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Chapter 171: Ghost Assistant (III)

Shao Feidu followed a simple and habitual routine everyday. He woke up at seven in the morning and had his breakfast before he composed music and practiced playing the piano. Then, he had his lunch at twelve before taking an hour nap in the afternoon and then spending one hour in the fitness room. Then, he would spend time in the piano room before his dinner at six. After dinner, he had free time where he would either listen to music or read a book. He would do these things for two or three hours just to kill time before he took a bath and went to sleep.  

His assistant, Gibbs, would report to the villa each day and would report the happenings with Shao Feidu to the manager, Mu Zhen. Shao Feidu’s schedule and daily life including his salary were all handled by the manager. 

Shang Ke checked the schedule noted in the household system. Mu Zhen would take Shao Feidu to the clinic for psychological counseling on the 15th of each month. Today was the date of this appointment and Mu Zhen arrived on time. 

As soon as Mu Zhen arrived, the auntie complained to him, “Mr. Mu, Young Master Du won’t eat the food I’ve been bringing lately. I have no idea who’s been cooking for him, but isn’t this embarrassing for me?”  

Mu Zhen frowned before looking at Gibbs, “Did you hire somebody else?” 

Gibbs shook his head quickly, “How can I hire someone without informing Mr. Mu?”

“In that case, what’s happening with breakfast and dinner?” The auntie continued to inquire. “It can’t be possible the Young Master Du has been cooking by himself?”

Mu Zhen stared at Shao Feidu who had been silent next to him before turning to give orders to Gibbs, “You should find someone to install some cameras in the villa. With the exception of the bathroom, you can install it in the piano room, bedroom, and living room.”  

Shang Ke had been floating nearby Shao Feidu and was angered by Mu Zhen’s words. ‘Who did Mu Zhen think Shao Feidu was? How could he so brazenly invade his privacy and control him?’

From Shang Ke’s body, a frightening aura was emitted. His eyes turned a bloody red color as he coldly glared at Mu Zhen. 

Mu Zhen felt chills all over his body and he subconsciously stepped a few steps away from Shao Feidu. After giving a few more commands, he left the villa and headed towards the clinic with Shao Feidu. 

Shang Ke felt as if Shao Feidu was not truly autistic after hanging out with him for a few days. He only displayed some autistic tendencies. He didn’t talk much and he was weak in his language capabilities. However, he was able to think in a normal manner and there weren’t any signs indicating that his intelligence was lessening. With the proper guidance, he should be able to make a miraculous recovery. 

However, it appeared that Mu Zhen would not provide Shao Feidu the proper treatment he needed based on Mu Zhen’s behavior. 

“Dudu, how could you let this despicable person control you? You need to stand up for yourself!” Shang Ke followed Shao Feidu and Mu Zhen all the way to the clinic while encouraging Shao Feidu to take a stand for himself. He urged Shao Feidu to fight for his freedom and dignity. 

Shao Feidu appeared to be dazed. It was hard to tell if he heard what was said. 

The three of them entered the lift together and Mu Zhen pressed the button to take them to the fifteenth floor. The lift steadily ascended before stopping at the 4th floor which opened to the empty outside. Mu Zhen looked around outside to confirm that there was nobody outside before he pressed the button to close the lift door.  

The lift again went up to the seventh floor before stopping once again. The door opened to reveal nobody on the outside. The lift ascended again upwards before once again stopping at the thirteenth floor, but there was still nobody outside. Mu Zhen was about to press the button to close the lift door, but he suddenly heard a beeping sound indicating that the lift was overloaded. 

“That’s strange. There’s only three of us in here. How is the lift overloaded? Is this some type of glitch?” Mu Zhen muttered to himself as he managed to successfully press the button to close the door. 

What he didn’t realize was that there were dozens of expressionless beings standing behind him. 

“Dudu, try to avoid this building in the future. There’s strong yin energy here so the surrounding ghosts are attracted to this place.” Shang Ke warned Shao Feidu as he used his ghostly energy as a safe barrier to protect Shao Feidu from the other ghosts that wanted to harass him. 

