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Chapter 152: I Am An Evil Pen (IX)

TL: Resonance


“Brother Xiong, I only asked you to burn an empty dormitory. Why did you cause deaths?” Bai Ling asked angrily with an ugly expression over the phone as he watched the news playing on the TV.


“I don’t know which dormitory is occupied. It’s only two insignificant people with no background who died. You don’t have to be so nervous.”


“Insignificant people?” Bai Lin roared in exasperation, “Didn’t you see that Wen Jingrong was also close to being burnt to death? And you actually used the ‘black liquid’ as the fuel. That’s an illegal item. You will definitely be jailed if they find out!”


Brother Xiong who was over the phone replied without a care, “I had no choice. Wen Jingrong’s workshop was built using fire-retardant materials. If we wish to burn it, I have no choice but to use extreme methods. I did that to fulfill the task you assigned me to, you can’t push all the responsibility to me.”


“Was it me who asked you to use the black liquid? Was it me who asked you to burn people to death?” Bai Lin currently felt like he had been pitted by someone.


“Haha, I recorded the conversation of you asking me to set fire. No matter what happens, you have to bear it with me.”


Bai Lin’s face was red from anger. He asked coldly after a good while, “Have you been plotting against me since the beginning?”


“What do you mean by plotting? I’m willing to do anything for your sake.” Brother Xiong chuckled, “We are both on the same boat, we should be cooperating with each other. Come find me at Fuwei Hotel, room 711, tonight at 10pm. Let’s discuss our next steps.”


Bai Lin held on to his phone. He didn’t recover from his fear even when the busy signal sounded through the phone… 


In the villa, Wen Jingrong leaned against the headboard and stared at the pen in his hand in a daze. Wen Jingrong has experienced a lot, but he has never come across something like this that was beyond his understanding. His lover has turned into a pen, and the pen was also a relic his father left him with and was worn on him everyday.


Which means that during this period of time, he has been dating a pen, having sex with a pen, eating food made by a pen and thinking about the future with a pen?


No wonder he couldn’t find anything about Keke. It turns out he wasn’t a human!


【He is your thing, he won’t abandon you and run away.】


The words that Shang Ke had said not long ago suddenly came to his mind. He didn’t understand it then and only knew the true meaning of those words now.


Wen Jingrong gently stroked the pen that had already lost its lustre. He was very clear in his mind. Compared to the shock of realising that Shang Ke was a demonic pen, he was more afraid of losing Shang Ke.


He only had slight injuries when he escaped from that huge fire. Even the firefighters found it unconceivable. It was only then he came to an awareness. Shang Ke had used his powers to protect him, and disappeared because he used too much power. Shang Ke had revealed his true form before him because he had no choice.


Maybe he shouldn’t have rushed in. Shang Ke had to overuse his powers to protect him because of his appearance.


Although he had no knowledge about a being such as a demonic pen, he can guess that Shang Ke’s circumstance isn’t good judging by how much lustre he lost.


“Keke, what should I do to help you?” Wen Jingrong murmured.


At this moment, his phone at the side sounded. Wen Jingrong tapped on his phone and heard his secretary’s voice message, “President Wen, the news media side has been settled by the public relations department. All that’s left is to wait for the investigation result from the police.”


A cold glint flashed past Wen Jingrong eyes when he heard that. The incident this time is obviously set up by someone. However, it was strange. Why did the person spend so much effort to burn a workshop that has yet to officially open? They even use the black liquid that is prohibited by the country. Losing a dormitory building doesn’t affect Wen Jingrong in any way. It could neither cause much profit loss nor was it able to tarnish his reputation. On the contrary, his action of rushing into the fire to save someone has greatly improved his public image.


Don’t tell me this was just a crime committed by unscrupulous people who wish to have revenge on society? But why would they have the black liquid? In the black market, this kind of thing is marked up to a very high price. People who can afford black liquid wouldn’t have financial issues at the very least. What are the chances of these kinds of people wanting to have revenge on society?


