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Chapter 190: Let’s Run, Fox (VI)

TL: Sarah


For the coming celebration, people began to store food, weave clothes, make ornaments, etc. Single young beastmen and women were even more energetic than the rest.


When Mutu brought his prey back to the tribe, he immediately attracted a crowd. White demons, a nocturnal creature, were relatively rare to be seen. Its fur was white and smooth, free from water, dust and rotting. It held a faint fragrance that made one not want to put it down.


The women, in particular, all had bright eyes, staring at their Lion King with expectant eyes, hoping that he would give them the task of dealing with its pelt. This was not only a vanity, but also a hint. When the Lion King gave his ceremonial costume to someone to deal with, it meant that this person was likely to be the first favorite of the Lion King.


However, to everyone’s surprise, Mutu gave his prey to Yanu, a male fox with a birth defect. Was Mutu going to let a male help him spend his adulthood night? Although many young lions would occasionally consort with each other, females who could reproduce were the best choice, plus their bodies fitted more.


They all turned their attention to the fox boy beside Mutu. He was slender and graceful, with two long legs straight and symmetrical, a head of white long hair hanging freely behind his back, and a few fringes on his forehead covering most of his face. With the breeze blowing, the beautiful color of his eyes showed itself for a split second, and a fluffy and soft tail swayed gently behind him like a cattail fan. Just standing quietly gave people a very comfortable aesthetic feeling.


Strange, had that mute fox looked this good all the time? It didn’t seem so unacceptable to spend an adulthood night with such a partner…


Mutu saw that many young people’s eyes fell on the fox, and his heart was unhappy. “What are you dallying around here for? Get to work!”


They laughed and dispersed in a hubbub, but the women were dissatisfied with this male fox stealing their thunder. They secretly vowed to dress up beautifully on the day of the ceremony, so that the Lion King would choose them as his partner on the adulthood night.


Shang Ke needed to prepare the ceremonial costume for Mutu, and he had no time to deal with a certain lion these days. Mutu was in a depressed mood, eating the food prepared by his men. He felt that he had lost several pounds, and even his mane was not as glamorous as before. Of course, this was purely his imagination.


In order to ensure security, Shang Ke lived in seclusion and carried important articles with him at all times. This made sure people with bad intentions couldn’t do anything. According to the original plot, at such times, there would usually be someone trying to sabotage the ceremony. For example, destroying the ceremonial costume, creating all kinds of disputes, and using strange powers of the chaos god to guide public opinion which would all have a huge impact on Mutu’s reputation.


As Shang Ke expected, Xite really wanted to sabotage, but under Shang Ke’s caution and Mutu’s secret monitoring, he had no chance to start anything. He could only watch them prepare everything properly.


Dozens of days later, the long-awaited adulthood ceremony finally arrived.


In the spacious open space, surrounded by huge bonfires, there were all kinds of foods, such as roast meat, steamed meat, fish and shrimp, wild vegetables, and fruits. Exquisite ornaments and blooming flowers were used as decoration. Everyone had happy smiles on their faces, as they wore their most beautiful clothes and cleaned themselves up.


“Yanu, you finally came. Go in quickly. The chief is waiting for you.” A young lion rushed him and pushed him into Mutu’s room.


In the room, Mutu stood with his back to Shang Ke, naked. His back muscles were full of tension, strong limbs, bronzed skin, and scars representing the glory of soldiers, giving him a wild charm.


Mutu had just turned into an adult, but his body proportions were completely out of the norm, and his brother Xite was shorter than him by a head.


“Fox.” Mutu turned his head when he heard the noise. Seeing Shang Ke, his eyes immediately lit up.


Shang Ke came up to him with the costume in his hand, and then began to help him dress.


He prepared a complete ceremonial costume for Mutu, everything from inner garments to belts and accessories on the outside.


Mutu was at the mercy of Shang Ke, and showed his strong body without hesitation. Shang Ke was an experienced man and looked calm. However, Mutu, a “pure” rough man, immediately made the most direct response under his touch—his trousers were pushed up so high that Shang Ke could not tie his belt. He couldn’t help but slap on the “tent”, trying to shoot it down, but it only grew bigger and bigger.


Shang Ke looked up at him as if he were saying, are you going to attend the ceremony with this thing?


The latter had a face of innocence. He had no intention to hide it. From the beastmen’s point of view, masculinity was the embodiment of strength and charm, which need not be hidden or shamed.


Shang Ke felt it necessary to throw away the reserved tradition of civilization for the time being, so as to adapt to the primitive and rugged nature of this era.


It took more than half an hour for Shang Ke to finish dressing up the lion at last. He was dressed in linen cotton, wearing a fur vest, with delicate belts and boots, and then put on the cloak made of White Demon fur, which made his burly figure more dignified, noble and atmospheric. It made people afraid to stare.


When he appeared at the ceremony, he immediately attracted a lot of awed gazes. With his powerful footsteps, the cloak flapped, bringing up a strong breeze.


Walking right in front of the ceremony, Mutu knelt on one knee, accepted the blessings of the elders, and announced to everyone that he officially entered adulthood from today, shouldering the heavy responsibility of defending them and leading the tribe to grow and prosper.


