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Chapter 154: I Am An Evil Pen (XI)

TL: Resonance


Chen Zixiong had just stepped into the restroom when the light above him suddenly flickered. He didn’t pay it much attention. He glanced around the restroom in search of Shang Ke’s figure. He had always prefered handsome man like Bai Lin. It was even more astonishing for him when he saw Shang Ke just now.


Wen Jingrong was not to be trifled with, but Chen Zixiong’s power in the underworld was also the same. He can’t wait to have a deeper understanding with the beauty as he takes advantage of the time when that man is being led away by Bai Lin.


It was very quiet in the restroom. The lights seem dimmer than usual and shone faint yellow light, making people feel depressed.


Chen Zixiong didn’t see anyone near the urinals, so he thought that the beauty should have entered the cubicle. He felt a little depressed. Does he have to wait stupidly outside the door? After thinking for a bit, he decided to wait outside at the corridor and also smoke while waiting.


He had just turned around when he heard the sound of water. Water has started flowing out of the tap for no reason. Chen Zixiong subconsciously walked over to test the tap when the flow of water stopped.


“What’s going on? Is it spoilt?” Chen Zixiong mumbled. He looked up at the mirror arbitrarily and realised that there was an opening at the cubicle door behind him. Chen Zixiong had thought that the beauty was going to come out. He was about to turn around when he saw four pale white fingers slowly stretching out from the dark opening. Subsequently, a bloody eye could be seen, as if it was coldly peeking at him through the opening.


Chen Zixiong felt all his hair standing as a chill ran down his spine.


He came back to his senses and realised that the cubicle door is still properly closed with no signs of being opened. He was about to let out a sigh of relief when he suddenly became alert. Just now, he had clearly seen that the cubicle was indicated as occupied. However, it is currently indicated as unoccupied. Was his eyes playing tricks on him?


Chen Zixiong lowered his head slightly and his sight inadvertently glanced at the floor. Then, he immediately felt creeped out. Under the faint yellow light, two overlapping shadows have formed on the floor, as if someone was standing really closely right behind him.


Chen Zixiong started breathing heavily. It was especially clear in the quiet restroom. His legs were completely stiff and he couldn’t move them at all. He moved his eyes slowly and looked at the mirror on the wall through the corner of his eyes. There was no one behind him.


Chen Zixiong took in a deep breath, thinking that he was just being oversensitive. He moved his numb leg and slowly turned around, only to come face to face with a pale white and distorted face.


“Ah!” Chen Zixiong screamed and his feet staggered backwards until he was back against the cold wall.


Before him stood a man whose body was covered in blood. The man raised his head which was close to falling off his neck and showed Chen Zixiong a strange smile. The lights above their heads started flickering again and the man disappeared in a blink of an eye.


However, this didn’t make Chen Zixiong feel better. When he was looking around in horror, a few ice-cold fingers quietly climbed up his shoulders, the chill paralyzing his body.


“Why… did… you… kill me?” A sinister voice suddenly sounded in Chen Zixiong’s ears. 


Shang Ke’s face appeared behind Chen Zixiong.


Shang Ke has used his negative energy to invade Chen Zixiong’s brain and let him hallucinate. Shang Ke’s appearance didn’t change, but what Chen Zixiong sees is someone he has killed before.


As a demonic pen who absorbs negative energy, what he was best at was destroying someone’s humanity and morality, and stimulating the darkness hiding in every human’s heart. Just because an evil pen doesn’t show his power doesn’t mean he is a pure, harmless and good pen. Is there any being scarier than an evil pen in this world?




Shang Ke let out a sinister laugh and seemed to have caused Chen Zixiong to pee his pants.


“Wang, Wang Qu, you know how I do things.” Chen Zixiong trembled while speaking, “You didn’t handle the matter cleanly and got found out by the police. I, I can only kill you.”


Wang Qu? Shang Ke remembers seeing this name before on Wen Jingrong’s investigation file. He was one of the arsonists. He didn’t expect that this matter had something to do with Chen Zixiong.


“Wang Qu.” Chen Zixiong continued, “Don’t worry, I will properly arrange for your family and give them a lot of money. People who work for the underworld can lose their lives any time. Isn’t it most important for your family member to have a stable future?”


This fellow can be considered pretty tough. He could even explain and talk about feelings in this kind of situation.


“I came this time to tell you something.” Shang Ke said coldly.


“What is it?”


“Actually, I have always liked you and wish to have sex with you.”


“What!” Chen Zixiong felt that this matter was more terrible than him seeing a ghost. Wang Qu looked tall and strong and his face was basically like a shoddy construction that his parents cut corners on. If not for his four properly intact limbs, Chen Zixiong almost couldn’t tell that this person was a human.


“Don’t be afraid. I will secretly possess your bed partner. You won’t be able to notice it.”


What do you mean by “won’t be able to notice”? Chen Zixiong wanted to cry. Every time he finds a bed partner from now on, he is going to start doubting whether there’s an ugly ghost hiding within the person. He’s going to have erectile dysfunction every minute okay? If he wished to have sex with him, then just do it quietly. Why did he come and tell him specifically! He didn’t want to know the truth at all.


“I will stop pestering you after you satisfied me.” Shang Ke’s ice cold fingers slide about on Chen Zixiong’s neck, letting out strands of negative energy and chilling him to the point of trembling.


