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Chapter 170: Ghost Assistant (II)

Shao Feidu had absolutely no desire to become friends with a ghost. The only wish that he had was for the ghost to quickly leave. Even though he looked harmless right now, who knew when he would become angry and chuck his head at him? 

“Are you that scared of ghosts?” Shang Ke posed as if he were sitting on a chair before continuing. “If you were able to see ghosts as soon as you were born, then you should have been used to it by now.” 

Shao Feidu stupidly sat at the front of the dining table and silently watched the auntie who arrived to deliver and plate the dinner.

The auntie looked middle-aged. She looked to be around 50 years old. Her face was expressionless just like Shao Feidu. One she finished plating the dishes, she went towards the living room to watch what was on TV. Her relaxed manner made it seem as if she were in her very own house.  

Shang Ke suspiciously looked at her, but then turned his attention towards the table. On top of the table, there were three dishes as well as soup and dessert. The presentation looked nice, but the food was now cold. Shang Ke floated towards the box that the auntie used to deliver the food. He discovered that it was a hardcover thermally insulated box which had the ability to adjust the temperature as well as a heating function. It was obvious that the thermal insulation was not activated. 

Shang Ke had analyzed the information previously. Shao Feidu was the eldest young master belonging to the Shao family which was one of the four richest families in the North capital. There had been rumors about Shao Feidu giving up his family inheritance for the piano. However, he still was famous and had a renowned family background. It didn’t make sense why his assistant and the auntie who delivered food would treat him in this neglectful manner. 

On top of that, this man was not the type who would so easily take humiliation from others no matter how bad the situation was. However, the scene that occurred was Shao Feidu eating the cold food without a single complaint. 

The behavior of Shao Feidu previously made Shang Ke come to the conclusion that Shao Feidu was currently suffering from some form of mental illness. However, nothing turned up on the internet about this. Was this the reason he was being bullied? 

Shang Ke gave him a sympathetic look. He was once so haughty, but now he was like a soft persimmon who was at the mercy of others. 

Just as he thought about this, the ghost’s hand unconsciously stretched out and touched Shao Feidu’s head.  

Shao Feidu tensed once again and the mouth with food inside didn’t make any movements. 

Shang Ke removed his hand and assured the other, “Don’t worry, Dudu. I will protect you from here on out and I won’t allow you to suffer. 

Dudu…. Shao Feidu’s lips moved as he slowly swallowed the food in his mouth. 

Once he finished eating, the auntie cleaned up the table and left with the thermal insulation box.

“Isn’t she going to do the laundry for you?” Shang Ke asked when he noticed the pile of clothes in the storage basket as he followed behind Shao Feidu who was going to the bathroom. 

Shao Feidu carried the bathrobe and silently stood in the bathroom while looking at the ghost from the corner of his eyes.

“I will wait for you outside while you take a bath.” Shang Ke considerately floated outside and the bathroom door was automatically closed. 

Shang Ke took this chance to get familiar with his surroundings as Shao Feidu took his bath. The villa where Shao Feidu was staying was far away from the center of the city. Even though the surroundings were quiet, it was way too quiet. There weren’t many people around, but there were a lot of ghosts. 

This was especially true during the nighttime. The yin energy was powerful and many wandering spirits walked around. There were many who were harmless and would end up disappearing while the ghosts that were extremely obsessed and hateful would cling to the human world.  

It was at this moment that Shang Ke heard the sound of falling objects from the bathroom. He quickly rushed over to assess the situation.  

When he entered through the bathroom door, he noticed two ghostly hands popping out of the mirror. The long nails scratched over the mirror to create an ear-piercing sound. 

Shao Feidu was pressed against the wall as he stared in shock at the two ghostly hands. It was obvious that he was terrified. 

Shang Ke rushed over to the mirror and gripped one of the ghostly hands and roughly pulled it to drag the ghost out of the mirror. However, he ended up pulling an arm that ran for seven or eight meters with no sign of the ghost’s actual appearance. 

Shang Ke felt that the arm was never ending so he twisted the arm like a fried dough twist and stuffed it back into the mirror. He gave a sinister warning as he did so, “This is my turf from now on. Don’t make an appearance and scare others without reason!” 

A faint ghostly figure showed up in the mirror before quickly disappearing. 