Shao Feidu continued looking straight ahead. It appeared as if he had unconsciously forgotten about his own existence. If Shang Ke didn’t feel the stiffness of his body, he would have assumed that Shao Feidu didn’t have fear anymore. 

When the ringing sound of the lift indicated the arrival to the fifteenth floor, Mu Zhen exited the elevator first. 

“Feidu, you must cooperate properly with Dr. Xu even in the future. He….” Mu Zhen was interrupted half-way when he suddenly felt a chill crawling along his back. Mu Zhen turned around and was frightened by what appeared to be many people standing inside the closing lift.   

He tried to take another look but the lift door had already closed before descending on its own. 

Mu Zhen’s lips twitched and he refused to stay in this spot a second longer. He quickly took Shao Feidu with him to Dr. Xu’s Office.  

Shao Feidu abruptly stopped when they reached the door as if he had some objections about the place. Mu Zhen ignored this and tugged him inside. 

Shang Ke knew the reasons why Shao Feidu was resisting once he entered the place. Behind Dr. Xu, there was an adult ghost and a younger ghost standing behind.  

The older ghost was a female that was around twenty-two years old. She had bloody red colored eyes with intense resentment. The younger ghost was a premature baby with distorted facial features. The baby was a fleshy and bloody mess as if it had been crushed before being put back together. 

These two ghostly heads clung close to Dr. Xu’s shoulders, making it appear as if it had three heads at first. 

Shao Feidu lowered his gaze as he tried his hardest not to look at the two ghosts. However, Shao Feidu’s body was extremely attractive for ghosts so he couldn’t avoid them even if he looked away from them.

Shang Ke decided to make the first move when he noticed the cold smile they gave Shao Feidu as if they intended to come over and harass him. He dragged them away from Dr. Xu’s back and started a seemingly friendly conversation with them. 

Shao Feidu glanced at the side briefly before staring ahead again. Shao’s Feidu’s fear in his heart lessened and he became calm as Shang Ke had taken care of the cold atmosphere. Even though Dr. Xu was talking, Shao Feidu didn’t listen to a word he said.  

Even though Shao Feidu couldn’t express himself in a normal manner, he clearly understood the truth in his heart. The psychologist in front of him was the same type of person as Mu Zhen. They actually didn’t want to treat him. He was reminded of whatever Shang Ke had said earlier, but he had no idea how to resolve this situation. He was scared to even step out of the house without someone to guide them. 

Dr. Xu had been chatting for more than thirty minutes with no reaction from Shao Feidu. He could only shrug his shoulders at the end of his speech before saying, “Young Master Du is not making any improvements.” 

“Mmm, you’ve worked hard.” Mu Zhen was not surprised by this and gave a dull response.  

Dr. Xu smiled before saying, “Mu Zhen, I envy how lucky you are. You managed to latch onto a money-making tool to keep at your disposal. Even though he can no longer publicly perform, the music he composed can be sold for a large amount of money. I believe that you’ve earned billions over the past couple of years?” 

Mu Zhen smiled but didn’t respond. Dr. Xu didn’t know the entire truth. All of Shao Feidu’s money was handled by him, how could it only be billions? 

“Then, we’re done for now. We will come again next month.” Mu Zhen checked the time before stretching out his hand to lift Shao Feidu up.  “Let’s go. The treatment is completed for today.” 

Shang Ke didn’t hesitate to follow after them. He furiously said to Shao Feidu, “I talked to two ghosts just now and it turns out that Dr. Xu is not a good person. He takes advantage of his profession as a doctor to trick women to drink drugs before he rapes them. Many women had no idea that they’d been raped, but one woman was suspicious when she became pregnant. Dr. Xu then forced that woman to abort the child which resulted in their deaths in order to protect his reputation.” 

Shao Feidu remained indifferent about the women’s misfortune. However, he had clearly understood what Shang Ke had told him. 

