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Chapter 169: Ghost Assistant (I)

TL: Resonance


Shang Ke stood in the system space with closed eyes while holding on to his warm chest. He felt that his heart was filled with happiness. Everything that he has experienced with his lover was all remembered clearly by him. They become his unlimited strength as he looks for him in the next world.


【The next world is difficult mode. Host, please be prepared.】


The System’s reminding voice interrupted Shang Ke’s thoughts


“Let’s start.” Shang Ke didn’t hesitate. He left the Hundred Training space to meet his new challenge. 


The space fluctuated and Shang Ke was transported to another world.


Opening his eyes, the first thing he saw was a bloodied woman’s face. There were no eyes in her eye sockets and two empty cavities could be seen. Sticky liquid was slowly flowing out of the eye socket.


“Ah!” Shang Ke jumped backwards in shock, instantly plunging half his body into the wall.


He wasn’t timid. However, no matter how mentally tough he was, he still couldn’t take it when he had to see a hideous female ghost without warning.


The female ghost looked askance at him and spoke with a spooky voice, “We are both ghosts, is there a need to make such a huge fuss?”


After saying so, she floated away on her own pace.


Shang Ke was finally free to check his own situation. He realised that half of his body was currently within the wall, with only his head and half of his limbs exposed. He was obviously in a spiritual state now. More specifically, he was a ghost.


【Main mission: Revive within three months.】


Shang Ke: “Sorry, what did you just say? Revive?”


【Yes. Revive within three months.】


“System, are you infected with a virus? My mission is to die heroically and now you’re asking me to revive? How am I supposed to complete such a contradictory mission?!”


【If you’re alive, you can die. If you’re dead, you can still live.】


Shang Ke: “… System, come out. I promise I won’t kill you.”


Based on Shang Ke’s understanding, there were three ways a ghost can revive. First, he could find a scapegoat in exchange for the chance to reincarnate. Second, he could forcefully take over someone’s body. Third, he could enter the body of someone who just died and revive.


Just as he was thinking about it, he heard the system adding: 【Revival restrictions: 1) Not allowed to find a scapegoat; 2) Not allowed to forcefully take over someone’s body; 3) Cannot enter the body of someone who is at the end of their life due to old age or a body of someone who is seriously wounded and cannot be saved.】


He could understand why he wasn’t allowed to find a scapegoat or forcefully take over someone’s body. After all, the principle contradicts the heroic death system. However, why are there so many restrictions for entering a dead person’s body?


【Entering the body of someone who is at the end of his life would directly be judged as a mission failure (One of the conditions for the mission, you may not have a good end); If you enter a body that is seriously wounded and cannot be saved, you will become a living dead with no vital signs. This doesn’t satisfy the mission requirement.】


Shang Ke had nothing to say.


【Special reminder: Ghosts can be killed by talismans, spells, items and weapons that ward off evil spirits. Host, please be careful.】


Shang Ke: “…”


Then, the system started transmitting him this world’s information.


This planet was known as “Aurora”. Technology was very developed and the world was at peace. The commoners’ lives were generally prosperous, the entertainment industry was flourishing and the arts were strong. Most of the people in Aurora didn’t believe in gods, demons and ghosts. All supernatural events had their corresponding scientific explanations. Of course, not believing didn’t mean it didn’t exist. However, the living people and the dead were separated. It was difficult for the people who were alive to come into contact with the world of ghosts. Only very few people had the ability to communicate with them. But in this technological age, these types of people were basically living in the midst of all the others and were rarely known by others.


Shang Ke had transmigrated into a ghost with unknown identity, reason of death and time of death. He could manifest himself at night and could move objects through telekinesis. He wasn’t afraid of the sun, but he couldn’t be exposed to it for too long.


Apart from this, he didn’t have any other information. In other words, what Shang Ke had to do now was to find a suitable corpse to revive in.


Since he couldn’t use the body of someone who was at the end of his life or someone who was seriously injured and couldn’t be saved, he could only choose someone who had a sudden death or someone who died from mechanical asphyxiation etc as his target. In addition, he must enter the body immediately after the person had just died.


Although there were people dying every day, finding a “fresh” corpse that met the requirement at the right timing wasn’t easy.


Shang Ke floated out of the building he was in. What appeared before him was a flourishing metropolis. Flying cars could be seen passing by in the air while leaving behind a dazzling trail of light. There were many skyscrapers between the crisscrossing streets and large and small light screens displayed film images, TV show images and advertisements in a loop.


Shang Ke floated above the city and looked around him. He didn’t see traces of other ghosts. They probably didn’t like coming out in the day.


As he was thinking, the pleasant sound of a piano suddenly sounded from the screen not far away. Shang Ke looked towards the source and saw on the screen a man in formal attire sitting in front of a black piano. The man was playing a musical piece very focusedly. His posture was elegant and he had a cold temperament. It was as if he was the only person in the world as he fully immersed himself in his own music.


It only took one glance for Shang Ke to recognize him. 


Shao Feidu—This was his name in this world.


Shang Ke’s spirit rose. He quickly flew into an internet cafe and browsed the internet to search for information regarding Shao Feidu. He was born in September 5721 and was 28 years old this year. He had amazing musical talent: he won the international youth piano competition at the age of 7, held piano concerts around the world at the age of 14, obtained the international medal of art at the age of 16 and was appointed as a member of the International Music Association. At the age of 25, he had become a world renowned piano master.


