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Chapter 101: Becoming Your God (IV)

“Come over here. Let’s chat.” The red-haired man motioned Shang Ke. His eyes curved as he smiled. 

An enclosure created by the red-haired god surrounded the room. This was to ensure that Shang Ke wouldn’t be able to use his strength to break out of the room. He had no choice but to make his way over and sit in between the two men. 

What were you looking for when you tugged Yitamo’s hands? Surely not a mole on his palm?” The red-haired man asked in jest. 

“Oh, did I guess correctly?” The red-haired man laughed and lifted his hands up. “You see, Yitamo doesn’t have any moles, but I do.” 

The red-haired man had one mole on each palm of his hands. The left palm had a blue one while the right palm had a red one. 

Shang Ke made another face, “(ˊДˋ)”

“Hahaha,” He pointed a finger at Shang Ke’s masked face, and his body convulsed with laughter. 

Shang Ke didn’t have to look in the mirror to know that the deceitful Perfect Expression Pack was messing with his image. Other people used their masks to conceal their face, but his mask exposed his. How could he not poke fun at it internally? 

Yitamo who was sitting next to him let out a faint cough, “I think I know who he belongs to.” 

Shang Ke’s mask was alluring. You couldn’t disregard it even if you wanted to.

“I had no idea that the Shu Clan’s god would be this interesting.” They already questioned the landlord about the identity of the new residents, so they already knew about the Shu Clan. The red-haired man wiped his tears away before he asked, “What’s your name?” 

Shang Ke made a face, “(ˋ︿ˊ)” He asked, “What’s yours?”

The red-haired man smiled as he replied, “My name is Neil.”

This was Love God Neil?! Why was he accompanying Yitamo? Did he take part in bringing Yitamo and Tima together in the future? The System’s version of the events implied that Tima and Yitamo had not met before they arrived at the capital. However, it appears that the events that occurred did not follow the System’s version. 

Shang Ke had no idea that the skills he taught to the Shu Clansman greatly improved their lifestyle and allowed them to live richly. Previously, the Evil God had allowed them to reach average living conditions. They were destitute, secretive, and would not have caught Yitamo’s fancy. This time, they were able to live a lavish lifestyle and impress others with their outfits and ornaments. Their elegant nature stood out amongst the crowd. 

It was due to these factors that they were able to interact with Yitamo so early. 

“My name is Uno,” Shang Ke told them his name as well. 

“Is there a special meaning behind looking for moles on people’s palms?” Neil’s peach eyes revealed a smile in them. 

“I just think it’s interesting.” <(╯︶╰)╭

Neil thought, ‘It only takes one look for me to tell you’re lying….’

Yitamo, ‘It only takes one look for me to tell you’re lying.’

Shang Ke didn’t really harbor any familiar feelings with Neil so he didn’t really care that Neil had moles on his palms. On the other hand, he had a sense of familiarity with Yitamo even though he didn’t have any moles. 

“Can I leave now?” Shang Ke gave Neil an intense stare. He used the sincere expression on his mask to imply that Neil should remove the enclosure. 

“Haha. You can go right ahead and leave.” Neil waved his hand with a brilliant smile on his face, “I’ll play with you again later.”

Shang Ke secretly refused his eager offer. 

The next day, Tima and the others packed their bags. They were getting ready to leave when Yitamo and Neil came over to strike conversation with them. After some conversational dialogues, they managed to join the group. 

The two men’s eyes momentarily directed themselves near Tima’s chest where a wooden puppet hung. 

The group left the city and made their way towards the capital. 

The Shu Clan had sent around a dozen people along with Tima. Besides two elders, the rest were young men and women who were unmarried. Yitamo and Neil, who were both intelligent and attractive, were shown different degrees of affection.

As a result, Yitamo and Neil were impressed by their versatility. 

They made weapons that were undeniably sharp, and they cooked food that had unique flavors. They were able to play the marching song of the people and could weave different patterns using grass and rattan. These were all skills they learned from Uno. 

Yitamo and Neil both thought about Shang Ke’s face as well as his morphing face mask. It was hard to imagine that Shu Clan’s revered God Uno was the same as the Shang Ke they met the other night. The talents of gods’ varied depending on the piety and good fortune that the statue received. 

Neil assumed that Shang Ke was a newly created god who hadn’t matured because of too little followers based on the strength he had. 

With enough believers, his rank would soon enough pass the mid-level rank. 

However, Yitamo and Neil misunderstood the situation. They assumed Shang Ke lived honestly and dealt with agriculture. In reality, he dealt with slaughter and curses which is why he was classified as an evil attribute battle type. The skills he passed to the Shu Clan all came from his true self. If he wanted to ascend, then he needed to continue slaughtering or killing to make the Evil God more powerful. 

