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Chapter 207: Death Cycle (V)

TL: Resonance


Zombies love the taste of raw meat and blood, but as the zombie with the top evolution, ordinary food can no longer satisfy his appetite.


Shang Ke didn’t make much progress even after several days of testing. Di Kui had little interest whether it was animals or plants. He would eat whatever Shang Ke let’s him eat and was very cooperative. However, he generally won’t try the same thing a second time.


It’s fine if this was the case. Shang Ke has the patience. Sooner or later, he would be able to find the food that meets the zombie king’s taste. The two of them walked around together collecting food from all over the world, everything looked so beautiful and harmonious. However, reality is always cruel.


There was once when Shang Ke let Di Kui taste a type of spicy food. As a result, as soon as the food entered his mouth, Di Kui flared up. He waved a slap over and directly ruptured Shang Le’s internal organs.


Shang Ke fell onto a pool of blood. He has yet to experience the pain of death when his exciting revival mode started.


The smell of blood attracted the nearby zombies.


Di Kui stood beside Shang Ke’s “corpse” with a ferocious expression and a fierce look in his eyes. With a growl, those zombies no longer dared to make any noise nor come closer.


Shang Ke who was currently recovering secretly let out a sigh of relief. At any rate, he had avoided being torn apart. His ability to endure death has risen to a height unreachable by ordinary people, and his requirement for the mode of death has lowered to the point that it was enough as long as it wasn’t too bloody or painful.


Five hours later, the body recovery was complete. This time, “only” the internal organs were ruptured, so the recovery time was shorter.


Shang Ke sat up from the ground. He took out a towel from his bag calmly, wet it with water magic and wiped the blood stains on his skin. Then, he changed into a set of clean clothes.


“Done?” Di Kui squatted on a stone block and looked at Shang Ke condescendingly.


“Done.” Shang Ke replied calmly.


Both the killer and the slain displayed an unworldly calmness.


“You can continue.” The spicy taste that makes Di Kui irritable was still in his mouth and made him very unhappy.


“We’ll stop for today. Take this.” Shang Ke passed him a chewing gum. This was found from a newly evolved zombie.


Di Kui took it, unwrapped the wrapping paper, threw the wrapping paper into his mouth and threw the chewing gum onto the ground. Then, he found that something was wrong. He spat out the wrapping paper in his mouth, jumped down from the stone block, picked up the chewing gum he threw on the ground and put it in his mouth.


Shang Ke: “…”


Although zombies weren’t creatures that care about hygiene, Shang Ke still couldn’t take it when he saw this kind of behaviour. This fellow was the zombie king. Could you please display the taste and bearing a zombie king should have!


Shang Ke saw that he was chewing energetically and remained silent tactfully. He packed up the items on the ground. Shang Ke intends to continue this brutal gourmet journey, and decisively placed spicy flavour onto the blacklist.


At Qizhen city on a farm near the suburbs, two modified SUVs drove on the bumpy ground.


“We have acquired quite a bit this trip. When we go back, we can exchange for quite a generous amount of supplies.” A baldy who was sitting on the passenger seat in the front SUV said to his companion at the back with a grin.


“This is all thanks to brother Bin.” A thin man at the back seat turned and smiled shyly at the brown-haired man beside him, his eyes full of admiration.


The brown-haired man stretched his body and leaned on the seat with a beautiful blonde girl in his embrace. He didn’t have much reaction to the thin man’s flattering. Instead, the blonde girl in his arms smiled and said, “Cheng Hua, you’re very capable too. You were actually able to invite brother Bin. He’s a rare level eight ability user in the base.”


Human ability users are divided into nine levels with level one being the lowest and level nine being the highest. But there are also exceptions, which was the “protagonist” Huo Xuan. His strength was far beyond level nine, reaching the one and only human king level.


“That’s brother Bin giving me face. I will definitely repay brother Bin well in the future.” The thin man that was called “Cheng Hua” was still smiling shyly.


At this moment, the man with a buzz cut who was in charge of driving suddenly reminded, “There’s someone in front.”


Everyone stopped talking and looked out of the car window at the same time. A slim figure appeared beside the farmland a few hundred meters ahead. His back was facing them and he sat cross legged in front of a fire. He was holding a wooden stick earnestly roasting something.


There’s actually someone roasting something at a zombie infested wasteland. Isn’t this looking for death?


“Drive slower and see whether it’s a human or a zombie.” Brother Bin ordered.


The man who was driving nodded his head and drove slowly to where the other party was.


The modified SUV made no noise and only bumping sound due to the bumps could be heard.


The person beside the farmland noticed them approaching and turned to look at them. A handsome face entered the line of sight of the people in the car.


The baldy sitting on the passenger seat praised while clicking his tongue, “It’s unexpectedly a handsome boy.”


Brother Bin also took a few more glances, but he didn’t let down his guard. He looked around and his mental force was highly concentrated as he searched through the surrounding. A moment later, a look of uncertainty appeared on his face. Strange, he couldn’t feel any zombies around. His perception can reach up to three kilometers away. A situation like this where there wasn’t a single zombie within three kilometer has never happened before.


Even if it was a high level zombie with invisibility, there’s no way it could cover the traces of all the zombies within the three kilometers. So, was it really a coincidence that there really were no zombies in this area?


