’ying was because he was saved by Yan Wushi, and the reason he came to here today was because Yan Wushi gave him to Sang Jingxing.

There seemed to be a hidden thread connecting all the pieces together. Maybe everything, as it all came to the end, was inseparable to a particular name.

Shen Qiao suddenly remembered what Pu Anmi said that day. He said that Yan Wushi soon wouldn’t be able to save even himself, and Bai Rong had said similar things in the past.

A person as capricious and eccentric like him must have made countless enemies, but if there really was someone in this world who was capable of killing him —— Shen Qiao couldn’t think of such a name. Because even if Yan Wushi’s martial arts possessed a fatal flaw, his state had already transcended that of an ordinary top-rank martial artist, which was very much evident by his fight with Ruyan Kehui. If it wasn’t because of Yan Wushi’s Demonic Core becoming unstable at that time, Ruyan Kehui probably would have probably ended up in a state worse than being unable to fight again for a few months.

There was no more Qi Fengge in this world, nor Cui Youwang, and Yan Wushi had lost his rivals. In fact, even if Qi Fengge and Cui Youwang could come back to life, with Yan Wushi’s current level of martial arts, they might not be able to win against him.

But Pu Anmi clearly knew what he was saying, and Bai Rong definitely wasn’t talking nonsense either…

Shen Qiao frowned and temporarily pushed this fact to the back of his mind.

When he thought of the name Yan Wushi, he almost felt like he was still in that forest under the foot of White Dragon Mountain. That intense mental state he was in, the strong desire to destroy himself and take Sang Jingxing down with him seemed to haunt him even till today.

Break completely, then start anew — — it sounded so easy and simple, but for him, it was an arduous journey of half a lifetime, where he crossed over the abyss separating life and death and climbed back up, little by little, from the bottom of that lofty cliff like a ghost.

It was now but a light breeze, but back then, even life was more painful than death.

“Master Shen?” There came Shiwu’s slightly worried voice.

Shen Qiao smiled at him, hinting that he was fine, then said to Zhao Chiying, “Shiwu has arrived at the Jade Cloud Sect safe and sound. May I ask if Sect Leader Zhao already has a plan for him? If there’s anything I can help with, please let me know.”

Zhao Chiying said, “I do have a favor to ask you. It’s about Shiwu.”

Under Shen Qiao’s puzzled gaze, she explained, “Shiwu already has a master in the Jade Cloud Sect. His master is Martial Uncle Zhu. This will never change. The others, including me, are no longer qualified to be his master. But I know that Daoist Priest Shen must have taught him well throughout the trip. If Shiwu needs another person to guide him as he grows up and teach him both martial arts as well as how to conduct himself, then I hope that person is you, Daoist Priest Shen.”

Slightly surprised, Shen Qiao said, “But I’m afraid this is against Brother’s Zhu’s wish…”

Zhao Chiying shook her head and said with a smile, “Uncle Zhu wanted Shiwu to return to his sect because he was afraid that Shiwu would have no one to rely on in the future. Now with Daoist Priest Shen’s presence, Uncle Zhu need not to worry anymore. Even though he has left this world, the Jade Cloud Sect’s gate will always be open for Shiwu. It doesn’t prevent him from becoming another’s disciple outside the Jade Cloud Sect. I see that Shiwu is a smart and gifted child. The Jade Cloud Sect is few in number and weak in strength right now. Everything has to start all over again. As someone who doesn’t know much about teaching disciples, I’m afraid that I will waste Shiwu’s great aptitude. It would be the best choice for him to follow Daoist Priest Shen.”

She then said to Shiwu, “Shiwu, you haven’t formally acknowledged Daoist Priest Shen as your master, have you? Given the opportunity that you have us here today as witnesses, why don’t you start with offering your master a cup of tea?”

Joy climbed onto Shiwu’s face. He couldn’t stop himself from looking at Shen Qiao, “Master Shen, may I?”

Shen Qiao could not bear to disappoint him, so he nodded with a smile, “You may.”

