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Chapter 119: Re: You Are My Faith

The Devil Tree that shrouded Turan in darkness for hundreds of years was finally sealed!

Everyone was jubilant and ready to celebrate their hard-won victory.

Suddenly, a sharp sword pierced through Shang Ke’s body. Blood splashed on Tylor’s face, and the man who had just smiled at him fell into his arms like a broken doll in the blink of an eye.

He was attacked by his childhood friend, Quincy!

Quincy laughed crazily before saying, “I hate you, I hate you. Why can you be born in such a high position while I can only follow you like a bum beetle every day, forever beneath you?!”

Tylor’s eyes were red, and his overwhelming rage and grief almost made him lose his mind. He picked up a sword beside him and stabbed Quincy’s heart.

The person who hurt Shang Ke was dead, but he couldn’t do anything to save Shang Ke’s life.

Tylor gave Shang Ke medicine with trembling fingers, ignoring Kaiser’s screams and endless questions. Blood kept pouring out of the mouth of the man lying in his arms, and his lips moved in the semblance of speech. Tylor leaned over and placed his ear close, but he never heard anything.

His vision gradually blurred, and there seemed to be endless darkness in his head, devouring all his thought and reason. Finally, only a monster named ‘fear’ remained.

The night faded as the earth ushered in a new dawn. Under the sunrise, a wisp of devil qi gushed out of Tylor’s body.

“Tylor!” Kaiser shouted in horror, “Get a hold of yourself!” 

Tylor held Shang Ke’s body and remained oblivious to the surrounding voices.

Everyone watched as Tylor slowly became eroded by the devil qi.

There was a ‘snap’ and everyone turned reflexively, only to see the stone in the hands of the ever silent girl, Pupu, break into many pieces. The pure power of faith in her also disappeared, replaced instead by the same devil qi that erupted in Tylor.

Because of Shang Ke’s death, both Tylor and Pupu fell into the depths of darkness.

Although the Devil Tree had been sealed, devil qi still roamed about, but it could no longer drive a person to commit evil deeds. However, people’s hearts were complex, and once the devil qi corrupted them, it became easy for malicious thoughts to sprout and cause various evils.

Furthermore, they were at the center of the Devil Tree. The dense devil qi hadn’t dissipated yet. People could only rely on the power of faith to resist being corrupted by the devil qi, but if their faith collapsed, devil qi would rush in like a tide.

After losing the Devil Tree as their support, the devil qi in their surroundings took Tylor and Pupu as the new carriers and rushed into their bodies crazily.

Kaiser and the others retreated in rows as they were driven out of the whirlpool of devil qi. On the sunny continent, a vast expanse of area covered by black fog suddenly appeared, and it completely hid Tylor and Pupu within.

When the black fog disappeared, everyone was shocked to find that Tylor and Pupu were gone, along with the body of Shang Ke…

The Devil Tree was finally sealed, but the continent gained two half-devils. They were neither apostles nor were they the believers of Light, but the devil qi on their body was enough to plunge anyone into the abyss.

They drifted away from the populace and wandered into the bitter cold. They were both respected heroes and feared monsters. No one dared approach them lest they also became possessed with devil qi.

Devil qi gave Tylor infinite vitality, but he had to endure the loneliness and bitter cold he felt inside. He kept Shang Ke in an ice coffin and watched him day after day.

Pupu gradually grew, but her mind remained that of a five or six-year-old child. She didn’t care about how boring life was as she spent her time around Shang Ke. She thought daddy had just fallen asleep and would one day wake up.

They lived in isolation in the snowy mountain until a group of mercenaries who regarded them as devil apostles discovered them. They wanted to get rid of them quickly, and Tylor didn’t intend to resist. There was nothing keeping him alive, so death seemed like a trifling matter. But these people actually destroyed the ice coffin where Shang Ke laid and attempted to defile his body.

This move touched Tylor’s bottom line. After so many years, he once again picked up the butcher’s knife and killed over twenty mercenaries.

“I’m sorry.” Tylor rebuilt an ice coffin for Shang Ke and whispered, “I will not give up my life anymore. I will spend the rest of my time guarding you.”

This commitment was kept for 120 years. Tylor had been with Shang Ke for 120 years, and he had been alone for 120 years.

Pupu had died before him, and even until the last moment of her life, she never got to see the day her daddy woke up.

On her deathbed, Pupu told Tylor, “Lorlor, if Daddy wakes up, you must tell Pupu. Pupu wants to eat the snacks he makes, listen to the music he plays, and ask him to braid Pupu’s hair… “

Her voice gradually faded, her expression full of anticipation.

Tylor thought that he could no longer feel pain, but at this moment, he really felt like he couldn’t hold on anymore.

He told himself that he wouldn’t end his own life, but his life seemed to be endless. Thirty years, fifty years, one hundred years… he was still healthy.

“I’m sorry, Shang Ke. Please allow me to be selfish once.” Tylor leaned against the ice coffin and said in a low voice, “I don’t want to live anymore.”

Tylor arrived at the site where he had buried Pupu, dug a deep hole, and carefully placed Shang Ke inside. Then he laid down beside him.

Looking at the snow and cold winds that wafted across the hole, Tylor slowly closed his eyes. All the pain and loneliness he’d felt in this world would finally disappear…

This year, he was one hundred and fifty-three years old.

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