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Chapter 38: Let Me Protect You (VI)

Clyde’s revenge happened faster than Shang Ke had imagined. Not even half a month after the party, Mr. Ferrg was fired from his company for an unknown reason. Then, Mrs. Ferrg’s flower bed was ruined. Following that, Shang Ke and Feng Juan’s bikes were stolen, and they would lose other items frequently.

Not long after, that bastard Clyde appeared in front of them and proudly flaunted his “glorious achievements,” before telling them that, so long as they accompanied him for a few nights, he would let them off. However, in the end he and his pack of rogues were once again beaten up by Feng Juan. Feng Juan did not worry about them calling the police. They would lose quite a bit of face if anyone heard about a couple of older boys being beaten up by a small, twelve year old boy.

“He really has too much time,” Shang Ke said.

“Then let’s give him something to do,” Feng Juan replied.

Thus, the two of them worked together and posted that collection of “nude pictures” on the campus site where Clyde attended, Facebook, as well as all sorts of public websites. However, they only made the images of Clyde with adult women public, wrapping up the minor ones and sending them to the police. This was the so-called nothing would happen if they didn’t do anything, but once they did they would use all of their effort.

They believed that Clyde would not have the energy to come disturb them for a long time. As for their family’s income, Shang Ke and Feng Juan did not worry. Besides the government subsidy, they also relied on street performances, wrote some small programs, designed websites, and did other similar odd jobs. Thus, they had a small pile of money.

Besides, the Ferrg couple was optimistic, and they quickly cheered themselves up and once again started new jobs.

“Have you still not found out who it was?” At the Star Technology Company office, a middle aged man glared with anger at the technician sitting in front of a computer.

“Mr. Corson, they are a pretty skilled hacker, and did not leave behind any traces.” The technician continued with confidence, “However, please be at ease sir. So long as he reappears, we can surely find his trail.”

Corson fell into thought for a moment, then asked the assistant beside him, “Do you know who Clyde has offended recently?”

This question was really was too difficult for the assistant. Clyde offended people pretty much every day…

He considered for a moment before replying, “I am not completely sure who he has offended recently, but I heard that he gave a few people a lesson some time ago.”

“Who did he teach a lesson?”

“The Weinmann family’s youngest son, his classmate Jerry, and two middle school students.”

Darkness flashed through Corson’s eyes and he ordered him, “Send some people to play with them. If that person is among them, then he will definitely do something again.”

That night, Feng Juan carried a bag of fruit and waited at the entrance of an alley for Shang Ke.

Right at this moment, five to six well-built men suddenly appeared. They rushed up to Feng Juan and attacked him without a word.

These people were all trained, and no matter whether it was build or power, their levels were all above Feng Juan’s. After all, Feng Juan was still a twelve year old boy. He fought with his all for a couple minutes, but still suffered a defeat and was forcefully carried away.

When Shang Ke arrived at their meeting spot and saw the scattered fruits on the ground, his expression changed.

He immediately took his phone out and opened the tracking system, but Feng Juan’s phone’s signal disappeared midway. He cursed in a low voice, then rushed home and opened his laptop. He opened a city map, and used that area’s surveillance systems to crazily search for Feng Juan’s tracks.

Not long after, Shang Ke found what he wanted. He saw how Feng Juan was attacked by a group of people, before being taken into a black Ford that travelled southward. After a while, the car disappeared from the monitor’s range.

Shang Ke clenched his teeth and took out his cell phone, calling Detective Rowan, “Detective Rowan, Ian was kidnapped.”

“What? Are you sure?” Rowan was greatly alarmed.

“I’m sure, I saw him being forced onto a black Ford with my own eyes. The license plate was TN46…” Shang Ke guessed that the license plate would be useless, but he still told him as much as he knew.

“Alright, I will immediately send people out to investigate. Come to the police department. I need to make a detailed report.”

“Okay.” Shang Ke hung up the phone, then took his laptop and hurried to the police department.