Unable to contain himself, Shiwu let out a cheer below his breath. He knelt down before Shen Qiao at once and kowtowed three times earnestly. Then he took over the teacup Zhao Chiying passed to him, holding it high above his head with both hands, and said loudly and clearly, “By Master’s name, your disciple, Shiwu, promises to revere my master and conduct myself with ultimate sincerity. If I ever violate my pledge, I will be struck by Five Thunders; even Heaven and Earth will not allow it!”

Shen Qiao smiled, his eyes curving into a crescent moon-like shape. After Shiwu finished, he took the teacup and finished it in one gulp. Then he pulled Shiwu up and knocked the dust off his clothes.

Zhao Chiying chuckled, “Uncle Zhu really found Shiwu a good master. Daoist Priest Shen, you treat Shiwu not like your disciple but more like your own son!”

Shiwu’s face flushed with undisguised joy.

After the master-disciple relationship was officially confirmed, Yue Kunchi brought up the real problem, “Pu Anmi said that his master Kunye would soon visit us. He’s probably coming to support his disciple. By that time, when he sees that Ruan Hailou is dead and Pu Anmi is imprisoned by us, I’m afraid he will use it as an excuse to pick a quarrel. I heard that Daoist Priest Shen has had contact with Kunye in the past. Can you tell us what kind of person he is? Is he easy to deal with?”

Shen Qiao thought for a moment and said, “His martial arts are slightly inferior to his senior martial brother Duan Wenyang’s, his manner and vision as well, but he can still be considered as a first-rate expert. There may be a battle.”

Yue Kunchi looked worried, “It’s fine if he comes by himself. But if he has brought other Tujue experts with him… There are only a few people left in the Jade Cloud Sect. Martial Sister, you can’t defeat all those powerful enemies by yourself!”

Zhao Chiying said, “Don’t worry. The Jade Cloud Sect has nothing to lose now. We already have our back to the wall. If we don’t fight them, our name will be completely expunged from the pugilist circle. Yuanbai and Yexue are both still young. Elder Brother Yue, please take them down the mountain and hide them away temporarily to recuperate. Daoist Priest Shen should take Shiwu away as well. I was in Closed Door Meditation for too long, and all the responsibilities fell onto Elder Brother. I’ve given you so much trouble. Now I will bear everything myself.”

The rim of Yue Kunchi’s eyes reddened, “What are you talking about? I’m not leaving!”

Zhao Chiying looked a bit impatient, “Your injuries aren’t minor. Even if you stay, there’s nothing you can help with, and you’ll just be adding to our burdens and even distract me. It would be better for you to go down the mountain together with Daoist Priest Shen, so as to avoid having a chatterbox like you loitering before my eyes all the time.”

Yue Kunchi laughed, “I know you don’t want to involve me in danger, and that’s why you said that. The Jade Cloud Sect’s got nothing more to lose anyway. We shall advance or retreat together. I am the one to blame for letting our main gate be breached today. I will never withdraw before the enemy arrives.”

Shen Qiao added, “Sect Leader Zhao, Shiwu and I will stay as well.”

Zhao Chiying frowned, “But you two…”

Shen Qiao said, “During my previous fight with Kunye, I lost and fell off the cliff. Even though there are some stories behind it not worth telling the others about, my defeat is a fact. If I have a chance to cross swords with Kunye again today, I will do so with all my strength. Sect Leader Zhao, please leave this opportunity to me.”

“What if I refuse?”

Shen Qiao smiled, “Then I have no choice but to stay here shamelessly, waiting for Kunye to come up to the door.”

Zhao Chiying stared at him for a while, then suddenly sighed, “What virtue have I and the Jade Cloud Sect done to be able to encounter a friend like Daoist Priest Shen?”

“We haven’t known each other for long, but it feels like we’re old friends. Since Brother Zhu can give up his life for a stranger like me whom he met only once, I can also go into battle for the Jade Cloud Sect. Not to mention there is indeed a history between me and Kunye, so it isn’t all for the Jade Cloud Sect’s sake.”

