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Chapter 167: Back To That Key Moment ④

TL: SnowTime, Sarah


Qin Yuan stood on the boat as he pan fried fish and watched the ocean. Two dolphins were currently frolicking and chasing each other like innocent children, carefree without any worries.


The scent of the pan fried fish scattered through the air. Shang Ke emerged out of the water and sniffed in Qin Yuan’s direction, then beamed widely.


He then submerged himself again. After a wave, he reappeared again in the form of a young man.


He agilely climbed up the ladder and pulled a towel to tie around his waist. Drops of water continued to fall from his wet hair and onto his skin like small diamonds shining in the sun. The Flaming Sky Flower remained on his chest like a blaze of flame and added to his attraction.


Qin Yuan tugged him close by the waist and kissed him. The salty and slightly bitter taste of the ocean filled his mouth. His finger slowly glided down Shang Ke’s evenly muscled thigh and under the towel.


Shang Ke pushed him aside and plucked a fruit off the plate next to him, stuffing it into Qin Yuan’s mouth, “Let’s eat.”


He headed for the ship cabin and took out a thermos bottle which held Qin Yuan’s nutrition soup that he made.


Due to Qin Yuan’s long-term insomnia and lack of appetite, his health was in a rather terrible state. He would often have stomach aches and his weight was below what it was before. Everyday, his face was pale and wan. All of this thoroughly triggered Shang Ke’s ‘paternal love’.


Following that, Qin Yuan’s schedule was completely overseen by Shang Ke. Even if he wanted to go out to the ocean to play, Shang Ke did not forget to bring the nutrition soup with him. He had to raise a certain someone until he was back to peak health and full of splendor.


While Qin Yuan drank his soup, he watched Shang Ke eat the fish he made. His face showed ‘That looks really good, can I have some?’


Fried foods and so on were all outside of Shang Ke’s nutrition plan for him, so Qin Yuan could only look and not eat.


Shang Ke remained unmoved as he quickly dealt with the pan fried fish. He wiped his hands, then picked up a glass of red wine, and lied against his chair, sunbathing.


This kind of appearance of enjoying life itched at Qin Yuan’s heart.


He finished his own meal and placed down his silverware. Taking the chance while Shang Ke wasn’t paying attention, he pulled him over onto his legs.


The red wine splashed out of its glass and Shang Ke didn’t even get the chance to cry out before his mouth was blocked.


Qin Yuan raised one of his legs and turned him from a side position into a straddling one. Shang Ke immediately felt the object below that was constantly rubbing against his tender skin.


The towel on Shang Ke’s waist slipped from the side, revealing graceful back lines and strong rounded buttocks. Qin Yuan tore off his trousers, exposed the ferocious beast between his legs, and raised Shang Ke’s buttocks. He squeezed in bit by bit at the entrance …


With a crash, Waves rushed out of the water and looked up at the two people sitting on the beach chair. A dolphin’s hearing was very sharp, and Waves could make out the ringing sound effects of breathy moans and banging noises.


Waves sank into the water, revealing only a bare head and small sparkling eyes filled with gloom.


Now that he was five years old, he had reached the age of sexual maturity. For dolphins that completely ignored species differences, once they entered a rut, they were easily seduced.


Waves was different from Shang Ke who had a human soul. He thought a dolphin’s body was perfect. Mating and so on could all be done with their original body, it was convenient and safe.


Dolphins were creatures that didn’t have high standards for their mate’s appearance. As long as both sides were willing, they could be connected in minutes. However, due to the influence of Shang Ke, the pure Waves had not become a dolphin that dallied anything and anyone. But if he continues to be unable to find a mate, who knows if he might start living up to his name and start making rounds. 

TL: Waves in chinese is Hai Lang, the lang also means unrestrained.


After a climax passed, Qin Yuan’s still hard member was deeply buried in Shang Ke’s body. His hands were clasped around the other’s waist while Qin Yuan bit his ear lightly.


Shang Ke pushed him away at this moment, then pointed to the sea and said, “Look, is that a lifeboat?”


Qin Yuan turned his head and saw a white lifeboat floating nearby.


“I’ll go and check.” Shang Ke moved away from his erection, and the sudden emptiness of his hole caused slick fluid to leak out.


When Shang Ke’s legs buckled, Qin Yuan reached out to hold him, “Put on your clothes and I’ll sail over.”


Shang Ke nodded and turned to walk into the cabin.


Qin Yuan drove the boat to the lifeboat and as he drew near, he found a woman lying inside, unknown whether she was dead or alive.


Qin Yuan first fixed the lifeboat with ropes and then moved the woman to his own boat with Shang Ke.


The woman was about 30 years old with good looks and wore a white hospital gown. She had a swollen lower abdomen, which made it seem like she was pregnant.


Shang Ke took her pulse quietly and confirmed her pregnancy. She was about 7 or 8 months along, but due to the woman’s thin frame, her pregnant status did not look too obvious.


“Judging by the clothes she’s wearing, she may be the subject of some research institution.”  Qin Yuan frowned thoughtfully.


“Her condition isn’t too good. Let’s bring her back home first.” Although Shang Ke didn’t want to bring trouble to himself, he couldn’t let her die without helping either.


Qin Yuan had no objection and sailed back.


The Home of Flames was isolated from the world. If this woman had some problems, he could solve them at any time.


The two brought the woman back to the island, but after two days of treatment, she never woke up. The fetus in her belly was developing well though, even if a bit small.


