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Chapter 172: Ghost Assistant (IV)

TL: Resonance


The next day, Gibbs really asked someone to install cameras in the villa. From now on, Shao Feidu’s daily life is all exposed to the camera. 


Shang Ke can destroy the cameras easily, but it doesn’t solve the root cause of the problem and offers only a moment of freedom. The best solution is to drive Mu Zhen away and don’t allow him the chance to control Shao Feidu’s life.


However, Shao Feidu was probably unable to settle this issue on his own judging by his current condition. The first thing Shang Ke thought of was Shao Feidu’s father. He didn’t know what their relationship was like. Up until now, he hasn’t seen him coming over to visit or sending his regards. Doesn’t he care whether his son is living well or not?


To obtain more useful information, Shang Ke decided to visit the Shao family personally to check on the situation. After his investigation, he immediately understood Shao Feidu’s current situation.


The Shao family is a very rich family in the northern capital. Shao Feidu’s father, Shao Qidong, is the head of the Shao family. This person has business talent, but is very fickle and has married three wives successively. Shao Qidong’s first wife was Shao Feidu’s mother and she was a pianist. Under her influence, Shao Feidu grew a strong interest in music and displayed amazing talent.


Unfortunately, good times didn’t last long. Shao Feidu’s mother died in a car accident when he was 10 years old. Ever since then, Shao Feidu started showing autistic tendencies. However, his condition gradually got better under the doctor’s treatment. All this lasted until Shao Qidong remarried. From then on, Shao Feidu had a stepmother and a 7 years old younger brother.


This “stepmother” was one of the women Shao Qidong kept outside. The “younger brother” was also his real flesh and blood. There were still plenty of such women and children, they just didn’t have an official name.


Therefore, Shao Qidong really didn’t care about the son who only loves music. It was especially so after he remarried and Shao Feidu’s autistic tendencies got worse. There was no value in training Shao Feidu when comparing him to his smarter younger brother and sister. 


When Shao Feidu had his first world tour performance at age 14, Shao Qidong divorced his second wife and married his current wife. After that, he hired a new manager for Shao Feidu and let him take care of Shao Feidu’s life and studies. From then on, he no longer asked about Shao Feidu.


That manager is Mu Zhen.


Shao Qidong has at least 10 children kept outside, he had no extra energy to care about Shao Feidu at all. Mu Zhen is also very smart. He didn’t treat Shao Feidu badly in his daily life aspect. At the very least, he had done well in front of outsiders. Therefore, Shao Qidong felt at ease about him. He didn’t care about Shao Feidu’s income and expenditure at all.


It is clear that he can’t depend on Shao Qidong. Shao Feidu’s relatives on his mother’s side are all overseas and didn’t have much contact these years.


Shang Ke felt that this was the world his man had it the worst. He was born in a rich family with wealth more than billions and was also internationally renowned. However, his life was controlled by someone and he became their money-making tool.


Shang Ke decided to put aside his reviving mission and settle Shao Feidu’s matters first.


He investigated Mu Zhen’s financial situation and business dealings and found out that he had invested in several projects using Shao Feidu’s name. Most of the projects are overseas which can help him conceal this from others. 


Shang Ke secretly went into his safe and hid some of the important documents. Then, he went to tamper with the email content to make Mu Zhen have disputes with the investment company.


As a vengeful ghost that can use telekinesis, it wasn’t difficult to accomplish these things. A normal ghost was usually only able to create illusions and ghost energy. Also, some of their memories are lost and they weren’t fully intelligent. They are unable to complete such planned actions like Shang Ke.


Mu Zhen went overseas hastily due to the investment issues just like how Shang Ke has expected.


Gibbs and the housemaid who were left are easy to handle. The former had intentions to quit anyway. After installing the cameras, he simply stopped coming to the villa.


As for the housemaid, Shang Ke played some small tricks on her and caused her to break an arm. She took advantage of the situation to stay in the hospital and slack from work with a justified reason. She was still receiving her salary anyway and she was happy to rest.


If Mu Zhen was still in this country, he certainly would have hired another housemaid for Shao Feidu. Unfortunately, he was overseas. Both Gibbs and the housemaid didn’t pay much attention to Shao Feidu and Shang Ke also blocked their communication. One thought that the housemaid was still taking care of Shao Feidu while the other thought that the other had hired someone. All of a sudden, Shao Feidu really became a pitiful child that no one was looking after.


Shang Ke’s main purpose in doing this was to make use of this period of time to try and give Shao Feidu guided treatment. For the past two days, he had watched all videos of Shao Feidu from young to adult. There had been a few ups and downs to his condition. The videos of him when he was before 3 years old were all normal. He became more reticent after 3 years old, presumably because he can see ghosts. He started realising the scariness of ghosts and his own abnormality. Hence, his mother taught him music. His condition gradually became better as he played the piano.


A few years laters, his mother died in an accident. He started becoming lonely and indifferent again. After receiving treatment, his condition improved slightly. However, his father remarried and even brought home a younger brother. From then on, his figure no longer appeared in the daily life videos recorded by the family. It was obvious that the stepmother didn’t like him. He became an unessential existence in the family.


Soon after, Mu Zhen appeared and became his manager. Mu Zhen took over everything of his and he left the Shao family. From then on, no one cared about what he likes, hates, wants and what he was afraid of.


“I will take care of you from now on.” Shang Ke hugged Shao Feidu’s shoulders.


