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Chapter 99: Becoming Your God (II)

That night, the Shu Clan was unable to get much sleep. The healthy members of the group kept turns guarding against beast attacks, 

Shang Ke’s soul also stood guard as well within the camp. He wandered to the tent of the Chief’s eldest daughter, Tima. The girl who was around twelve or thirteen years old was lying on the bed with her eyes shut. She was whispering her prayers to the god of protection for her people. .

As she prayed, Shang Ke felt the flow of energy from her body filling him. It was a small amount but it was pure like honey. 

At that moment, a few warning whistles suddenly sounded out from the side of the camp. It caused the barely-conscious group of people to abruptly wake up. The healthy adults took some weapons before gathering together. The women, the elderly, and the children stayed in their tents nervously waiting for their fate to be decided. 

While they weren’t able to participate in the battle, they prayed for those members of the clan who were silenced. The numbering of people praying to him gradually increased. Shang Ke’s body gained increasing amounts of power from this. His dried spiritual reserves filled up with more steam. 

““Aooooo….” The sound of the beast’s violent roar filled the air, announcing their arrival. 

The members of the Shu Clan clenched their weapons and wielded them vigorously. Once they noticed the blood wolves emerge out of the bushes with a ferocious gleam in the eyes, their faces became drained of blood. 

There were at least two dozen blood wolves that stared at their prey in a crazed manner. 

The Shu Clan was made of two-hundred people. Half of their population consisted of either the elderly or the female population. Since there were at least two dozen blood wolves to fight against, the clan would suffer greatly even if their clan survived this attack. 

The Shu clansmen all had grim expressions on their faces as they prepared for the battle with the weapons in their hands. The sound of a wolf’s howl filled the air, and they curled their backs in preparation for the upcoming battle. 

Right before the two sides could engage into battle, a ray of light with shadows came from the sky. A blurry human-shaped figure solidified in between the humans and blood wolves. 

He had a muscular figure with a creepy-looking mask on his face. He had a hammer in his hands. His transparent hair flowed like wisps of smoke near his waist. A fluorescent light emanated from him and shone on his surroundings. 

The ferocious blood wolves who were originally ferocious now let out an uneasy, soft growl. They all felt jittery as they paced back and forth. 

The Shu Clan felt surprised at the shadowy image before them which was obviously the embodiment of a god. As for their god, he had perished over a hundred years ago and it was hard to recreate the statue of a god. They didn’t have a god to call their own even to this day. All other gods had officially abandoned them which is why other communities weren’t willing to accept them. 

The figure of the god in front of them was different from the original god they believed in. This type of ‘basic’ but bold style could be traced to at least a thousand years ago. 

Shang Ke now officially materialized. He utilized all his divine power in a gamble to put on a false image of a god in order to scare away the wolves. He also presented himself in a shiny and impressive way in front of the Shu Clan. It can be said that he was breaking the cauldron to sink the boat. He had no choice but to succeed in his mission. Failure was not an option! 

However, this pack of blood wolves were not ready to give up so easily. They howled uninterrupted at him. 

A thousand years ago, the Evil God had been cocky when he had brought calamity and plague to the world. Now he was unable to frighten some insignificant blood wolves. He really was a fallen god that couldn’t even take care of a dog! 

The blood wolves became restless as they seemed to want to challenge the power of a god. Shang Ke used the leftover amounts of his power to raise the hammer in his hands and launch it at them in a haughty manner. 

The hammer had impressive strength and it skid towards the wolves and caused a scene of bloody fireworks. 

The blood wolves felt scared and fled while howling in panic. They disappeared as quickly as the blink of an eye. 

Even though the hammer’s shape was unsightly, it’s intimidating quality was pretty good. 

The sound of cheers came from behind him. Shang Ke turned around and struck a dashing pose. This was the first meeting he had with his future worshippers that should go down in history. Who knew that before he could even move, his body turned into broken glass with the fragments disappearing from sight? 

The Shu Clan stopped their cheers. They weren’t aware that the mighty and fierce god had become weakened from throwing a hammer. 

Shang Ke’s spirit was forced to make its way back to his statue. He felt needy for more spiritual power as he felt completely exhausted. 

“Who was that god just now?” The members of the Shu Clan now freed of their crisis started to speculate on who Shang Ke was. 

“It appears we’ve seen him from somewhere before?”

“I agree. He seems familiar especially because of the hammer.”

While the crowd continued to speculate, a girl spoke up, “He’s the god located in the temple on top of the mountain. His name is ‘Uno.’”

The name ‘Evil God Unos’ was what was engraved on his hammer, but due to the differences in ancient and modern fonts, they only could read the ‘Uno’ part.

