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Chapter 205: Death Cycle (III)

TL: Resonance


Shang Ke was alone in the field, tormented for more than 10 hours. When his body grew back again, it was already 3 or 4 in the morning the next day, the darkest period of a day. The surrounding was quiet and only the sound of the wind could be heard.


Shang Ke got up from the ground exhaustedly. His skin was smooth and delicate, not a single scar was left behind. It was as if the scene of him being torn apart was just a terrible nightmare.


The night was the zombies’ world. Shang Ke didn’t have the time to feel sentimental. He looked through the backpack that was thrown one side and took out a few intact clothes to change into. When Shang Ke saw the hole in the backpack, he subconsciously thought of the scene when his heart was crushed.


For his mission, the system had let him choose between【Kill the zombie king】and【Be killed by the “protagonist”】. Before he met the zombie king, Shang Ke leaned towards choosing the former. But after seeing him, Shang Ke felt that this mission was simply impossible to complete.


The zombie king seemed invincible to Shang Ke. When he striked, he had done so without a sound. He didn’t even use any abilities and was easily able to kill Shang Ke.


He was too weak.


Shang Ke let out a sigh. Carrying his tattered backpack, he walked quickly in the darkness to find a safe foothold and wait for the sky to brighten.


Shang Ke’s long hair was glued into dry hard strips by his solidified blood. While resting, he took the chance to cut his hair short using scissors and immediately felt more refreshed.


When the sky brightened, Shang Ke continued moving towards the main base as planned.


His journey for the next few days was surprisingly smooth. He wasn’t attacked even when he encountered zombies. Shang Ke felt nervous at first and kept himself combat ready. After some testing, he finally confirmed that the zombies basically ignored him under normal circumstances. They got excited and chased nonstop after him only when they smelled his blood. Hence, he could travel freely amongst the zombies as long as he made sure he didn’t bleed.


Of course, it probably wouldn’t be so easy if he met a powerful zombie with intelligence.


On the fourth day, Shang Ke entered Fanxi city. This place was 3-4 days away from Xu city where the main base was located. The more densely populated a place was, the higher the number of zombies.


Shang Ke moved through the alleys cautiously like a wild cat and skillfully leaped into a building.


He hadn’t eaten for a few days and was extremely hungry. Hence, he decided to find a kitchen to cook.


For the past few days, he had gathered from here and there some ingredients and daily necessities. Abandoned cities didn’t have any energy supplies, but as someone who had lived in a primitive society before, he wasn’t troubled no matter how crude the conditions were.


Shang Ke carried a bundle of wood, chose a corner house and went in quickly. He searched through the room and went into the kitchen only after confirming that there were no zombies hiding around.


It was a modern style kitchen. It was bright and spacious, and the equipment was advanced. Pots, pans, bowls, ladles etc are all readily available, but there were no knives.


Shang Ke closed all the windows to prevent the smell in the house from spreading outside. Then, he used water magic to wash clean the kitchenware and used fire magic to light the fire wood. He took out the fish he had processed by the river and ingredients found in various supermarkets and malls from his newly changed bag.


His basic magic could only be used to wash the vegetables and light a fire. He also couldn’t use it continuously. Nevertheless, it was still pretty convenient for cooking.


After cooking the fish soup, Shang Ke took out two “potatoes” he had dug out not long ago from a wild field. Some uncultivated farmlands in the suburbs were still not wasted. Many strong vitality crops continued living strongly, just that their variety seemed to have mutated.


One example was the “potato” in his hand. It was shaped strangely and the skin was dark purple, looking quite like an alien product. If not for the fact that he wasn’t afraid of being poisoned, he probably wouldn’t dare to try it.


Around half an hour later, a pot of hot fish soup and a plate of fragrant fried potatoes were made. Shang Ke sat casually on the floor, drinking the fish soup and eating the potato, and an extremely comfortable expression showed on his face. The aroma of food permeated the air in the kitchen. Occasionally, some aroma slipped out through the gaps. However, it quickly dissipated in the air and didn’t attract the attention of nearby zombies at all.


Just as Shang Ke was eating happily, he suddenly felt a chill down his back. He turned back quickly but there was nothing behind him. When he was about to turn his head back, he saw a figure on the ceiling from the corner of his eyes. It was a little zombie that looked at most 6-7 years old. She was completely naked, bony and her skin was dark green in colour. Her pair of red eyes carried no trace of emotion.


It was actually a red eyed high level zombie.


Shang Ke didn’t find her when he had searched the house earlier. She might have a special ability to hide her trace. A red eyed zombie’s intelligence was higher than an ordinary zombie, but he probably wouldn’t be attacked as long as he didn’t bleed.


A high level zombie wasn’t scary. Shang Ke was only worried that she would attract other zombies here. If he was accidentally scratched by her even the tiniest bit and bleed one drop of blood, then things would  go big.


There was still some fish soup and potato left, but it seemed like he wouldn’t be able to finish them. Shang Ke shook his head feeling a little regretful. Then, he quickly packed his bag while being vigilant towards the little zombie, intending to change to another room.


At this moment, the little zombie suddenly moved. Her figure flashed and appeared by Shang Ke’s side in the blink of an eye.


Shang Ke’s movement slowed down and his right hand in the bag held onto a knife tightly. He was hesitating whether he should just cut her head and directly settle the threat.


The little zombie didn’t care about Shang Ke. Instead, she lowered her head and looked towards the pot of soup. She leaned forward and licked the soup, then she stopped moving.


Shang Ke muttered in his heart, don’t tell me zombies like this kind of bloodless food too?


