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Chapter 206: Death Cycle (IV)

TL: Resonance


Di Kui placed Shang Ke on the sofa, then took away his fingers which were stuck in Shang Ke’s neck. Blood started flowing out of the hole immediately.


Shang Ke’s broken cervical spine had already recovered. All that was left were the bloody holes on his neck. A few seconds later, his neck stopped bleeding and the hole started healing bit by bit.


Shang Ke had yet to celebrate his resurrection when he felt something cold on his neck. There seemed to be something slimy licking the blood on his neck. When Shang Ke turned back to look, he saw the little red eye zombie squatting on the backrest of the sofa. She leaned forward and buried her head in Shang Ke’s neck area, her throat letting out satisfied hisses occasionally.


Then, she suddenly opened her mouth and bit towards his neck.


Di Kui waved his arm and threw her onto the wall. The little zombie turned her body around and was on all fours. She howled at Di Kui a few times seemingly in protest, but didn’t dare to go near Shang Ke again. She only went in circles around the sofa restlessly.


Di Kui felt inexplicably unhappy when he saw the little zombie lean towards this human’s neck to lick the blood earlier. Hence, he smacked the little zombie away without thinking.


Di Kui glanced at Shang Ke’s neck and said, “I want to go to the human base. Show me the way.”


This human seemed to have a very interesting ability. Di Kui intended to keep him by his side.


He wanted to go to the human base? Why did a zombie king want to go to the human base? A field trip to investigate how to destroy the world faster?


The others might not know yet, but Shang Ke was very clear that he was the only one who could kill the zombie king. Before he found a concrete plan to execute, the zombie king was an invincible existence.


Therefore, Shang Ke wouldn’t bring this dangerous fellow into the survivors’ base no matter what. He even had to try his best to delay Di Kui from finding the base for as long as possible.


“I will show you the way as long as you don’t kill me.” Shang Ke touched his neck and nodded his head and a very small degree.


Di Kui expressed his satisfaction towards Shang Ke’s obedience. He immediately led him out of the building.


This building had already been surrounded by a large group of zombies. They growled, roared bare their fangs and brandished their claws towards Shang Ke.


Shang Ke’s wounds had healed, but there were still blood stains on his body. The delicious smell continuously stimulated the hungry zombies.


However, they dared not pounce forward when facing Di Kui’s oppressive force.


Shang Ke followed closely after Di Kui and passed by them with a cold face. The two of them walked amongst the crazy group of zombies just like superstars receiving cheers from their fans. Though, these “fans” were somewhat violent and brutal… 


At this moment, a zombie seemed to be unable to withstand the temptation and quietly stretched his claws towards Shang Ke’s arm.


Shang Ke stepped away and easily dodged the zombie. However, his sleeve didn’t make it and was torn away.


Di Kui stopped and glanced coldly at the zombie. With a soft humph, invisible ripples form in the air. The zombies were like reeds blown down by the wind and fell all around with Di Kui as the epicenter.


Shang Ke secretly gasped when he saw this scene. He once again confirmed that the heroic path of killing the zombie king didn’t suit him. It was more practical for him to take the initiative to send his own neck to the “protagonist’s” sword.


The zombies that had fallen due to Di Kui’s “humph” kept down their arrogance once after another, obediently dispersed and “reluctantly” watched them leave. Only around a dozen general level zombies were still following behind them. But around 10 -20 minutes later, they also left their own way. In the end, only the little zombie that they met in the building was still following them.


Di Kui walked with Shang Ke from dusk to night. Then, as if remembering something, he turned around to ask, “Which way is it?”


You finally remembered to ask this question! I would have thought that you knew the way if it weren’t for the fact that you are walking in the complete opposite direction from the base!


Shang Ke tried his best to control his facial expression and said calmly, “Just continue walking this way.”


Di Kui nodded his head and didn’t doubt him. He had a “I will believe whatever you say” look.


The two of them walked for about another half an hour when Shang Ke suddenly said, “I’m a little tired. Can we rest for a while?”


Shang Ke boldly made this request while relying on his immortal body. He wanted to test Di Kui’s bottom line.


Di Kui didn’t get angry. With a wave of his hand, he disappeared from his original spot. It was clear that he agreed.


Shang Ke let out a sigh of relief. He sat down beside a collapsed wall, used water magic to clean the blood stains on his body and changed into a clean set of clothes.


Shang Ke placed the blood stained clothes aside. He was preparing to make a fire to roast some potatoes to fill his stomach when he suddenly saw a black figure flashing past him from the corner of his eyes. The figure pounced onto the clothes he had just changed out from and rolled into a ball excitedly.


It was the little zombie.


After seeing that it was her, Shang Ke no longer cared about her and continued doing his things.


The little zombie rolled about the clothes for a while, then pulled and wore it on her body. It was loose and made her look very funny.


Shang Ke glanced at her a few times while he was roasting the potatoes. Then, he saw her leaning her head down and bite off his shirt collar and chewed it in her mouth. Then, she spat it out in disgust. She was obviously not interested in the tasteless fabric and only like the blood that stained the fabric.


