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Chapter 111: Becoming Your God (XIV)

Translator: StaringAtAStar (started), Sarah | TLC: SnowTime


The Death’s rank and experience couldn’t be compared to that of an average god. More importantly, he was one of the few gods who can gain divine power without the worship of mortals; his power comes primarily from the death of living things. Even the War God, as strong as he is, isn’t able to deal with him.


Shang Ke says he doesn’t need the support of this Great God. When the original Evil God was mobbed by the Light forces, the Death didn’t appear in support. However, now that the Evil God and a God of Light are in love, he appears in reverence of the light.


News of the Death God’s arrival soon shocked the other gods. In order to prevent Shang Ke from seeking shelter within the darkness, Saya imposed a restriction on the city. But he was only able to guard against the dark and not those of the light. Several gods, such as Fire, Water and Earth, were all enemies of the Evil God and demanded the War God to seal or expel him from the territory of light. 


When the other gods saw this situation, they were somewhat confused. He was just an unknown god of the dark side. How could he draw out so many gods? Although light and darkness were at odds with each other, as long as it was allowed, the two sides could still work together without breaking the rules.


Although Shang Ke was a dark attribute god, he had always been rule-abiding, treated people well, and was even more innocent and kind than most light gods. However, such a harmless “minor god” not only had the backing of the War God, the Death God vying for him, but he’s also made enemies with thousand year old major gods.


After many exchanges, Shang Ke’s identity was finally made public. Upon realizing who he was, many of the minor gods who had tried to make trouble for him before were in cold sweat. He was actually the Evil God, Unos who had dyed the continent in blood more than a thousand years ago? He looked so harmless, so silly, so cute! He was also good at all kinds of life skills and most of the popular products in Cannes City came from his believers.


Without mentioning his identity, other gods would have almost regarded him as a cute homely sprite. However, his real attributes were not only unlovable, but also particularly bloody. Didn’t this Lord Evil God disguise himself too well? Not only did he enter the territory of light in such a magnificent way, but he was also blessed by the War God. If these people were right, the Evil God was sealed by the War God a thousand years ago. In principle, they should be lifelong enemies. Why do they get along so well? Is it possible that the bed skills of the Evil God had also broken through the sky and conquered the War God like that?!


The things between the major gods, in fact, had little to do with the minor gods. As long as they had humans worshiping them, they could live indefinitely. At worst, their strengths could only be damaged. Nevertheless, the position of the light gods were very clear. They drew a clear line between themselves and the Evil God, resolutely not engaging with him.


  At the same time, the people who believed in the Evil God, like the Shu Clan, had been ostracized. They were shocked and in disbelief that the god they believed in was in fact the cruel Evil God in the legends. Many people’s faiths began to waver, but some of them with dark intentions instantly turned to the Evil God. These were the kind of believers who could really bring power to Shang Ke. The evil thoughts and desires in their hearts were the nourishments that the Evil God needed.


In a few months, not only did Shang Ke’s strength not decline, it had surpassed the accumulation of the past few years. Gradually, the proper aura of an Evil God started to show up on his body.


At the same time, the bloodshed in the city was increasing. Even if Shang Ke had done absolutely nothing, the power of the Evil God would stimulate and arouse the hostility of ordinary people. Shang Ke was beginning to understand why the original Evil God continued to kill and destroy after his rebirth. It was not because he did not want to change, but because his natural attributes left him with no choice.


What was truly terrible in this world was not the Evil God, but the evil ideas in people’s hearts. What they needed was not the blessing of the Evil God, but to use their own ideas to shape the greatest Evil God in their hearts so as to satisfy their selfish desires.


It used to take great pains for Shang Ke to gain a little strength, but now his powers were soaring without him doing anything about it. That’s why Shang Ke had been hiding his identity. The words “Evil God” was a powerful curse in itself.


But Shang Ke didn’t care about that. He was most concerned about the attitude of the Shu Clan towards him. Over the past few years, he believed he had done his best to protect and care for them. But just because he was an Evil God, those he had once blessed gave up on him first. Apart from Tima, most of them have alienated him and they no longer stepped foot into his temple. 


It was Yitamo that made him somewhat surprised. He never wavered from beginning to end, often coming to the temple with Tima to pay him respects.


The once-popular Temple of Uno became cold and empty in just a few months. Those who truly believed in the Evil God generally only worshiped at night. With the change of his believers, the originally sunny Temple of Uno finally became a temple of darkness.


“You believers of the Evil God, get out of Cannes City! You are not welcome here!” The stores of the Shu Clan had been smashed to pieces, their goods looted and broken.


