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Chapter 118: Back To That Key Moment ①

A few days later, Jian Chenfeng came home fully refreshed. After the meal, he would formally establish his relationship with Yumo and there would be no more worries.

When he walked into the spacious living room of the Jian family’s old home, he saw his parents, Yumo’s parents, Jiang Donglin and Jian Xin seated around them.

Jian Chenfeng stood by and scrutinized Shang Ke’s expression, watching as he greeted everyone naturally. There was no special change when he looked at Jian Xin, and he was finally a little relieved.

This was the first time that Jian Chenfeng’s parents had a close encounter with Shang Ke, and their impression of him wasn’t bad. At least his appearance, temperament and speech were all nice. They also thought through things. Their daughter and the Jiang family’s eldest son were together, while their eldest son fell for the youngest son. Marriage between the two families was a set deal. As for heirs, it wasn’t a big problem for the Jian family. With how advanced technology is nowadays, isn’t having a child a simple thing?

The most important thing was that they couldn’t change Jian Chenfeng’s decision at all because he broke free of the nest long ago. They could only hope that they would break up after several years and then build their own separate families.

Unfortunately, he would have to shatter his parents’ wishful thoughts. Jian Chenfeng had spent half his life verifying his feelings for Jiang Yumo, and there was no possibility of breaking up.

The Jian family ate together in good order and harmony. 

“Jiang… Second brother. ” After eating, Shang Ke was relaxing in the yard when he suddenly heard the voice of Jian Xin behind him.

He turned around and smiled at her, “Jian Xin, why are you out? Where’s elder brother?”

Jian Xin lowered her head and whispered, “I wanted to thank you and apologize to you myself. I misunderstood you before.”

“No, it’s fine. As long as you’re healthy.”

Jian Xin looked at his gentle smile and felt inexplicably sour in her heart. This man almost gave his life for her. If Donglin had not told her the truth, she might have never known how deeply he felt for her.

But she just didn’t understand why he was with her brother when he loved her so much. Did her brother force him? She knew her brother’s character very well. Once he had decided on something, he would go after it and never let it go. Jiang Yumo was definitely not her brother’s opponent.

Thinking of this, Jian Xin hesitated. “Brother Jiang, if you don’t want to, I could help you get rid of…”

“Get rid of what?” Jian Chenfeng appeared at Shang Ke’s side like a ghost and stared at Jian Xin with gloomy eyes. Before he could even deal with his sister, she was already running around and making trouble.

Jian Xin’s face turned pale, and she hurriedly made up a reason to flee. For some reason, ever since her operation was successful, her brother’s attitude towards her had grown cold; as if she had done something unforgivable.

In Jian Chenfeng’s memory, Jian Xin had indeed done something unforgivable. Not only did she get Yumo’s heart, but she didn’t cherish it properly and played around freely after her recovery. In this life, he planned to marry Jian Xin to Jiang Donglin as soon as possible, so he could control her and not let her repeat the same mistakes.

Shang Ke looked at Jian Chenfeng strangely. Didn’t he love his sister very much before? Why did he treat her like an enemy now?

“Do you still…” Jian Chenfeng spoke out with difficulty.

Shang Ke suddenly understood that this guy still fretted over his ‘lingering feelings’ for Jian Xin. After all, to complete the task in the beginning, he shaped himself into a saint, willing to give her his heart. No one would think that such a person could easily let go of his ‘deep-seated’ feelings for her.

Shang Ke hugged Jian Chenfeng’s waist and smiled, “I have only one heart. Since I didn’t give it to Jian Xin, I can only give it to you.” 

His words dazzled Jian Chenfeng and swept all his worries away, filling him with overwhelming joy.

He finally set aside the last of his worries, pain and regret. All of these had been resolved at this moment.

The two men formally began a harmonious and happy husband-husband life. There were various postures performed on the bed, the business was well-coordinated and they enjoyed a rich and colorful entertainment.

Shang Ke’s talents were gradually revealed, and it broke many people’s glasses. The once unschooled playboy had become a highly praised young talent; his relationship with Jian Chenfeng changed from being viewed as unfavorable to one that drew much envy. He was called ‘the perfect lover’, which caused a lot of single men to consider finding a suitable gay man to fall in love with.

However, most of them ended up with nothing because they treated Shang Ke as the ideal existence. One could easily predict the outcome; a stand-in could never compete with the real thing. Summarily, all they did was stoke Jian Chenfeng’s jealousy.

With Shang Ke’s consent, Jian Chenfeng adopted a boy, Jian Simo, three years later. He knew that Jian Xin would have two children in the future, and this time he planned on training one of them to manage the company with Jian Simo.

Everything seemed perfect until they discovered something wrong with Shang Ke’s body seven years later.

The first time he fainted, Jian Chenfeng had just finished a meeting and was ready to have dinner with Shang Ke. When he pushed open the office door and saw the unconscious Shang Ke lying on the ground, his heart had almost stopped.

After rushing him to the hospital, the doctor told them that although the operation on his brain tumor was successful several years ago, there was still a risk of relapse. It was a miracle that his symptoms only appeared today.

“How can it be treated?” Jian Chenfeng asked.

