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Chapter 175: Ghost Assistant (VII)

TL: Resonance


Shao Feidu didn’t sleep well after Shang Ke got poked missing. It was only after seeing the familiar breakfast appearing on the table the next day when he felt slightly relieved. Keke didn’t disappear. He was just unable to show himself temporarily.


After finishing his breakfast with a gloomy face throughout, Shao Feidu continued following the daily schedule made by Shang Ke. He went out and ran for a few rounds before coming back to bathe and then entered the piano room.


The time that Shang Ke made an appointment with the lawyer was 10am. That person was very punctual and arrived on time. After tidying his outfit outside the door, he pressed the doorbell. Shao Feidu was currently immersed in composing and was difficult to be distracted. He didn’t hear the doorbell at all.


This was Shang Ke’s calculation error. If not for someone’s poking last night, he would have been by his side reminding. But since that person is already here, Shang Ke can’t possibly let that person face a closed door.


The villa’s gate opened quietly. The lawyer took a look inside, then walked in. At the same time, he shouted, “Is Mr Shao home? I’m Qiu Qi from □□ law office.”


After he finished speaking, he saw the piano room door on the other side opening with a clicking sound. Immediately, discontinuous sound of the piano could be heard from inside.


The lawyer Qiu Qi didn’t step forward rashly. Instead, he stood in the living room and waited. Rich people always have some quirks. However, what made him feel strange was the fact that there wasn’t even a single servant in such a big villa.


Qiu Qi didn’t wait too long. Shao Feidu noticed it the moment the piano room door opened. He stood up and went to close the door, but when he saw someone in the living room, he immediately remembered the matter Shang Ke explained yesterday.


He walked out of the piano room, walked past Qiu Qi’s outstretched hand and sat straight on the sofa. Then, he spat out four words without any expression, “Please take a seat.” 


Such unbelievable coldness and arrogance made Shang Ke want to kneel down. But in truth, this fellow’s line of sight wasn’t even on the other person. His soul was already in his own world.


Qiu Qi was obviously someone who can hold his temper. He didn’t mind Shao Feidu’s attitude and went straight to the topic.


Shao Feidu waited for him to finish speaking before taking out a chip from his pocket and placing it on the coffee table. “Contract.”


Shang Ke nodded his head inwardly. Not bad, he is acting normally.


Qiu Qi inserted the chip into his computer and took a quick look. After he finished scanning through, he understood that Shao Feidu wanted to hire him as a private lawyer and represent him to litigate regarding manager Mu Zhen’s illegal acts of embezzlement. The transfer amount, where the money was transferred to, and timing for all the transfer made by Mu Zhen was included behind the contract. With this evidence, all Shao Feidu had to do was to call the police. It was impossible for the other person to win the lawsuit.


Qiu Qi felt that this was a relatively easy lawsuit. The pay was also very moving. The only troublesome thing was that Shao Feidu didn’t wish to show himself and requested him to take full charge of the lawsuit. He raised his head prepared to discuss some specific issues, but saw Shao Feidu looking at the side in a trance.


There was nothing there, he had no idea what Shao Feidu was looking at.


“Ahem.” Qiu Qi coughed lightly attempting to attract the other person’s attention. However, the other person had no reaction.


Qiu Qi could only verify the contract content on his own, put forward his demands and reiterate his authority… After talking for about 10+ minutes, Shao Feidu turned his head around and said concisely, “Sign the contract.”


Qiu Qi felt that the person before him was definitely the most straightforward client he had met. Not a single nonsensical sentence was said. According to what was stated in the contract, he has great freedom and the employer won’t casually intervene. In addition, with Shao Feidu’s international fame, it will be very beneficial for Qiu Qi himself if he handles this case well.


Qiu Qi signed his name on the contract readily. Then, he stretched out his hand towards Shao Feidu and said, “Boss, please take care of me from now on.”


Shao Feidu stared at his hand. Only after staring until the hand was in cold sweat did Shao Feidu stretch out his own hand to give him a handshake.


After sending Qiu Qi away, Shang Ke cheered. Shang Ke’s indistinct soul condensed together once again and became a complete ghost figure.


“Good job Dudu.” Shang Ke pounced over to kiss on his face. However, his upper body went straight through Shao Feidu’s body.


Yang energy is indeed a ghost killing weapon. After being poked by Shao Feidu, Shang Ke was unable to materialise his body for a while. However, Shang Ke didn’t mind it. The rest would be easy now that they have successfully hired a lawyer. Shang Ke fired Gibbs and the housemaid one after another. Then, he hired a housekeeper, a family doctor, four servants and dozens of bodyguards.


As for the manager, Shang Ke intends to take on the role himself after he is revived. He can’t feel at ease leaving Shao Feidu in someone else’s care, even if it was Shao Feidu’s family.


For the sake of making Shao Feidu independent as soon as possible, Shang Ke specially wrote a program called “All-purpose Keke”. If Shao Feidu faces any problem in his daily life, all he has to do is click on All-purpose Keke. By voicing out the keywords, relevant guides will immediately appear. These guides are all organised by Shang Ke based on Shao Feidu’s actual situation. It considers almost all aspects of Shao Feidu’s life. The program consisted of more than 30000 guides and took Shang Ke almost half a month to finish.


Not only that, there were also various convenient shortcut keys in the program. For example: 【Driver】— This button can activate the smart system of the car, automatically driving the car out of the garage and reminding the driver or bodyguard that young master Du wants to go out. 【Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Supper】— Each item has different set meals selections. 【Sick】, 【Online Shopping】, 【Do not disturb】and so on were specially noted in the contract when he was hiring a housekeeper. All Shao Feidu had to do was to operate the program based on his needs and let the housekeeper handle the rest. His greatest obstacle is being bad at verbal communication. He still has basic common sense.