Or… Brother Bin looked back at the person by the farmland. Has all the surrounding zombies been cleaned up by him?


The person who was roasting by the farmland was Shang Ke. He couldn’t help but feel anxious when he saw two SUVs stopping before him.


“Brother, you’re alone? Do you need a ride?” The bald man placed his elbow on the car window and said to Shang Ke with a smile.


His tone sounded like teasing and was clearly asking insincerely. Whether to let a stranger in the car or not was not for him to decide.


“No need.” Shang Ke responded indifferently, but hoped that they would leave immediately and don’t stop here.


“Heh, quite proud aren’t you.” The bald man looked a little unhappy and was about to scorn him when the aroma of roasted food in Shang Ke’s hands caught his attention.


Shang Ke was currently roasting fish. Although a certain zombie king doesn’t like this kind of ordinary people’s food, Shang Ke never got tired of eating it. And under the motivation of the zombie king, he became more diligent in his cooking. No matter how simple the ingredients are, he could make an imperial level delicacy.


The aroma of roasted food made the mercenaries who have been working hard outside for 2-3 months drool.


At this moment, brother Bin said, “Ask him if he is willing to roast some food for us. We can exchange for it with some supplies.”


Brother Bin could clearly ask Shang Ke directly, yet he wanted the bald man to do it for him, seeming like he was intentionally displaying his identity before Shang Ke.


“No time.” Shang Ke rejected cleanly. Comrades! While it isn’t dark yet, take the chance to leave!


Shang Ke felt anxious but wasn’t able to explain it. Di Kui was somewhere nearby, he had to hurry. It doesn’t matter if he was killed since he could revive, but these people won’t have the chance to revive!


“Don’t be too arrogant!” The bald man said in anger, “Do you know who is in the car? He is boss Huo’s brother, level eight ability user Song Bin.”


“Song Bin[1]”? Just how irrational are his parents to give him such an ominous name? It doesn’t matter if he is Huo Xuan’s brother. Even if Huo Xuan came personally, he would also have to leave immediately!


Shang Ke thought for a moment and replied, “It turned out you’re Huo Xuan’s brother. Sorry about that. However, I really don’t have the time to roast for you guys. If you guys don’t mind, I will give you these few that have already been roasted. Wishing you guys to have a safe trip.” He still wants to find Huo Xuan in the future. He doesn’t want to get too disagreeable with his people.


These mercenaries weren’t some villains who bullies others. Seeing that Shang Ke has made a concession, they no longer made things difficult for him. They received his roasted fish and waved goodbye.


Before they left, Song Bin said to Shang Ke, “You can look for me in the survivor’s base in the future.” This promise can be considered his thanks for the roasted fish.


A level eight ability user’s promise can be considered significant to anyone. However, what Shang Ke valued was his relationship with Huo Xuan. Shang Ke might be able to get to know Huo Xuan through him in the future.


After watching the two SUVs leave, Shang Ke turned around but was horrified to see that Di Kui had appeared beside him when he didn’t notice.


“You gave my food to someone else.” Di Kui’s voice was calm but his eyes were fierce.


Please be reasonable. That was my food, not yours. You don’t like it at all!


Shang Ke cursed in his heart, but said, “That food tastes so terrible, we don’t have to mind that much giving it away.”


“My food can’t be given to others even if I throw it away.” Di Kui’s eyes flashed murderously.


Shang Ke saw that he seemed to be going to kill them so he immediately changed the subject, “Di Kui, I always had a question I wanted to ask you.”




“Why do you want to kill people?”


Di Kui gave him a strange look, “Why can’t I kill people?”


“Other zombies kill people because they see them as food, so they are displaying predatory behaviour. Why are you killing people when you don’t like eating human flesh?”


Di Kui was silent for a moment before he finally thought of a reason, “After I kill them, their items would be mine. Aren’t you helping me collect ingredients? Many ingredients can’t be found in abandoned cities but humans surely have it.”


A zombie king that was strong to the point of ignoring rules was just so domineering.


Shang Ke continued persuading, “There are many ways to obtain ingredients, we don’t necessarily have to kill.”




“Let me try it the next time we meet humans. I wouldn’t have to trouble King to do it personally if I’m able to exchange for new ingredients from them successfully.”


“Too slow.”


“I will try my best to be fast!” Shang Ke’s tone was extremely firm.


Di Kui looked at him deeply and said faintly, “Go then.”


Di Kui did as he promised. He brought Shang Ke and caught up to Song Bin’s group that very night. He placed Shang Ke in an alley less than 300 meters away from them and signaled Shang Ke to go.


Shang Ke was crying without tears. They could wait until they meet another mercenary group to act! Why must it be this group? He had just refused to travel with them, wouldn’t it be weird of him if he appeared before them again?


Besides, Song Bin’s group of people are clearly returning back to the base. It took him so much effort to lead Di Kui away, he doesn’t want them to screw it up.


However, Di Kui has already decided. He wanted to see just how Shang Ke was going to get ingredients from these humans.


Shang Ke could only touch his nose and walk out from the alley. He walked slowly towards where the group of mercenaries were while praying for himself and these unlucky fellows in his heart… 


[1] Song Bin – The person’s name is 宋斌 but Shang Ke mistook it as 送殡 which means ‘attend a funeral’.

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