Shang Ke nodded his head in satisfaction. Even though the system didn’t give him information on his actual identity, he felt that he wasn’t a weakling. He was at least at the level of a vengeful spirit as he could transport objects through telekinesis and had no fear of the sun. 

“Alright, he’s no longer there.” Shang Ke turned around to pat Shao Feidu’s shoulder to reassure him. However, he was shocked when he discovered that his hand touched the actual body instead of passing through it. 

In order to prove that his eyes weren’t deceiving him, he used both his hands to touch the other’s naked body and paid extra attention to the object between the other’s legs. 

Shang Ke was having a good time touching Shao Feidu when the other opened his mouth, “Haven’t you touched me enough?” 

There was a strange feeling that arose in his heart as he watched the fair fingers running along his body. It was as if he were covered in ice cold water with a burning sensation running along his skin. The clashing feelings of being both hot and cold made him feel uncomfortable but there was a surprising comfortable feeling along with it. 

Shang Ke floated a step backwards. He lifted a thumb up with a smile on his face as he said, “Your figure is nice.” 

Shao Feidu took a towel and wrapped it around his waist before he turned around to exit the bathroom. 

Shang Ke used his ability to perform telekinesis to return all the fallen toiletries back to their original spots. He stretched a hand out to grab onto the toothbrush. He used his mind to force the toothbrush out of his fingers and back into the cup.   

He was unable to touch anything during the daytime, but he was able to do so during the nighttime. It might have to do with the stronger yin energy that occurred during the nighttime which made him more powerful by allowing him to control when he became tangible and intangible. 

Shang Ke was in a pleasant mood when he discovered this new ability. He turned around to exit the bathroom, but he ended up hitting the bathroom door which sent him reeling. Even though it didn’t hurt, it felt embarrassing. 

It was obvious that such a mistake would occur as he didn’t have much experience as a ghost. Shang Ke comforted himself before he passed through the glass door. 

It was at this moment that Shao Feidu was lying on the bed looking like he was about to fall asleep. However, his eyes were still open and he was watching his surroundings carefully. He quickly looked away when he noticed Shang Ke’s appearance.  

“You should go to sleep. I will protect you.” Shang Ke leisurely sat down on the floor.

How was it possible to fall asleep when a ghost was sitting next to your bed? Shao Feidu silently looked at the ceiling.  

The room was completely silent except for the sound of the gentle wind sweeping the leaves outside. 

It was at this moment that the lights in the room suddenly went out plunging the room into darkness. Shang Ke could hear heavy pants from Shao Feidu’s bed. Shang Ke made an unhappy sneer before the lights came back on. He noticed a woman’s head slowly lifting itself next to Shao Feidu’s pillow. Shang Ke lifted a hand and smacked the head down under the shocked gaze of Shao Feidu. 

He had just smacked the head down when he noticed the blanket shaking a couple times towards the end of the bed. Shang Ke went over and lifted the blanket to see a ghostly hand clinging to Shao Feidu’s ankle. He used his ghostly energy to scare away the ghost. 

Shao Feidu’s body had this special ability that allowed him to see, hear, and touch ghosts. Even though he could get away with this in the daytime, he was unable to avoid this at nighttime. 

Anyone else would have asked for items to keep with them to repel evil spirits. However, Shao Feidu had probably never considered this option just seeing how he acted in this moment.    

Did this mean that he would be harassed by ghosts every night before he fell asleep with much difficulty?  

Shang Ke went over Shao Feidu’s side to help him adjust his blanket. He softly said, “Don’t worry, Dudu. I will help you chase away those ghosts.”

Shao Feidu’s was speechless. 

Shang Ke laid down on the side of the bed before he looked at him, “Do you know what a ‘guardian spirit’ is? Think of me as your guardian spirit that will protect you from the other ghosts that try to harm you.” 

‘A guardian spirit….’ Shao Feidu turned his head to clearly look at Shang Ke for the first time. 

Once he ignored the fear that he had previously felt, he noticed that the ghost near him had a beautiful face with soft jet black hair that hung to his forehead and a pair of amber eyes that brightly shone. He looked like he was a living person. Shao Feidu felt the urge to touch him, but ultimately decided against it. 

He wasn’t exactly afraid of ghosts. He was actually afraid of those isolated individuals who were different from the average person in that they didn’t know how to vent their pain properly. 

It was at this moment that a cold palm covered his eyes and he heard the other telling him, “You can peacefully sleep, Dudu.” 

