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Chapter 174: Ghost Assistant (VI)

Shang Ke didn’t think that it was a bad idea to hire some bodyguards. However, the decision to hire them should be Shao Feidu’s decision alone and not Mu Zhen’s decision. Before that, Shao Feidu needed to figure out a way to regain control over his own money. 

Mu Chen took advantage of his financial management title to take control over Shao Feidu’s entire income. He probably would have already transferred the entire sum of money into his own account if it weren’t for the fact that the transfer of huge sums would require Shao Feidu’s ID card, stamp, and fingerprint. Nevertheless, Mu Zhen transferred large amounts of money from Shao Feidu’s account in a sporadic manner over the previous years. He usually spent a lot of money as he had invested in many projects. However, there were very few successes and most of the money was used for entertainment purposes.  

Mu Zhen didn’t care about all this as Shao Feidu was his lifelong gold card. The royalty that was received each year from Shao Feidu’s composed pieces would give him a large amount of income. If it weren’t for Shao’s Feidu’s fingers being hurt, then the amount that would have been received from one performance plus advertising and other sources would total an astronomical amount. 

A few days prior, Shang Ke took Shao Feidu to the bank to create a loss report and to change the password to his bank card. They also checked the account and found that only 100 million[1] was left. The income that Shao Feidu had amassed over the years should total 4 billion[2]. However, Mu Zhen had sporadically transferred amounts totaling tens of millions over the years. 

It was no wonder that Mu Zhen hadn’t realized that there was anything wrong when using his cards to purchase things despite the fact that Shao Feidu had changed his password. It was because Mu Zhen was currently using his very own account. 

This type of situation could be investigated legally. However, Shao Feidu couldn’t engage in communication that was too complicated as of yet. Therefore, the police may not be able to jot down any substantial notes when they arrive. The best solution would be to hire a lawyer.  

It was during the nighttime that Shang Ke told Shao Feidu his plans. In order to make it easier for the other to understand, he patiently included some examples. 

Shao Feidu sat on the sofa while intently looking at Shang Ke. He didn’t express his opinions throughout the explanation and seriously paid attention like an obedient baby. 

“Dudu, do you understand?” Shang Ke asked after finishing his explanation. 

Shao Feidu lifted his line of sight and nodded his head. 

“Okay. Then, tell me what you should say when the lawyer comes tomorrow?” Shang Ke continued inquiring. 

“Please take a seat, sign the contract, and proxy litigator.” Shao Feidu gave a concise answer. 

“Let’s practice. Pretend that I’m the lawyer.”

Shang Ke floated outside the door before knocking on the door. 

Shao Feidu strode towards the door before opening it. Once he saw Shang Ke, he smiled out of happiness. 

‘Is it necessary to smile so brightly?’

“Hello, I’m Shang Ke from the □□ law office.” Shang Ke stretched his hand out towards Shao Feidu.

Shao Feidu grasped his hand to pull him into the room.

“Please take a seat.” Once he said this, Shao Feidu pulled Shang Ke to sit together with him on the sofa and even wrapped his arm around Shang Ke’s waist. 

Shang Ke was speechless, …. Did he intend to interact with the lawyer tomorrow in this manner by holding hands and hugging the waist? 

‘Forget it. It didn’t matter as long as he understood the direction to take this conversation in. All the other minor issues could be ignored for now and they could continue playing their roles!

“Mr. Shao, could you go into details regarding your lawsuit?” Shang Ke collected himself before he continued acting out his role again.  

Shao Feidu didn’t say anything, but he took a chip out from his laptop which he passed over to Shang Ke. He said in a cool manner, “Contract.” 

Shang Ke attempted to keep on a serious expression as he received the chip and carefully inspected the contract he drew up. Once he determined that he hadn’t forgotten anything, he prepared himself to continue acting out his role. When he looked up, he noticed Shao Feidu lean over and gently lick his lips. 

Shang Ke froze and he blankly stared at the man in front of him. 