Qin Yuan remembered the babies with the mutated gene that he saw in his previous life. Everything was normal until they were born when they changed instantly.


He told Shang Ke about this possibility. Shang Ke thought for a moment and said, “I have participated in the whole experiment on dolphin genes. If the fetus really transforms, I may have a way to solve it.”


The main reason for the mutation was the lack of ancestral genes of dolphins, and after many screenings and recombinations, the genes became more and more unstable, resulting in many mutated lives that failed in evolution.


Dolphin genes had only one transformation chance. Once their transformation form was chosen, they could only shift between that and their original form. If more forms were attempted, then the gene will collapse.


Dolphins could evolve into other organisms, but they were aquatic mammals themselves. Other organisms affected by their genes could only be transformed into semi-human aquatic organisms. In short, a merfolk who was a mammal. This was the most normal and stable evolution that came directly from the original gene. As for other mutants, there would be some defects more or less.


Qin Yuan saw that Shang Ke was interested in research, so he set up a separate laboratory for him, with all the instruments and equipment readily available. The dolphin gene research had actually made a breakthrough before, but it was only destroyed by Dipson. With the loss of two living dolphins, human beings could only rely on the originally preserved experimental samples to breed and produce a lot of mutant genes which caused endless damage.


Shang Ke conducted careful tests on the pregnant woman and the fetus in her womb, and found that there were indeed mutated genes in the fetus. However, they had not yet been activated. If they could be deactivated completely, the baby would not transform after birth.


In fact, every organism had hidden genes in its body, and whichever genes were stronger would be the one that was expressed.


Shang Ke used technical means to integrate his gene into the fetus and rebalanced his gene structure. As long as his gene could completely override the mutant gene, the child should be able to get rid of the terrible consequences caused by the mutation and be born smoothly into this world.


However, its mother may never wake up and could only rely on instruments to maintain her life. As for the misfortune that happened to her, it possibly would become a mystery forever.


Three months later, the baby was born, and as Shang Ke expected, it did not undergo any terrible changes, but turned into a merfolk.


Qin Yuan didn’t expect Shang Ke to breed a merfolk so easily. The solution to the fertility crisis that mankind was trying to find was in the hands of this dolphin that was once hurt by them. He had to say, this was the greatest irony to mankind’s eagerness for quick success and instant benefits.


Seeing this lovely little merman, Shang Ke naturally remembered the ones he had raised before and asked Qin Yuan about them.


Qin Yuan’s face changed slightly and he was silent for a long time before he answered, “They all … died.”


“Died?” Shang Ke was surprised at first, then lowered his head and looked gloomy.


Qin Yuan held him pityingly and said in a low voice, “I’m sorry, I didn’t have enough ability to keep them alive.”


Not only could he not keep them alive, but if he hadn’t time-traveled, he wouldn’t have been able to save Waves and even trapped Flames in a cold coffin on the seafloor.


Thinking to here, Qin Yuan’s heart ached once more.


Seeing that his face looked pale, Shang Ke comforted him, “Don’t blame yourself too much. There are many things you can’t do even if you want to.”


He touched the little merman that was soaking in warm water and said earnestly, “Since the little merman chose to come to us, raising him into an adult will be our future responsibility.”


Shang Ke’s earnest expression touched the softest part of Qin Yuan’s heart, making him unable to restrain his love for him.


“Qin Yuan.”




“I want to be his father, so you will be his mother?”




After deciding the surname of the child, Shang Ke spent most of his time taking care of him. Qin Yuan could only spend all of his time working hard to make money and provide his lover with a more comfortable life and stronger protection.


Late at night, when Shang Ke returned to his room, he found Qin Yuan still working. He went over to encircle his neck and whispered, “Let’s go to bed early?”


Qin Yuan smelled the milk the baby merman drank from him and guessed  that he had just been fed. The baby food used was the milk powder previously prepared by the laboratory, which contained milk ingredients that were very suitable for merman.


Shang Ke took Qin Yuan to the bathroom and the two dragged on for an hour or two before coming out.


Qin Yuan was a little tired today and for once did not have any nightly activity thoughts. He soon fell asleep in Shang Ke’s arms.


Since Shang Ke came back, his sleep quality had been improving day by day and he was now able to sleep normally.


In the middle of the night, Shang Ke was woken up by a shortness of breath and looked to the side. He found Qin Yuan’s expression was painful, and his whole body was dripping with cold sweat. His mouth uttered inarticulate words as if he were having some terrible nightmare.


“Qin Yuan, Qin Yuan.” Shang Ke called out as he wiped the sweat gathering on his forehead.


“Flames, Flames…” Qin Yuan suddenly started violently jerking as his face was filled with fear.


“I am here. Qin Yuan, what’s wrong? Wake up!” Shang Ke hugged him tightly. Although he didn’t know what he was fearing, he still tried his best to comfort him in his own way.


Qin Yuan felt his familiar presence and his twitching gradually subsided before finally stopping. As he leaned into Shang Ke’s embrace, he whispered repeatedly, “I’m sorry, Flames, I’m sorry…”


A tear slid down Qin Yuan’s face. The many years of fear that tormented his spirit couldn’t be so easily dispersed even though he got Flames back. Plus, he even bore the guilt of thinking he had caged Flames in the coffin the entire time.


Shang Ke didn’t understand the whole situation, so he could only gently comfort him, “You didn’t do anything that let me down, you never did…” 


Qin Yuan listened to his familiar voice, soft like a child and still carrying an underlying tone of alarm. He fell into a deep slumber.

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