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Chapter 171: Ghost Assistant (III)

TL: Resonance


Shao Feidu’s everyday life was very routine and simple. He woke up at 7 every morning, had breakfast, practiced playing the piano and composed music. Then, he had lunch at 12, took an hour afternoon nap, spent one hour in the fitness room and spent the rest of the time in the piano room. Afterwards, he would have dinner at 6 and the time after dinner was free time. For this free time period, Shao Feidu would usually listen to music or read a book. He would do the same thing for 2-3 hours to kill time, then bathe and sleep.


The assistant Gibbs would report at the villa every day and was in charge of reporting Shao Feidu’s situation to his manager, Mu Zhen. Shao Feidu’s schedule and daily life, including his salary, were all arranged by this manager.


Shang Ke checked the schedule on the household system. On the 15th of every month, Mu Zhen would bring Shao Feidu to the psychology clinic for psychological counselling. Today was the day of appointment and Mu Zhen arrived on schedule.


The auntie complained the moment she saw Mu Zhen, “Mr. Mu, young master Du hasn’t been eating the food I made recently. I have no idea who is cooking for him. Isn’t this embarrassing me?”


Mu Zhen frowned and looked at Gibbs, “Did you hire someone else?”


Gibbs quickly shook his head, “How could I hire someone on my own without Mr. Mu’s command?”


“Then what’s going on with breakfast and dinner?” The auntie continued asking, “It can’t be that young master Du has cooked it himself?”


Mu Zhen looked at the silent Shao Feidu beside him then turned to Gibbs and said, “Find someone to install some cameras in the villa. Other than the bathroom, install it in the living room, bedroom and piano room.”


Shang Ke who was floating beside Shao Feidu was angered when he heard Mu Zhen’s words. What did Mu Zhen think of Shao Feidu as? How could he invade his privacy so brazenly and control his life?


A frightening aura emerged from Shang Ke’s body. His eyes turned blood red as he stared coldly at Mu Zhen.


Mu Zhen felt a chill up his body and he took a few steps away from Shao Feidu subconsciously. After commanding them about a few more things, he left the villa with Shao Feidu and headed towards the clinic.


After these few days of interaction, Shang Ke felt that Shao Feidu wasn’t truly autistic and only had some autistic tendencies. He didn’t speak much and had some language deficits, but he had normal thinking ability and there were no signs that his intelligence was deteriorating. If he was properly guided, there should be no problem recovering.


However, Mu Zhen probably wouldn’t provide Shao Feidu any effective treatment seeing how he was now.


“Dudu, how could you let such a despicable person control you? You have to stand for yourself!” Shang Ke followed Shao Feidu and Mu Zhen to the clinic. On the way there, he kept encouraging Shao Feidu to stand up for himself and fight for his own freedom and dignity.


Shao Feidu looked like he was in a daze, no one knew if he was listening.


The three of them entered the lift and Mu Zhen pressed the 15th floor button. The lift slowly went up, then stopped at the 4th floor. When the door opened, it was empty outside. Mu Zhen looked outside. After confirming that there was no one, he closed the lift door.


The lift went up to the 7th floor and stopped once again. When the door opened, there was no one once again. The lift continued going up and stopped again at the 13th floor. However, there was still no one outside. Just when Mu Zhen was about to press the close door button again, he suddenly heard the overloaded beeping sound coming from the lift.


“Strange. There’s only three of us in the lift, why would the lift be overloaded? Is the lift malfunctioning?” Mu Zhen muttered as he closed the lift door.


He didn’t realise that there were dozens of expressionless “people” standing behind him.


“Dudu, try not to come to this building in the future. The yin energy here is very strong, the surrounding ghosts are attracted here.” Shang Ke reminded Shao Feidu as he used his ghost energy to create a safe barrier for Shao Feidu to prevent him from being harassed by other ghosts.


Shao Feidu looked steadily forward. He looked like he was in an unconscious state and had forgotten his own existence. If Shang Ke didn’t realise how stiff his body was, he would have thought that Shao Feidu didn’t fear anything anymore.


With the ringing sound of the lift, the lift reached the 15th floor. Mu Zhen walked out of the lift first.


“Feidu, later on you must cooperate well with Dr. Xu. He…” He suddenly felt a cold chill up his back after speaking halfway. Mu Zhen looked back and was frightened to see seemingly many people standing inside the lift that was closing.


He looked carefully again but the lift door was already closed. Then, the lift went down on its own.


Mu Zhen’s lips twitched and he didn’t dare stay there any longer. He brought Shao Feidu along and walked quickly towards Dr. Xu’s office.


Shao Feidu stopped when they reached the door, somewhat rejective of this place. However, Mu Zhen disregarded it and pulled him in.


Shang Ke understood why Shao Feidu was resisting after he entered. There was one adult and one young ghost above the back of Dr. Xu who they were visiting today.


The adult ghost was a female ghost around 22. Her eyes were blood red and her resentment could reach the sky. The young ghost was a premature baby. The baby’s facial features were distorted and its flesh and blood a mess as if the baby had been crushed and joined back together.


The two heads were stuck closely on Dr. Xu’s shoulders, it looked like he had three heads at first glance.


Shao Feidu lowered his eyes and tried his best not to look at the two ghosts. However, him not looking at them didn’t mean that they would treat him as if he didn’t exist. Shao Feidu’s physique was very attractive for ghosts.


Seeing the two ghosts giving Shao Feidu a cold smile like they were intending to come over and disturb him, Shang Ke took the preemptive strike. He pulled them down from Dr. Xu’s back to one corner and started having a “friendly” conversation amongst ghosts with them.