Shang Ke: Just how long has this brutal child been hungry… 


After eating two potatoes, Shang Ke leaned on the wall intending to nap for a while. He had to try his best to “sleep” for a while even if he wasn’t sleepy.


After a while, Shang Ke felt some change to the airflow beside him. He opened his eyes a little and saw Di Kui sitting next to him.


“Your blood and flesh don’t taste good.” Di Kui said abruptly.


Shang Ke: Haha, thank you so much for your appraisal!


“Why do the other zombies like it so much?” Di Kui seemed like he was asking Shang Ke, but also seemed like he was talking to himself.


Shang Ke was silent: He totally didn’t want to discuss with a zombie whether his flesh was delicious or not!


“You’re very special and your flesh is also very special.” He frowned, seemingly troubled by this problem for a long time, “Just why is it that I do not like to eat it?”


Fortunately, you do not like it! Otherwise, won’t he be eaten over and over again?


“Are there any other special varieties like you amongst the humans?” Di Kui asked very seriously.


Shang Ke: … Those that don’t know might think that you are asking me to introduce you to a blind date.


“Why aren’t you speaking?” A sharp cold glint flashed past Di Kui’s eyes. His skill at turning hostile immediately was perfect.


Shang Ke seemed to have heard the sound of his nerves tightening. He thought for a moment before he asked, “What do you like to eat?”


“Why would I have to ask you if I knew?” Di Kui had a cold and proud ‘If it wasn’t for searching for a food that I liked to eat, why would I lower myself and ask a human’ expression.


Shang Ke endured and tried to speak as calmly as possible: “…I can try to help you find food.”




“Zombies and humans should have very different tastes. If you are willing to let me do a few tests for you, we will probably know which flavor you are more sensitive to. Then, we can find the corresponding ingredients according to your taste.” Shang Ke could tell that Di Kui was obviously more interested in food than heading to the human base. If he can make use of food to divert his attention, it might be able to solve a crisis for mankind.


Di Kui accepted Shang Ke’s proposal without hesitation. Ordinary people’s suspicion, vigilance and calculation etc kind of brain taxing stuff was meaningless to an invincible existence like him.


After satisfying Di Kui’s request, Shang Ke enjoyed a very peaceful night.


When Shang Ke was packing his bag the next day, he caught sight of pieces of rags scattered over the ground. He reckons that it was done by the little zombie and didn’t care too much.


When he saw the little zombie, he was surprised to find that her eyes had turned purple. Within one night, she rose to a general level from her previous approaching-general level. Her intelligence seemed to have improved as well and she no longer acted as crazy as before. However, she was still hyperactive.


Shang Ke frowned. He didn’t know if he was just being suspicious, but he felt that the little zombie’s sudden evolution might be due to his flesh and blood.


If that was the case, didn’t that mean that all the zombies who had consumed his blood and flesh would grow stronger?


Shang Ke felt terrible thinking about this. He thought of one of the mission choices provided by the system— “Be killed by the ‘protagonist’”. He originally thought that the “protagonist” was unlikely to kill him as he was the only one who could kill the zombie king. But if his flesh and blood could cause the rapid evolution of zombies, then his existence was a threat to the entire human race.


The best way the “protagonist” could handle this was to let him kill the zombie king first, then kill him and end this forever.


It seemed that whether he was to kill or be killed, he had to die in the end. This was still the most ideal situation. If the zombie king killed the “protagonist” before Shang Ke could kill him, then this world would completely become a hunting ground for zombies.


His immortal body could provide unlimited nourishment for the evolution of zombies. Even if he succeeded in killing the zombie king, his flesh and blood would bring about a new zombie king sooner or later.


Therefore, he must first ensure the safety of the “protagonist” and must not let him die in the hands of Di Kui. Moreover, he might even be his man.


Shang Ke soon made up his mind. He must keep the “protagonist” alive regardless whether he was his man or not.


The “protagonist’s” existence was the key to ending this life and death match. The worst ending would not occur as long as he was around.


“Human, are you done packing?” Di Kui’s hoarse voice came from afar.


Shang Ke collected his thoughts, carried the large bag, and ran quickly towards Di Kui.


“Don’t call me ‘human’.” Shang Ke decided to try his best to achieve a good relationship with the zombie king.


“You’re a human, what can’t I call you ‘human’?”


“You’re a zombie, should I be calling you ‘zombie’ as well?”


Di Kui said proudly, “I’m not a zombie, I’m the zombie ‘king’.”


He emphasised on the word “king” very clearly. Just one additional word made him different from the normal goods.


“Then I will call you ‘king’ from now on?” Shang Ke casually continued, but regretted immediately afterwards.


Indeed, Di Kui nodded his head in approval and said, “Just call me ‘king’.”


Shang Ke: “…”


“Since you’re calling me ‘king’, then I will call you ‘human’?” Di Kui even knew to reciprocate.


Shang Ke: “… Please call me ‘Shang Ke’. Thank you.”


“Shang Ke? Okay, Shang Ke. When will we start the testing?”


Shang Ke answered, “We can start after collecting ingredients of different flavours.”




The two of them had their “friendly” conversation while heading towards the direction completely opposite of the human base… 

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