The doctor replied, “At present, it can only be controlled by drugs or through other auxiliary means.”

“Is his life in danger? What symptoms usually appear? What do I need to pay attention to?”

“He could experience sudden headaches, fevers, fainting, hearing loss in the left ear and vision loss in the left eye. In serious cases, hemiplegia could occur in the left foot and the left hand, making it impossible to walk normally. However, as long as we pay attention to his diet and he exercises properly, this situation could slow down.”

Jian Chenfeng didn’t know how he got out of the medical room, but his brain was blank and his chest felt as if a huge stone was pressing down on it. A flood of fear rushed over and almost drowned him.

He stood at the door of the ward, his legs heavy as lead.

“Father?” Jian Simo looked at the grim-faced Jian Chenfeng and his eyes filled with worry.

The older man clenched his fist and pushed the door open.

Walking into the ward, he saw his lover leaning against the pillow and smiling gently as usual. With tears welling up in his eyes, Jian Chenfeng slowly stepped to his bedside, held him in his arms and greedily drunk in the familiar smell.

He was seeking comfort from his lover. It was clearly Shang Ke who was ill, but Jian Chenfeng felt unwell from head to toe.

Seeing Jian Chenfeng’s appearance, Shang Ke guessed that his situation was not very optimistic.

Isn’t this supposed to be a ‘journey of happiness’? Why is it that he could live in peace and contentment, but still couldn’t avoid bad luck?

“Don’t feel bad.” Shang Ke said, “The doctor didn’t say my life was at risk. As long as I take good care of myself, it should not hinder my daily activities.”

Jian Chenfeng just held onto him silently. He could never be like Yumo, so indifferent to death. Because he lost him once before, he feared even more. Without Yumo with him, he may not have the courage to live another lonely life.

“Yumo, don’t leave me.” Jian Chenfeng was like a wounded beast, leaning helplessly in his arms.

“Okay, I won’t leave.” Shang Ke closed his eyes and hid his sadness.

Over the next few days, Jian Chenfeng gradually handed his work over to Jian Simo, affording himself more time with Shang Ke.

Shang Ke, who studied medicine himself, had a lot of experience in conditioning his body. With proper exercise, his illness was less severe than he thought. Except for the occasional headache, he was almost the same as a normal person.

Jian Chenfeng treated him like a fragile product, keeping him by his side without letting him leave his sight. Later, he took him to foreign countries for several tests, and the test results were almost all the same. There weren’t any effective treatment plans, only a reliance on drugs and other aids could alleviate the symptoms.

Under Jian Chenfeng’s growing apprehension, five years passed. 

Once Jian Simo could take care of himself, Jian Chenfeng put aside all his affairs to take Shang Ke on a trip.

The couple entered their middle ages with feelings as deep as ever and lived a harmonious life. Every time they did it, Jian Chenfeng was more considerate than before, stretching out the foreplay in his reluctance to hurt his lover.

Years passed, and they traveled all over the world, taking pictures plentiful enough to cover a villa. They made a photo album, leaving behind many experiences and anecdotes. Of course, there was no shortage of romantic lines.

The two didn’t completely neglect the company during their travels. They investigated the market, gathered intelligence, and expanded the company’s business around the world. When Jian Chenfeng was at the age of forty-seven, the Jian family business had more than tripled, and the Jiang family soared too.

Shang Ke’s title as the ‘Perfect Lover’ had spread from home to abroad, and he even became the cover of world famous magazines several times.

When Shang Ke was forty-six, hemiplegia occurred in his left limbs and he could only walk with crutches. The next year, he was blind in his left eye and the hearing in his left ear declined.

After an unknown number of fainting spells, Jian Chenfeng took him back to their motherland and lived in a villa atop a secluded hill. Every day, they would watch the sun rise and set, take walks in the forest, grow flowers and play chess… 

Shang Ke comfortably lay down on the deck chair, observing the beautiful scenery of the sunset. Time did not leave behind too many traces on his face. He was just as elegant as ever, only paler than before, and he also gained the unique charm of a mature man.

He smiled at Jian Chenfeng and said, “If we have a next life, let’s imagine a bit about how to pass our old years even better.”

“As long as I have you, anything is good.” Jian Chenfeng spoke contently, devoid of any additional desires.

“You can’t be so dreary.” Shang Ke jabbed his arm. “Tell me, do you have a wish that’s out of this world?” 

Jian Chenfeng thought a bit, then replied, “Hm, I wish we can have an immortal body that will not break, so that we can go anywhere and make love until we’re old.”

Shang Ke pointed at him, his face full of smiles.

“What about you? What kind of old years do you want?” Jian Chenfeng asked in reply.

“I wish,” Shang Ke slowly exhaled and said, “For your desires to come true.”

A day later, Jian Simo came to the villa with a car full of health care products. 

He opened the door and saw two elderly’s leaning against the chair, asleep, so he picked up a blanket and tiptoed up to them.

The two appeared serene, with a smile on their faces. Just looking at them would make someone feel happy.

Jian Simo shook the blanket open and gently covered them.

The moment his fingers touched their bodies, his movements turned stiff.


Jian Simo’s voice trembled and tears flowed from his eyes… 

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