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Chapter 100: Becoming Your God (III)

Based on Shang Ke’s observations, he found that the Shu Clan was not proficient in any other skills besides agriculture. They didn’t have sharp weapons or complex traps that could aid them in hunting. Their weaving and sewing skills were only based on their needs rather than aesthetics. Other skills like forging, brewing alcohol, cultural or artistic skills, and so on were not at the level where they could compete with other clans. This may be due to their forced lifestyles as nomads where they lacked a peaceful environment where they could improve on these skills.

Shang Ke assumed that the previous god they worshipped was related to agriculture. They were experienced in the specifics of land and vegetation. It only took them a few months before they created hundreds of acres past the mountains and grew many edible fruits and vegetables. These plants could be used to exchange for supplies outside the mountain, but it wasn’t enough to guarantee their survival. 

The original Evil God who existed on murder and curses could only handle some tasks like chasing beasts away, emptying areas, draining away water, and other similar tasks. Shang Ke was different. He had other skills like weaving, forging, cooking, repairing items, medical skills, music skills, and so on. The specifics of these skills could be transmitted to the Shu Clan through dreams. 

The first person he chose to educate was the Chief’s eldest daughter, Tima, the future princess of the Imperial Yi Clan. It was important to have an amicable relationship with her. This little girl was courageous. It wasn’t just that she had no fear when Shang Ke appeared in her dream, she was also very excited. Shang Ke asked her what skills she wanted to learn and she thoughtfully chose weaving and medical skills. 

The art of weaving was relevant to people’s lifestyle. Also, the Shu Clan naturally had an edge when it came to medicine because they were familiar with herbs. 

Shang Ke felt that this girl was practical when he thought about her choices. She was bold, meticulous, and committed. She wasn’t greedy nor was she impatient for change. Therefore, Shang Ke was willing to teach these topics to her. 

Besides her, there were other talented children in the Shu Clan. Shang Ke was willing to teach the other talented children one or two skills which would be passed on to the others. 

As a result, it became a regular occurrence for some adults to gather a few children who would then learn about weaving techniques and herb identification. 

The Shu Clan was pleasantly surprised to learn that the god they worshipped possessed a variety of skills and had no qualms about teaching them these skills in its entirety. This was a first for them to see a god who was aware of his people’s needs. 

However, it was weird for a god that was good in battle to have this many life skills. If you looked at Uno’s strong body paired with his tough attitude, you wouldn’t have assumed that he would know about weaving and farming techniques. The crudely-created mask on his face, the animal hide covering his lower half, and the hammer in his hand revealed his poor handiwork skills….

The Shu Clan pondered over this for a while. They finally came to the conclusion that it wasn’t that this god wasn’t good at handicrafts, it was instead the human creator who wasn’t good at it. 

They cynically thought to themselves that it was a good thing that his previous followers died out in order for them to become Uno’s new followers. With his meticulous guidance, the Shu Clan advanced from uneducated peasants to skilled craftsmen. There were even several musicians that emerged. Their skills weren’t as great as Shang Ke, but it was already considered exceptional in this world. It only took a few years, but the Shu Clan became famous in nearby villages and towns. Several young men managed to marry foreigner wives. 

This was all possible due to the ‘Evil God’s’ blessings. The Shu Clan’s devotion for him increased greatly. From this, he was able to gain more and more power. 

A few years later, they received news that the Prince of the Imperial Yi Clan was searching for a bride which Shang Ke already anticipated. The Shu Clan managed to slip themselves into the competition. The Chief of the Shu Clan was joyful about this development and he sent his seventeen year old daughter, Tima, to the capital to participate in the competition. 

Shang Ke had been waiting for a long time for this trip to this capital to begin. 

To prevent his daughter from looking too shabby, Shu Wu used most of his savings which was not as much as other richer clans. However, she would not lose face. The Shu Clan’s opinions of themselves were still too conservative. Their style of clothing was unique and the fabric was of excellent quality. Their medical skills were able to save many lives. They were able to live comfortable and isolated lives on Mount Altia, but they were famous throughout the capital. 

The true value of the skills Shang Ke taught them would become more apparent once they left the mountain. 

Since this was their first time setting foot in a bustling city, Tima and the others with her felt nervous. They cautiously walked into the city out of fear of becoming laughingstocks. Despite their cautious and lowkey attitude, they managed to attract a lot of attention. 

The Shu Clan almost turned back and left the city. They did not understand what they did wrong. They probably appeared to be country bumpkins in the eyes of these city dwellers. If they didn’t act carefully, they would be made fun of. 

They debated on whether they should leave the city or continue walking. However, they listened to some of the chatter around them which changed their perception.

“Which clan is that? How come I’ve never seen them before?” 

“Their clothes are so beautiful. Is that the latest fashion?” 

“Oh, they smell good. What perfume is that?” 

“Did you see the masks on their faces? I don’t know what they’re made of, but they look exquisite.” 


There came a point where the people of the Shu Clan developed an interest in masks. They wore a mask as devotion to their god and as an individualistic preference. Their masks were unique according to their preference which became a part of their culture. The perfume, ornaments, and other wares they had on their bodies were suggestions from Shang Ke. The Shu Clan didn’t usually dress up, but they put on the best items they had for this trip. 