If he doesn’t have sex with a ghost, he will be pestered by the ghost. Chen Zixiong felt that his future will be very tragic.


Just when Shang Ke was about to ravage this scoundrel further, a phone’s ringing suddenly sounded in the restroom.


Chen Zixiong got a shock and came back to his senses from the hallucination. There was no one around and the cold air disappeared completely. He would have thought that it was all a dream if not for the wet patch on his pants.


Chen Zixiong didn’t dare to stay any longer. He quickly fled from the restroom and rushed straight to the carpark outside the hotel. One can foresee that he will be living in abstinence and fear for a very long period of time… 


After he left, the lights became bright again and Shang Ke’s figure appeared. He answered the phone with a face looking like a spring breeze, “Hello. I’m in the restroom. Mm, I’m coming out soon.”


After hanging up, Shang Ke walked outside briskly.


Wen Jingrong was waiting for him at the entrance. When he saw that Shang Ke’s face was full of smiles, he asked, “Did you encounter something good?”


“Mm, I ate something delicious.” Shang Ke replied in satisfaction.


“Oh? What is it? I will ask someone to buy it for you next time.”


“No need. No matter how delicious it is, it can’t compare to the food you make for me.” A dark cuisine that can poison someone to death can only be made by him. Shang Ke simply loved it.


Wen Jingrong was certain that Shang Ke wasn’t joking around only after staring at him for a long while. He felt a little smug and agreed immediately, “Okay, I will cook for you tomorrow.”


Shang Ke looked full of happiness.


Shang Ke told Wen Jingrong about Chen Zixiong after they returned. He speculated that Chen Zixiong had arranged for the previous fire behind the scene.


Wen Jingrong frowned. “I have nothing to do with him, he has no reason to do this. Did someone bribe him?” 


“No matter what it is, this is still a clue at least.” Shang Ke sat on the bed and answered while playing the computer.


“Mm.” Wen Jingrong went over and hugged him on the waist. “How did you know about this?”


“By lighting, modelling and atmosphere.” Shang Ke gave him a glance and said, “You wouldn’t understand even if I said it anyway.”


Wen Jingrong saw his “I’m just so smart, clever and unparalleled, you mere mortals can’t compare” look and couldn’t help but press him down.


“You’re going to crush the computer!” Shang Ke shouted.


“Just buy a new one if it’s crushed.” Wen Jingrong threw it aside without hesitation and dragged Shang Ke under the blanket. Then, he started giving Shang Ke an in depth and meticulous sex education… 


The next day, Wen Jingrong sent someone to secretly investigate Chen Zixiong and the people who are close to him.


He soon found someone surprising—Bai Lin.


He didn’t expect that the pure looking Bai Lin would interact with this kind of person, and their relationship didn’t seem normal. However, he didn’t have evidence that the two of them were related to the arson case, unless he could get his hands on the call record on their phones. Nevertheless, phones these days have strict privacy settings. Wen Jingrong wouldn’t be able to obtain any useful information anyway if they delete their records every time after they called.


Shang Ke paid attention to the progress of Qingwei’s project while making use of all the time he had to enjoy his sweet life with Wen Jingrong.


For the sake of long-term development, Shang Ke would turn into an adult only once every week and enter Wen Jingrong’s dream once every three days. For the rest of the time, he would either stay within the magic pen or become a thumb sized person to come out for fresh air.


Wen Jingrong protested and requested that he turned into an adult once every two days instead of once every week. However, he was rejected mercilessly by Shang Ke with the reason being, “A pen has a weak constitution.[1]”


Wen Jingrong said shamelessly, “So what if you’re a little short? Wouldn’t it be enough as long as I’m long?”


Shang Ke only said one word, “Divorce.”


Wen Jingrong changed his words immediately, “What you say is right. Once a week it is.”


Since there’s no quantity, then let’s raise the quality. Once a week, each time the whole day.


Two months passed by harmoniously and happily, and there were results to Wen Jingrong’s investigation. He asked a hacker to make a copy of the recording in Chen Zixiong’s phone. It was a conversation of someone asking him to set the fire. He could tell that it was Bai Lin’s voice in the recording, but he still has to check with Chen Zixiong to find out more about the specific situation.


However, he had already fled when the police wanted to arrest him. Chen Zixiong has been in his line for a long time and had to deal with the police for many years. He was already familiar with how to deal with them and didn’t pay them much attention.


Bai Lin didn’t have such psychological qualities like him. After receiving the news, he started panicking and directly blocked Chen Zixiong, completely cutting off their contact.


Chen Zixiong has been feeling unhappy recently. He didn’t dare to approach both male and female partners and is almost going crazy from the abstinence. Now that he was also blocked by Bai Lin, he felt even angrier.


Qingwei was able to win the development project on Pano island this time because he has assisted in the dark. To safeguard his interest, he had placed a significant number of his people in this project. All it takes is a word from him to mess with things. Anyway, even if this project was ruined, the one who suffers the greatest loss isn’t him. Once Qingwei goes bankrupt, Bai Lin will have to come and beg him on his own initiative.


Chen Zixiong felt inexplicably excited thinking about the fact that that pure looking man would have no choice but to come and beg him in the end.


However, the moment he thought of that ugly ghost who was waiting to have sex with him, his enthusiasm immediately disappeared. What replaced it was a perverted desire to abuse.

[1] There’s a word ‘short’ within this phrase which Wen Jingrong used in the next sentence.

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