However, Shao Feidu suddenly disappeared from the scene when he was 26 years old. He refused to participate in all performances and no one knew where he went.


Shang Ke followed the lead and first found Shao Feidu’s manager, Mu Zhen. Through him, Shang Ke found the person he wanted to find in a villa at a quiet area.


In a piano room that was around 200 meter square big, Shao Feidu was sitting alone on the floor full of music sheets. He was holding onto a pen and a piece of paper, sometimes thinking and sometimes writing. He looked very focused.


Shang Ke floated over quietly. He squatted beside him and watched him composing music.


Shao Feidu’s movement paused. His facial muscle was stiff and he stared straight at the paper in his hand. His whole body had turned rigid.


Shang Ke didn’t notice this anomaly. However, Shang Ke couldn’t help but ask in confusion when he noticed that Shao Feidu hadn’t been moving for awhile. “What happened?”


Shao Feidu suddenly stood up and walked quickly out of the piano room.


Shang Ke hurriedly followed behind him.


Assistant Gibbs, who was outside the door, saw Shao Feidu coming out, so he asked, “Young Master Du, do you have any commands?”


Shao Feidu did not say anything. He walked to the living room and sat down on the sofa, switching on the 3D screen at the same time.


Shang Ke sat beside him and watched TV with him.


Gibbs poured Shao Feidu a cup of hot tea. Then, he looked back towards the screen. It was currently broadcasting a slapstick variety show. He couldn’t help but wonder. Since when was young master Du interested in this kind of variety show?


However, he didn’t ask about it. Shao Feidu was suffering from mild autism. He didn’t speak much and was unsociable. There was nothing else in his eyes other than music.


Ten minutes later, Shang Ke looked towards the man by his side, “Aren’t you tired sitting like this? How about drinking some tea and having some fruits?”


Shao Feidu continued looking forward and sat still like a mountain.


Shang Ke was very bored. He stretched his hand over to poke Shao Feidu’s fist, but his finger passed through directly. Shang Ke didn’t know if it was just his imagination, but he seemed to have seen the veins on the back of Shao Feidu’s hand twitching.


Could he perhaps see me? Shang Ke waved his arm in front of Shao Feidu.


Shao Feidu didn’t even blink.


Hence, Shang Ke went in front of him and suddenly made a scary face. A ghost’s scary face was very brutal. Blood flowed out of the seven orifices on his head, his face turned green and he had sharp teeth. It was as if his face was followed by a scary sound effect.


Shao Feidu’s face tensed and his whole body stiffened. A drop of cold sweat slipped down quietly from his forehead.


“Do you think that I’m handsome?” Shang Ke asked word for word.


Shao Feidu: “…”


The sweat on his forehead was starting to flow in large numbers.


“If you don’t speak, I will tear off my face and cover it over your face.” Shang Ke threatened sinisterly.


Shao Feidu was still silent.


Shang Ke placed his hands on top of his head and said, “I will tear now?”


Shao Feidu’s eyebrows twitched a few times and his eyes lost focus. 


He hadn’t looked at Shang Ke directly from start to end. This made Shang Ke very unhappy.


“You can clearly see me, why do you pretend that you can’t?” Shang Ke suddenly took his head down and threw it strongly towards Shao Feidu.


Shao Feidu jumped up from his seat and walked stiffly towards his assistant.


Gibbs was organising the documents in the computer. He stood up quickly in shock as Shao Feidu suddenly walked over with a fierce expression.


Shao Feidu walked towards his side and just stood there unmovingly.


“Young, Young Master Du, what’s wrong?” Gibbs asked while trembling in fear.


Shao Feidu was almost 200cm tall. He was like a majestic tall mountain when he stood before the 170cm Gibbs. Just his shadow alone could block Gibbs from seeing the light.


It was as if Shao Feidu didn’t hear Gibbs’ question. He just stood straight there.


Shang Ke picked up his head and raised it in front of Gibbs. He said, “Tell young master Du that I will eat you if he continues pretending that he can’t see me.”


Gibbs had no idea that there was a head right before his nose staring at him with two bloody eyes.


Shao Feidu’s lips moved a few times, but he still didn’t speak.


Gibbs didn’t know whether to stand or sit and felt extremely awkward. What’s even worse was that Shao Feidu was like a mobile freezer. He was so chilling, Gibbs’ hands and feet went numb from the cold. This wasn’t the first time this happened. No matter how strong the heater in the room was, the temperature would immediately drop the moment this man approached.


Gibbs secretly decided that he would quit the next month. If this went on, he would soon go crazy due to the mental stress. The reason why he had chosen to be Shao Feidu’s assistant back then wasn’t only due to the high salary but also due to Shao Feidu’s fame. However, ever since Shao Feidu injured his fingers two years ago and could no longer perform, Gibbs had started slacking off.


Ding dong ding dong. At this moment, Gibbs’ phone alarm suddenly started ringing. He almost cried in joy. He looked at the time and said hurriedly, “Young master Du, the auntie will be bringing dinner over soon. I will leave first.”


After saying so, Gibbs quickly packed his stuff and rushed out of the villa like wind. Gibbs would have long been scolded for this kind of rude behaviour if it were other employers. However, Shao Feidu, who was suffering from autism, rarely showed his anger even if he was treated inappropriately by others.


Shang Ke also noticed something strange. He placed his head back, his face was no longer green nor bleeding and his voice wasn’t sinister. He said to Shao Feidu while looking extremely beautiful, “I won’t scare you anymore. Let’s be friends?”

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