Shao Feidu directly looked into Shang Ke’s eyes with a calm expression in his own eyes. He had the appearance of a large friendly dog. 

“…. Act properly. Don’t add any extra scenes.” Shang Ke softly criticized. He was unable to react in a harsh manner whenever he faced Shao Feidu.  

Shao Feidu had a happy expression in his eyes. His obedient expression seemed to imply, “whatever you say is right” to Shang Ke. 

Shang Ke couldn’t help himself but to take a couple more looks at him. Once he noticed that there weren’t any other unnecessary movements, Shang Ke went back into acting mode. 

Even though Shao Feidu’s words were succinct, he was able to give a proper answer each time. After going through a few rounds of questions and answers, they successfully achieved their goal. There shouldn’t be any issues with signing the contract with the lawyer as long as no unexpected events occur. If Shao Feidu encountered any issues, then he would be there to assist him.  

The only complaint he had was how Shao Feidu was “unfocused” throughout their act. Throughout the whole skit, Shao Feidu was either touching his hand or embracing his waist. He would occasionally lean forward to lick him. Shang Ke wasn’t worried about Shao Feidu being too intimate with the lawyer, but about how Shao Feidu would act in front of a stranger. 

Afterwards, they practiced different forms of communication with satisfactory results. 

Once Shao Feidu went to sleep, Shang Ke finally found the time to visit Mu Zhen. 

Mu Zhen stayed over at the villa during this night. Shang Ke had floated over just as Mu Zhen completed his bath. He was currently sitting on top of his bed while clicking open the surveillance video sent over by Gibbs. 

There were over one hundred videos consisting of different angles and areas. Mu Zhen obviously didn’t have the patience to inspect each video. He clicked open the video recording for the current day with the intention to see how Shao Feidu went outside by himself. 

The video began at seven AM. Shao Feidu had exited his room before proceeding to the dining room to enjoy breakfast. 

‘Wait. Breakfast?’ Mu Zhen clicked to open the video from the dining room. He noticed that the smoothly playing video suddenly skipped from 6:45 AM to 6:55 AM. Then, there was the sudden appearance of breakfast on the dining room table.  

‘Where did the missing ten minutes go? Did someone edit the video?’ Mu Zhen skipped back and forth several times to see the same results.  

His brows furrowed and he continued to watch. Once Shao Feidu finished his breakfast, he didn’t go to the piano room like he usually did. Instead, he changed his shoes and went outside. 

Mu Zhen clicked on the surveillance video from outside the villa. He was shocked to see that Shao Feidu actually started jogging around the villa. ‘He actually went out to jog, and he even went out by himself!’

Mu Zhen finally had the revelation that there was something off about the situation. He had a gloomy expression on his face that could also scare others away. How had Shao Feidu shown such a miraculous improvement in the ten plus days that Mu Zhen had left for? 

While he pondered about this, the lights in the room flashed in a strange manner before his computer screen suddenly turned dark.  

Mu Chen softly let out a curse. He attempted to restart his laptop when his fingers froze halfway. His head was reflected on the dark computer screen along with another blurry face behind him. The face was nearby to his right and had on a stiff expression with bulging black eyes.  

There was only the wall behind him. Then, where did this “person” come from?

Mu Zhen felt a numb sensation on his scalp. His neck tensed and he didn’t dare to make any movements.

Ding! The computer rebooted on its own and returned to the original state before it had blacked out. The video started playing again, but Mu Zhen was horrified to see that a “person” was being carried in Shao Feidu’s back. When Shao Feidu made his way into the living room, that “person” turned their head around to offer a strange smile to the camera. ‘Wasn’t this person’s face the same one he had seen on the computer screen not too long ago?’  

“Ah!” Mu Zhen screamed and jumped out of his bed. When he turned to look behind himself, he noticed nothing other than a decorative painting at the head of the bed. 

Mu Zhen was in a panic when he looked around his surroundings. The sudden ringing sound was ear-piercing in the silence. 

