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Chapter 176: Ghost Assistant (VIII)

TL: Resonance


The bodyguard helped Shao Feidu make the visitor registration. Then, the group of people arrived at the VIP ward under the nurse’s leading.


Yun Kexu is the young master of the Yun family and ordinary people are not allowed near his ward. However, permission to visit his ward is still easy to gain with Shao Feidu’s identity.


There was currently only one nurse in the ward. Yun Kexu’s family visits around once or twice a week.


Shao Feidu walked to the side of the bed and looked at the thin young man on the bed quietly. Although there are some differences in his appearance, the breath on his body felt very familiar.


The bodyguard passed a chair over and Shao Feidu slowly sat down. He whispered “Keke” in his heart. However, the person on the bed had no reaction and continued sleeping quietly.


Shao Feidu held the young man’s hand and felt his warmth and pulse. At this moment, he noticed the young man’s wrist wearing a strange bracelet. It was not gold nor silver nor jade and looked rather plain. Unfamiliar and complex characters were engraved on it, making it look like a magical weapon.


It was Shang Ke who told him about things like “magic weapons”. He had once said that magical weapons and talismans etc would harm him.


A thought came to Shao Feidu’s mind. Perhaps the reason why Keke couldn’t wake up is due to this bracelet?


He looked towards the nurse opposite of him, then raised Yun Kexu’s arm gently and asked, “This is?”


The nurse took a look and said with a smile, “Is young master Du interested in this bracelet? This bracelet was bought by madam Yun for young master Yun a few days ago. It can bring luck and ward off evil, blessing one with a healthy body.”


After getting the answer, Shao Feidu looked back at Yun Kexu. After a moment of silence, he suddenly removed the bracelet from Yun Kexu’s wrist.


“Hey, what are you doing young master Du?” The nurse looked at Shao Feidu with a troubled look. The nurse felt that Shao Feidu’s action was a bit rude, but wasn’t able to tell him off because of his identity.


Shao Feidu didn’t care about the nurse’s hesitation and continued looking at the person on the bed focusedly.


It was silent in the ward and only the beeping sound of the instruments could be heard. Shao Feidu maintained that one posture and didn’t move for half an hour. If not for his blinking eyes, the nurse almost thought that the man before her had become a sculpture.


She felt uncertain in her heart. She didn’t know what this person’s relationship with Yun Kexu was and also didn’t know what he intended to do. After much consideration, she finally decided to inform the Yun family and let them send someone over to check.


“Young master Du, it’s getting late. Should we go back now?” The bodyguard looked at the time. They have already stayed in this hospital for one hour. Shao Feidu didn’t seem to have the intention to leave judging by how he looked, so the bodyguard came over and reminded him softly.


Shao Feidu had no reaction and was still staring at the person on the bed intently. 


The bodyguard had no choice but to bite the bullet and remind again, “That nurse has already gone to notify the Yun family. Do you intend to have dinner with the Yun family?”


When the bodyguard finished speaking, he felt his smart watch vibrating a few times. He lifted his hand and saw three words displayed: 【Do not disturb.】


Bodyguard: “…”


Ever since Shao Feidu had All-purpose Keke, he was able to give accurate instructions to the bodyguards without having to speak. Moreover, it was extremely cold, capricious and arrogant… 


The bodyguard no longer dared to speak and silently retreated to the side.


About half an hour later, the door to the ward was pushed open and a graceful married woman and a 24-25 year old woman came in one after another. The former saw Shao Feidu and said with a smile, “I didn’t quite believe it when the nurse told me about it earlier. To think that it truly is young master Du.”


Shao Feidu gave her a glance. She looked familiar, but he didn’t know her. He turned back and continued staring at the person on the bed.


The noblewoman did not expect him to completely ignore her. She asked while feeling a little displeased, “Mr Shao, are you friends with my son? I don’t seem to have heard him mention it before.”


Shao Feidu has already entered the “no one else matters” mode and his brain automatically filters out the “unwanted noise” from the surrounding.


Although the noblewoman has good self control, she couldn’t help but want to rage when facing such a person. The woman beside her didn’t have her level of restraint and started rebuking, “Young master Du, what’s with your attitude? Our Yun family and your Shao family are comparable in status and my mother can also be considered your elder, don’t you think that you should be more respectful to my mother?”


Why would young master Du’s care about respect or disrespect when he is autistic? He wouldn’t be moved at all no matter how great you are.


Madam Yun took in a deep breath and said flatly, “Sorry Mr Shao, my son needs to rest, please leave. I hope you can inform me first before you visit next time.”


Hearing that she was chasing him away, Shao Feidu lowered his head and looked at his smart watch. He wishes to activate “All-purpose Keke” and find an emergency guide very much.


 【What should I do when Keke’s mother doesn’t welcome me?】


 【What should I do when Keke’s mother wants to chase me away?】


【What should I do so that I can stay by your side?】



As he was struggling, Shao Feidu suddenly felt Yun Kexu’s finger moved…


Madam Yun’s face darkened when she saw him still seated without moving. She turned and asked her daughter to get the bodyguards here.


Four to five brawny men came in one after another and surrounded Shao Feidu. They said cautiously and sincerely, “Young master Du, it’s getting late. Why not come visit the young master again next time?”


