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Chapter 168: Back To That Key Moment ④


Five months later, Shang Ke started bringing along the baby merman into the sea to play. Merfolks and dolphins were similar, they could not stay underwater for long and had to emerge to breath. But for the little merman who had still not learned how to swim, he loved playing with water. If no one was watching him, he was likely to drown himself.


The growth rate of merfolk was slower than humans and they were also smaller. But their limbs were very strong and had high adaptability. Their main weakness was their inability to stay out of the water long or they’ll dry out and have their skin chapped.


“Play time’s over, little idiot. We need to go back.” Shang Ke caught the merman by the tail and prevented him from going wild any longer.


The little merman waved his tail in an attempt to escape Shang Ke. But he discovered the futility of his actions and gave up struggling, allowing the waves to move his body as it pleased.


This little guy, he didn’t learn much but he learned how to pretend to be dead pretty well. In a good mood, Shang Ke picked him up and slipped him a conch, “Sleep with this, you can hear the waves.”


The dolphin Waves in the distance thought he was being summoned and eagerly swam over. But on his way, he was caught in a tide and almost got beached.


Shang Ke reminded him again, “How many times did I remind you? Don’t get so close to the beach.”


Waves flipped over onto his back, gloomily pretending to be a corpse as he blew bubbles.


“An Song will come by in a bit to play with you. Remember, be nice to him.” Shang Ke added. Ever since Shang Ke took over Qin Yuan’s schedule, An Song obtained a lot of free time to come over to Waves and build up their relationship. But Waves always liked to tease him and leave him in a very sorry figure. However An Song had a very good temper so he never minded.


Waves was still blowing bubbles, who knows if he heard him or not.


Shang Ke left with the little merman back home and placed him in a mini cabin. Within it was a large and round waterbed surrounded by seawater. In the air was a spiraling slide and a small boat made of special materials and many other small toys. Temperature could be adjusted automatically and lights were also automatic. Movies and music could also be played here.


After settling the baby down, Shang Ke turned around to find Qin Yuan standing right behind him, his eyes reserved. He frequently showed this kind of expression lately, a depressed appearance that desired to say something but at the same time didn’t dare to.


Shang Ke had asked An Song about it, but didn’t learn anything from him. Looks like he could only throw a straight pitch and confront Qin Yuan. Otherwise, seeing him with this kind of depressing appearance all the time while also being so energetic in bed gave him rather sour feelings.


“Qin Yuan, I’ve been dreaming a lot lately.” Shang Ke sat on the bed while hugging his dolphin plushie as he seriously spoke to Qin Yuan.


The moment Qin Yuan heard “dreaming” he asked grimly, “What kind of dreams?”


Shang Ke smiled at him, “You can tell me what your dream is, and I’ll consider telling you mine.”


Qin Yuan fell silent and did not reply.


“You don’t want to tell me?” Shang Ke’s face fell with disappointment.


“My dream… isn’t nice.” Qin Yuan’s gaze was dark.


“But my dream is very nice.” Shang Ke scotted in front of his face as he spoke enticingly, “Do you really not want to know? Maybe my dream will make your dream nice too.”


Qin Yuan wavered and finally spoke, “I… I dreamed of myself placing you in a coffin and submerging you in the sea. But then you revived one day and was sealed in the coffin. You would suffer every day again and again until your life was thoroughly exhausted. I personally ended your chance of returning to life. While you were in helpless despair, I was wallowing in my own grief.”


Shang Ke was speechless. So what had been tormenting this whole time was his own imagination. At least this allowed Shang Ke to confirm one thing, that Qin Yuan had also been through this life once and was given another chance. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have that kind of horror imagination towards his revival, to believe that he had personally trapped him to death in a coffin.


“I’m sorry, Flames.” Qin Yuan spoke the words of guilt within his heart while saying it awake for the first time.


“Why do you need to apologize to me?” Shang Ke held his hand and chuckled, “In fact, I had a similar dream, but the middle events were a bit different.”


Qin Yuan raised his head to look at him.


“I dreamed that after I died, I was buried in the sea. I watched you suffer from insomnia everyday and remaining single for life. As such, I pleaded to the Sea God, that time could go back and I could return to you again.” Shang Ke calmly continued, “The Sea God responded to my wish and gave me another life within that coffin. After that, you found me and we lived happily ever after.”


“It sounds a bit like a fairy tale.” Although he said that, Qin Yuan’s dark eyes started returning its luster. Because hearing Shang Ke mention time flowing backwards confirmed his situation.


“Who cares if it’s a fairy tale or not, what’s important is that we’re together again.” Shang Ke hugged him and snickered, “Qin Yuan, be happier. Like me, I am smiling everyday. Isn’t that nice?”


Qin Yuan: You were born with it… 


“Flames, if I never discovered your revival…:” 


“That’s impossible, as long as I was alive I would think of ways to find you. Don’t forget, there are plenty of animals in the sea that I could pass information to. Finding myself a turtle or even a whale is nothing hard, plus there’s even Waves. If you never received any news from me, then I had left the world entirely.”


Qin Yuan was first dumbstrucked, then he immediately relaxed like some burden had been lifted from him. He felt light for the first time in a long time. That’s true, Flames could communicate with other animals. As long as he was alive, it was impossible to not hear anything from him.


“Haha.” Qin Yuan covered his face in one hand, laughing at his own stupidity. His brain had been completely taken over by fear.


Qin Yuan landed countless kisses on Flames’ forehead, “Flames, I love you!”


“Such a coincidence, I love you too.”


Now that his trauma was taken care of, Qin Yuan’s mental health immediately leaped forward. It clearly showed in the way he gained over a dozen pounds, his muscles becoming well-built and his endurance multiplying by several folds. He was bursting with life everyday and full of mettle. His entire being shown with blinding light.


