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Chapter 208: Death Cycle (VI)

TL: Resonance


Night time is the zombies’ most active time, Song Bin’s team naturally wouldn’t take the risk trying to rush back. They chose a relatively hidden building to spend the night.


Shang Ke got closer to the building while thinking about how to gain their trust. After all, he had just told them that he wouldn’t be travelling with them during the day, yet he followed closely behind them and also coincidentally chose the building they hid themselves in.


There were more than 10 floors in the building. Song Bin’s team of people were on the third floor. There’s no way Shang Ke could recklessly go up and find them. Hence, he found a room on the second floor first and planned to meet them tomorrow morning.


Di Kui should be able to tolerate one night of waiting.


However, the team of mercenaries sensed his presence the moment he stepped into the building. A level eight ability user’s perception is extraordinary. All living creatures within his perception range cannot escape his detection.


Within Song Bin’s perception, Shang Ke was an ordinary person without any abilities. Hence, Song Bin was unable to identify him based on ability level and attribute. Although the other person seems like an ordinary person, Song Bin didn’t let down his guard. The fact that an ordinary person appearing here alone was unusual itself.


“Tu Bo, go take a look.” Song Bin whispered his order to a tall and thin man in black shirt in the corner. The latter nodded his head and silently hidden himself in the darkness.


There was no light in the building and only a little bit of light from the stars shone in through the window, making the darkness even darker.


Tu Bo blended into the darkness and went towards the room Shang Ke was in stealthily. Within their team, he was the ability user best at hiding his tracks, even Song Bin couldn’t reach his level in this aspect. However, he met someone greater than him today.


Within the darkness, a pair of purple eyes shone faintly as it coldly watched Tu Bo’s every action. Just when Tu Bo was about to enter Shang Ke’s room, he suddenly felt a chill on his neck. Then, his line of sight tilted and the world before him was turned upside down. Tu Bo finally understood what happened at the last moment before he lost his consciousness, but he no longer had the ability to think.


A head rolled on the ground for around 10 meters and produced a series of thumping sounds. It sounded very clearly in the silent night.


Shang Ke who was separated by just one door naturally heard it. Song Bin who was on the third floor also heard it.


At the instance when Shang Ke opened the door, Tu Bo’s headless corpse was dragged into the darkness by a force and disappeared without a trace.


The first thing Shang Ke saw was the blood stains on the floor. He followed the trajectory of the blood spray and soon found a human head that was still dripping blood at a corner.


A head fell here, yet there was no corpse around. Only a few seconds had passed from the instance the head fell onto the floor to when he opened the door. Being able to cut off a person’s head and drag the corpse away so quickly, the only perpetrator Shang Ke could think of at the moment was the little zombie.


The person who was killed should be a member of the mercenary team. They noticed him, so they sent someone over to check, but ended up becoming the little zombie’s meal.


A general level zombie’s ability was comparable to a level eight ability user at the human side. No one within the mercenary team was the little zombie’s opponent except from Song Bin.


Shang Ke frowned. He only thought about guarding against Di Kui and forgot the purple-eye zombie following him around. Compared to the zombie king who has self-control ability, the insane little zombie won’t have any scruples.


As he was thinking, he suddenly felt someone coming nearer. He turned around to look and saw Song Bin’s team of people.


“It’s you?” Song Bin’s expression sank, “Why are you here? What happened just now?”


“I don’t know. I heard a noise and opened the door to check, but didn’t see anyone.” Shang Ke hid the golden glow in his eyes and didn’t reveal his night vision ability.


Song Bin stared at him doubtfully and asked again, “Why are you here?”


“It’s along the way to where I’m going.”


The bald man at the side snorted coldly, “And you coincidentally came ‘along’ to our building?”


“Not really.” Shang Ke replied calmly, “I saw your cars and guessed that you guys would probably be here, so I chose this building as my resting spot.”


Song Bin grudgingly accepted this explanation. He questioned, “Did you really not see anything? What was that noise just now?”


Before Shang Ke could answer, the girl by Song Bin’s side whispered as she pointed at a corner with trembling fingers, “Brother Bin, lo-look.”