“Why are you by yourself? Mr. Ferrg didn’t come with you?” Rowan looked at his lone self and asked with amazement.

“They aren’t in the area at the moment, and can’t make it back.” Shang Ke looked toward Rowan and spoke, “Let’s find Ian first.”

Rowan also did not dare tarry, and carefully questioned him on the time Feng Juan went missing, the location, as well as other information.

“Do you know who Ian had conflicts with?”

Rowan’s question lit a lightbulb in Shang Ke’s mind. Conflicts? The only one they had recently was with Clyde! However, there was no way for him to tell Rowan everything. Otherwise, the event with the nude pictures could no longer be hidden. After all, the way they dealt with Clyde was illegal.

Shang Ke thought deeply for a moment, before replying with three words, “I don’t know.”

Rowan was just about to continue his questioning when a colleague notified him from outside the door, “Rowan, we found the target vehicle in the monitors.”

“Really?” Rowan immediately stood up and led Shang Ke to the monitoring room.

“Was it this car?” Rowan asked Shang Ke for confirmation.

Shang Ke nodded. He had already seen this video. After the black Ford disappeared from the monitor, they would be unable to follow it and find its position.

Rowan quickly commanded his subordinates. First, for an investigation to be done on the license plate owner, and next, for people to follow the vehicle.

“Shang, stay here and wait for news,” Rowan said to Shang Ke.

“No, take me with you. Maybe I will recall something.”

Rowan considered it for a bit before agreeing.

Shang Ke followed Rowan into the car, sitting in the passenger’s seat.

Rowan had just started the car when he saw Shang Ke take out a laptop from his backpack, placing it on his legs and quickly opening it.

“Why are you taking out your laptop?” Rowan looked at him strangely, and the people in the back seat also looked toward Shang Ke.

Shang Ke did not pay attention to him, and his fingers quickly moved as he started to follow the movements of Clyde’s parents. Clyde himself was in custody these days, so the only ones who could do this were his family.

Shang Ke had left a backdoor when he previously hacked into Star Technology’s server, so he could enter easily this time.

Although Rowan did not understand much about computers, he couldn’t help but be shocked at how practiced Shang Ke’s movements were, as well as what was displayed on the screen.

Shang Ke no longer cared about exposing his hacking skills, as Feng Juan’s safety was his only priority.

He activated the Jumping Virus and quickly searched through Star Technology’s internal server. At the same time, he tried to locate Corson’s phone signal.

Continuing from that, Shang Ke took out his cell phone and plugged his headphones in. The moment he put them on, the cell phone’s screen showed that he had cut into a call. Corson’s voice immediately flowed into Shang Ke’s ears, “…Alright, just throw him into the warehouse at the Port of Lena for now. Have someone let him out after a few days.”

“This kid injured quite a few of us. We want to give him a good lesson.”

“So long as you guys don’t disable him, you can do whatever.”

“No problem, boss.”

The phone disconnected, but Shang Ke did not stay idle and his fingers flew through the keyboard. There were hundreds of warehouses at the Port of Lena. Shang Ke searched for those under Star Technology or Corson’s name, but there were zero results. He then checked using the assistant’s name, the secretary’s, and other trusted aids, before finally finding a match.

Rowan kept half of his attention on Shang Ke as he drove. Shang Ke was extremely focused as his fingers flew, pages flashing past the computer screen.

The longer Rowan watched, the more fearful he became. Even if he was a computer idiot, he had still realized by now. This child had actually hacked into other people’s websites and easily accessed their information.

He was only thirteen! How could he have such high class hacking skills?

“Detective Rowan,” Shang Ke suddenly spoke, “here.”

He pointed at his laptop, with Port of Lena’s map displayed.

“How did you find it?” Rowan couldn’t help but ask. It had only been a dozen minutes, but he had actually found the specific location?

“Sorry, Detective Rowan. I didn’t tell you, but we actually previously had a conflict with Clyde , so I guessed that this event has something to do with them.”