Shang Ke’s consciousness gradually returned. Buzzing sound, accompanied by his whole body aching, came crashing into him.


He remembered that the process of possessing Yun Kexu’s body was very smooth when he came to the hospital. All he had to do was wait for his spirit to merge completely with the body before he revived. But during the most critical juncture, he suddenly felt himself being bound by a force and he lost his consciousness the next moment.


Shang Ke didn’t know that Yun Kexu’s mother just happened to put on a bracelet with runes engraved on his hand at that moment. The power of the runes sealed the spirit that hasn’t completely merged with the body, causing him to fall into a deep sleep. If Shao Feidu didn’t appear and remove the bracelet in time, he would fail this mission after the three month limit has passed. 


“Keke, you’re awake.” Shao Feidu’s joy-filled voice sounded in Shang Ke’s ears.


Madam Yun did not take it seriously initially when she heard his words. It was only when she turned her head towards the bed did she find in amazement that her son who has been unconscious for 2 year plus has currently actually opened his eyes.


“Kexu!” She walked quickly towards the side of the bed and looked at the person on the bed in astonishment.


Shang Ke blinked his eyes and tried his best to adapt to the room’s lighting.


“He’s awake, he’s awake, he’s really awake!” Madam Yun no longer looked as dignified as just now. She shouted excitedly at the guard, “Quick, go and call the doctor over!”


What ensued next was chaos.


A vegetative person announced brain dead by a doctor has miraculously woke up. This matter shocked the entire medical team.


After a series of inspections, the doctor finally confirmed, “The patient has regained consciousness and his various cognitive functions are working properly. However, his memory and bodily function is a little damaged and needs a period of rehabilitation. 


Madam Yun was weeping in joy. Nothing else was a problem as long as the person was awake.


The doctor then reminded everyone not to rush to communicate with him. They should let him adapt first.


Madam Yun nodded her head in understanding. Just when she was about to ask everyone in the ward to go out, she saw Shao Feidu sitting beside the bed holding Kexu’s hand. On the other hand, Kexu was leaning onto the head of the bed looking at him warmly and lowering his head to say something.


Madam Yun was surprised in her heart. It was only now that she realised that their relationship didn’t seem normal.


Shao Feidu was cold and indifferent to everyone, but was very close to Kexu. As for Kexu, she wasn’t sure if it was because he had just woken up and was still a bit dazed about what was happening. Or else, why would he show such a gentle expression?


“Mr Shao, let Kexu have a good rest first today. If there’s anything else, you can tell him next time.” Madam Yun went over and interrupted their conversation.


Shao Feidu didn’t insist this time. When he stood up, he kissed Shang Ke’s face very naturally, completely unaware of Madam Yun and her daughter’s expression as if they had seen a ghost.


After sending Shao Feidu out of the room, Madam Yun couldn’t help but ask, “Just what is your relationship with our Kexu?”


What relationship? This question stumped Shao Feidu. He thought about it as he walked out. Just like this, he slowly got further and further away until he completely disappeared from Madam Yun’s line of sight… 


This was the first time Madam Yun got left ignored on site. She couldn’t help but raged, “Don’t allow that person near Kexu’s room in the future!”


The bodyguards felt depressed in their heart. Who dares to hinder the eldest young master of the Shao family?


At this moment, Shao Feidu was completely unaware that his “arrogance and rudeness” has thoroughly offended his future mother-in-law… 


After everyone left the room, Shang Ke finally laid down and rested with a peace of mind.


As soon as he laid down, the system sounded in his head: 【Completed the main mission: Revive within three months】


He has yet to feel happy when the system immediately says: 【Main mission 2: Purge at least three vengeful ghosts and save the poor people being harmed by evil ghosts.】


Wait! What the hell is main mission 2? Shouldn’t it be an additional mission next?


【As your heroic value is too low, it is very difficult to move up from this world. Therefore, a second main mission is triggered. Host must complete main mission 2 or it will be treated as mission failure.】


Shang Ke didn’t know what words to use to describe his fucking mood right now.


He asked full of hope, “Do I not have to complete additional missions anymore if I complete main mission 2?”


【There’s only three missions per world. If there’s an additional main mission, there would be one lesser additional mission.】


Shang Ke felt a little better after hearing this. The additional mission has become a main mission that could cause mission failure at any time, but after thinking about it carefully, he felt that this was a system bug. In the past, he kept seeking death for the sake of his mission and kept scheming painstakingly for the sake of surviving. But in actual fact, as long as he has heroic acts during the completion of the mission (such as saving the drowning woman this time), he can still complete the mission even if he didn’t achieve the highest death standard (like the first world’s shredded body and crushed bones). It’s just that the heroic value wouldn’t be high. So what if the heroic value is low though when compared to being able to live?


In other words, each additional main mission means that the death seeking difficulty will be comparatively lower. For this second main mission, he just had to find three evil ghosts and purge them, not letting them harm people again for the mission to be complete. If he successfully completed the three missions, he naturally didn’t need the returning card.


After realising this, Shang Ke cheered up. He intends to recover his bodily function in the shortest time possible, then go and purge evil ghosts. Shang Ke then remembered Shao Feidu’s special physique. He attracts ghosts on his own and was simply the best partner for finding ghosts.


Poor Dudu probably has to see a lot of ghosts in the future… 

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