Wen Jingrong couldn’t figure it out even after thinking about it for a long time. For now, he can only instruct his secretary to pay close attention to the police’s investigation result and report to him when necessary. He didn’t intend to go out these few days to avoid being bothered by the reporters.


There were two casualties due to this fire. Many people thought that one of them is Shang Ke. After all, he never came out again after rushing in for the third time. The videos of him saving the people are all over the internet. Countless people were amazed by the beautiful figure travelling through the fire.


Wen Jingrong also looked at the videos many times. His heart hurts each time he watches.


Wen Jingrong placed the magic pen on the pillow. Then, he switched on his laptop intending to check his work documents. However, he couldn’t help but feel worried again. He took up the magic pen once again and put it in his chest pocket.


After using the laptop for a while, Wen Jingrong adjusted the magic pen towards a direction. He then played an animation, reduced the size of the video and placed it at one corner of the screen. He continued looking through his files in the midst of the animation sound effects.


Barely ten minutes later, he found something wrong again. He took out the magic pen and looked at it from top to bottom. Then, he asked, “Keke, where exactly is your head? Can you see the animation I’m playing?”


Shang Ke: … No energy to curse.


The pen body of the magic pen was Shang Ke’s protective shell. As long as he stayed within the pen, he didn’t have to worry about being hurt by Wen Jingrong’s blessing. Similarly however, he couldn’t absorb any negative energy. So, it was difficult for him to recover his powers. 


He can’t even enter Wen Jingrong’s dream in his current condition. He can only wait for Wen Jingrong to blacken and squeeze out some negative energy for him to recover his body.


However, Wen Jingrong’s psychological qualities are too good. He wasn’t afraid at all when he found out that his lover is a demonic pen. He even accepted the fact pretty well. Is there something wrong with his three views!


Wen Jingrong went online to find out information about demons. There was information of all kinds and it was hard to differentiate the true and fake ones. Hence, he made a post requesting for help: My lover is a demonic pen. Currently, he is heavily injured and can’t transform into a human. How should I help him recover?


He received quite a number of replies after a few minutes.


【The poster is stupid. How can there be any demonic pen in the world? How can I, who is waiting for demonic[1] fox, demonic rabbit or demonic flower that have cultivated for a thousand year accept this?】


【The commenter above is the stupid one. Who said that there are no demonic pens in the world? I have a demonic pot at home okay? It’s helping me take care of my flowers everyday. It’s very thoughtful!】


【Sigh, all of you above are going off topic. The poster’s demonic pen is injured. Can you guys be more sympathetic and help the poster solve the problem?】


【Based on my experience with demons, the poster can bring your demonic pen to a place with denser demonic energy. Let him absorb the demonic energy and recover on his own.】


Wen Jingrong felt that this suggestion sounded reliable. Hence, he left a comment and asked, 【What kind of place have denser demonic energy?】


【Bar, cabaret, nightclub, haunted house, hair salon, entertainment circle…】


Wen Jingrong: Goodbye emoji.


Shang Ke who was at the side felt so amused watching. His pen body was shaking due to him laughing.


President Wen, you’re going out of character!


Wen Jingrong felt the pen vibrating. Hence, he held the pen towards the screen and asked, “What do you think Keke?”


Nothing much? What I need is negative energy. Negative energy!


Shang Ke thought for a moment. Then, he tried his best to gather his powers and slowly wrote on the screen, 【Do you know anyone in the prison?】


If we are talking about the place with the strongest negative energy, the first place to think about is the prison. Shang Ke reckons that he can replenish himself with ample negative energy just by going to the prison once. However, he couldn’t stay long in that kind of place or it would wear out the blessing on Wen Jingrong’s body.


Wen Jingrong couldn’t help but feel pleasantly surprised by Shang Ke’s reply. He hurriedly asked, “Why do you want to go to the prison?”


【The demonic energy in the prison is dense and can help me recover.】


“I understand.” Wen Jingrong didn’t ask anymore. He directly made a call and made arrangements to visit a prison.


