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Chapter 169: Ghost Assistant (I)

Shang Ke’s eyes were closed as he stood while clutching his warm chest in the System Space. He felt like his heart was filled with happiness as he was able to clearly remember all the experiences he had shared with his lover. These experiences would help motivate him while searching for his lover in the next world. 

【Host, please prepare yourself as the next world will be in the difficult mode.】

The System’s reminder interrupted Shang Ke’s thoughts. 

“Let’s begin.” Shang Ke didn’t hesitate and he exited the Hundred Training Space to take on his new challenge.  

The space shook before Shang Ke was transported into another world. 

When Shang Ke opened his eyes, the first thing he noticed was a bloodied woman’s face. She had no eyes in her eye sockets and only two empty cavities could be seen. One of the eye sockets had sticky liquid gradually leaking out.   

“Ah!” Shang Ke was in shock when he jumped backwards and slammed half of his body into the wall. 

He wasn’t a fearful person. However, it didn’t matter how tough he was mentally when there was a hideous female ghost that appeared in front of him without any warning. 

The female ghost disappointedly looked at him and said with a spooky-sounding voice, “We’re both ghosts. Is there any need to be so dramatic?” 

After she finished talking, she leisurely floated away. 

Shang Ke finally had time to check his own self. He realized that half his body was submerged into the wall while only his head and the other half of his limbs could be seen. He was obviously a spiritual version of himself. In other words, he was a ghost. 

【The main mission is to revive yourself within three months..】

Shang Ke asked, “I’m sorry, but did you say revive?” ”

【Yes, the goal is to revive yourself within three months.】

“System, did a virus infect you? My mission was to die a heroic death, but now you’re asking me to revive myself? How am I supposed to complete a contradicting mission?” 

【If you’re alive, then it’s possible for you to die. If you’re dead, then it’s possible for you to live again.】

Shang Ke responded, “…System, you can come out. I promise not to kill you.” 

According to Shang Ke’s understanding, there were three possible options for a ghost to revive themselves. One of the options was to find someone to act as a scapegoat for him to reincarnate. The other option would be to forcefully possess someone’s body. The final option would be to enter the body of someone who had just died and revive himself. 

As Shang Ke thought about these options, the System continued, 【There are restrictions over the revival process: 1) You’re not allowed to find a scapegoat, 2) You’re not allowed forcefully possess someone else’s body; 3) You cannot choose to enter the body of someone who died due to old age or someone who died due to severe wounds and cannot be resuscitated. 】

Shang Ke understood why he wasn’t allowed to find a scapegoat or forcefully possess another’s body since these options violated the ideals of the Heroic Death System. Shang Ke didn’t understand why there were so many restrictions on entering a dead body. 

【If you enter the body of someone who is nearing the end of life, then this would constitute a mission failure as one of the conditions for the mission is that you cannot have a good ending. If you enter a body that’s seriously wounded and cannot be resuscitated, then you’ll be living like a dead person with no vital signs. This will not satisfy the requirements of the mission.】

Shang Ke was speechless. 

【Remember that ghosts can be destroyed by talismans, spells, and other items and weapons that ward off evil spirits. Host, please remember to be careful.  】

Shang Ke was even more speechless, “….”

The System then proceeded to transmit to him the information regarding this world.  

The name of this planet was, “Aurora.” This world was technologically developed and the world was peaceful. The commoners were prosperous, and the entertainment industry was flourishing, and there was a strong emphasis on the arts. According to the people on Aurora, they did not believe that gods, ghosts, and demons existed. Each event could be scientifically explained according to the people of Aurora. Those living and those dead lived in separate worlds. It was difficult for those living to come into contact with the world belonging to ghosts. There were only a few that had the ability to communicate with them, but this technological era had them living conspicuously amongst the others. 

Shang Ke had transmigrated into a ghost without a definite identity, reason behind death, or timing of death. He had the ability to manifest during the night and move objects around with telekinesis. He had no fear of the sun, but could not expose himself to it for too long. 

Other than this, Shang Ke didn’t have any other information. The only thing he could do was search for a fitting corpse to revive himself in. 

Since he was unable to enter the body of someone nearing the end of their life or someone that was too badly wounded to be resuscitated, he could only choose a target who died suddenly or someone who died from something like mechanical asphyxiation. He needed to enter the body shortly after they died. 

Even though there were people that died daily, it was difficult to find a recent corpse that met all the requirements to enter at the correct time. 

Shang Ke floated out of the building he had been in. What surrounded him when he exited was a flourishing metropolis. There were flying cars dashing by him while leaving behind a dazzling light trail. There were many skyscrapers in between the cross-crossed streets and there were small lighted-up screens displaying images of films, images from TV shows, and advertisements repeatedly. 

Shang Ke floated above the city and checked his surroundings. There didn’t appear to be any traces of other ghosts which was probably because they didn’t like coming out during the daytime. 

As he was lost in his thoughts, the pleasant sound of a piano being played sounded on the screen not too far away. Shang Ke looked at the screen and noticed a man dressed formally in front of a black piano. The man was focused on playing the musical number. He had an elegant posture and his temperament was aloof. It was as if he was the only person in the world as he fully immersed himself in playing his own music. 

Shang Ke only needed one glance to recognize him. 

In this world, his name was Shao Feidu. 

Shang Ke felt motivated and he flew to an Internet cafe to browse the internet for any information on Shao Feidu. He was born in September in the year 5721 and he was now 28 years old. He was extremely talented in music as he was just 7 years old when he won the international youth piano competition, had worldwide piano concerts at the age of 14, received the international medal of art at 16 years old, and was appointed as a member in the International Music Association. He was already a piano master renowned around the world at the age of 25. 