They rudely drove the Shu family away and did not allow them to stay in Cannes City. The Shu clan knew in their hearts that there was no place for them in the city anymore. They could only move out and temporarily avoid the limelight.


It wouldn’t have been so bad since the exchanges between gods rarely involved mortals. But if there were gods encouraging it behind the scenes, then it was a different story. 


“You don’t have to pay attention to the matters of mortals. You didn’t make them fight.” Saya spent this time with him day and night. It was clear to him that Shang Ke had not been using his powers on the people, otherwise the current situation may not be as simple as a minor nuisance.


There was no absolute peace in the world of mortals. The gods can only provide them blessings when necessary but they were not responsible for their actions.


“Yeah.” Shang Ke smiled at him serenely, looking completely unworried.


Saya thought that he did not care about it and had even had a round with him on the bed. But after Shang Ke woke up, he immediately broke then the restrictions set down by Saya and went to the territory of the Imperial Yi Clan alone.


“You’re finally willing to leave your War God?” The voice of the Death God rang out in the wilderness.


“Lord Death God, can I ask you a question?” Shang Ke was too lazy to look for the hidden Death God. He lied down on the grass, placed his hands behind his head and gazed at the stars.


“What’s question?” There was a bit of curiosity in the other god’s voice.


“Why are you coming for me?” Shang Ke asked, “As far as I know, Lord Death God never had a habit of meddling.”  


“Hehe, I actually love to meddle with other people’s business.”


Suddenly, there was fog spreading around him, and the figure of the Death God emerged. He was dressed in a black robe with long hair like mist. He had a sinister charm with thin lips and eyes so dark you couldn’t see the whites at all. He looked as if he could bring a man to the abyss at any moment. 


After staring at those completely dark eyes for a while, Shang Ke felt like they were very unique as if special effects were being used.


“You really like my eyes?” the Death God smiled.


“Well, it’s pretty good.” Shang Ke answered honestly.


The other god slowly leaned down, his hair fluttering, blending in with his black robe.


“If you like,” he began, his voice seductive, “I can make you have the same eyes.”


He added before Shang Ke could answer, “As long as you offer your body.”


“…Why don’t you go back to the previous topic? Why are you coming for me?” Shang Ke asked.


The Death God straightened up with regret, “Naturally, someone made a deal with me.”


“Who? What deal?”


“Who it is, I can’t tell you. Even I must have integrity.” the Death God said with a smile. “However, I can tell you the details of the deal.”  


Shang Ke listened attentively.


“He promised to give me all your believers as an offering after sealing you.”


“What?” Shang Ke leaped to his feet, exclaiming angrily, “Just who does he think he is to give out my believers?”


The Death God shook his sleeves and spoke, satisfied with his reaction, “The gods in the realm of light are all a bunch of hypocrites. What are the lives and deaths of mortals in their eyes?”


“Why would a Death God make a deal with a god of light?”


“I am in charge of death, whether it’s a god or a mortal or whether they are of light or darkness.” He bowed his head to Shang Ke’s ear and whispered, “If you die, I will also collect your soul.”


“Spirit gods do not die, however,” the voice turned to the other side, “Corporeal gods can..”


Shang Ke looked at him and told him, “Then I’ll make a deal with you too.”


“Oh?” There was an expression of interest on the Death God’s face.


After they finished discussing, the air became turbulent and in the next second, Saya’s figure appeared before them. 


“It seems Lord War God really likes our Unos.” The Death God smiled blandly at Saya.


Saya coldly replied, “He’s mine.”


The other god spread his hands, “Even if you say so, you can’t change the fact that he is a dark attribute god.”


Saya’s face was calm but his aura so aggressive, the fog around him was swirling. 


“Saya, let’s go back.” Shang Ke pulled on the War God’s arm.


Hearing his words, Saya slowly withdrew his raging aura and with one hand, pulled Shang Ke into his arms.


Before they left, Shang Ke glanced at the Death God from the corner of his eyes. The latter was also smiling brightly, his smile like extremely demonically charming.


Shang Ke murmured something but as they moved away, his voice fragmented.


“You’re not allowed to leave my territory again!” Saya exclaimed as he rapidly moved.




“You’re not allowed to meet the Death God alone again!”




“You’re not allowed to make love with any other god or mortals but me!”




Every demand of Saya, Shang Ke agreed to them all.


When Saya heard his responses, the uneasiness in his heart subsided and he slowed down his movements. The War God kissed his body gently.


He couldn’t understand why, but he always felt as if he had once lost him before. So he tried to do everything to make him stay, no matter the means.

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