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Chapter 172: Ghost Assistant (IV)

Gibbs hired someone to install cameras in the villa the next day thus exposing Shao Feidu’s daily life from then on out to the camera.  

Shang Ke had the ability to effortlessly destroy the cameras. However, that would not solve the main cause of the problem and only temporary freedom would come out of it. The best way to resolve this issue would be to find some way to chase Mu Zhen away so he wouldn’t have the chance to control Shao Feidu any longer. 

It appeared as if Shao Feidu didn’t have the ability to settle this issue on his own based on his current condition. Shang Ke thought about Shao Feidu’s father and wondered how good their relationship was. He hadn’t seen him coming over to visit or sending any regards all this time. Did he not care about his son’s well being? 

Shang Ke decided to personally drop in to the Shao family residence to investigate this further. After his investigation, he was able to gain more insight about Shao Feidu’s current condition. 

The Shao family was a rich family belonging to the Northern capital. Shao Feidu’s father or Shao Qidong was the head of this family. He was talented in business practices but fickle when it came to relationships as he married three different women one after the other. Qidong’s first wife was the mother of Shao Feidu who was talented in playing the piano. Shao Feidu therefore became immensely interested in music which could be seen by his talent in this field. 

However, these happy moments didn’t last forever as Shao Feidu’s mother ended up dying when he was ten years old. It was from that moment that Shao Feidu showcased autistic tendencies, but he had been gradually improving under the proper guidance of a doctor. However, this changed when Shao Qidong remarried and Shao Feidu ended up with a stepmother as well as a younger brother who was seven years old. 

This “stepmother” was just one of the women Shao Qidong kept for show to the outside world as this “younger brother” of Shao Feidu was his very own flesh and blood. However, there were plenty of other women and children without official standing. 

Therefore, Shao Qudong didn’t have any intimate feelings towards his musically gifted son. This especially became true after he remarried and Shao Feidu’s autistic tendencies worsened. There wasn’t much value in training Shao Feidu when he had a more brainy younger brother and sister. 

It was during Shao Feidu’s first world tour performance at the age of fourteen that Shao Qidong divorced his second wife to remarry a third time. It was following this remarriage that a new manager was hired for Shao Feidu to manage his lifestyle and studies. After that, he didn’t even inquire about Shao Feidu. 

This manager was Mu Zhen. 

Shao Qidong already had ten other children which didn’t give him the energy to worry about Shao Feidu. Mu Zhen was clever to manage Shao Feidu’s daily lifestyle properly so Shao Qidong didn’t need to worry about him. Therefore, he didn’t care at all about Shao Feidu’s income or expenditure.

It was obvious that Shao Qidong wouldn’t be any help in this case. Shao Feidu’s relatives from his mother’s side were residing overseas and there wasn’t much contact between them and Shao Feidu over these years. 

Shang Ke felt that this man was living a miserable life in this world. He was born into a rich family that amassed wealth worth greater than billions. He was also internationally renowned. However, his life ended up being controlled by another person to become a money-making tool. 

Shang Ke decided to put matters regarding his revival on the back-burner for now and instead focus on resolving Shao Feidu’s issues first. 

He investigated into Mu Zhen’s finances and business dealings and discovered that he invested in several projects under Shao Feidu’s name. Since the projects were overseas, he was able to avoid suspicion from others. 

Shang Ke secretly entered his safe to hide some important documents before tampering with Mu Zhen’s email account to create issues with an investment company. 

Since he was a vengeful ghost with telekinetic abilities, it wasn’t hard for him to complete these tasks. A normal ghost only had the ability to produce ghostly energy and create illusions. Since they couldn’t remember everything and weren’t fully intelligent, they didn’t have the ability to plan their actions in the same manner as Shang Ke.  

Mu Zhen had to travel overseas to resolve the investment issues which was exactly what Shang Ke predicted would happen. 

Now, the only ones that were left for him to deal with were Gibbs and the housemaid which shouldn’t be difficult. Gibbs had already made up his mind to quit anyways so he stopped showing up at the villa once the cameras were installed. 

When it came to the housemaid, Shang Ke pranked her which resulted in her breaking her arm. Therefore, she took advantage of this to stay in the hospital and avoid work with this valid excuse. Since she still was receiving her salary anyways, she felt happy relaxing.   

If Mu Zhen was still around, he would have hired another housemaid to watch over Shao Feidu. However, he was currently overseas. Therefore, both Gibbs and the housemaid didn’t watch over Shao Feidu and Shang Ke also blocked any communication methods. The housemaid assumed that another had been hired while Gibbs assumed that the housemaid was still taking care of a Shao Feidu. Shao Feidu suddenly became a pitiful child who was neglected.

The main objective that Shang Ke was trying to achieve was to guide Shao Feidu back to normalcy during this period of time. He spent the previous two days watching videos of Shao Feidu from childhood to adulthood. Based on these videos, there had been fluctuations in his condition. He was normal at three years old but became more withdrawn as he grew older since he probably had the ability to see ghosts. He started to realize his fear of ghosts and how abnormal he was. Therefore, his mom taught him to play the piano which gradually helped improve his condition.  

His mother died in a car accident a few years later which made him become more withdrawn and lonely. With treatment, he had slight improvements in his condition. However, his father remarried and he suddenly had a younger brother. Therefore, he was never a part of the family videos that were recorded daily. He had become an unnecessary part of the family as his stepmother obviously didn’t like him.   

Mu Zhen appeared soon after to become his manager. Mu Zhen took responsibility over Shao Feidu and he left the Shao family house. After that, no one cared about what his interests were, what he disliked, what he wanted, or what he feared.  