After hearing what others said about them, the tension in their hearts was replaced by indescribable happiness and pridefulness. They spent decades wandering around and dealing with mocking glances from others. Despite the changes in their lives, they still had an inferiority complex and didn’t dare to mingle with others to avoid causing trouble that would force them to move again. However, they nervously left the mountains and prepared themselves for the worst. They didn’t expect to be praised by others. 

【Hold your heads up high. Show others your best side. Don’t worry about other people’s opinions since you have the best qualities in the world. You’re diligent and kind. You’re also united together and have the courage to face anything.】

Tima recalled what Uno had once told them. She realized that he didn’t just teach them skills, but he also offered them confidence and dignity. 

Tima lifted her lowered head, and her eyes brightly shone. 

A white-robed blonde-haired man in a nearby restaurant was sitting near a window. He watched interestedly as the Shu Clan entered the inn. 

“If you want, you can go meet them.” A red-haired man who was sitting next to him teased. He was smelling the wine in his glass cup, and a smile could be seen in his phoenix eyes. 

The blonde-haired man turned his head away and mildly lifted an eyebrow. “I’m plan to.” 

The two of them quickly took care of the bill and made their way to the inn where the Shu Clan entered. 

That night, Tima relaxed in the bathtub as her hands played with a wooden carving. 

The wooden carving was a depiction of Uno. Tima was extremely fond of it and always had it wherever she went. 

This habit of hers made Shang Ke feel extremely depressed. Shang Ke’s power was a part of this carving. He begrudgingly allowed Tima to carry it with her wherever she went. However, why did she have it with her while taking a bath? 

Earlier, manly men had touched his private area, and now a beauty was bathing with him. It wasn’t possible for a morally correct man to become a god. 

Shang Ke managed to separate his consciousness from the wood carving in order to take a stroll outside.

He had just floated away from the room when he ran into a handsome blonde-haired man with a beautiful red-haired man. The handsome blonde-haired man looked familiar. Shang Ke thought about it and realized that this was Prince Yitamo, one of the candidates for the protagonist and also Tima’s future husband. 

Shang Ke quickly followed after the Prince into his room. He stuck close to his right side. 

Prince Yitamo sat down at the table. He clasped his hands together and randomly placed them on the table. 

Shang Ke observed his hands and meticulously checked each palm. Once he discovered that there weren’t any moles, he heaved a sigh of relief. He didn’t want to have a fight with Tima because of a man. 

After his confirmation of who this person was, Shang Ke got ready to leave. However, he discovered that his spirit had taken form. Two transparent claws were clutching Yitamo’ s arms and a face with a creepy mask on it was near his chest area. He gave off an unsavory image. 

Shang Ke raised his head and found himself staring into Yitamo’s blue eyes. The red-haired man nearby laughed. “Where did this tiny god come from?” 

Shang Ke was not aware how he ended up being exposed. Normally, if he was unwilling to reveal himself, no one could see his spirit form. 

Around this time, Shang Ke felt some unrecognizable power being directed towards him from another god. He turned his head and was met with a smiling pair of foxy eyes. 

He secretly felt surprised. This red-haired man was a god? 

“Who are you?” Yitamo rested his chin on top of his hand. He tilted his head to inspect this uninvited god. 

He had on a mask. If it weren’t for the animal hide skirt, he would have been bare. An item that was shaped like a pillar could be faintly seen under his skirt. Is this wild image a special hobby of the god?

Yitamo had trouble believing that this was a god. Ancient gods who managed to survive till now had immense powers. They would not resemble the god in front of him who was unable to hide his own spirit. 

Shang Ke had a mask on his face and did not feel embarrassed. He calmly stood upright under the two’s watchful gazes. 

Before he had the opportunity to introduce himself, the two men’s gazes changed. The red-haired man let out an earth-shattering laugh. He pointed at Shang Ke and was unable to stop laughing. 

What’s going on? Was he positioned in a weird way? 

Shang Ke inspected himself from top to bottom. His figure looked fine even though he didn’t have much clothing on. 

“Hahaha….” The red-haired man laughed so hard that tears streamed from his eyes. He couldn’t stop himself from slapping the table. 

Yitamo also couldn’t help himself but to laugh. 

Shang Ke had a puzzled expression on his face, “….”

“Hahaha! Do… do you have to be this funny?” The red-haired man laughed as he removed a mirror from his bosom and directed it at Shang Ke’s face. “Haha! Do you usually not look in mirrors?” 

Shang Ke looked into the mirror and noticed the creepy-looking mask reflecting back at him. If you looked at it carefully, you’d discover that the sinister expression on his face was actually not that scary. The brows would scrunch up and loosen revealing expressions like confusion, melancholy, extreme hatred, and so on. 

What’s happening? Did masks have face morphing skills? 

【This is the effect of activating the Perfect Expression Pack on the mask. Please don’t have doubts about the quality of the System’s products. The beautification effect will not be lost because of a mask.】 The sound of the System’s voice sounded off in Shang Ke’s mind. 

This fucking thing called ‘beautification’! He wanted his manly, heroic, and wise form back. 

Shang Ke quickly gave the System the middle finger out of anger.

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