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Chapter 98: Becoming Your God (I)

【Additional Mission 2 Completed: Analyze the components of the brain repair serum and use it to create a drug that can extend the lifespan of covenanters.】

【Congratulations to the host for successfully completing three missions. Host obtains three times the reward. Constitution +7 (+1+2), Memory +10 (+4+3), Spiritual Power +10 (+5+5), Beauty +15 (+3+4), Life Span +5 (+1+2). The numbers in parentheses are rewards from the additional missions.】 

【You can also choose two other skills to learn.】

Shang Ke was too lethargic to exchange “feelings” with the System. He thus went through the skill list. He was happy to notice that the magic skill was lit up along with forging. 

Without hesitation, Shang Ke chose these two skills before heading over to the Hundred Training Space….

The learning period that offered an overlay of the skills passed by quickly. After learning these skills, he began his journey to a new world.

Even though he already understood how deceptive the System was, it always ended up exceeding his expectations. 

Shang Ke transmigrated and found that he had turned into a statue. That’s right! He’d become a statue of a god!

It wasn’t just that he’d become a statue of a god, but he’d become a statue of an ‘evil’ god. 

The people of this world believed in many different gods. They built statues and temples dedicated to them. Year-round, they made offerings to them in exchange for their blessings. Men were the original creators of these gods. They built these statues from metal models before they were sent to the soul-refining pool. After eighty days had passed, the golden statue’s precious body became an embodiment of these Gods. 

Their faith in the model would turn them spiritual. Their emotions invested in creating these models would give them a soul. Their desires would create its body. With enough feelings, emotions, and desire, the statue would transform into a corporeal god. While the continent of Scom had many statues, they didn’t have as many corporeal gods. Becoming a corporeal god was the sign of their nearing death and the peak of their power.

Corporeal gods were the creation of men and their destruction would also be caused by men. 

Shang Ke transformed into a statue of a god by the name of ‘Unos.’ It was created by a barbaric clan whose beliefs revolved around slaughter and murder. They wanted to utilize the power of this Evil God in order to take over other clans. It was with the blessings of the Evil God that they were able to conquer other clans and become infamous. Their savage actions eventually led to their downfall, and they were obliterated by the War God’s worshippers. 

Even with the destruction of the barbaric clan, Evil God Uno could not be destroyed. He was both loathed and feared by humanity. They all distanced themselves from Mount Altia where his statue resided. From that point on, no one came to receive his blessings. 

Thus, the Temple of the Evil God was ignored by humans for a thousand years. As time went on, the one lonely temple on Mount Altia started to erode. 

As long as no one destroyed the statue of a god, the tiny bit of its spirit within the statue would last for all eternity even with no worshippers. However, he was unable to leave past the temple. Therefore, he was confined to this small area. 

Shang Ke knew that it wouldn’t be long before the Shu Clan would migrate from their homes to this place. They wouldn’t have much education so they would not know the legends of the Evil God. Therefore, they would mistakenly assume that he was a Mountain God and they would put their faith in him. 

After being confined for so long, the Evil God would not let any new believers escape him. Once they settled down, the Evil God used whatever power he had to chase beasts away, to provide them new opportunities, and get rid of their nightmares. He gave them peace and security and in return, their faith in him increased. 

 A few years later, the Shu Clan heard that the Prince of the Yi Empire was preparing to choose a consort. The Princesses and other young ladies from every clan could participate, so the Shu Clan decided to send their daughter. 

Yi Empire was established by the Imperial Yi clan. They gradually became the largest nation in Scom after development for a thousand years. The Evil God still remembered that this was the group of people who killed his followers and made him go from a highly-ranked Spirit God to a dusty Spirit God. They left him only a bit of his spirit so he ended up suffering by himself for a thousand years. 

The Evil God had hatred in his heart so he attached himself to the youngest daughter of the Chief whose name was Tima. Secretly, he’d curse any girls that were better than Tima in order to reduce her competition. 

Tima was already beautiful. With the help of the Evil God, she became victorious in the competition of becoming the Prince’s fiancée. The Shu Clan was happy with this news so they moved into Yi Empire’s capital. 

Despite this, the Shu Clan did not abandon the Evil God. They assumed that their current happy lifestyle was due to the “Mountain God” they worshipped. Thus, they brought the statue of the “Mountain God” with them to the capital. 

That one move caused immense disaster within the Empire. 

The Evil God’s power originated from the slaughter of others and curses. He would exploit human weakness and bring out their worst side. They would receive bad luck at the same time and war would occur. The Shu Clan’s appearance would help him gain more worshippers which would give him even more power. While the Yi Clan should have flourished, a sea of blood, civil issues, and arguments for who’d take the Emperor’s seat occurred . In a short period of ten years, there was chaos in the capital. 

These unfortunate events finally woke the sleeping War God Saya up. The Imperial Yi clan had worshipped him for over a thousand years and he had obtained a lot of divine power due to this. He had not become a corporeal god because he didn’t have enough emotions or desires. He later discovered who the culprit was. He requested the Evil God Unos to curb his actions and just be the “Mountain God” that the Shu Clan worshipped. 