He received a huge shock and picked up his phone with trembling hands. He noticed that Gibbs’s name was displayed on the screen and he let out a sigh of relief. However, he suddenly felt anger and he answered the phone to harshly ask, “It’s this late! What’s the matter?”  

【It’s this late! What’s the matter?】His own voice sounded out over the phone.

【It’s this late! What’s the matter? It’s this late! What’s the matter? It’s this late! What’s the matter?】 

His voice sounded out on repeat. His roar that originally sounded out now became a drawn-out trill. It seemed especially creepy. 

“Ah!” Mu Zhen tossed away his phone and ran away from the room like his life depended on it. He had clearly exited his room, but he was back in his room again in the next second. 

Mu Chen continued to run. He attempted to escape from his room, but was unable to even leave the room. 

His trembling legs made him feel like he was about to collapse. Then, his line of sight fell on the windowsill not too far away to him. He didn’t even think before he opened the video and jumped out. A shrill scream immediately sounded out. 

Mu Zhen dealt with the pain as he turned his head towards the second floor to see a white figure standing near the window. 

He let out a scream and desperately crawled away from the villa with his injured leg. After much difficulty, he could no longer sustain himself as black appeared before his eyes and he unfortunately passed out. 

Shang Ke, who was upstairs, picked up Mu Zhen’s phone to dial the emergency number. He copied Mu Zhen’s voice and let out a pained scream, “Hello, is this the emergency center? Quickly come and save me. I was watching the stars while sitting on the windowsill earlier. However, I accidently fell down from the second floor. Please send an ambulance quickly to XX road….” 

Once Shang Ke completed the call, he made his way back to Shao Feidu’s room. However, Shang Ke was unsure of when Shao Feidu had opened his eyes while hugging the pillow and staring at the door. 

“Did the noise wake you up?” Shang Ke walked over to the side of the bed. Shao Feidu immediately lifted up the blanket near him for Shang Ke to lie down before covering him with the blanket.  

“Don’t worry about it and go back to sleep.” Shang Ke nestled himself into his embrace and rubbed against him in a comfortable manner.

The people that came from the emergency center would probably come to directly take Mu Zhen away without coming to knock on the villa’s door. 

This was the consequence for his isolation of Shao Feidu since there was no one to care about him even though he had fainted outside.  

“Keke.” Shao Feidu suddenly called out. 

“Hmm?” Shang Ke was playing with Shao Feidu’s fingers as he casually answered.

“Keke.” Shao Feidu called out once again.

Shang Ke looked up and was met with a pair of bright eyes. He then felt something rubbing against his inner thigh a couple times. 

“Do you want it?” The physical body he materialized into and a real life human body was almost the same thing. However, he was unsure of whether he could have an actual round or not. 

Shao Feidu had no idea of what it was he wanted, but he still wanted whatever it was. Therefore, he honestly nodded his head eagerly.  

“Alright then. Let’s try.” Shang Ke lifted his legs to straddle Shao Feidu’s waist. He then wrapped his arms around Shao Feidu’s neck before lifting his head up to kiss Shao Feidu’s lips.  

His tongue entered his mouth and danced together with Shao Feidu’s tongue.

Shao Feidu lowered his head to wrap their tongues together and constantly sucked under Shang Ke’s guidance. 

Shang Feidu flipped them over after a while to press Shang Ke beneath him. He became more powerful and ended up the dominant one among the two. 

The heat that was emitted from Shao Feidu’s body made Shang Ke feel almost like he was melting. He trembled as a result of the strong yang energy from Shao Feidu that slowly entered his body. 

“Wait. Wait. Wait.” Shang Ke wanted to stop him, but the other had already entered his body as if he had already taught himself what to do.

The violent assault of yang energy directly attacked him until he felt as if he had “lost his soul.”

Shao Feidu could feel the person in his embrace disappearing like bubbles and the area below him became empty. 

Shao Feidu made a face, ‘(〒Д〒).’ ‘Keke got poked by me and went missing….’   


[1]100 million RMB is around 14 million USD.

[2]4 billion RMB is around 0.565 billion USD.

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