Zhao Chiying had only seen Shen Qiao a few times and couldn’t be said to know him well. But because they experienced the crisis in the Jade Cloud Sect together, she had a very good impression of him. Seeing that he was willing to step forward for a sect that was totally unrelated to him, she felt extremely grateful inside. “Your kindness is too great to be thanked in words. I shall bear firmly in mind the troubles you have taken. I can’t say I will repay it hundredfold, but if Daoist Priest Shen ever needs us for anything in the future, the Jade Cloud Sect will surely do whatever it takes to help you!”

They discussed Kunye’s matter a bit more and decided on an initial plan. Shen Qiao saw Shiwu was getting sleepy. He got up, bid farewell to the others and brought Shiwu back to the guest room.

On their way back, Shiwu asked Shen Qiao, “Master, when Sect Leader Zhao said that she would bear firmly in mind the troubles you had taken, what was she referring to? I didn’t quite understand.”

Shen Qiao said, “The Jade Cloud Sect has been declining in recent years. Sect Leader Zhao didn’t talk about it, but she must feel very anxious inside. She knows that in the pugilistic world, only the strong govern. So, she can’t wait to raise her martial arts to perfection in order to protect the sect from the powers out there. Unfortunately, Lu Feng betrayed the sect. He brought outsiders with him and attacked the sect while she was at the critical moment of her training. Sect Leader Zhao had no choice but to forcibly come out of her meditation. Right now, even though it hasn’t shown any signs yet, she is already injured internally because of it. If she fights against Kunye, I’m afraid she cannot win. She knows that the reason I proposed to fight Kunye myself is to help her, and that’s why she said she was grateful for the troubles I took.”

Shiwu let out a sound of surprise and uncontrollably became a little nervous, “What about you? Can you beat Kunye? I heard you lost to him before. Is he very strong?”

The child was so worried that he blurted it out without a second thought. If it was some other person, they would probably think twice whether such words would hurt Shen Qiao’s pride.

Shen Qiao laughed, “He’s not the strongest, but he does have his forte. Since my martial power hasn’t fully recovered yet, I have no certainty of victory.”

Shiwu asked, “What are your chances of winning?”

Shen Qiao tried to flatten out Shiwu’s tightly knitted eyebrows. “About fifty-fifty.”

But not only were Shiwu’s brows not flattened, they furrowed even tighter. He was obviously scared by what Shen Qiao said.

Kunye’s martial power was slightly inferior to his martial brother Duan Wenyang, but definitely not by a lot. Even though his alliance with Yu Ai in poisoning Shen Qiao had brought dishonor to his victory, it didn’t mean his strength was weak. Had Zhao Chiying not damaged her martial power, she might be able to break even with him, but with the current state of things, it was hard to say. If Shen Qiao wasn’t here this time, perhaps the Jade Cloud Sect would really end up defending the sect to the death or evacuating in advance. But even if they could retreat in time, since the foreigners occupied Zhunan Peak, Ruan Hailou’s hatred towards Hui Leshan would surely spread to the rest of the forefathers of the Jade Cloud Sect, and its generations of heritage would be destroyed in a day.

Therefore, what Shen Qiao agreed on was not just a fight or a favor, but an act which could very likely save the Jade Cloud Sect’s tottering and perishing foundation.

Shiwu suddenly threw his arms around Shen Qiao. He buried his head in the other’s bosom and murmured, “Do you have to fight? Your martial arts haven’t even fully recovered yet!”

Shen Qiao hugged back and said, “Fifty-fifty doesn’t mean I don’t stand a chance. If I go all-out on the fight, it is still possible for me to win. I lost to Kunye that day and henceforth fell to the bottom of my life. No matter how many reasons and excuses I have, he is a hurdle in my life, a monster inside me that I must face. It is the place where I fell, so I must learn to pick myself up again from the same spot. Do you understand?”

Shiwu said nothing. He just clung to Shen Qiao. After a long time, he finally whispered, “I understand…I just don’t want anything to happen to you…”

Shen Qiao laughed, “Nothing’s going to happen to me. I am your master, how can I not live to a ripe old age? I promised that I would live on, not just for myself, but for Brother Zhu’s sake as well. When you become an old man and your beard turns white, I will still be pulling your ear and lecturing you. Let’s see if you’ll start to find me annoying by then!”

