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Chapter 116: Back To That Key Moment ①

When Shang Ke woke up, the man at his side was breathing evenly, sound asleep. It seemed like he hadn’t slept well in a long time.

Shang Ke uncovered the blanket and slowly began to get out of bed. Who would have thought that at the slightest movement, Jian Chenfeng would wake up from his deep sleep and tightly hold on to him?

“Yumo.” Jian Chenfeng raised his hand and brushed Shang Ke’s forehead, his unblinking eyes fixed tightly onto him.

“Hm.” Shang Ke leisurely replied, his head reclining on the soft pillow.

It wasn’t a dream. This man was right before him, within his arms. They also had a wonderful night together.

Jian Chenfeng’s eyes spoke of his irrepressible joy, as well as his fear that this was all a dream. As if to prove something, he kissed Shang Ke’s lips and savored his taste greedily.

Suddenly, the cell phone on the bedside table rang out.

Jian Chenfeng ignored it and continued to pester the person in his arms. However, the phone rang incessantly, almost like a nagging parent.

“The phone…” Shang Ke’s muffled voice could be heard through the cracks in his teeth.

Jian Chenfeng stretched out his arm, grabbed the cell phone and threw it at the wall. With a crash, the world fell quiet. The poor cell phone was broken just like that. Dead without an intact corpse.

As for Jian Chenfeng, nothing could prevent him from having passionate sex with this man now.

Everything he did last night seemed to be a dream, and it was only at this moment that he felt like it was a bit real. His breath, his heartbeat, his warmth, his lips, his skin… he yearned for it all.

He didn’t even wear a condom, he only wanted to feel this person even more. The tightness of entering and the pleasure of thrusting into him made him never want to leave. Listening to the subtle pleas of the person under him, Jian Chenfeng comforted him even as he thrust into him more forcefully.

From the moment they were united, they were doomed to be inseparable.

Yumo belonged to him throughout his entire life.

They moved from bed to bathroom and from bathroom to bed, trying almost all kinds of postures and positions.

Shang Ke didn’t expect Jian Chenfeng to be so energetic, and even with his added strength he could barely endure. Finally, he could only let him play to his heart’s content and allow himself to sink deeper and deeper into fatigue and pleasure…

Ding-dong! Ding-dong!

The rapidly tolling doorbell resounded from outside the room.

Jian Chenfeng frowned and opened his eyes unhappily. The man in his arms was still asleep. He kissed him on the back then reluctantly withdrew from his body, put on his nightgown and walked out of the room.

Opening the door revealed Jian Chenfeng’s secretary, Cui-something standing outside.

“What’s the matter?” Jian Chenfeng asked with a dark expression.

Secretary Cui braced himself and answered, “There’s an important meeting today that Director Jian needs to preside over. No one answered the phone call this morning, so I had no choice but to come personally for further instructions.”

“Postpone it.” Jian Chenfeng did not hesitate to say, “I will not be free for the next week.”

Secretary Cui asked strangely, “Director Jian, what happened?” A workaholic director who had never taken a vacation before would suddenly be absent for a week? Was he having hormonal mood swings?

“The company’s business will be handled by you for the time being. Don’t disturb me unless a particularly important decision needs to be made.” Jian Chenfeng’s indifferent face practically said, ‘Bye, I won’t send you off’.

Secretary Cui tried to fight again, but he heard a slight noise coming from the room behind Jian Chenfeng.

They both looked inside simultaneously. They saw a Shang Ke in a shirt and bare legs walking through the living room like a ghost and making his way into the kitchen.

Jian Chenfeng turned around and stared at Secretary Cui. “What did you see just now?” 

Secretary Cui could only withdraw his shocked gaze and prudently declare, “I saw nothing.”

Fuck! The man in Director Jian’s room is Jiang family’s second young master, Jiang Yumo! But that wasn’t the point. The point was that Young Master Jiang only wore a shirt to swagger around in Director Jian’s home. But this was still not the key point! The most important thing was that Young Master Jiang’s body was full of kiss marks! There was no perfect skin exposed outside the clothes. Blame him for his good eyesight, but even the inside of his thighs were clearly seen!

Young Master Jiang couldn’t have brought a woman to Director Jian’s house to play in the sheets, could he? So it’s obvious that he’s the one fucking Director Jian! Or rather, it should be that he’s getting fucked by Director Jian.

Secretary Cui knew that Director Jian always had some feelings for Jiang Yumo, but he didn’t expect that he would act so quickly! As soon as Yumo was discharged from the hospital, he was already being dragged to bed. Director Jian, you’re so brave. Does his family know?!

Despite all of this in his mind, Secretary Cui dared not reveal his thoughts. He might end up destroyed by his current ‘lust-driven’ director.

“Good, you can go.” Jian Chenfeng closed the door with a bang.

Secretary Cui touched his nose and left gloomily with a belly full of gossip.

“What are you doing?” Jian Chenfeng walked into the kitchen and hugged Shang Ke from behind.

“I’m a little hungry, so I’m making something to eat.” It was already 3 p.m. before he knew it. He had consumed a lot of energy earlier, so he needed to refill it.

“I’ll do it.” Seeing Shang Ke yawning, Jian Chenfeng planned to take over.

