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Chapter 111: Becoming Your God (XIV)

The Death God’s experience and ranking cannot be compared to the average god. In fact, he was one of the few gods who could gain divine power without relying on mortals to worship him. His power ultimately came from the deaths of living things. The War God, no matter how strong he was, could not compare with him. 

Shang Ke had previously stated that he didn’t need the support of this Great God. During the period when the Evil God was mobbed by the forces of light, the Death God didn’t appear to support him. However, now that the Evil God and a God belonging to light were in love, he appeared as a result of the brightness. 

The news of the Death God’s arrival rapidly spread and it shocked the other gods. Saya imposed a restriction on the city in order to prevent Shang Ke from seeking shelter within the darkness. However, he was only able to offer protection from the dark and not from the light. There were several gods like the Fire God, Water God, and the Earth God, who were the Evil God’s enemies. They all had demanded that the War God either seal or expel him from this territory belonging to the light. 

When the other gods noticed this situation, they felt somewhat confused. He wasn’t a famous god from the dark side. How could he attract the attention of so many gods? Even though light and darkness were often at odds with one another, it was possible for the two sides to work together as long as there were no restrictions involved. 

Even though Shang Ke was a god with dark attributes, he always followed the rules, treated others kindly, and was even seen as kinder and more innocent than some light gods. However, the harmless “minor god” had the backing of the War God, the interest of the Death God, and rivalry with some thousand year old major gods.

It took many exchanges among the bystanders before Shang Ke’s identity was made public. After they realized who he was, the minor gods that had stirred up trouble for him now broke into a cold sweat. They were shocked to discover that he was Unos, the Evil God who covered the entire continent in blood more than a thousand years ago? He looked so harmless, silly, and cute. He was talented in different life skills and he was the face behind all the popular products his believers had created in Cannes City. 

If it weren’t for his identity being mentioned, then the other gods would have regarded him as a cute comforting sprite. However upon discovering his true attributes, they were not only unpleasant, but also violent. How was this Evil God able to disguise himself so well? He didn’t only enter the territory of light in such a spectacular manner, but he also received the blessings of the War God. Based on what everyone knew, the Evil God had been sealed by the War God a thousand years ago. Why did they get along so well? Theoretically, they should have been eternal enemies. Is it possible that the Evil God was so good in bed that he defeated the War God in that manner? 

The happenings between the major gods didn’t affect the minor gods. As long as there were mortals to worship them, then they could live immortal lives. At their worst, their strength could be destroyed. Nonetheless, the light God’s positions were very clear. They drew the line when it came to themselves and the Evil God. Therefore, they refused to engage with the Evil God. 

The people who had believed in the Evil God, like the Shu Clan, ended up ostracized by others. They all felt shocked and couldn’t believe that the god they worshipped was the cruel Evil God they read about in the legends. Many people’s faiths began to waver, but those with dark intentions supported the Evil God. These types of followers were able to bring Shang Ke the power he needed. These evil thoughts and desires could help the Evil God thrive. 

In the few months that followed, Shang Ke’s strength didn’t decrease, but it increased past what he had accumulated over the past few years. The actual aura of the Evil God gradually revealed itself. 

It was during this time that the bloodshed in the city was increasing. Even without Shang Ke doing anything, the Evil God’s power would stimulate and arouse the mortals’ hostility. Shang Ke now understood why the original Evil God continued to kill and destroy even after his rebirth. It wasn’t that he didn’t want to change, but he was prevented from changing as a result of his natural attributes. 

What was really awful was not the Evil God, but rather the evil thoughts in everyone’s hearts. They didn’t need the Evil God’s blessings. Instead, they wanted to use their own thoughts to create their own powerful Evil God in their hearts to satisfy their own selfish needs. 

It used to take Shang Ke great lengths to even slightly increase his strength. However, his spiritual powers currently were surging without him going through much trouble for it. This was why Shang Ke hid his identity. The term, “Evil God,” felt like a terrible curse in itself. 

Shang Ke was not concerned about that. Instead, he was concerned about how the attitudes of the Shu Clan members had changed towards him. He truly believed that he had done his best in protecting and caring for them. However, the ones he had blessed had now given up on him just because he was the Evil God. Besides Tima, the others had isolated him and they no longer stepped foot in his temple. 

It was Yitamo who shocked him. He never wavered with his feelings from the beginning till the end. He would often come to the temple to pay his respects with Tima. 

The temple of Uno which was once popular now became cold and desolate within a few months. The ones that believed in the Evil God only worshipped him at night. The originally sunny Temple of Uno now became one of darkness. 

“Those who believe in the Evil God need to get out of Cannes City! You’re not welcome here!” The stores belonging to the Shu Clan were smashed to pieces and their goods were looted. 

They violently drove the Shu Clan out of Cannes City, preventing them from staying there. The Shu Clan knew in their hearts that there wasn’t any place for them in the city anymore. The only thing they could do was move away from the city and avoid the limelight. 