When the ceremony ended, the scene was full of joy and the atmosphere was pushed to a climax.


Then there was a dancing performance, and the most important event: courtship.


However, everyone was waiting for the Lion King to choose first. Females could refuse other males, but if it was the Lion King, no matter who he chose, the chosen person couldn’t refuse. As the most powerful leader in the tribe, the Lion King was also the most popular target of the females’ affection. It was a kind of glory for them to be favored by the Lion King.


Marriage in the lion tribe was also relatively free. If you wanted to form a family, as long as you applied, the elders would bless them, carve their tribe names and let them live together. If their feelings were not harmonious, they could also ask for separation and cancel their marriage. But during the marriage, they were not allowed to betray their partner, or they would be punished.


Mutu ignored people’s eager eyes, scanned around, and finally found his fox not far away.


Shang Ke was surrounded by several lionesses at this time. They seemed to approach him intentionally. They were absent-minded when talking. They were interested in him on the surface, but their eyes glanced at other more robust youths from time to time.


If they were trying to seduce him with beauty and let him and Mutu go their separate ways, then they were too unprofessional. Even if this perfunctory attitude was beautiful, he would not take the bait!


Fortunately, he was mute, so he didn’t need to talk. He can just concentrate on being a quiet and low-key beautiful fox.


He was bored, and suddenly there was a strong breeze behind me. Then he saw all the girls around him raised their heads, showing an expression of expectation and admiration.


Shang Ke was about to turn his head when he suddenly felt light, and his whole person was raised into the air. Then he was carried on a shoulder under the soft gossiping crowds and dragged into the room belonging to the Lion King.


Mutu put the fox on the bed, fell over and kissed him heavily, quickly pulling off their clothes.


Seeing the fox flirting with other females, his heart was furious. (Shang Ke: Be reasonable, he had neither been ‘getting along’ or ‘smiling along’!)

TL Note: Flirt is made up of those two phrases/words.


This fox belonged to him, and no one could move!


Mutu gave Shang Ke no respite and almost rudely encroached on his breath.


Shang Ke gave a soft stuffy hum, like a cat’s paw, which made Mutu’s heart hot. He couldn’t help but start to thrust in, but he was too big to enter.


“Relax, Fox.” Mutu made a depressed and anxious sound.


Shang Ke really wanted to tell him that it was not a question of relaxation, but a size mismatch!


However, Shang Ke obviously underestimated a beastman’s stubbornness. Mutu forced himself through his mounds with the instinct of a beast and broke through without skill.


Shang Ke only felt as if he had been penetrated, and his slender body had actually completely accommodated him.


Mutu growled a few times. After the initial difficulty, he lifted Shang Ke’s legs and began to drive into him vigorously. The white tail coiled around his waist and trembled slightly with his movements.


The simple wooden bed creaked, and the room was stifling hot …


At dusk the next day, a young lion came to the door and found nothing happened inside. His face immediately showed an expression of relief. This was the fourth time he had come to check. The first three times, the people inside were still wrestling fiercely, they were very loud and harmonious. Only now, they finally calmed down.


He mentally praised him. As expected of the Lion King. Not only was he the strongest warrior of the tribe, he also had the most endurance in the whole lion tribe.


Shang Ke opened his eyes in a daze and found himself lying on Mutu’s chest. Both of them were naked, their clothes were scattered all over the floor, and the room was a mess.


Shang Ke sat up on Mutu’s waist and was about to get out of bed to dress. Suddenly, he felt a pain in his tail, and was dragged back by someone. It was then wrapped tightly in the man’s arms, like he was a pillow with a satisfied face.


Shang Ke squirmed in his arms but he couldn’t get out. He had to give up his struggle, and his tail was soft and disheartened.


Mutu liked his helpless appearance. He couldn’t help biting his ears. He was about to go further when his stomach suddenly gave a grumble.


Mutu: “…”


Shang Ke:“……”


Mutu said: “I’m hungry.”


Shang Ke: Obviously.


“How about eating roasted pheasant later?” Mutu looked at him expectantly.


I’m glad you’re happy. Shang Ke flipped over while he was relaxed, leaving Mutu with the sight of a noble and elegant tail.


Mutu moved his tail aside, leaned over and said with a somewhat flattering tone, “Fox, I haven’t eaten your roasted pheasant for a long time.”


If you want to eat it, go make your own.


“Fox, fox …” Mutu gently pulled his tail.


Shang Ke ignored him.


“… if you don’t give me a pheasant, I will eat you!” Mutu threatened.


Shang Ke turned around.


Mutu looked mighty and domineering.


Shang Ke rolled over and began to dress.


Mutu’s eyes lit up as his lion pride was stroked. He thought that the fox was finally impressed by his “authority”.


However, when the fox brought the dinner to him, he realized that he had greatly mistaken. The table was filled with wild vegetables, plain soup and grounded meat. There was not even an egg on the table.


Mutu immediately deflated, and secretly reflected whether he didn’t work hard enough last night to satisfy his fox.


Shang Ke: →_→

Sarah: so does this mean they are mates now? <w<

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