“I will watch over you from now on.” Shang Ke wrapped his arms around Shao Feidu’s shoulders. 

He decided not to mess with the cameras for the time being, but he still had the ability to block the signals when necessary. He definitely wanted to prevent others from seeing something that they shouldn’t see such as Shao Feidu’s flawless naked body. 

He made a new schedule for Shao Feidu which started with waking up at seven, then going out for a morning stroll. This was followed by breakfast and then playing the piano. He would then have lunch at twelve before taking an afternoon nap. Then, it was time for fitness and then playing the piano again. He would have dinner at six before taking another stroll.   

For their first morning stroll, Shang Ke had to use a lot of effort to coax Shao Feidu to exit the door. It was more like he had to scare the other by taking his head off and throwing it at him since his coaxing didn’t work. 

Shao Feidu carried Shang Ke’s head with him as he ran out of the villa in fear. It was strange that even though he was terrified and his face had become pale due to fear, he still didn’t throw Shang Ke’s head away.  

The headless Shang Ke chased Shao Feidu for around a few hundred meters before he was able to regain his head back from Shao Feidu’s hands. Then, he took Shao Feidu with him for a jog around the beautiful garden.  

Once they returned back to the villa, Shang Ke prepared hot breakfast for Shao Feidu before accompanying him while he played the piano and composed new music. Once Shao Feidu was asleep at night, Shang Ke used this time to search for acceptable corpses for him to take over. 

Since the other ghosts had been chased away by Shang Ke, Shao Feidu no longer had to worry about them harassing him and he was able to sleep more peacefully. 

Shang Ke educated him on using simple phrases to many types of commonly used phrases. Shao Feidu started to call his name out of habit after a few days. Therefore, he used the term “Keke” the most often.   

When they took their nightly stroll, Shang Ke pointed out various symbols for him to focus on. Shang Ke had the feeling that Shao Feidu was aware of these symbols, but he subconsciously rejected them in his mind which resulted in some of his cognitive impairment. 

Shao Feidu tightly held onto Shang Ke’s hand and listened as Shang Ke pointed out the scenery out to him all while he intently watched Shang Ke’s face.   

“Don’t just look at me. Pay attention to the outside world.” Shang Ke lifted his hand to properly adjust Shao Feidu’s face in the correct direction. 

Shao Feidu indifferently scanned his surroundings before resting his eyes on Shang Ke once again. He was like a young eagle still stuck in the nest in need of his mother to feed him and educate him.  

“Keke.” Shao Feidu called out to him.

“Hmm?” Shang Ke turned his head to look at him.

“I stepped on Keke[1].”  Shao Feidu bent his head to look at his feet.

Shang Ke followed the direction of his eyes to see a suspicious looking dark brown substance on his shoes.   

Black lines formed on Shang Ke’s face before he corrected the other, “You stepped on dog shit, not cocoa!” 

Shao Feidu silently stared at Shang Ke as if he wanted Shang Ke to tell him what he should do. 

“We’re almost at the villa. We’ll clean once we make it back.” Shang Ke dragged him along to walk for a while longer. Then, he suddenly turned around to ask, “Dudu, are you interested in any pets?” 

Shao Feidu responded back. “I like Keke.”

“Keke is not a pet.” Shang Ke patiently explained, “A pet would be animals like cats, dogs, rabbits….”

He listed out many small animals before asking, “Do you like any of them?”

“Yes, Keke.” Shao Feidu felt unconditional love for this “pet” by the name of “Keke.”

Shang Ke responded, “…Okay then. We will raise a dog and call it “Keke.”

“No.” It was the first time that Shao Feidu rejected Shang Ke’s suggestion.

“Why not?” Shang Ke wasn’t angered by his refusal but rather he felt happy about it. 

Shao Feidu frowned as if he were trying to form the right words.

Shang Ke’s eyes shone as he looked at him. 

He looked at Shang Ke and opened his mouth before looking away. After a bit of time, he looked at Shang Ke again and opened his mouth. He once again ended up looking away. This same sequence happened a few times without him actually speaking. .

Shang Ke found the situation funny. He decided to answer for Shao Feidu, “I see. You prefer cats to dogs.” 


It was just… that he didn’t want to call a dog “Keke.” He only wanted to call him by the name of “Keke.” 

Shao Feidu finished bathing at night and exited the bathroom with a bathrobe on. He noticed the naked Shang Ke lying on the bed while reading a book. The blanket covered him halfway up to his waist. His exposed back was smooth and beautiful like a music note. 

He walked over and felt the urge to touch it. The cold feel followed by the hot feel could be felt to the palm of his hand. 

During the daytime, Shang Ke remained in a ghostly state as his figure had a blurry look to it. During the nighttime, he could transform himself into what appeared to be a living person. He didn’t form any clothes for himself and directly made an appearance naked in front of Shao Feidu.  

It had been five or six days since the fear Shao Feidu originally felt now turned into this currently more intimate behaviour. 

Shao Feidu lifted the blanket up and laid down beside Shang Ke. He silently watched the other. 

Shang Ke put down the book before snuggling under the blanket. He said to him, There’s an opera performance tomorrow. Why don’t we go watch it together? 

Shao Feidu remained silent before wrapping an arm around Shang Ke’s waist to pull the two of them closer to each other. 

Shang Ke smiled and took initiative to hug the other and intimately press himself on the other’s chest. 

Shao Feidu’s heart pounded as the familiar breathing of the other made him feel restless. 

He wrapped one leg around Shang Ke’s legs to drag him closer to him before shutting his eyes to peacefully sleep despite how restless he felt.


[1]Keke (可可) means cocoa.

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