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Chapter 117: Back To That Key Moment ①

In the end, Jian Chenfeng took Shang Ke to Antarctica and the plane traveled for dozens of hours. On the cruise ship, they passed through the Drake passage and encountered a huge wave over six meters high. The sea water poured into the windows, causing great mayhem. It was truly a shocking event; he almost thought he was going to die again.

Floating ice spread across the sea and the distant snowy mountains seemed to join with the white clouds. A group of gulls flew by with the cool breeze, the air cold and refreshing. Shang Ke and Jian Chenfeng reached Melchior Island and took countless pictures, then went to Neko Harbour with other travelers. It was the gathering place of penguins and one of the main purposes of their trip — penguin watching.

On the snowy glaciers, there were plump penguins everywhere. Some hid in the snow, lay on the rocks, or waddled into the sea… Shang Ke found an opportunity to take a photo with them and they also cooperated with him, but whenever Jian Chenfeng got close, the mob of penguins would immediately attack him. Shang Ke wondered if the penguins mistook Jian Chenfeng for a large gull? Gulls were egg thieves, so the penguins could never see eye to eye with them.

Shang Ke could only express 12% of sympathy for the innocent Jian Chenfeng. As a result, Jian Chenfeng sought several hours of ‘comfort’ in his body, on the grounds that he had suffered a traumatic experience.

Later, they went to Port Lockroy, Petermann Island, Paradise Bay and other places, taking images of their precious memories of the blue sky, snowy mountains and the pure sea.

After playing around outside, Jian Chenfeng’s face was sun-burned while Shang Ke was still glowing with a radiance that could even turn lesbians bi. The gap was even more obvious when he stood beside Jian Chenfeng and his red face. A certain someone gained another traumatic experience in his heart.

When they arrived at the hotel, Shang Ke gave Jian Chenfeng a refreshing moisturizing mask for his face.

Jian Chenfeng refused until Shang Ke threatened him, “If you leave even a bit of a scar on your face, I will find another lover!”

This threat was so vicious that Jian Chenfeng immediately obeyed.

It didn’t matter to him. He was the one in control regarding bed matters. When Shang Ke gets on the bed later, hmph… There were two green fires in Jian Chenfeng’s eyes.

That night, Shang Ke was eaten thoroughly by a hungry wolf from inside out. He couldn’t leave the hotel for three days.

After Jian Chenfeng’s face returned to its former glory, the two finally embarked on the flight back to China. They had been travelling for a month since Jiang Donglin and Jian Xin returned home.

As soon as they arrived in China, Secretary Cui stormed into Jian Chenfeng’s house and threw all his affairs to him. He said resentfully, “I’m fed up with this. I want to take a vacation!”

“Will three times the bonus calm your grumpy mood?” Jian Chenfeng asked seriously.

Secretary Cui bluntly stated with his fingers splayed out in front of him, “At least five times.”

“Deal.” Jian Chenfeng agreed, “From tomorrow, overtime with me.”

Oh, no! Secretary Cui appeared thunder-struck. Could he get another chance to choose?

Jian Chenfeng took over the company’s affairs once more. He first had to resolve the remaining problems caused by the leakage of secrets and the mistakes of his father’s decision-making.

Shang Ke had nothing much to do with his free time. He gave Jian Chenfeng a love meal package every day and even appeased the haggard Secretary Cui with his delicious cooking. The poor secretary always seemed to be on the verge of a mental breakdown…

The Jian Chenfeng in work mode, under the double nourishment of delicious food and lust, was not only inexhaustible, he was more energetic as well; his muscles even seemed to be much stronger than before.

A man in love was an extreme hazard to single dogs. Secretary Cui wanted to avenge society several times. For the first time, he found his boss severely detestable. What happened to the cold and ruthless director of the past?

“Take Young Master Jiang home for dinner in a few days.” After the company’s crisis was over and they were back on track, Jian Chenfeng’s father called his son.

“Alright, father.” Jian Chenfeng calmly accepted his father’s change of attitude.

Before taking Shang Ke home, he decided to introduce him to his friends.

“Chief, really?” Song Qianxing didn’t look convinced. “Even if you like men, why pick Jiang Yumo?”

Although the Jiang family was rich and had some small assets, there was still a gap between them and their circle. Of course, this didn’t mean that they couldn’t interact with each other, but Jiang Yumo’s style was too garish. Anyone with a bit of sight and pride would not be willing to deal with him.

However, they never expected that the Jian Chenfeng who was usually so difficult to please would fall in love with the most unseemly playboy young master they’d ever seen.

“Brother.” Qiu Jun placed his hand on Jian Chenfeng’s shoulder, trying to give him heartfelt advice. “First off, I don’t have any opinions about gay people, but could you at least choose a more decent one? Jiang Yumo’s kind… isn’t even qualified to warm your bed.”

Jian Chenfeng glanced at him with cold eyes. “I don’t want to hear any demeaning words about him from you, or we will end our friendship.”

“Alright, alright.” Qiu Jun raised his hands in surrender. Jian Chenfeng was determined right now. Not only did he fall for a man who had such bad behavior, but he was serious about it too.

The others had the same thoughts. They exchanged helpless looks and thought about whether they should properly ‘entertain’ Young Master Jiang later. It would be better if that Jiang Yumo could reveal his ‘true self’ before Jian Chenfeng.