“No.” Shang Ke poked him with his elbow. “Just go and wash up. I’ll be done in a moment.” A certain someone’s body was like a stove, emitting heat potent enough to burn a man.

Jian Chenfeng didn’t insist. He hadn’t tasted Shang Ke’s cooking in a long time. Just thinking about it made him salivate now.

He kissed Shang Ke’s face, then quickly hustled into the bathroom.

Shang Ke only made two simple lunches, but Jian Chenfeng was very satisfied. When he first took a bite, he almost cried. He had never been a sentimental man before, but the loneliness and longing he experienced during the entirety of his past life made him cherish the happiness before him.

“Yumo, live with me.” Jian Chenfeng looked at Shang Ke deeply and naturally expressed his feelings. Since Yumo had not resisted having a relationship with him, it meant that he had accepted him.

“Okay.” In the past, Shang Ke couldn’t promise him anything. Now, he could finally give him a positive answer.

Jian Chenfeng stood up and hugged him, revealing the happiest smile of his entire life.

In the following week, they woke up and said good morning to each other, brushed their teeth and washed their faces together. They made breakfast with one another, ran in the morning, watched TV, and went shopping together. They tasted delicious food, watched movies, bathed together, had sex and watched the stars at night…

A week later, Jian Chenfeng promptly came out of the closet to his and Yumo’s families.

The parents of the two families were all stupefied.

My son, who had been straight for twenty or thirty years, suddenly became bent? Couldn’t you at least give us an early warning? At least give us some time to prepare! Now look at what you two have done! By the time we found out, these guys have done everything they should and shouldn’t have!

“No son of mine shall be with men!” Jiang Song took a firm stance.

“Dad.” Shang Ke held Jiang Song’s arm and sighed. “Actually, I don’t want to be with men either.”

Jian Chenfeng’s alert eyes immediately swept over him.

“So what’s going on between you and him?” Father Jiang angrily pointed at Jian Chenfeng.

Shang Ke pulled Father Jiang’s hand down and whispered in his ear, “The truth is very cruel. Since I finished the operation, I found that I had an incurable disease of ‘it can only be him and no one else’. Although I suspected that he had drugged me, I couldn’t find any evidence, so I had to go on living like this.” 

In such a tense atmosphere, Jiang Yumo even dared to joke with him!

But Jian Chenfeng was relieved, and he gazed tenderly at Shang Ke with a smile in his eyes.

Unfortunately, father Jiang’s attitude was very firm. No matter how cute his son acted, he wouldn’t change his mind. They had no choice. They could only pull out for today and fight the battle another day.

While the Jiang family’s side was like a lone boat swept up in waves, the Jian family was like a mountain hit by an earthquake. Their coming out of the closet broke many people’s minds.

“Shall we elope?” Frustrated, Jian Chenfeng suddenly proposed.

“What about your company?” Shang Ke didn’t expect that Jian Chenfeng to be a romantic that would bring up elopement out of nowhere..

“It won’t fall.” Jian Chenfeng replied with little concern. “At worst, there’ll only be a loss of hundreds of billions of dollars.”

He had spent most of his past life working for the Jian family, but this time around, he only wished to do whatever he wanted.

“In that case, let’s elope.” The two men promptly cooperated and ran off together.

The next day they packed their bags and flew to the other side of the world.

By the time the two families reacted, they couldn’t even find a trace of them.

The Jian family truly suspected that Jiang Yumo, who was a man of poor behavior, had corrupted their mature and stable son, while the Jiang family believed that the sly and sophisticated Jian Chenfeng had seduced their simple-minded son.

The two families fought a bitter war of words. Meanwhile, the two people in question selfishly enjoyed themselves.

This situation lasted until Jian Chenfeng’s company fell into a major crisis about a month later due to a leakage of secrets, and the two families finally calmed down.

“Shouldn’t you go back and take a look?” Shang Ke asked as he browsed the web while lying on the enormous bed of their sea-view suite.

“It’s okay.” Jian Chenfeng sat comfortably on the sofa with his coffee. “My father has been too overconfident and aggressive in recent years. This crisis is just what he needs to calm down.”

“He’s your father. Is it really okay to do something like this to him?”

“As his son, I have an obligation to let him face the truth so he doesn’t pay a greater price for it in the future.” Jian Chenfeng took a sip of coffee and said in a relaxed voice.

Shang Ke quietly lit a candle for Jian Chenfeng’s father.

“Huh?” Just then, Shang Ke received an email from Jiang Donglin.

“What’s the matter?” Jian Chenfeng put down his cup and went to Shang Ke’s side.

“My brother and Jian Xin returned home yesterday.” Shang Ke looked up at Jian Chenfeng. “Do you think we should go back?”

Jian Chenfeng threw the tablet away from Shang Ke’s hand and bowed his head to kiss him passionately.

Regarding Jian Xin, Jian Chenfeng was still not at ease. Who knew if Yumo would feel like thunder had struck the ground before him when he sees her and his feelings for her become hot and passionate? He must guard against the unexpected and try to delay their meeting time as long as possible. Preferably forever.

After kissing Shang Ke till he was dazed, Jian Chenfeng said in a low voice, “Why don’t we go to Antarctica tomorrow and see the penguins?”

Shang Ke thought to himself, ‘…Excuse me?’

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