Song Bin’s team of people looked in the direction of her finger and saw a round object lying quietly at the dark corner. People in the team with excellent eyesight soon recognize that the object was Tu Bo’s head.


Their faces changed greatly and they revealed shocked and angry expressions. Then, they looked at Shang Ke with suspicion one after another.


Shang Ke smiled wryly. He was still thinking about how to gain their trust earlier. Great, they’ve just met and this happened.


“It’s not him.” Song Bin suddenly said, “The noise earlier should be the sound of Tu Bo’s head landing on the floor. The sound of the door opening came afterwards. The bloodstains only appeared outside the door, indicating that Tu Bo was killed before he could enter the room.”


The bald man was still doubtful, “What if this rascal’s door wasn’t closed in the first place? He might have closed the door after killing Tu Bo.”


“If that’s the case, the blood wouldn’t only have sprayed on the door, but into his room or his body as well.”


Shang Ke gave Song Bin another glance. This person sure is calm, and a little too calm. He can analyze so calmly when facing his comrade’s death.


“Then this is…” The others accepted Song Bin’s explanation. They became less hostile, but still didn’t like Shang Ke. Their comrade wouldn’t have died if not for him anyway.


“Be careful everyone, I suspect that a powerful zombie is hiding in this building.” Song Bin’s expression was a little terrible. He didn’t perceive the existence of this zombie at all.


“You should stay with us too.” Song Bin stared at  Shang Ke. Although it was only a suggestion, his tone was unyielding.


Shang Ke nodded his head and didn’t reject. The little zombie might spare them if he was around. After all, she had drunk plenty of his blood during their journey together.


“Brother Bin, why are you bringing this rascal along?” The bald man asked softly when they returned back to their room.


Song Bin glanced at Shang Ke who was not far away and replied, “He isn’t simple.”


He didn’t have the air of an ability user, yet he was able to travel alone freely in a zombie rampant world. Under the current circumstances, everyone including him maintained a high level of vigilance. Yet, he looked calm as if nothing happened. This kind of calmness isn’t something an ordinary person would have.


Song Bin only said three words and didn’t speak anymore.


No one slept this night. The atmosphere was extremely oppressing in the deadly quiet room. Hissing sounds of zombies sounded from outside the building one after another and the oppressive atmosphere became more horrifying and cold.


At this moment, Shang Ke suddenly felt an arm touching his neck. Then, a small head stuck out over his right shoulder. It was the purple-eye little zombie.


Shang Ke’s body stiffened and he tried his best to not shout. Although he had great guts, he still couldn’t handle such a sudden shock.


There was blood on the corner of the little zombie’s mouth and the claw placed on his shoulder was also bloody. And it kept rubbing nonstop on his shirt!


Shang Ke blocked the little zombie behind him as much as possible. He wasn’t doing this because he wished to protect her, but because he didn’t wish for her to be noticed by others. If she was noticed, a bloody battle was unavoidable. He knows the little zombie’s strength. If they really fought, he guessed that even Song Bin wouldn’t be spared. The night is the zombie’s world and the sound of their fighting will surely attract more zombies.


He also didn’t know what was going on with the little zombie. She kept scratching about on his back and the sound of fabric tearing could faintly be heard. If this goes on, he probably would be scratched by her. If he bleeds, tragedy will be sure to ensue.


Fortunately, the little zombie still has some restraint. She didn’t injure him and only scratched the back of his shirt to tatters as if she was venting her anger. Her nails are very sharp and the sound produced when she cut the shirt wasn’t loud. Otherwise, Shang Ke wouldn’t have been able to hide her no matter what.


When the little zombie seemed to have thrown enough of her tantrum, she left quietly just like how she had come.


Shang Ke secretly let out a sigh of relief. He opened his bag and intended to take out a coat.


“What are you doing?” The bald man who was nearby stared at him vigilantly and asked softly.


“I feel a little cold, so I’m going to wear more.” Shang Ke replied unhurriedly.


The bald man let out a cold snort and his guarded look never left Shang Ke.


Shang Ke didn’t mind it either. He took out a coat and wore it, covering up the damage and blood stains on his shirt.


Everyone spent a sleepless night in fear, completely unaware that a death god passed by them.