How could the Evil God just give up? He had become a corporeal god through hate and desire for murder in addition to having divine powers. In his physical form, he created more chaos in the capital. 

The War God Saya noticed that the Evil God had no plans to mend his ways. This angered him so he used thirty percent of his powers to seal the Evil God into his statue. Saya didn’t feel the need to kill him, but the Evil God, who was now a corporeal god, didn’t relieve himself of his hate and desires once he’d been sealed. Thus, the Shu Clan who worshipped him also became implicated and their existence gradually was wiped out by the curse of the Evil God. 

Once Shang Ke obtained the information, he felt dumbfounded. He felt that this new world was strange. Everything exceeded his imagination. 

【Main Mission—Obtain the acknowledgment of the War God Saya.】

According to his understanding, the War God Saya and the Evil God Unos seemed to be enemies. A thousand years ago, the Evil God’s worshippers had been obliterated by the War God’s worshippers. A thousand years later, the Evil God was going to mend his ways and cling to the War God’s legs in order to be seen as more favorable in the other’s eyes. 

The source of the Evil God’s powers was from slaughtering others and curses. How would he make the War God believe that a villain like him had mended his ways? His logic was telling him that it was irrational. 

What happened to this world being easy? How was a world of flying gods simple? 

‘Wait. System, who’s the main character of this world?’ The main character would give him a clue as to where his man was. The information was crucial.’

【 The main character is pending. The options are the War God Saya, Prince Yitamo, or Love God Neil.】

Shang Ke sarcastically thought, ‘Want to list some more while you’re at it? Besides the War God and the Prince, when did the Love God appear? The information you gave me didn’t mention him at all. What the hell does pending mean?’

【The current main character is reliant on the Host’s choices and progress. The beginning difficulty level is set to easy. If the host decides to court death, then the difficulty level will be raised. 】

Shang Ke felt rage, ‘What the fuck? Wasn’t my mission to court death from the beginning?’ 

The System hid itself into the background so Shang Ke could only accept his fate. 

He transmigrated to the time period right before the Shu Clan was about to arrive at Mount Altia. He would then be worshipped as a Mountain God from that point on and receive divine powers. Shang Ke felt that there was no need to change history in the next few years. He would keep doing the same things that the Evil God did such as expelling beasts, creating opportunities for them, and blocking their nightmares. 

Spirits Gods could not travel far unless they became attached to their worshippers. The War God was the only one who could travel by himself due to his strength. 

Shang Ke used his divine sense to carefully observe the appearance of the Evil God’s statue. He noticed that he had a creepy-looking mask. His upper body was bare and he had a single beast tooth tied to his neck. His lower half was covered by a skirt made from tied animal hide. He sat in a Buddha’s pose and held a hammer in his hand. 

This image… is really wretched.

Shang Ke didn’t care much about ancient beauty standards from a thousand years ago. They at least built his body strong and put a mask on him. This allowed future generations to use their imaginations on his looks.

As his imagination ran wild, a cluster of voices sounded nearby the temple. Someone yelled, “Hey, look over here! There’s a temple here!” 

It wasn’t long afterwards before five or six men walked into the destroyed temple. 

The members of the Shu Clan finally made their appearance. 

The next couple of days, the Shu Clan set up camp nearby. However, they made no plans to settle. 

However, their arrival made the cold and joyless temple more lively. Some of the children would occasionally stop by to greet him. They played around by giving him kowtows, but it still increased his divinity. 

Shang Ke assumed that it was due to the purity of the children’s spirits when compared to adults. Even with the smallest amount of sincerity, they still helped him a lot. 

It was all thanks to those who came to pray and offer fruits to him occasionally despite being eaten by children. Shang Ke’s spirituality increased to the point where he could leave the temple and follow the children to check out their camp. 

He had barely entered the camp before he heard weeping. The empty area ahead of him showed two bodies which appeared to have been bitten to death by beasts. 

After the Shu Clan’s family home was destroyed, they migrated around without any place to call their own. There were other cities that weren’t willing to accept any new clans, so they could only aimlessly wander around in the wilderness. They had hoped to find a nice piece of land that didn’t belong to anyone else. 

Ferocious beasts roamed freely in the wild and different poisonous species covered the area. There were also strange spirit gods that secretly created trouble. Who knew how many clansmen were lost at this point? 

The Chief released a drawn-out sigh, “The beasts here are too fierce. It appears that we need to find a new place to settle in.” 

The other clansman all wore melancholy faces. 

Shang Ke internally reached a hand out and thought, ‘Wait, don’t run away so quickly! I have the ability to protect you, increase your family’s wealth, further your careers, turn you into Mister or Miss Perfect, and help you reach the heights of life. You only need to bring me some fruit and sweep away the dust. There isn’t a better deal out there than this!’

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