The Chief of the clan’s daughter, Tima, had been the one that had spoken up. Following her, a few other children echoed her words, “It’s the god whose name is Uno.” 

The Chief of the clan thought about this, “We don’t follow Uno. Why would he solve our issues for us?” 

“It’s because we make offerings to him.” A child answered proudly, “Everytime we go to pick fruits off this mountain, we take some to the god named Uno.” 

The group felt shocked. Was the god willing to help them just because of some children’s offerings with some worthless fruits picked off the mountain? When they first saw the dilapidated temple, they assumed that he was too weak to give blessings to his worshippers which was why he was abandoned in the mountains. 

That didn’t appear to be the case. A God with the ability to drive away beasts had to be at least at mid-level. This God was also pretty good at fighting. 

The difference between weak and strong gods were that their attributes were different. There were some gods that didn’t have any abilities in fighting like the God of Harvest, the God of Art, and so on. In this type of environment, a god who could fight was the most helpful. Those would be strong and brave. They would also have the abilities to bestow their followers with enough power so that they could become stronger. 

How could a god with proficiency in battle be willing to protect them just from some offerings of a few children? The only explanation they could think of was that his followers died in either an immense disaster or battle. 

The members of the Shu Clan felt united when they thought about this. They lost their god, while this god lost his followers. This encounter seemed to be fated. 

After a quick discussion, the Shu Clan decided to make a Uno their new god. 

The Chief of the Shu Clan took some clansmen early the next morning to clean and repair the temple. The strongest youths were selected to scrub the statue. 

Shang Ke was satisfied by this development. While his body was being wiped by some men, he felt something strange. When they were washing underneath his animal hide skirt, it appeared that they purposely paid more attention around that area. 

One of them spoke up, “That amazing thing this battle god has is impressive in size. Looking at it today, it really is impressive.” 

As he said this, he made gestures with his hands to indicate its shape. 

Shang Ke, ‘Get your paws off me or I’m going to become discourteous.’

The animal hide skirt negatively affected him because his ‘male appendage’ ended up being groped by some ignorant people. 

Just before one paw left, another came over. “Let me see.” 

‘Fuck off! Won’t you worms feel inferior touching such grandeur?’

“Nanmu and Qiuxiao, what are you two scoundrels doing?” The Chief angrily stared at the two young men who were misbehaving with the statue. He shouted, “Show some respect. How could that god tolerate such blasphemy?”

Nanmu and Qiuxiao looked at each other before they hunched their bodies and stopped playing around. They continued their duties of washing the god statue. 

This happened too late. Shang Ke already had his tofu eaten for no reason so he decided to retaliate. Since he was the Evil God of curses and murder, he could still handle small curses even without much power. 

He could do things like causing them to fall, hit their heads on something, or some other similar misfortune. 

Two sounds of pain came from Nanmu and Chuxiao. One had fallen from the pedestal while the other accidentally hit the wall behind the statue. 

The others noticed this and uproariously laughed at them. 

The Chief scolded them, “This is God’s warning to you. Let’s see if you dare to disrespect him in the future!” 

The group couldn’t help themselves but to look at the statue. They soon froze in place, and their laughter also faded. 

The God whose name was Uno sat on top of a pedestal. He had on a mask that exuded ferocity and power. His hammer hung upside down next to him. One of his hands was on the handle and the other hand was on his leg. The different sizes of the beast’s tooth on his neck each represented the owner’s courageousness. The elegant and muscular body screamed power. 

“God Uno, this is the Chief from Shu Clan leading all of the Shu clansmen in asking for your blessings.” The Chief knelt first before the others followed in giving a pious bow to the statue. 

The others knelt down one after the other. Their expressions revealed that of awe. 

“From now on, the Shu Clan will become your faithful worshippers. We will be extremely pious towards you.”

Shang Ke could feel the pure and sincere power enriching his mental being with the Shu Clan’s faith. It was as if he was being reborn again. 

The members of the Shu Clan followed the ancient rites by kowtowing to him. After every bow, the body’s radiance flared more brightly. After they finished their seven bows to him, the ancient statue that had been collecting dust for over a thousand years could finally reveal itself to the world. The gold and bronze luster of the statue looked like the early morning sun. It enveloped the people within the temple. 

In this dilapidated temple, the group of people were covered in dust and suffering. However, they ended up signing a contract with the ancient Evil God. From this point on, they’d be codependent on one another. They’d share both prideful and disgraceful moments. 

The following days after, Shang Ke received spiritual power from the Shu Clan members visiting everyday. Despite it being in little amounts, it was still pure. In order to prevent their worship from slipping away, he made sure to responsibly and diligently guard them. He allowed them to settle in peace by preventing the beasts from harassing them. 

He also gradually accumulated his divine powers to prepare for any unforeseen events. 

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