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Chapter 173: Ghost Assistant (V)

There was a sound of a ‘whoosh’ when a streamlined sports car stopped in front of Shao Feidu. Even though it appeared that there wasn’t anybody in the car, the sound of the car honking could be heard. 

“Get in the car, Dudu. Let’s go watch an opera.” The smiling face of Shang Ke could be slightly seen through the car window. His face even reflected colorful lighting effects. 

Shao Feidu silently entered the car and sat in the front passenger seat. The safety belt was automatically fastened on him before the sports car dashed out at the speed of wind. 

The sports car that didn’t appear to have a driver rushed into the city center and parked in a familiar manner in the car park behind the opera house.

“Let’s go.” Shang Ke floated out of the car to lead Shao Feidu towards the opera house. 

This would be the first time Shao Feidu would go by himself into a crowded place. Since he was internationally known, he had to wear a mask over his face to prevent anyone from recognizing him and a crowd surrounding him as a result. 

The opera tickets were already booked in advance and all Shao Feidu had to do was show his ID card to enter. Shao Feidu was led by Shang Ke towards his seat and sat down. Shang Ke snugly pressed himself into Shao Feidu’s embrace while holding the snacks in his hands. Even though he had the ability to manifest himself during the nighttime, there wasn’t anyone who could see him without manifestation. 

Shao Feidu embraced the ghost in his arms without a care for his surroundings and he focused his attention on the stage. 

The lights surrounding them dimmed as the performance began. Shao Feidu focused himself on watching the show as if he were fully immersed in it. It was at this moment that a person sitting in front of them suddenly turned their head around one hundred and eighty degrees as he revealed a repulsive face with a creepy smile at Shao Feidu. 

Shao Feidu’s body stiffened and his originally relaxed mind became tense. 

Shang Ke felt increasing strength on the embrace around his waist. He unhappily whacked the ghostly face in front of him which led to the ghost being smacked back  into the body of the person sitting in front of them.  

‘There’s a perpetrator for every injustice and a debtor for every debt. You should look for the person you have enmity with. Don’t unnecessarily reveal yourself.’ Shang Ke righteously warned. 

It was no wonder that Shao Feidu avoided going outside by himself. There was a ghost everywhere he went. This first thing Shang Ke would do once he successfully revived himself would be to get Shao Feidu a talisman. 

After noticing how effortlessly Shang Ke took care of the ghost, Shao Feidu’s body eventually relaxed itself. He wrapped his arms around Shang Ke’s waist to pull him closer into an embrace. 

“You should relax and focus on watching the performance.” Shang Ke twisted a piece of jerky out of the bag before offering it towards Shao Feidu’s mouth. 

Shao Feidu opened his mouth to receive it and slowly chewed. Once he finished eating the jerky, Shang Ke offered up the drink and served Shao Feidu until he relaxed. 

It was fortunate for them that their surroundings were dark or else, others would have noticed the strange sight of various snacks floating towards Shao Feidu’s mouth.  

Once the two-hour long opera ended, Shao Feidu exited the opera house with the rest of the crowd. 

They had just entered the hall where the sound of a scream came from nearby which was followed by a commotion. 

Shang Ke looked in the direction of the commotion and noticed that a middle-aged man had collapsed onto the floor while gripping his chest in what seemed to be intense pain. A mother and her son were kneeling near him while anxiously searching for something on him. 

“Medicine…. Where’s your medicine?” 

The man who was gasping for air was unable to respond. 

Both Shang Ke and Shao Feidu noticed that his soul had exited halfway out of his body. When the emergency medical technicians arrived, he had already passed away. They were unsuccessful in their attempt to bring him back to life despite the amount of hard work they poured in to resuscitate him. 

This recently deceased person did fulfill the requirements for Shang Ke’s revival. However, Shang Ke didn’t want to use his body for his revival because that person had a wife, a child, and a family. Shang Ke couldn’t bear that responsibility as he knew how much he would end up hurting the mother and son. 

He had given up on his second chance for reviving himself. 

“Let’s go home. We’ll visit the hospital tomorrow.” Shang Ke quickly cheered himself up. He still had over two months left out of the three month time limit. There was no need for him to rush.  

There were two reasons behind them going to the hospital tomorrow. The first reason was to check up on the condition of Shao Feidu’s fingers and his mental state of mind. The second reason was for Shang Ke to find a body that met all the requirements for his revival.  

Shao Feidu’s fingers had been injured because of the piano fallboard two years prior. According to the records of his rehabilitation, he should have recovered already. However, he remained unable to play any songs for some reason. 

The next day, Shao Feidu sat in the sports car that seemed to not have a driver which took him to the hospital. He traveled up to the VIP clinic located on the fifth floor to meet the doctor they had an appointment with.   

The hospital was a place for ghosts to gather in. In the past, Shao Feidu wouldn’t bother coming here even with an army and especially not alone. 

Since he had Shang Ke supporting him, he didn’t feel as much fear about ghosts any more. They at least didn’t toss their heads around….

Shang Ke made an appointment with a renowned elderly doctor for Shao Feidu.

Once Shao Feidu took a seat, he handed the chip that had been prepared early on by Shang Ke to the elderly doctor. The chip went into detail regarding Shao Feidu’s condition, his daily lifestyle, and the progress of his recovery. There were dozens of pages just for ten days on record. It went through how often Shao Feidu spoke, how well he formed his sentences, the amount of food he ate daily as well as the type of food, the exercise he did, his habits, his sleep quality, and more. It included all the major and minor details. 