Just as he was thinking, ripples suddenly started forming on the soup in the pot as if it was receiving some kind of shock and buzzing sound could be heard.


What’s going on? Shang Ke didn’t know what was happening, but he grew more vigilant. Not daring to stay any longer, he increased his packing speed. Just when he was about to leave, the little zombie suddenly flared up. She violently flipped the pot of soup, then growled angrily at Shang Ke as if she was criticizing him with ‘how could you make such unpalatable food!’.


Shang Ke : “…”


Seemed like this couldn’t end well. Shang Ke took out his weapon immediately and waved it towards the little zombie’s neck.


However, the blade only cut an after image. The little zombie instantly disappeared from his line of sight and appeared above him the next second. The little zombie then pounced towards him like spiderman.


Shang Ke rolled one side and hid under the dining table.


He had yet to stabilize himself when he heard the sound of the table cracking above him.  Numerous crack lines started spreading out from the middle of the table.


This kind of dining table was very hard. He didn’t expect it to crack with just one claw from the little zombie.


Shang Ke realised that this might not be an ordinary red eye zombie, but one that was about to rise to a general level zombie.


How unlucky! He only wanted to have a meal secretly, was there a need to give him such a brutal “dessert”?


Fighting with a loli zombie that could teleport, was extremely strong and had violent tendencies, Shang Ke couldn’t stay low-key even if he wanted. He only hoped to finish the battle quickly and keep the danger to the lowest. Unfortunately, this loli zombie was the most powerful zombie Shang Ke had met so far, excluding the zombie king.


He could barely protect himself with his martial arts. Trying to kill her without getting injured was impossible.


After a short while, Shang Ke’s arm, back and neck was scratched by the little zombie and started bleeding. After smelling the blood, the little zombie ferocity completely flared up. Her claws went towards Shang Ke’s body like no tomorrow, trying to scratch off a layer of his meat every time.


Shang Ke could barely handle the little zombie, yet excited howls of zombies could be heard continuously outside the building.


Based on the building’s height and sturdiness of the house, zombies below high level couldn’t break in easily. Hence, the most important thing now was to settle the trouble before him first.


Since Shang Ke was already injured, he didn’t care anymore. He went on full power and intends to fight the loli zombie to death.


Then, the loli zombie suddenly stopped attacking when she was at the advantage. She was half prone on the floor and growled lowly at Shang Ke.


Shang Ke felt uncertain and didn’t notice a tall figure that had appeared behind him at all.


He only realised when a large cold hand grabbed the back of his neck and lifted him up from the floor.


His fingers clutched tightly onto Shang Ke’s flesh and the pain caused Shang Ke to have cold sweat. He had once experienced this feeling of powerlessness. If Shang Ke didn’t guess wrong, the fellow that suddenly appeared behind him was the zombie king Di Kui.


When he was turned around, he indeed saw the familiar and scary face of Di Kui.


Di Kui exerted strength in his fingers and easily snapped Shang Ke’s neck. Along with the cracking sound, Shang Ke’s head and body was left connected only by his flesh and skin. So long as Di Kui let’s go, his head would immediately lose its support and hang down like a broken rag doll.


But when compared to the bloodshed previously, the method this time could be considered much “gentler”.


Shang Ke actually had the leisure to ridicule himself while feeling the overwhelming pain.


Di Kui held Shang Ke up and didn’t throw him onto the ground immediately. Instead, he kept staring at him.


Tears of blood flowed down the corner of his eyes and golden light flashed faintly in his black eyes. His lips were red like blood and formed a strong contrast with his pale face, making him look quite seductive.


Di Kui was silent for a moment. Then, he spoke with an extremely hoarse and unpleasant voice, “You… seem very familiar?”


Shang Ke: … Haha, as a “Passerby A” that was killed two times in a row by you, you finally found me familiar! And also, why are you here? Don’t tell me you came specifically to kill me?


In fact, Di Kui also intended to go to the human’s main base. However, he didn’t know the direction, so he chose to follow other humans. He walked the wrong way several times, then he killed the humans who led him the wrong way without saying a thing. Who knew that he would meet Shang Ke here again so coincidentally? 


He followed the calls of the zombies that were filled with craving and came here. Then, he realised that the “food” that made the zombies so excited couldn’t evoke his appetite.


He hadn’t eaten well ever since he became the zombie king. He was in a state of starvation for a long period of time and this made his mood extremely terrible.


At this moment, Di Kui’s line of sight moved slowly towards Shang Ke’s right hand which was hanging powerlessly. His pinkie finger broke during the fight earlier and was twisted weirdly. But at this moment, it was slowly being repaired. A while later, his finger recovered back to normal.


Although Shang Ke’s eyes were still opened, he was in fact “dead”. Therefore, the power of the spirit piece in his body started repairing his body.


Di Kui seemed very interested in this phenomenon. He stretched out his hand and cut off Shang Ke’s pinkie finger that had just recovered—He used his sharp finger and just, cut, it!


Shang Ke looked at him expressionlessly: “…” (The speed was too fast and he didn’t even have the time to scream. When the pain came, he didn’t know how he should scream anymore.)


Di Kui held Shang Ke’s broken finger with one hand while clutching Shang Ke’s neck with the other hand. He stared focusedly at the cut opening that was currently dripping blood.


Time elapsed bit by bit but Di Kui didn’t seem to feel impatient at all. He stood unmoving at the same spot for two hours and quietly watched as Shang Ke’s broken finger grew out again. At the same time, the other wounds on his body have also mostly recovered except for the neck that was clutched by Di Kui.


Shang Ke’s only impression was: Don’t you feel tired holding me up for more than two hours?!

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