However, that all changed when Shao Feidu turned 26 years old. He refused to hold any performances and no one had any idea where he had disappeared to. 

Shang Ke followed the lead he had received and found Shao Feidu’s manager by the name of Mu Zhen first. It was through him that Shang Ke found the person he was looking for residing in a villa in a remote area. 

Shao Feidu was sitting by himself surrounded by sheets of music in a piano room measuring around 200 square meters. He held onto a pen and a piece of paper while sometimes lost in his thoughts and sometimes writing. He was very focused on what he was doing. 

Shang Ke quietly floated over and squatted next to him, watching him composing music. 

Shao Feidu paused his movements and his facial muscle stiffened as he looked at the paper in his hand. His entire body was tense. 

Shang Ke didn’t notice this strange behavior. However, Shang Ke felt confused when he noticed that Shao Feidu didn’t move for a while so he asked, “What’s the matter?” 

Shao Feidu abruptly got up and quickly exited the room. 

Shang Ke hurriedly followed after him. 

Assistant Gibbs was outside the door when he noticed Shao Feidu exiting so he asked, “Young Master Du, do you have any orders for me?”  

Shao Feidu didn’t respond and proceeded to sit down on the sofa in the living room. 

Shang Ke sat down beside him and watched TV together with him.

Gibbs poured Shao Feidu a cup of hot tea before he looked towards the screen. He noticed that it was broadcasting a slapstick variety show. He couldn’t help but wonder to himself about when young Master Du became interested in such a show. 

However, he chose not to question him about it as Shao Feidu was suffering from a mild form of autism. He didn’t talk much nor did he socialize with others much. There wasn’t anything else important to him other than music. 

Shang Ke looked at the man next to him ten minutes later, “Aren’t you tired just sitting around? Why don’t you drink some tea and have some fruits?” 

Shao Feidu continued looking ahead of him and was immovable like a mountain. 

Shang Ke felt extremely bored so he stretched his hand out to poke Shao Feidu’s wrist. However, his finger directly passed through. Shang Ke couldn’t tell if it was his imagination, but he noticed the veins of Shao Feidu’s hand throbbing. 

‘Was it possible that he could see him?’ Shang Ke waved his hand in front of Shao Feidu’s face. 

Shao Feidu remained still and unblinking. 

Therefore, Shang Ke appeared in front of him and made a scary-looking face. The scary face of a ghost was terrifying. From the seven orifices on his head, blood leaked out and his face turned green with sharp teeth appearing. It seemed as if his face would be followed by a scary sound effect. 

The expression on Shao Feidu’s face tensed and his entire body stiffened. From his forehead, a drop of cold sweat appeared. 

Don’t you think I’m handsome?” Shang enunciated every word. 

Shao Feidu didn’t answer, “….”

The sweat on his forehead began to flow an immense amount. 

“If you don’t start talking, then I will remove my face and cover your face with it.” Shang Ke gave a sinister threat. 

Shao Feidu remained silently still.

Shang Ke placed his hands on top of his head and said, “Should I remove it off now?” 

Shao Feidu’s eyebrows twitched a few times and his eyes had a dazed expression in them. 

He had avoided looking at Shang Ke the entire time. This made Shang Ke feel extremely unhappy. 

“You clearly can see me, then why pretend that you can’t?” Shang suddenly removed his head and chucked it roughly in Shao Feidu’s direction.  

Shao Feidu jumped out of his seat and tensely walked towards his assistant. 

Gibbs had been organizing the documents into the computer. He quickly got up in shock when he noticed Shao Feidu walking towards him with a fierce expression on his face. 

Shao Feidu went over to his side and stood there without moving. 

“Young…. Young Master Du, what’s the matter?” Gibbs asked as he fearfully trembled. 

Shao Feidu reached the height of 200 centimeters tall and resembled a majestic large mountain over the 170 centimeter tall Gibbs. His shadow alone blocked the light from Gibbs. 

Shao Feidu stood unmoving as if he hadn’t heard Gibb’s question.

Shang Ke picked his head up and raised it before Gibb’s face before saying, “Tell Young Master Du that if he continues pretending not to have seen me, then I will eat you.”  

Gibbs didn’t realize there was a head directly in front of him with two bloody eyes staring at him. 

Shao Feidu’s lips trembled a few times, but he still didn’t open his mouth. 

Gibbs felt extremely awkward as he didn’t know whether he should stand up or sit down. It was even worse than Shao Feidu was acting like a mobile freezer. He was so cold in attitude that Gibbs felt numbness in his hands and feet from the chilly attitude. This wasn’t the first time this happened as the temperature would often immediately drop the moment this man made an appearance. 

Gibbs secretly made the decision to quit in the next month. If this continued, then he would become crazy from the mental tension he experienced. The reason he decided to take this job was not just because of the high salary, but Shao Feidu’s fame as well. However, Gibbs started slacking off ever since Shao Feidu injured his fingers and was no longer able to perform. 

‘Ding dong ding dong.’ It was at this moment that the alarm on Gibbs’s phone sounded off. He looked at the time and hurriedly said, “Young Master Du, I will leave first since auntie is bringing dinner over soon. 

Gibbs quickly packed his stuff after saying this and rushed out of the villa as fast as the wind. Gibbs would have normally been scolded for this rude behavior if it were other employers. However, Shao Feidu was autistic and rarely yelled at others even if he was treated in an improper manner. 

Shang Ke felt that there was something strange going on. He put his head back on and his face as well as his voice became normal again. He looked extremely beautiful as he said to Shao Feidu, “I won’t scare you anymore. Why don’t we become friends?”

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