Shiwu couldn’t help but break into a smile.

Shen Qiao sighed. He gently stroked Shiwu’s head and said jokingly, “Other people’s disciples all try to show respect to their masters by every possible means, but when it comes to me, I have to make every attempt to please my disciple. A master like me truly has no dignity at all!”

Shiwu made no objection and only smiled. He thought in his head, ‘You are the least dignified master, but you are the best master of all worlds.’

The thought of himself being Shen Qiao’s disciple was more than enough to fill his heart with content.

The mountain foot was quiet and peaceful for the next two days. No outsiders came, which gave the Jade Cloud Sect a great opportunity to rest and reorganize itself. Shiwu helped Fan Yuanbai and the others prepare and bury every single disciple who was killed in the fight. After the slaughter and bloody battle, only desolation and somberness remained in this once somewhat lively sect.

Fan Yuanbai and Zhou Yexue, though they were lucky enough to survive, didn’t look very happy. They were both sad for their lost disciples and anxious about the fierce battle which might come soon. Naturally, their spirits could not be high.

On the third day, the bell outside the Hall of the Zenith Sun rang, and the news soon reached every place in the Jade Cloud Sect —— it was the disciple guarding the mountain pass indicating that someone was coming up and they couldn’t stop them.

When people hurried to the main gate after receiving the news, they saw a young man standing there with his hands clasped behind him. The two people who followed him both had prominent noses and deep-set eyes. Long hair hung over their shoulders, part of it braided and then tied with a piece of cloth at the end —— such distinct characteristics made it possible for others to tell their identities at a glance.

Zhao Chiying asked in a deep voice, “I didn’t know we had an honorable guest coming. Please accept my apology for not going out to meet you. I am Zhao Chiying, the sect leader of the Jade Cloud Sect. May I have your name?”

“I’m Kunye from Tujue, and I am here to pick up my unworthy disciple,” the other person said loftily. He looked Zhao Chiying up and down, then shook his head, “Are you Zhao Chiying, the sect leader of the Jade Cloud Sect? It is said that you are an extremely gifted person, the reviving figure of the Jade Cloud Sect. But now after meeting you in person, you are not much else.”

Fan Yuanbai and the others who were standing behind her all glowered at him after hearing it, but Zhao Chiying was shocked inside.

She suddenly remembered Shen Qiao’s comments about Kunye: he had a noble status in Tujue and was also Hulugu’s disciple, and therefore was very arrogant. However, his martial arts were truly overbearing. Even if he wasn’t one of the Top Ten already, he was not far from it. Whether he played tricks in the battle on Half-Step Peak or not, he was not someone who could be taken lightly.

For Kunye to say something like this as soon as they met, he obviously not only looked down on Zhao Chiying or simply tried to enrage her, but he also realized that she had internal injuries and was thus unable to rival him.

His eyes were indeed as sharp as Shen Qiao said before.

Zhao Chiying’s heart sank slightly, but her face didn’t show it. “So it is the Left Wise King of Tujue who has honored us with your presence. Your disciple and Ruan Hailou of the East Island Sect colluded with the traitor of our sect, Lu Feng, and slaughtered countless Jade Cloud disciples. How do you explain this?”

Kunye sneered, “Pu Anmi was invited by the elders of your sect to visit here. Who would have thought what awaited him was not food and wine but your disciples’ weapons? As his master, I don’t even know if he is still alive. How is Sect Leader Zhao going to explain this to me?”

It was pure sophistry. If Kunye hadn’t made a plan with his disciple to come and reap the benefit, how would have he known that Pu Anmi was trapped here?

The people around them started showing angry faces.

After Pu Anmi was taken into custody, Zhao Chiying didn’t kill him, but she could not release him just like this either. Otherwise, if news spread out that the Jade Cloud Sect had succumbed to the Tujue people, they would not be able to have a foothold in the pugilistic world anymore. In addition, Pu Anmi still had to pay the blood debts of the countless lives of their disciples.

