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Chapter 153: I Am An Evil Pen (X)

TL: Resonance


Wen Jingrong has recently developed a habit of his pen not leaving his hand. He played with his pen while he was working, drinking coffee or reading the newspaper. He also discusses current affairs with his pen. When he was eating, he would place the pen beside his bowl. When he goes to the toilet, he would bring his pen along to play sudoku.


The secretary feels that his boss has a severe love illness for pens. Everytime he accidentally sees Wen Jingrong chatting about life with his pen, he always feels that his three views are getting destroyed. Didn’t president Wen have an extremely beautiful boyfriend? Quickly come and save him!


“President Wen, the arrangement at the new factory has been made. They can take in 200 people for training each time.” The secretary reported in a systematic manner, but his line of sight landed on the pen in Wen Jingrong’s hand unconsciously.


Wen Jingrong nodded his head and signed on the lower end of the document. Then, he commanded, “This is the name list. Send someone to inform them. We will accept all of the people who wish to participate in the training unconditionally.”


“Okay.” The secretary left the office after receiving the name list.


“What do you think?” Wen Jingrong looked towards the thumb-sized Shang Ke who was swimming in his cup.


“Very good.” Shang Ke swam backstroke comfortably while giving his man a thumbs up.


We Jingrong looked at his own cup. It didn’t have much space left after having Shang Ke in it. Shang Ke had no space to swim at all. Hence, he bought a fish tank the next day and placed it on his table.


Shang Ke crouched next to the fish tank and looked at the goldfish swimming inside. He said to the man behind him, “Wen Jingrong, can we discuss something?”


“What?” Wen Jingrong’s gaze wandered between the fish tank and Shang Ke without a trace and thought: Is he not swimming today? The “pool” has already been expanded many times bigger and is also transparent… 


“Let’s not raise goldfish but turtle instead. Turtles are easy to raise.” I can even ride on it.


“Okay.” Wen Jingrong replied dotingly.


Just when they were happily enjoying their own unordinary lives, they received bad news.


The police found three arsonists. To be more exact, they found their bodies. All the clues ended with them.


But they are basically certain now. This incident was definitely not a random act due to someone wanting to have revenge on society. It was clearly targeting Wen Jingrong.


Naturally, Wen Jingrong wouldn’t have thought that this incident was linked with Shang Ke. After all, Shang Ke’s identity was special and didn’t have much association with the world. Wen Jingrong could only find clues starting with himself which was completely in the wrong direction. He also wouldn’t guess that this incident was actually just someone venting his anger.


One month passed by calmly just like this. The negative energy that Shang Ke has accumulated was enough for him to “grow up”, but he didn’t do so immediately. He continued being entangled with Wen Jingrong only in his dream. However, the frequent dreams were making Wen Jingrong feel miserable. His bed sheets were washed one after another, he was running out of place to dry them.


Shang Ke felt distressed for his man. Hence, he didn’t appear in Wen Jingrong dream as frequently as before in case Wen Jingrong died due to excessive sperm loss.


Wen Jingrong expressed himself irritably: I would rather lose my sperm than bear the thirst!


Half a month later, the unemployed people on his name list were able to find a new job with his hard work and the help of Wen Jingrong. The number exceeded 1000 and Shang Ke successfully achieved the mission requirement.


【Congratulations to the host for completing the main mission: Solve the Work Problems of 1,000 Unemployed Travellers, Laid-off Workers, Veterans or Ex-Prisoners. The reward is three years of detain time. A special reminder, the heroic value of the main mission is less than 30%. Host, please try your best to complete the additional mission heroically. Otherwise, you might not be able to obtain the return card.】


Shang Ke had nothing to say about this. As an evil pen who was struggling to survive, his performance in this world is indeed very “evil”. He had mostly depended on Wen Jingrong to complete his main mission.


【Additional mission 1: Five months later, there will be a major accident happening at the site under Qingwei. Host, please rescue at least five victims. The more people you rescue, the higher the completion value.】


Qingwei? Isn’t that the company where Bai Lin works?