“Both ghosts feel extremely resentful. If it weren’t for the protective talisman with him, then he would have experienced misfortune.” Even though ghosts didn’t have the capability to directly murder humans, they could create accidents. Shang Ke wouldn’t help scum like Dr. Xu, but he would rather help those two ghosts instead. 

Shang Ke secretly threw Dr. Xu’s talisman out the window earlier. The talisman had the ability to harm him, but briefly touching it would lead to minimal impact. It was a heroic act to punish evil beings and help those who were wronged. Even though the system may not accept it, he himself accepted this truth. 

Once they left the building, Mu Zhen drove Shao Feidu back to the villa. 

When they made it to the half-way mark, the car was at a standstill on a bridge. His car was a sports car that could only travel on land. It didn’t have the ability to fly. This road was usually clear of traffic. However, an accident had happened leading to this congestion. 

A few minutes prior, a mechanical carriage that was styled after an ancient carriage was promoting an amusement park. Inside the carriage, there were ten young men and women dressed in gorgeous attire so the carriage was not moving too fast. However, a car lost control and came head-on with the carriage which led to the carriage skidding into the river to avoid the car. 

Every single member sitting in the carriage fell into the water. Even though many people watched the scene at the river bank, only two or three people attempted to rescue them. 

Shang Ke suddenly thought of something and floated towards the river. 

Shao Feidu was originally indifferent to what was happening outside, but he couldn’t control his curiosity when he noticed that the ghost next to him was longer there. Therefore, he lowered the car window to look over the bridge and his eyes followed Shang Ke’s figure.   

Shang Ke made it to the water’s surface when he noticed a ghost floating out of the water who looked around at their surroundings in confusion. The ghost then completely disappeared.  

There was a phenomenon that occurred where the soul could exit the body during a drowning event. If the soul didn’t return back to the body in a given amount of time, then that person would end up dying. Shang Ke had the realization that this would be an opportune moment to revive himself so he patiently waited for the right moment. He dived into the water once he confirmed that the soul had really disappeared.   

A man emerged from the water a moment later. He took a few deep breaths and attempted to swim to the bank of the river when he noticed a woman struggling nearby. He quickly swam over to rescue her and held her head as he swam towards the riverbank afterwards. 

Some people standing on the riverbank immediately came over to help them. Once the woman he had been holding was taken away by those who came to help out, he attempted to climb out of the river only to have something suddenly grab onto his leg. There was the sound of splashing as the man was pulled underwater. 

“He sank. Someone quickly go take a look.” A person standing on the riverbank shouted.

The water at the riverbank wasn’t that deep, so a few people dived in to take a look. They were surprised to see that the man was already dragged far away. There wasn’t a single person who could clearly see what had dragged him so far away. 

That man was none other than Shang Ke who had just possessed the body. As of right now, the woman’s long hair clung to his leg. 

Shang Ke felt unlucky that he had encountered a ferocious water ghost when he had just revived himself. Unfortunately, it was naturally going to occur. The water ghost stayed underwater where light couldn’t reach alone for hundreds of years. When she had finally received a scapegoat, Shang Ke snatched it from her. Why wouldn’t she be angry? 

After possession of the body, Shang Ke had become an ordinary person which meant that he was no match for the water ghost. After being entangled by her for five or six minutes, Shang Ke became a ghost once more after he died from lack of oxygen. 

His first attempt at revival failed!

“Gagaga….” An emotionless laugh sounded out from the deep darkness. The man’s dead body moved in a strange manner as if bragging about her victory. 

Shang sighed and thought to himself, ‘You poor man, I hope you can rest in peace.’ It was worse for the man to become the water ghost’s prey than to be Shang Ke’s scapegoat. It meant that his soul that originally had freedom was now trapped in this river until the next scapegoat made an appearance. 

Shang felt disappointed as he floated out of the water and returned back to Shao Feidu’s car. 

Shao Feidu didn’t care much when he noticed his disappointed look. Instead, he felt the urge to laugh….

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