Shao Feidu glanced towards that side for a moment before immediately looking back. The fear in Shao Feidu’s heart gradually faded away and returned back to calm after Shang Ke brought away the cold atmosphere. As for Dr. Xu, Shao Feidu didn’t listen to a single word he had said.


Although Shao Feidu wasn’t able to express himself normally, he actually knew it clearly in his heart. The psychologist before him was the same as Mu Zhen. The both of them didn’t truly want to treat him. He remembered everything Shang Ke said, but he didn’t know what to do. He didn’t even dare to step out of his house if there was no one guiding him.


Dr. Xu had been talking for more than 30 minutes but Shao Feidu didn’t have much reaction from the beginning until the end. In the end, he could only shrug his shoulder at Mu Zhen and said, “Young master Du’s condition is still the same with no improvement.”


“Mm, you have worked hard.” Mu Zhen wasn’t surprised and replied flatly.


Dr. Xu smiled and said, “Mu Zhen, I have to envy your good luck. You actually managed to find such a money-making tool that was at your disposal. Even if he can no longer perform in public, the music he composed can be sold for a huge sum of money. I think you have already earned billions in the past few years?”


Mu Zhen smiled but didn’t say anything. Dr Xu didn’t know at all. All of Shao Feidu’s income was in his hands, how could it be billions only?


“Then we are done now. We will meet again next month.” Mu Zhen looked at the time, then stretched his hand to pull Shao Feidu up. He said, “The treatment is done. Let’s go.”


Shang Ke followed immediately. He said furiously to Shao Feidu, “I went to ask the two ghost about it just now. It turns out that this Dr Xu is indeed not a good person. He makes use of his identity as a doctor to trick women to drink drugs. Then, he will proceed to rape them. Many women do not know that they were raped after waking up. It was only until one woman accidentally got pregnant that she started suspecting Dr. Xu. To protect his own reputation, Dr. Xu forced the woman to abort but resulted in both the mother and child dying.


Shao Feidu’s eyes were indifferent, seemingly uninterested in the woman’s misfortune. However, he heard everything Shang Ke said clearly.


“Those two ghost felt very resentful. If not for the protective talisman he has, he would be having bad luck already.” Although ghosts couldn’t kill people directly, they could still cause some accidents. Shang Ke definitely wouldn’t help a scum like Dr. Xu. Instead, he would help the ghosts.


He had secretly thrown Dr. Xu’s talisman out of the window just now. A talisman was harmful to him as well, but a short period of contact wouldn’t cause too much of an impact. Punishing evil and helping the good was also a heroic act. Whether the system accepted it or not didn’t matter. He had accepted it.


After leaving the building, Mu Zhen drove Shao Feidu back to the villa.


Half way back, their car got stuck on a bridge. This car of his was a land sports car with no ability to fly. Normally, this road rarely had traffic congestion. There was one today because an accident had happened in the front.


A few minutes ago, a mechanical carriage modelled after an ancient carriage was promoting an amusement park. There were more than ten gorgeously dressed young men and women seated in the carriage, so the driving speed wasn’t fast. However, a car that lost control and came face to face towards the direction of the carriage. The carriage ended straight into the river when trying to avoid the car.


All the men and women in the carriage fell into the water. A bunch of people were watching on the bank, but the number of people who actually went into the river to save them was actually only 2-3 people.


A thought came to Shang Ke’s mind and he quickly flew over.


Shao Feidu who was originally indifferent to what was happening in his surroundings lowered his car window subconsciously when he sensed that the ghost beside him was gone. He turned to look under the outer side of the bridge as his eyes followed Shang Ke’s figure closely.


Shang Ke had just reached the surface of the river when he saw a ghost floating out of the water. The ghost looked around in confusion before disappearing completely.


The phenomenon of a soul leaving the body could often happen with drowning people. If the soul didn;t return back to the body within a fixed amount of time, the person will die. Shang Ke sensed that this was an excellent chance to revive, but he still waited patiently for a moment. He dived into the water only after he confirmed that the soul had really disappeared.


A moment later, a man emerged from the water. After taking a few large breaths, he was about to swim up to the bank when he saw a woman struggling in the water nearby. He quickly swam over, then swam towards the river bank while holding on to her head.


Some people on the river bank immediately came over to help out. After the woman he was holding was taken up by them, the man was also ready to climb up. At this moment however, his leg was suddenly grabbed onto. With a flop sound, the man was pulled down into the water.


“He sank, quickly go take a look.” Someone on the river bank shouted.


The water near the river bank wasn’t that deep. A few people dived down to take a look and were surprised to find out that the man was already dragged far away. However, no one saw clearly what dragged him away.


That man was Shang Ke who had just possessed the body. Right now, his leg was being wrapped around by a woman’s long hair.


Shang Ke was very unlucky. He actually encountered a fierce water ghost when he was revived. Actually, it was inevitable. The water ghost stayed alone for hundreds of years underwater where light couldn’t reach. She finally found a scapegoat after waiting for so long, yet it was snatched by Shang Ke. How could she not be angry?


Shang Ke was just an ordinary person after possessing a body. Naturally, he wasn’t the water ghost’s opponent. After being entangled by her for 5-6 minutes, he gloriously became a ghost once again after dying due to lack of oxygen.


The first revival had failed!


Gagaga… A cold laughter sounded from deep in the darkness. The man’s dead body moved strangely in the water as if it was flaunting her victory.


Sigh. You poor man, I hope you can rest in peace. Compared to having his body possessed by Shang Ke, becoming a water ghost’s scapegoat meant that his originally free soul was forced to be trapped in this river until the next scapegoat appeared.


Shang Ke floated out of the water dejectedly and returned back to Shao Feidu’s car.


Shao Feidu didn’t feel much when he saw his dejected look. Instead, he inexplicably felt like laughing…     

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