Wen Jingrong’s company had a supervisor who was sent into prison due to embezzlement. Speaking of which, that person was his distant relative. It’s still considered normal for him to go to prison for a visit.


The next day, Wen Jingrong brought the Shang Ke brand demonic pen and drove to the prison that supervisor was in.


They have just arrived at the entrance of the prison and Shang Ke felt waves of dense negative energy rushing over. They were like delicious dishes of food coming one after another, causing him to drool.


After Wen Jingrong was done with the procedures, he met the supervisor in the visiting room.


Shang Ke didn’t pay attention to what they talked about. He was currently doing his utmost best to absorb the negative energy. Although most of the negative energy was purified by Wen Jingrong’s blessing, the little bits that slipped in was still enough for him to have a wonderful meal.


The visiting time was over. Shang Ke has basically replenished the negative energy that was consumed during the previous fire.


Wen Jingrong asked while driving when they were on their way back to the villa, “How was it Keke?


“Very good.” A soft voice sounded into Wen Jingrong’s ears.


Wen Jingrong glanced around but didn’t see Shang Ke’s figure.


“Here, here.” Shang Ke’s voice sounded again. It was from the front this time.


Wen Jingrong lowered his head to look and was shocked to see a thumb sized person sitting on the steering wheel, waving at him cheerfully.


Wen Jingrong’s fingers tightened and almost broke the steering wheel. Fortunately, he managed to hold himself back. There wasn’t even a trace of panic on his face. Only his tense muscles revealed the astonishment in his heart.


His lover has become a thumb sized baby and was sitting on the steering wheel, waving at him. What kind of expression should he have to welcome his magnificent appearance?


After racking his brain, he decided that he should probably carry him down from the steering wheel first. He felt unsafe seeing Shang Ke’s body swaying along with the movement of the steering wheel.


Wen Jingrong used two fingers to encircle Shang Ke’s body and carefully placed him on the front passenger seat.


“Keke, why are you so small?”


“Saving my powers.” It takes a lot of power to maintain an adult human body. Shang Ke intends to enter Wen Jingrong’s dream and accumulate more negative energy first before changing back to his normal size.


“Do you need me to go to the prison a few more times?” Wen Jingrong asked seriously.


“No need.” The prison is a negative energy pool. Shang Ke wouldn’t have let Wen Jingrong come here if he had a choice. Wen Jingrong has signed a contract with him. If not for the blessing’s protection, Wen Jingrong would have long been implicated by him. An evil pen wasn’t something a normal person can hold on to. Even the kindest person has their dark side. A good hearted old man like Wen Jingrong’s father is rare in the world.


Wen Jingrong’s fortune blessing was a weapon that harms Shang Ke but also an assurance that allows Shang Ke to stay by Wen Jingrong’s side with a peace of mind.


Shang Ke eagerly went into Wen Jingrong’s dream at night and tangled with him as well as to have a deep conversation… Fine. Most of it was physical conversation of deep entry and shallow exit.


“What about the workshop factory?” Shang Ke asked during their break.


“I will arrange for those workers to go to another factory for training first. They will formally go to work after this factory is rebuilt.” Wen Jingrong laid on Shang Ke and counted his fingers one by one. He quietly thought that a demonic pen’s ability to transform is pretty good, even the shape of the nails are impeccable.


“I wonder who set the fire to burn the dormitory buildings. It has harmed two lives. What’s the advantage of doing this?”


Wen Jingrong’s eyes were ice cold. He said with a low voice, “I will check this matter thoroughly. I will definitely make them pay the price for daring to make trouble on my territory.


Most importantly, they almost made him lose his pen! His one and only evil pen!


Shang Ke: Why do I feel like I’m getting scolded by someone everyday… 

[1] Demonic – Just to clarify for those who have never read cultivation novels before, this isn’t referring to English fantasy kind of demon. Something like a supernatural being.

SnowTime: All hail Resonance for getting these out while I am being killed by final projects

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