Rowan’s mind spun and he asked, flabbergasted, “Don’t tell me that those nude pictures were sent out by you guys?”

Shang Ke nodded, not denying it.

Rowan was really convinced, “So they know it was you guys who did it? And they are taking revenge now?”

“No, they shouldn’t know.” If they knew, then Corson wouldn’t just shut Feng Juan in for a few days, and wouldn’t find people to kidnap him. If they wanted to handle him, there were plenty of ways.

“Then why would he send someone to kidnap Ian?”

“He’s probably… trying to lure us out.” A sharp ray of light flashed through Shang Ke’s eye. After they saved Feng Juan, he would fulfill that man’s desire.

Rowan looked at the current Shang Ke. He was sitting with his back straight, and his deep eyes faintly revealed his matureness and wisdom. He did not resemble a thirteen year old child at all. It was only for someone important to him that he would show the tip of his blade.

Perhaps… he had never genuinely understood this child?

Rowan did not continue to question him and sped up the car, heading straight for the destination Shang Ke had given him.

Shang Ke looked ahead and silently spoke in his heart, “Juan Juan, you will be fine. I’m coming.”

In the warehouse, Feng Juan was beaten until his nose dripped with blood and his face was swollen, and he was covered in injuries. However, he held firm and did not make a sound.

“Don’t pretend to be dead. Scream for me!” A man viciously kicked at his abdomen.

Feng Juan arched his body and glared at him coldly.

That man was even more infuriated by his glare and kicked him even more fiercely.

Feng Juan bore with the pain as Shang Ke’s figure quickly flashed through his mind. No, he couldn’t die here! He didn’t want to leave Keke!

He suddenly opened his eyes and searched around with blurred vision.

Suddenly, his pupils contracted as he noticed an iron pole in a corner not too far from him.

Feng Juan’s arm stretched out and steadily caught an incoming kick, then pushed hard, causing the man to fall with his foot in the air.

Feng Juan took this chance to grab the iron pole, swinging it sideways to hit another man’s foot joint before smashing it over his head.

“You still dare to resist. Go!” The remaining four jointly attacked Feng Juan.

Feng Juan coldly stared at them, cruelty flashing through his eyes…

A dozen minutes later, when the police broke through the doors, they just so happened to catch sight of Feng Juan taking the last one down.

In his hands was a iron pole stained with blood, while he himself was also dirty and stained all over. There were six strong men groaning on the ground.

His back was to the entrance until he tilted his head up, sweat flowing down from his hair, and revealed a pair of beast-like eyes.

The police were frozen by his gaze, and an indescribable chill rose from the bottom of their hearts. He was obviously just a child, so why did he have such a fierce gaze? Compared to those muscled men on the ground, the child before them looked more like an antisocial maniac! As such, were they here to save the hostage or to save the kidnappers?

“Juan Juan.” Just as the situation was about to come to a standstill, a clear and sharp broke through the deathly quiet.

Shang Ke jumped down from Rowan’s car and ran straight for Feng Juan, but he was interrupted by Rowan, “Wait, don’t go over there yet.”

That child’s body was carrying killing intent, and it was possible that he would attack anyone that approached him while he was unaware.

Rowan’s warning was still a step too slow, and by the time he reached out, Shang Ke had already ran several meters.

He cursed in his head and hurried to catch up, fearing that Shang Ke would be injured by Feng Juan.

However, what he feared didn’t come to pass.

“Juan Juan,” Shang Ke spoke as he opened his arms and hugged the other without hesitation.

When he heard the familiar voice and saw the familiar person, the viciousness in Feng Juan’s eyes disappeared without a trace and the iron pole in his hand fell to the ground.

He bent over slightly and leaned his head on Shang Ke’s shoulders. A peaceful expression slowly emerged on his face.

Feng Juan’s was much bigger than Shang Ke, but at this moment, he was supported by Shang Ke like a child. Afterwards, as if relieved from a burden, he fainted in his arms…

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