He didn’t destroy the cameras in the villa for the time being, but he can block the signals anytime he wants. He definitely wouldn’t let someone see something that shouldn’t be seen, such as Shao Feidu’s perfect naked body.


He created a new daily schedule for Shao Feidu. Wake up at 7, go out for a morning run, have breakfast and play the piano. Have lunch at 12, afternoon rest, fitness and play the piano. Have dinner at 6, then go out for a walk.


For the first morning run, it took Shang Ke a lot of effort before he managed to coax Shao Feidu out of the door. To be exact, he had scared Shao Feidu out of the house. Since persuasion didn’t work, Shang Ke took down his head and threw it at Shao Feidu.


Shao Feidu carried Shang Ke’s head and ran out of the villa in a panic. The strange thing is, he is clearly scared and his face has turned pale from fear, but he didn’t throw Shang Ke’s head away.


Shang Ke chased after Shao Feidu for a few hundred metres without his head before snatching his head back from Shao Feidu’s hands. Then, he brought Shao Feidu along for a jog in the beautiful garden.


When they return back to the villa, Shang Ke would prepare hot breakfast for Shao Feidu. Then, he will accompany Shao Feidu with playing the piano and composing new music. At night after Shao Feidu has fallen asleep, Shang Ke will head out to search for “fresh” corpses to see if there are any suitable bodies for him to possess.


All the other ghosts in the villa have been chased out by him. Shao Feidu is no longer harassed by them and his sleep quality improved.


Shang Ke guided him to start speaking starting from simple words to various commonly used phrases. After a few days of training, Shao Feidu started getting used to calling his name. “Keke” became the words that he said most frequently.


When taking a walk at night, Shang Ke would teach him to recognise various icons. Shang Ke felt that Shao Feidu was no stranger to these things, just that he had subconsciously refused to accept them resulting in some cognitive impairment.


Shao Feidu held Shang Ke’s hand tightly. He listened to Shang Ke introducing the scenery that they passed by while staring at Shang Ke’s face intently.


“Don’t just stare at me, look more at the world outside.” Shang Ke raised his hand and adjusted Shao Feidu’s face. 


Shao Feidu looked around casually but his eyes soon went back to Shang Ke. He was like a young eagle who hadn’t left its nest and was waiting for its mother’s feeding and guidance.


“Keke.” Shao Feidu suddenly called out.


“Hmm?” Shang Ke turned his head to look at him.


“I stepped onto Keke[1].”  Shao Feidu lowered his head and stared at his feet


Shang Ke followed his line of sight and looked down only to see suspicious dark brown substance on his shoes. 


Shang Ke’s face was full of black lines. He corrected, “What you stepped on is dog shit, not cocoa!”


Shao Feidu looked at Shang Ke quietly as if asking what to do.


“We are reaching the villa soon, we will clean after going back.” Shang Ke pulled him along and walked for a while. Then, he suddenly turned around and asked, “Dudu, do you like pets?”


Shao Feidu answered. “I like Keke.”


“Keke is not a pet.” Shang Ke explained patiently, “Pets are animals like cats, dogs and rabbits…”


He listed a bunch of small animals and asked again, “Is there any that you particularly like?”


“Yes, Keke.” Shao Feidu had unwavering love for the “pet” called “Keke”.


Shang Ke: “… Okay then. We will raise a dog and call it ‘Keke.”


“No.” Shao Feidu rejected Shang Ke’s suggestion for the first time.


“Why?” Shang Ke wasn’t angry with his refusal. On the contrary, he was very happy.


Shao Feidu frowned. He seems to be trying his best to organise his words.


Shang Ke looked at him with twinkling eyes.


He looked at Shang Ke, opened his mouth, then looked away. After awhile, he looked back at Shang Ke again, opened his mouth, but looked away again. This repeated a few times but he didn’t say anything ultimately.


Shang Ke found it funny. He took the initiative to answer for Shao Feidu, “I know. You don’t like dogs, you like cats.”




He just… didn’t want to call a dog “Keke”. He only wants to call him “Keke”.


At night, Shao Feidu finished bathing and came out of the bathroom while wearing a bathrobe. He saw Shang Ke lying naked on his bed reading a book with a blanket covering up to his waist. The back that was exposed was smooth and beautiful like a musical note.


He walked over and couldn’t help but touch it. The cold then subsequently hot feeling could once again be felt through his palm.


Shang Ke is in his ghost state in the day, his figure hazy. At night, his body materialises and he looked like a living person. He didn’t even create himself some clothes and generously appeared naked before Shao Feidu.


Only 5-6 days have passed since Shao Feidu’s initial fear has changed to today’s intimacy.


Shao Feidu lifted up the blanket and laid beside Shang Ke, then stared at him silently.


Shang Ke put down the book and went under the blanket. He said to him, “There’s an opera performance tomorrow. Let’s go take a look?”


Shao Feidu didn’t say anything. He placed his arm carefully on Shang Ke’s waist and quietly pulled the two of them closer. 


Shang Ke smiled. He took the initiative to hug him and leaned onto his chest intimately.


Shao Feidu’s heart pounded. The familiar breath caused his body to feel restless.


He stuck one leg in between Shang Ke’s leg instinctively to bring himself closer. Then, he closed his eyes and went to sleep peacefully amidst his restlessness.

[1] Keke (可可) means cocoa.

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