The reason why Shang Ke was in such a hurry handling these was mainly because he was worried that his revival process might not be smooth and take too much time. He was worried that Shao Feidu might meet unexpected trouble and danger.


“Dudu, I’m leaving for a few days. Wait for me at home obediently.” This night, Shang Ke said so to Shao Feidu who was lying beside him.


Hearing this, Shao Feidu immediately lifted his hands and feets and hugged Shang Ke tightly.


“… Don’t worry, I’ll be back soon.” Shang Ke appeased gently.


Shao Feidu buried his head onto Shang Ke’s neck and didn’t move as he threw a silent tantrum.


Shang Ke continued appeasing, “When I come back, I will be able to stay with you forever.”


We can stay together forever too now! Shao Feidu was still unmoved. 


Shang Ke thought for a bit and brought out his killer move, “When I come back, you can poke me however you want without needing to worry that you will poke me missing again.”


Shao Feidu looked up suddenly. His heart was in a turmoil as he stared at the wall before him.


Finally, Shao Feidu said, “Bring me along Keke, I will go wherever you go.”


Shang Ke’s heart ached. He hugged the man beside him strongly and quietly promised: Dudu, I will definitely come back! Wait for me.


Before Shang Ke left, he told Shao Feidu a name, a phone number and an address. He reminded Shao Feidu, “This ‘Yun Kexu’ is me. Below is Yun family’s phone number. If there’s no news from me within half a month, think of a way to find me. Remember, you must wait for half a month first. You are not allowed to call before that.”


Shao Feidu pulled Shang Ke unhappily. He just thought about calling the number tomorrow but he was seen through immediately.


After dragging on and delaying for a long while, Shang Ke finally bid farewell to Shao Feidu and left for the hospital Yun Kexu’s was in.


He had already investigated Yun Kexu’s situation clearly before this. Yun Kexu was also born in a rich family and had an older brother and an older sister. He had been doted on since young and grew up pampered. He liked to play with some non-mainstream things. On one night two years ago, he got drunk after competing with his friends in drinking and got run into by a speeding car when he rushed onto the road. From then on, he had been in a vegetative state.


His family love him very much. They didn’t mind spending a large sum of money to sustain his life using instruments despite knowing that he had no possibilities of waking up. 


Although Yun Kexu’s personality was somewhat pampered, he wasn’t such a bad person. He didn’t involve himself with sex, gambling and drugs and didn’t lack the necessary etiquette and upbringing. Other than his personality and hobbies, his other aspects matched with Shang Ke’s quite well.


Yun Kexu can be said to be the most ideal possession target Shang Ke had met so far. He felt that his revival this time will definitely be successful… 


Keke has left for three days. 


Shao Feidu was counting the time everyday.  


Mu Zhen’s case is being handled by the lawyer and the task at home is arranged by the housekeeper. All Shao Feidu had to do was to be a handsome man that focused on composing music, and eat, sleep and bathe when it’s time. However, he didn’t want to move at all. He only wished for Shang Ke to come back faster. Whenever he was free, he would click 【All-purpose Keke】 and learn the various daily life guides while listening to Shang Ke’s voice.


Two days, three days, five days… 


Shang Ke had said to look for him if there was no news from him within half a month.


Shao Feidu finally couldn’t take it anymore on the seventh day. He keyed in Yun family’s phone number and his finger paused above the dial button for a long while. In the end, he still pressed it down hard.


After a few rings, the call got through and a woman’s voice could be heard, “Hello.”


Shao Feidu’s expression was stiff and he didn’t say anything. When the other person hung up the phone, he still didn’t utter a single word. 


He was silent for a moment before he clicked “All-purpose Keke” and asked for help, “I wish to call Keke.”


Shang Ke’s voice soon sounded from the program: 【First, dial the number. After the other person has greeted, answer in reference to this: 1) “Hello, I’m Kexu’s friend Shao Feidu. May I know if Kexu is currently recuperating at home or is he at the hospital? I wish to visit him.” If the person answers your question, you can reply: “Thank you.”, then hang up the phone. If the person refuses to answer, you can reply: “Sorry for disturbing.”, then hang up the phone. 2) Please choose a variety of simulated dialogues for dialogue training. 3) Let the housekeeper or bodyguard investigate for you.】


Let the housekeeper or bodyguard investigate? Shao Feidu felt that this method was good.


A bodyguard was currently smoking in the yard. He got a shock when he accidentally caught a glimpse of a tall figure walking fiercely towards him from the corner of his eyes. He quickly stubbed out the cigarette in his mouth and straightened his back, waiting for the review.


Shao Feidu passed him a note. He took a look at it and saw: 【Investigate, Yun Kexu.】


“Yun Kexu? The youngest son of the Yun family?” The bodyguard asked carefully.


Shao Feidu stared at him coldly. 


“…Okay, I understand. I will investigate immediately.” The bodyguard quickly changed his words. 


Only then did Shao Feidu turn around to leave.


The bodyguard let out a sigh of relief. Not daring to delay, he immediately started investigating.


One day later, information related to Yun Kexu were all delivered onto Shao Feidu’s hands. Shao Feidu read through it very quickly and soon found Yun Kexu’s latest news.


He was currently in the hospital Shang Ke had brought him to before. He was declared brain dead two years ago and has been living in an unconscious vegetative state.


Vegetative state… Shao Feidu’s fingers were trembling slightly and his heart ached.


【When I come back, I will be able to stay with you forever.】Shang Ke’s voice was still in his ears.


He said before that he will come back.


Shao Feidu stood up and walked quickly out of the villa. At the same time, he pressed the 【Driver】button. This was the first time he was going out alone for real, all for the sake of looking for his Keke.

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