Shao Feidu closed his eyes as his nervousness unexpectedly disappeared. As he was able to fall asleep, he heard Shang Ke tell him, “By the way, my name is ‘Shang Ke,’ but you can call me ‘Keke.’


He had a peaceful sleep that night. When Shao Feidu woke up, the first thing he did was look for Shang Ke. However, he couldn’t find him when he glanced around the room. He could help but feel disappointed. ‘Didn’t he say that he would act as his guardian spirit?’ 

Once Shao Feidu entered the bathroom, he noticed that the storage basket was empty. He noticed clothes that were neatly hanged when he looked towards the veranda. As the morning breeze wandered inside, he could smell a slight fragrance. 

Shao Feidu finished washing up and went to the living room where he heard some noises. He followed the sound to the kitchen where he saw breakfast on top of a large marble table. There was hot steam arising from the food. 

“Good morning, Dudu.” Shang Ke made his way to the corner of the dining table before he cheerfully greeted Shao Feidu with a smile.

During the day, Shang Ke’s body appeared translucent. The sunlight passed through his body before shining on the fresh flowers in the vase. It lit up the dew drops on top of the flower petals. 

Shao Feidu had never noticed fresh flowers as a decoration before. He assumed that the ghost had probably brought it here. Shao Feidu felt his appetite increase as he noticed the morning light, fresh flowers, and aroma creating this beautiful atmosphere. He sat down at the dining table and began to enjoy his breakfast.  

“Are you going to go to the piano room once you finish eating?” Shang Ke asked. 

Shao Feidu silently ate his food without answering. 

Shang Ke was used to it and continued talking, “I know that you are gifted at the piano. Can you play a song for me later?” 

Shao Feidu remained silent. It was only when Shang Ke heard the door opening that he floated towards the door to hear his soft reply, “Mmm.” 

The one who entered the door was the auntie who had come in to deliver to Shao Feidu’s breakfast. She was shocked to see empty bowls on the table when she reached the dining hall. 

“Young Master Du, did you make this by yourself?” The auntie asked in confusion. 

Shao Feidu ignored her and got up to head towards the piano room. 

The auntie clicked her tongue as she saw his receding figure. “He looks normal, but he unfortunately has autism.”

‘Autism? He had autism?’ The suspicions that Shang Ke had were finally confirmed after he heard the auntie muttering to herself.  

The auntie kept babbling on about how being sent here to take care of Shao Feidu was such a terrible thing. Shang Ke felt unhappy when he heard this. He silently moved the table and chair a bit using his telekinetic ability which caused the auntie to trip onto the floor. 

Shao Feidu had entered the piano room and was deaf to the screams outside. He picked up the music sheets that he hadn’t had time to organize yesterday before he sat before the piano and rubbed his fingers. When he noticed the white figure floating in the room from the corner of his eyes, he slowly put his fingers on the piano keys before skillfully playing the piano. 

He was unable to play the long performances he used to before injuring his finger two years prior. However, he didn’t have any issues with this. The reason he chose to play the piano in the first place was that it calmed him down and he forgot all about his fear and loneliness. 

He was more interested in composing music over playing the piano. To him, creating music was like entering the world of endless possibilities where he felt like a king. He could bring out life and he could bring out death.  

The sound of the piano abruptly ended halfway through as Shao Feidu’s fingers were hovering mid-air while slightly trembling. 

He had a gloomy expression in his face and the expression in his eyes was a deeply depressed one as if dark clouds were gathering together. 

He was suddenly shocked to see the piano playing on its own. A familiar melody clearly flowed out like spring water. It was the piece he had been playing earlier which was the new song he had recently composed. 

The translucent fingers were faint on the piano keys. He turned his head and noticed that Shang Ke had appeared next to him without him noticing. Shang Ke took over his spot and was immersed into the music. His body looked like it emitted faint golden light under the shining sun’s rays. 

Shao Feidu never realized that a ghost could be so beautiful.

He had been in a daze when the sound of the piano abruptly stopped. The ghost in front of him suddenly dissipated and disappeared from his eyesight. 

“What happened?” Shao Feidu scanned the area and he couldn’t help himself but to ask this question. 

The piano room was silent for a while but Shang Ke’s voice sounded out from somewhere, “It’s too hot. I will join you again once I cool down.” 

This ghost had accidently evaporated after sitting under the shining sun for a long time….

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