Shang Ke went online to search and realise that they were actually one of the contractors for the development projects on Pano Island. They managed to obtain the rights to develop on the island even after losing Wen Jingrong’s support. That Bai Lin really has some ability.


The mission mentioned that there will be an accident happening five months later. Shang Ke doesn’t know the location of the accident, so he isn’t able to warn in advance. Material mining site, construction site, land transportation and sea transportation site etcetera all satisfy the requirement for the major accident to happen.


So he can only wait for the accident to happen before he can make a move? System, why don’t you just tell me the cause and location of the accident? Wouldn’t it be better to directly prevent the accident from happening?


【This is the inevitable result from the accumulation of negative energy. Even if you prevent it this time, there will still be a next time. Host’s mission is mainly to create a chance of survival for those innocent people, not to block negative energy for people with strong negative energy.】


“Alright, I understand.” Shang Ke laid on the toy bed Wen Jingrong prepared for him and rolled about while hugging a small pillow.


At this moment, a large head stretched over and enveloped him in the shadow.


“Keke, I’m going to bath. Do you want to bathe together with me?” Wen Jingrong asked.


Shang Ke got up, stepped on Wen Jingrong’s arm, climbed onto his shoulder and said, “Together.”


The two arrived in the bathroom and started removing their own clothes. Then, one of them entered the large bathtub and the other entered the small bathtub. The small bathtub is made of wood and can float on water.


Wen Jingrong leaned comfortably on one end of the bathtub and his sight landed on the small figure within the bubbles from time to time. As he looked and looked, sleepiness soon struck him and he fell asleep within the warm moisture.


He seemed like he had entered his dreamland again in his hazy sleep. Keke was sitting on him and gently kissed his lips.


Wen Jingrong hugged him tightly and deepened the kiss. Their tongues tangled and danced together, while his hand began touching about familiarly.


Originally, Shang Ke saw that Wen Jingrong was asleep and wanted to tease him a little. Hence, he turned normal in size and secretly bit Wen Jingrong’s lips. He never expected that Wen Jingrong would be ignited with just one spark and counterattack, instantly taking the lead.


Shang Ke didn’t even have the time to cry out in pain and was penetrated straight with a movement of Wen Jingrong’s waist. The large and hard thing rushed into his body and hit the peak. The many days of thirst exploded at this moment. Wen Jingrong turned over and pressed the person on the side of the bathtub. He went in and out vigorously, causing waves of water to be formed.


Shang Ke absorbed the man’s lust energy amidst the pain. The overflowing lust energy exceeded the speed of negative energy consumption for the first time.


Is this the so-called “absence makes the heart grow fonder”? Looks like there are some advantage of having longer time intervals between each sex.


Wen Jingrong opened his eyes, gave a violent thrust and reached climax. He finally got to see Shang Ke “become an adult”, how can he let him go so easily? He quickly rinsed themselves with the shower head. Then, he carried Shang Ke back to the bedroom and continued the next round of thrusting… 


The next day, Shang Ke turned back into a thumb-sized person again and followed Wen Jingrong to the company.


Wen Jingrong was writing on the documents when he suddenly remembered something. He looked up towards the small person who was jumping about on the keyboard and asked, “Keke, so you were actually lying to me when you said that you have a girlfriend previously?” 


Shang Ke was shocked when he heard the question. His feet slipped and stepped into the gap between the keyboard buttons. He was about to fall, so Wen Jingrong quickly extended a pen over and supported Shang Ke under his arm.


Shang Ke hugged the pen and said calmly, “I do have a girlfriend.”


“What?” Wen Jingrong’s eyes turned fierce and he asked coldly, “Who!”


“Your spare magic pen.” Shang Ke said in admiration, “That exquisite appearance, aesthetic design and tranquil personality, she is simply the goddess in my heart!”


Wen Jingrong: “…” Keke is a pen, so it seems pretty normal that he likes another pen?


Shang Ke used a picky gaze and glanced at Wen Jingrong from top to bottom. “In contrast, your personality is domineering and demanding, completely exceeding the limits a pen can take. If I wasn’t bound by you, I would have already kept several beautiful ‘pen pals’.”