The next day, everyone searched the building again but was ultimately unable to find Tu Bo’s body. Hence, they could only find a place nearby to bury his head.


Shang Ke felt that these people’s character weren’t bad. Unfortunately, they were living in a perilous apocalyptic world and faced the threat of becoming a zombie or being swallowed by a zombie at any time.


He was responsible for Tu Bo’s death. However, he was also very clear that even if he wasn’t here, the result may not necessarily be better than now. They attracted trouble the moment they met him and requested for the exchange of food.


Before they left, Song Bin asked Shang Ke, “Will you be going with us?”


For the sake for all of your safety, it would be better if we kept our distance.


“No.” Shang Ke rejected with a smile, then asked, “Can I exchange for some items using crystallines?” Crystalline is a type of crystal formed in the body of a high level zombie. It can increase the power of an ability user and is very valuable.


“What would you like to exchange for?”


“Food and various seasonings.”


Song Bin was stunned. He didn’t expect that Shang Ke wanted to exchange for this kind of thing. If it was five years ago, food was indeed very precious. But ever since Huo Xuan established the survivors’ base, food production gradually returned back to normal and slowly changed from the lack of food to being self-sufficient. Compared to the crystallines, the price of food has fallen greatly.


Then, he thought that Shang Ke probably wanted to travel in the zombie area for a while and replenishing food was necessary.


Song Bing agreed readily. He would generally make friends with someone who traverses through a zombie infected area alone.


The exchange between the two of them went smoothly. What Shang Ke picked were some ordinary supplies which value were far below the crystalline he gave them.


After watching Song Bin’s team of people leave, Shang Ke said quietly, “Have a safe journey.” Then, he turned and walked in the opposite direction.


Although he really wants to go back to the base with them, he couldn’t leave. At least not now.


In the ruins, Di Kui sat on a collapsed wall while looking at the sunrise on the horizon. The sunlight shone on him, showing his lonely yet arrogant figure.


Faint sound of footsteps came from behind him. Di Kui turned around to look and that familiar figure immediately entered his empty eyes.


Actually, Di Kui had thought that Shang Ke wanted to take the opportunity to escape when he suggested coming into contact with other humans.


He set a time limit of 3 hours for Shang Ke in his heart. If Shang Ke didn’t come back in 3 hours, he would kill that group of people. Afterwards, he didn’t know why, but he extended the 3 hours to 5 hours, and the 5 hours to 7 hours.


On the next day, he felt that that human wouldn’t come back anymore. No humans are willing to be with a zombie, and no zombies are willing to be with a zombie king.


However, the human was back again, back to him.


He walked towards him with gentle steps. Then, he showed a gentle smile and said, “I’m back.”


At this moment, Di Kui felt as if something had been injected into his heart.


“Have you exchanged for food?” Di Kui asked.


“Mn, I exchanged for a lot of food.” Shang Ke patted his bag.


“Too slow. Let’s just kill them next time.”


Shang Ke: “… Just how much do you want to kill?”


“They will kill me even if I don’t kill them.” Di Kui stated the fact.


Shang Ke stared at him for a while and suddenly said with a serious face, “I think that’s because you look too… out of the ordinary, outside of the humans’ aesthetic. Hence, they can’t help but try to resist you whenever they see you. In actual fact, they don’t want to but they just can’t control themselves.”


Di Kui touched his own face and showed a puzzled expression.


Shang Ke continued brainwashing him, “Your ‘sloven’ look is very down to earth, but isn’t elegant and gorgeous enough.”


Di Kui’s facial features are pronounced and his eyes are sharp. He was wearing a worn-out trench coat showing his strong chest muscles and sexy waistline and a pair of leather pants which outline his slender and strong legs He wasn’t wearing any shoes and was silent when he walked.


If you ignore his skin that was covered by corpse spots, he seemed like a strong, handsome and unfeeling human man.


“What should I do… to become more elegant and gorgeous?” Di Kui asked hesitantly.


“Leave it to me!” Shang Ke was full of confidence. “I will style you up. After styling, I guarantee that other humans wouldn’t rush to kill you the moment they see you.”

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