Zhao Chiying said coolly, “Both you and I know very well what your disciple has done. It’s useless for you to quibble here. As long as there is still one person left in the Jade Cloud Sect, we will not let you take away Pu Anmi.”

As if he had heard a hilarious joke, Kunye burst out laughing, “Zhao Chiying, I don’t think there are even ten disciples standing behind you. The Jade Cloud Sect no longer exists except in name. What gives you the confidence to say something like that? If I kill you today, there will be no more Jade Cloud Sect in this world!”

“You can kill men, but you can never kill people’s will.”

How familiar the voice sounded! Kunye couldn’t help but raise his brows. He turned back and saw a person walking towards them carrying a sword in his hand.

It was a face he couldn’t have known better, one which he would not forget even in his dreams.

Because he once fought this person on top of Half-Step Peak.

That battle had struck the attention of the entire pugilistic world and made his name known to the Central Plains.

But the person before him, however, suffered a complete defeat, fell from grace and lost all of his martial arts. Even though he was lucky enough to survive, he could at best spend the rest of his life struggling to drag out his feeble existence.

“Shen. Qiao.” Kunye squeezed out the name between his teeth. The emotion in his voice was so complex that even he himself could not explain it.

“I hope you have been well since we last met, Kunye.”

Shen Qiao nodded at him just like that day on Half-Step Peak. But at that time, Shen Qiao was the grandmaster of a sect, greatly admired by everyone in the world, while Kunye had just entered the Central Plains and wasn’t known to many.

Now, time had passed and things were different. Their statuses had changed drastically since then. Kunye was no longer the Kunye from that day, and Shen Qiao no longer that sect leader of Mount Xuandu.

But how could he remain so unperturbed?

The moment they met face-to-face, Kunye had already studied Shen Qiao’s appearance in full detail multiple times, but he could not find the slightest trace of pain or desperation.

Shen Qiao was still Shen Qiao. There seemed to be no changes in him at all.


There were still some.

Kunye suddenly said, “Sect Leader Shen—Ah, wait! I shouldn’t refer to you as the sect leader anymore. Daoist Priest Shen, were you injured when you fell off the cliff? It seems like your eyes are not too well.”

“Yes, but my eyes have nothing to do with the fall. It was caused by Quietus. As for the reason behind it, shouldn’t you know better than me?”

Kunye shook his head, “You should blame your martial brother Yu Ai. He is the one who poisoned you, not me. When I made the appointment to fight with you, I sent you a written declaration openly, and we fought on the Half-Step Peak openly. Everyone saw it. I never made any sneaky moves on you!”

He looked at the sword in Shen Qiao’s hand and started laughing, “Are you waiting for me here because you can’t accept your defeat? Or are you making an effort to stand up for the Jade Cloud Sect?”

Shen Qiao said, “What happened in the past can’t be undone just like the water flowing by today can’t be regained. Today, I, Shen Qiao, am here asking for nothing but a fight against you. Do you dare to accept my challenge?”

He slowly pulled the sword out of its sheath. The tip of the sword was pointing downwards, slightly quivering. The sunlight reflected by the metal formed a series of dazzling ripples.

The mocking expression on Kunye’s face suddenly disappeared and was replaced by extreme seriousness.

He also drew out the blade he was carrying on his back.

Let it be sooner or later, this battle was destined to come.

Kunye could almost sense the excitement running through his body. It was true that he defeated Shen Qiao last time, but deep inside him, Quietus was like a thorn in his heart, constantly giving him the feeling that his victory wasn’t as satisfying.

And this time, he would make Shen Qiao admit his defeat wholeheartedly!

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    You damn scammer, your victory wasn’t satisfying because you cheated! Ugh, I hope Kynye gets everything he deserves: absolute annihilation! Anyways… Shen Qiao and Shiwu’s master-disciple relationship is so wholesome. I hope nothing bad happens *fingers crossed*

  17. ctomes says:

    If he wins he still won’t know if he could defeat Shen Qiao. Not only has his vision been blinded, but he’s not fully recovered. Which will make it so much sweeter if Shen Qiao kicks his butt 🙂
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  18. Sadistic Senpai says:

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  19. Demented Yaroslav says:

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