The elderly doctor felt shocked after reading the record. How much patience and care was needed to note all this down in detail? It was through this record that the doctor was able to make an initial diagnosis regarding Shao Feidu’s condition quickly.  

Shang Ke nodded his head out of satisfaction after a while of observation from the side. This elderly doctor not only had the experience, but he was also gentle. He didn’t act in a discriminatory or disgusted manner when he was faced with Shao Feidu’s cold attitude.  

Shang Ke temporarily left Shao Feidu alone with the elderly doctor. Shang Ke said a few sentences before he went out in search of a body. 

He was not allowed to find someone who was nearing the end of his life nor could he find a body that was seriously wounded to the point that they couldn’t be saved. He needed to make sure the body was functioning normally before dying. It would be preferable that the death hadn’t occurred more than an hour ago and that the person didn’t have familial responsibilities. 

Shang Ke searched for a long time before finding a body that barely passed the requirements. That person he found was brain dead and could only rely on machines to survive.  


It was obvious that his family loved him very much as they hadn’t given up on treating him even after such a long time. However, they didn’t realize that their child no longer had the ability to wake up. 

“Yun Kexu….” Shang Ke softly read out the name. He needed to go back and investigate more details about his identity and his family situation. If there weren’t any complicated issues going on in his life, then Shang Ke would use his body for revival. 

Once he resolved one issue, Shang Ke returned back to the consulting room Shao Feidu was located in. 

Shao Feidu’s eyes remained on Shang Ke the moment he floated in. The uneasiness Shao Feidu revealed in his eyes suddenly disappeared when he saw Shang Ke.  

The elderly doctor went through a series of inspections and tests based on the records that Shang Ke had created. He finally noted down his medical advice into the chip and handed it over to Shao Feidu. He advised, “You should pass this on to the person who has been taking care of you. I trust that he knows what to do and I believe that you will recover soon under his guidance. Good luck, child.”   

The elderly doctor gently smiled at Shao Feidu. 

Shao Feidu looked up slowly and his eyes rested in the elderly doctor’s face for some time before he stood up and exited the clinic. 

Since the age of fourteen, he only had Mu Zhen, the assistant, and the housemaid by his side. Other than Shang Ke, this was the first time he received kind treatment from a stranger. 

Shang Ke was right that the world on the outside wasn’t as scary as he thought it was. 

Once they left the hospital, Shang Ke took Shao Feidu with him for a stroll around the city. He allowed for Shao Feidu to purchase items from the mall, eat at a restaurant, and travel on the train by himself…. These actions were all completed until dusk arrived and Shang Ke drove Shao Feidu back to the villa in the sports car.  

Shao Feidu watched the setting sun in the distance. His shining eyes were proof of his happiness. 

However, all the happiness he felt disappeared the moment he made it back to the villa. Mu Zhen had returned back and his assistant, Gibbs, was standing beside him with an ugly-looking expression.   n.

“Where did you go, Young Master Du?” Mu Zhen reprimanded, “Don’t you realize how dangerous it is out there? How would I explain myself to Mr. Shao if something were to happen to you?”

Shao Feidu acted as if he hadn’t noticed Mu Zhen and passed by him. 

“Stop!” Mu Zhen stopped him and suspiciously looked at him, “You usually don’t dare to exit the house alone. Why did you suddenly go out today? Who took you outside?” 

Shao Feidu looked at the stairs before him while silently standing still like a sculpture. 

“Speak! You’re not mute!” Mu Zhen raised his voice. There were some issues with his investment and this fellow still came to create more trouble for him. This was so troublesome. 

Shao Feidu glared at him. 

Mu Zhen felt chills running along his spine after Shao Feidu’s stare. He angrily said, “It’s only been a few days since we last saw each other and you’ve learned how to glare at others! Have you finished composing the music I asked you to complete?”  

Shao Feidu had never looked anyone in the eyes before. However, he was currently staring at Mu Zhen with a look that was as sharp as blades. 

‘Don’t tell me he’s making improvements with his condition? This isn’t good!’ Mu Zhen secretly felt alarmed. 

“From today onwards, you’re not allowed to exit the villa without my permission.” Mu Zhen said in a tone that didn’t allow for any rejection. “I will hire some bodyguards that will be in charge of protecting you.”   

Shao Feidu was momentarily silent before he suddenly spat out four words, “I don’t need any.”

“What?” Mu Zhen was shocked as he hadn’t expected Shao Feidu to oppose him. 

‘This is my villa. I don’t need any bodyguards.” Shao Feidu directly looked at him once again. The gloomy look in his eyes along with the cold expression on his face as well as his tall figure had the indescribable ability to oppress others.  

“You…. You….” Mu Zhen gave him a nervous expression and was unable to form any response. 

Gibbs who had been on the side was shocked by this. He had been working for Shao Feidu for many years and he had never heard him talk for as long as he did today. His pronunciation was impressive and he was talking smoothly like a normal person. 

Shang Ke noticed this and happily held a thumbs up for Shao Feidu. 

Once Shao Feidu stopped speaking, he ignored Mu Zhen and turned around to head towards his bedroom. 

Mu Zhen stood there with a blank expression on his face before he turned around to glare at Gibbs, “What exactly is happening? Didn’t I tell you to install cameras? Why didn’t you notice anything strange going on?”  

Gibbs had an unpleasant expression on his face when he responded with, “There really wasn’t anything strange on the camera.” 

“Email me all of the surveillance recordings. I will personally look over them.” Mu Zhen quickly glanced upstairs before lowering his voice to say, “Young Master Du is done with his medication. Go get more from Dr. Xu.”

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