As they thought about it, the door of the room was suddenly pushed open.

Everyone looked towards the sound, and felt as if the room was bathed in light at the sight of him walking in. He was wearing a white casual suit with a black shirt under, possessing a slender body and a gentle temperament. There seemed to be a unique rhythm to his steps as he walked. Although ‘bright and beautiful’ was mostly used to describe women, it didn’t seem wrong to use it on this man.

Was this the rumoured alcoholic and rich playboy Young Master Jiang Yumo? Shit! Isn’t the gap way too big?! They thought they would see a chicken with a weak spirit, or an arrogant and unconventional person, or a hypocritical and shallow second-generation man who’s only slightly better than the first two.

But this man here, be it in appearance or temperament, could be regarded as a dragon and phoenix among men. He was neither a ‘weak chicken’ nor an ‘unconventional person’, let alone a second-generation man. They even felt it was difficult to remain straight if they interacted with him for too long. At least appearance-wise, they no longer doubted Jian Chenfeng’s eyes.

Jian Chenfeng walked over to Shang Ke and grabbed him by the waist. He smiled as he said, “This is my lover, Jiang Yumo.”

Then he introduced the others to Shang Ke — Song Qianxing, Qiu Jun, Wang Xiao and Zhou Du, all of whom were his childhood and family friends.

The four stood up to greet him, the scrutiny in their eyes clear to see on their seemingly friendly appearance.

Before Shang Ke came in, he had already guessed what impression these people had of him, so he didn’t care what they thought and looked back at them generously.

The way to communicate feelings was always through eating and entertainment.

Qiu Jun suggested playing a few billiard games, and several others responded immediately. They warmly invited Shang Ke, the ‘new guy’, to start first.

“Can you play?” Jian Chenfeng asked quietly.

“I can play a bit.” Shang Ke replied.

What is… ‘I can play a bit’?

Soon, Jian Chenfeng understood.

With a quick start, he potted a hole with every stroke and completed his one-man show flawlessly.

Indeed, he can ‘play a bit’. It stunned everyone who was prepared to watch him make a fool of himself.

Although they lost, the four people weren’t discouraged and transferred to the poker area.

However, they were doomed to be disappointed. Shang Ke was proficient in magic and had an extraordinary memory. After a few games, all the players lost. At last, only Jian Chenfeng was left, but it would be a great mistake to rely on him to save the situation. He and Shang Ke went back and forth, winning and losing, game after game, round after round, as if they would never end. They even exchanged heated eye contact from time to time.

Motherfucker! How was this playing cards? They were just showing off their love!

Four people were battered with blood.

At this point, they no longer desired to make Shang Ke look bad, and only wished to rescue their own faces.

After eating, they went to their exclusive entertainment room and proposed to play a few war games in high spirits.

Their taste in games instantly changed Shang Ke’s impression of them. Who would have thought a group of young men with an average age over 25 and a high status would yell, fight and jostle each other over games like hot-blooded teenagers? Was that really okay?

Shang Ke glanced at Jian Chenfeng with a meaningful gaze, ‘So I had always thought wrongly; you were actually this kind of ‘child-like’ person.’

Jian Chenfeng accepted it solemnly and replied in kind, ‘In this respect, I am definitely not the same as them.’

In fact, only Qiu Jun and Zhou Du really took part in the games, but in order to form a 2vs2 situation, they dragged Jian Chenfeng into the fray.

Jian Chenfeng had never played such games before. When Qiu Jun and the others had him team up with Shang Ke, he could clearly see their true motives.

Qiu Jun and Zhou Du were itching to torment someone, namely Shang Ke, and though they felt embarrassed, they were equally afraid that they still wouldn’t win. Playing billiards and card games could still go awry, but thanks to his hacking ability, Shang Ke was absolutely confident in his ability to calculate. When he was learning how to hack in the training space, he had to practice with all kinds of war games to improve his hand speed.

As you could imagine, there wouldn’t be a worst performance, only a worse one. Jian Chenfeng, this pig teammate, didn’t even have a chance to drag his feet when Shang Ke took care of their opponents on his own.

After each sound defeat, no matter how graceful his friends were, they were still rather depressed.

So, in the evening, Shang Ke mixed four drinks for them in person and told them with a smile, “I had a good time today so I was a bit complacent. If there was any disrespect, please forgive me.”

Shang Ke was seldom so high profile. The reason he made such a big show this time was to fight for Jian Chenfeng’s face and to change his image in their hearts. Since he had finally achieved his goal, he couldn’t carry on with his act.

There was a flash of surprise in the eyes of the four people, and they soon understood Shang Ke’s words. He knew how they thought of him, so he tried his best to gain their approval.

Shang Ke added, “You are some of Chenfeng’s only friends. I really want to spend my whole life with him, so I sincerely hope I can receive your blessings. That’s why he brought me here today to meet you guys. Because he cherishes you all, he was even more careful about it.”

Finally, the four friends agreed to put aside their previous misgivings about him. They raised their glasses to touch his in acceptance.

“I say Chief,” Qiu Jun whispered in Jian Chenfeng’s ear. “I have to admire you. Your eyes are really sharp! Such a man is definitely first class.”

Jian Chenfeng sipped his red wine as he sat languidly behind Shang Ke, quietly staring at the side of his face. His eyes were so gentle that they seemed to overflow with love.

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