How rebellious! You even wanted to keep several of them!


Wen Jingrong tried to control himself but still couldn’t help but retorted, “You’re a demonic pen, how can you fall in love with normal pens?”


“You can even fall in love with a pen as a human, why can’t a straight pen like me fall in love with my own kind?”


Wen Jingrong: “…”


Seeing Wen Jingrong feeling defeated, Shang Ke comforted, “Don’t worry, I’m a pen of principle. Since I’m already bended by you, I won’t become straight again.”


Wen Jingrong: Why do I feel like there is something wrong with that sentence.


After Wen Jingrong was done dealing with the work for today, he was about to wear Shang Ke on his sleeves when he saw the spare magic pen being worn there. He paused for a moment before he removed the magic pen and placed it in his pocket. Only after that did he wear Shang Ke on his sleeves.


This is definitely not jealousy, it’s only because it is too crowded to wear two cufflinks on a sleeve!


A few days later, there was an invitation card from Qingwei, inviting Wen Jingrong to participate in their celebration party as they managed to win the development rights on Pano island.


Wen Jingrong accepted the invitation. He was actually quite curious how Qingwei was able to win the project. He wondered who provided Qingwei the funding.


Shang Ke also attended the party alongside Wen Jingrong. He wore a white suit and formed a strong contrast with Wen Jingrong who was in full black. One looked warm and gentle while the other looked cold and evil. Unsurprisingly, they became the center of attention.


Shang Ke originally didn’t intend to attend the party with Wen Jingrong in the adult form. However, this man personally cooked last night and made for him dark cuisine. Although Shang Ke wasn’t interested in normal food, he actually tasted negative energy when he ate the dark cuisine. Therefore, he readily agreed to his invitation.


Shang Ke realised that Wen Jingrong had extraordinary dark talent in cooking and provided him a new source of negative energy.


The party looked harmonious on the surface but there was actually evil going on as negative energy appeared from time to time. Wen Jingrong’s blessing has purified a significant amount, but Shang Ke was still able to absorb little amounts of negative energy.


A while later, Bai Lin represented Qingwei and made a speech to everyone. He spoke naturally and gracefully, people gave him a warm round of applause.


Shang Ke realised that the negative energy on his body was stronger than before. However, what caught Shang Ke’s attention more was another man. That person looked around 40 and had a fierce look. The smile on his face looks extremely fake and his eyes were like a venomous snake flashing a cold glint.


The negative energy on his body is the strongest that Shang Ke has ever seen, almost the same as the criminals in prison with heavy sentences. It was very obvious that this person was someone very ruthless, an unlawful person who treated other people’s lives like nothing.


The person seemed to have perceived Shang Ke’s gaze as he suddenly turned his head around. The sharp eyes stared straight at Shang Ke. When he saw Shang Ke, he was stunned for a moment before he immediately smiled and gave Shang Ke a toast.


Shang Ke pretended not to see and looked away.


That person sipped on his red wine as he glanced at Shang Ke with interest.


“It’s getting late. Let’s go back?” Wen Jingrong spoke next to Shang Ke’s ear. He attended this party only to show his support. Since he has already shown his face, there was no need to stay too long.


“Please wait a moment, President Wen.” Bai Lin called out to Wen Jingrong and said with a smile, “Mr Naben of Pano island also came. He wished to invite you ‘alone’ for a chat.”


He purposely emphasized on the word “alone” as he gave Shang Ke a glance.


Wen Jingrong furrowed his brows. Naben is an aristocrat from Cresa and also one of the persons in charge of the development project on Pano island. It wasn’t good to reject even though they had no business dealings together.


Hence, he let Shang Ke wait for him at the rest area. Then, he left with Bai Lin.


There’s no way Shang Ke would sit still and wait when he saw his man being taken away by someone. He turned and headed towards the restroom, intending to find a place with no one so that he can transform into a pen and return back to Wen Jingrong’s side.


After Shang Ke walked into the corridor, the man with strong negative energy also slowly followed him … 

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