A year later, the home that belonged to Qin Yuan and Shang Ke was finally done with its construction.


Although there weren’t any rare mineral resources on the island, it had fertile soul and favorable climate throughout the year. It was suitable for planting particular crops and fruits, and was completely self-sufficient.


The world outside the island began to be plagued by unrest. The various negative consequences of mutant genes became clearer and clearer, and mutant people would appear from time to time. Although each country’s government used their utmost effort to seal off the information, it still caused great panic amongst the people.


They did not know that on a remote island, someone had already created a medicine that could prevent and cure mutations.


Qin Yuan registered a new company that was purely for peddling this medicine. But for caution, he did not immediately sell it. Instead, he offered shelter to some homeless mutants, then supplied them free treatment. However, they had to sign a confidential agreement and a five year employment contract first.


Another three years passed by and a second merfolk was born. This one was a mermaid and was very healthy. Her growth rate was similar to normal humans.


That same year, Waves also chose to transform into a clean and handsome human youth. It was worth mentioning that he transformed while copulating with An Song.


Because of Flames’ existence, the chaos caused by mutations did not spread like Qin Yuan’s first life. As Qin Yuan’s company cured more and more mutants, his influence in the world became greater and greater. Although the world did not discover the existence of dolphins, they did discover the existence of merfolk.


But the humans of now merely treated merfolks as a new creature from evolution. They were shocked by the level of technology and skill Qin Yuan had but did not think that the way of solving their fertility crisis lied with the merfolks.


It wasn’t until decades later, that the first adult merman successfully impregnated a human woman did humans finally realize their fertility. 


Mermen raised human women’s pregnancy rate to 82%, while mermaids pregnancy rate was 90%. This was naturally based on the premise of the person themself not having a serious gene defect.


The child born from a merfolk and human had a fifty-fifty chance of being either species. But people liked merfolks more, because they could produce the next generation. If a human could not find a merfolk partner, then they would likely never have descendants.


In the years following, merfolks would become a world-wide acknowledged species and all sorts of merfolk protection laws would be implemented.


This world formally entered a prosperous merfolk era. Flames and Waves would become the ancestors of all merfolk and also the ancestor of future humans.


But at current times, Shang Ke’s happiness was to stay by Qin Yuan’s side on this beautiful island and live a free and unconstrained life.


“An Song~~” An Song had been reporting to Qin Yuan when a pair of arms suddenly caught him by the waist from behind. A delicate young man popped a head out from the side as he softly cried, “An Song, An Song~~”


An Song helplessly implored Qin Yuan and Shang Ke.


Shang Ke spoke to the young man, “Waves, don’t bother An Song at work.”


Waves pouted, but still continued to call out An Song’s name.


The year Waves turned into a human, besides “Flames”, and “An Song”, he did not learn a single completely human phrase.


“Let’s end this today. You can have a two day break and spend time with Waves.” Qin Yuan very graciously gave him time off.


An Song was greatly alarmed: No, I don’t want to take a break at all!


However, before he could object he was pulled away by Waves.


Qin Yuan finished up his follow up work and called out to Shang Ke so they could head back home. While they were leaving the office and just turned a corner, they heard a stifled moan.


Taking a peek around the corner, they saw Waves pressing An Song against a wall and doing him right in the corridor. Waves was a head shorter than An Song, and had a slender stature, but he was rather strong and had a strong sex drive. Furthermore, he did not know human shame… 


After listening to them for a moment, Qin Yuan suddenly spoke, “I don’t think we’ve done it in the corridor before.”


Shang Ke immediately turned around and walked away.


Qin Yuan stretched his arms out and trapped him against another corridor corner. He placed a knee between Shang Ke’s legs and huskily asked, “I wonder, if I were to compare myself to a dolphin, who would last longer?”


Shang Ke felt embarrassed to inform him. Dolphin semen could pierce through a wall while a certain someone could only squeeze some cream out.


As if he had read his mind, Qin Yuan’s eyes darkened and he turned him over, pulled down his pants and went straight in.


“Ah!” Shang Ke cried out but when he thought of Waves and An Song who were just a few feet away, he immediately tried to suppress his voice.


Qin Yuan in the back started to move as his nimble fingers roamed around his body and ignited his lust. Not long after, Shang Ke’s defenses were broken down, and he cried out without care of hiding his voice anymore.


With the two couples separated by a wall, they underwent a long experience of mating. Rising and falling moans and other sounds of passion echoed around them like a competition as it continued without pause.


A couple hours later, Qin Yuan and Waves both unexpectedly came to a tacit understanding as they stopped their offense. They helped clean up their respective lovers then carried them out of the corridor.


Their gazes met in the air as their fighting spirits were raised. They silently agreed to compete another day.


The reason why they stopped was because they were all hungry. Shang Ke had promised to make an all fish feat tonight. If they got back too late, there wouldn’t be enough time for him to cook.


Well, from the look of things, Shang Ke and An Song’s future would be full of happiness… 

SnowTime: This arc is actually a bit interesting in the terms of well-known cliches in the BL world settings. I don’t think I’ve seen any around in NU, but the interstellar, merfolks of both genders can give birth and are often in lower status with a super delicate setting that is often used. Basically they are the omega of the world minus the ABO dynamics. Don’t ask me how, I don’t get how this setting started either. At least in this arc, everyone is equal and there is no random ABO shit going on with these merfolks…. I still question how that weird cliche setting came to be… 

Sarah: LMAO WHO KNEW WAVES WOULD TOP HAHAHA i’m glad the merfolk are treated better in this world! I’m sad it’s ended, but so excited to see what happens in the next arcs now ^w^

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