Normally, gods avoided getting involved in anything involving the mortals. It wouldn’t have been as terrible as it was if there weren’t gods encouraging the behavior behind the scenes. 

“You don’t have to pay attention to what happens among the mortals. You weren’t the cause of their fight.” Saya spent the day and night with him. It was apparent that Shang Ke had not used his powers on the mortals. Otherwise, the current happenings would not just be a minor nuisance. 

There wasn’t any peace in the mortal world. The gods could only bless the mortals if needed, but they had no authority over their actions. 

“Yeah.” Shang Ke calmly smiled at him, looking as if he wasn’t bothered by what had happened. 

Saya assumed that Shang Ke truly didn’t care about what happened and he went for a round with him in bed. However, once Shang Ke woke up, he destroyed the restrictions that were set by Saya before he went to the Imperial Yi Clan’s territory by himself. 

“Are you finally willing to leave your War God?” The Death God’s voice sounded out in the wilderness. 

“Lord Death God, can I ask you something?” Shang Ke was too lazy to search for the hidden Death God. Instead, he laid down on the grass and placed his hands behind his head as he gazed at the stars. 

“What’s your question?” The other god seemed curious about what his question would be. 

“Why are you coming after me?” Shang Ke questioned, “As far as I know, the Death God usually avoids meddling in the business of others.” 

“Hehe, I actually love to meddle in the business of others.” 

He was suddenly enshrouded in a fog, before the Death God’s figure appeared in front of him. He was dressed in a black robe and his long hair was like mist. There was a sinister charm to him. His lips were thin and his eyes looked so dark that you couldn’t see any white in them. He looked like he could drag anybody to the abyss at any moment. 

After Shang Ke stared at those eyes for a while, he felt the uniqueness of them as if there were special effects involved. 

“Do you like my eyes?” The Death God smiled at him.

“Well, they do look nice.”Shang Ke gave an honest response. 

The other god leaned closer to Shang Ke. His hair fluttered around and blended with his black robe. 

“If you’d like…,” he began with a seductive tone, “I can gift you with the same eyes.” 

Before Shang Ke could respond, he continued, “If you offer me your body.” 

“…Why don’t we go back to what we were previously talking about? Why are you after me?” Shang Ke asked. 

The Death God straightened himself up out of regret, “It’s obviously because someone made a deal with me.” 

“Who? What was the deal?”

I can’t tell you who it was. I also have integrity.” The Death God said with a smile on his face, “However, I can tell you what the deal was.” 

Shang Ke carefully listened to him. 

“He promised me that he would give me all of your followers as an offering after I seal you.” 

“What?!” Shang Ke leaped to his feet and angrily exclaimed, “Who does he think he is to give away my followers?” 

The Death God waved his sleeves and spoke out of satisfaction with his reaction, “The gods that belong to the realm of light are all hypocrites. In their eyes, they don’t care about who lives or dies among the mortals.” 

“What would prompt a Death God to make a deal with the gods of the light realm?” 

“I am in charge of death. It doesn’t matter if it’s a god or mortal or if they belong to light or darkness.” He lowered his head near Shang Ke’s ear and whispered, “If you die, I will also collect your soul.” 

“While spirit gods don’t die,” the voice changed directions to the other side, “Corporeal gods can.” 

Shang Ke stared at the Death God before he opened his mouth, “Then, I’ll also make a deal with you.” 

“Oh?” The Death God had an interested look on his face. 

Once they finished their discussion, the air around them became turbulent. In the next second, Saya’s figure appeared in front of them. 

“It appears that the Lord War God really likes our Unos.” The Death God mildly smiled at Saya. 

Saya coldly responded back, “He’s mine.” 

The other god spread his arms out, “Even if you say that, it doesn’t change the fact that he’s a dark attribute god.” 

Saya’s face was emotionless, but his aura felt aggressive. The fog around him was spiraling. 

“Saya, let’s leave.” Shang Ke pulled the War God’s arm. 

Saya removed his raging aura after hearing his words, and he pulled Shang Ke into his arms. 

Before leaving, Shang Ke looked at the Death God from the corner of his eyes. The latter had a bright smile on his face. His smile had demonic charm to it. 

Shang Ke murmured something under his breath, but his voice broke as they moved. 

“You’re not allowed to leave my territory ever again!” Saya exclaimed as he quickened his movements. 


“You’re not allowed to meet the Death God alone by yourself ever again!” t


“You cannot make love with any other god or mortals beside me!”


Shang Ke agreed to all of Saya’s demands.

When Saya heard the other’s responses, he no longer felt uneasy and he slowed down. The War God gently kissed his body. 

He couldn’t understand his feelings that he had lost the other before. Therefore, he attempted to do everything in his power to make the other stay, no matter what.

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