His strength was accidentally revealed in public three days later. 

“Watch out for that pack of beasts!” A youth on patrol loudly warned.

As soon as his voice rang out, dozens of wild animals that looked like mandrills jumped from the thickets. They created a ruckus and pounced on them.

The crowd immediately became protective and crowded around a girl.

A mandrill is a creature that moves quickly due to their agile body. Just coming across one of them could injure many people.

Yitamo was fourth to fifty meters away and easily fought against the mandrills. He showed no concern or desire to help the others. 

Neil leaned against a tree trunk and watched. The mandrills didn’t care about him, and simply ignored him. 

The Shu clansmen’s martial art prowess was not very high. To fight against beasts who utilized brute force, this would only lead them to get injured. Shang Ke did teach them martial arts and they remembered the movements. However, they blanked when it came to real-life battle. 

Shang Ke really suffered as an Evil God with an inexperienced group of followers. 

Since the Evil God was a battle god, his combative abilities could amplify itself. He was powerful enough to help a rabbit come out of top. 

Shang Ke removed himself from the wooden carving. He activated the Evil God’s talent, and induced thoughts of murder in his worshippers’ hearts. 

A flash of bright red light turned those originally clear eyes into ones filled with bloodlust. Their expressions behind their masks turned vicious. Their movements changed from sluggish ones to quick ones. Their knives rose and fell with blood splashing everywhere. They gave off the appearance of monsters. 

Yitamo noticed what was happening and his eyes revealed some surprise in them. The Shu clansmen were originally clumsy like drunkards. However, their courage increased in the next second. Their movements and speed greatly improved. Their offensive attacks were brutal and ferocious. Their knife movements became fatal and killed everyone on sight. Yitamo’s attack could be seen as lithe, but he was only average when compared to them. 

Did they worship more than one god? 

People were allowed to believe in more than one god, but they didn’t receive as many blessings as a result. There was no god who wanted worshippers whose attention was divided amongst different gods. If the god wasn’t good-natured, then some people wouldn’t receive any blessings. 

The impressive skills that the Shu clansmen acquired meant that it was unlikely that they believed in another god. 

Did their impressive martial art skills come from Uno?! 

This assumption was baffling to Yitamo.

This was also baffling to Love God Neil. He was a highly ranked god and could feel the changes in divine power. The power that Shang Ke passed on to his followers didn’t carry any light, but rather a disturbing taste and the scent of blood. 

Neil frowned and gave a pensive look to that god who was floating in midair. 

After a quarter of an hour passed, the battle was completed. Shang Ke removed the murderous intentions from his worshippers. He hovered in the air with his eyes closed to gain back the Evil God’s power. The expression of his mask turned sinister as he regained his power. 

The people of the Shu Clan restored their original calm demeanor. They were shocked at the mandrill bodies that littered the ground. 

“Are you alright?” Yitamo and Neil came over to them one after the other.

“We’re alright,” an elderly Shu Clan member mumbled in response. 

“Did you get your power from God Uno?” Yitamo directly questioned. As he had travelled with the Shu people for a couple of days, he was well aware of their frank nature. Therefore, he chose not to beat around the bush. 

“Yes,” the same elderly Shu clansman responded. 

Yitamo doubtfully questioned, “Isn’t your God Uno a god of creation??”

“No, he isn’t,” answered Tima, “God Uno is a battle god.”

Yitamo thought, ‘Is he really a battle god? A battle god with all these life skills?’

Neil thought, ‘Even if they’ve confirmed it, I still don’t believe it.’

Shang Ke elegantly gathered his power in midair before he floated back to the ground. His figure stood on top of a mountain made of rock with his sinister mask. He held a hammer in his hand as he stared off into the distance. His animal hide skirt slightly swayed with the wind revealing his sexy might. 

Neil noticed his appearance and his cautiousness vanished like smoke. 

That night, the group felt mentally and physically drained as they all went to sleep. 

Shang Ke had gained some new power. He felt excited by this so he didn’t go back to the statue right away. Instead, he sat next to the fire and he daydreamed as he held onto his hammer. 

During this time, two people sat next to him. One sat to the left of him and the other sat to the right of him. His spirit self uncontrollably revealed itself once more. 

Shang Ke didn’t even look as he already knew who it was next to him. He stayed motionless and stared at the flames. 

“Uno, you were very admirable today.” Neil gave a thumbs up to reveal his approval. 

Shang Ke’s heart didn’t make any movements, not did his mask change its sinister expression. 

“I’ll let you in on a secret.” Neil suddenly moved closer to his ear and whispered, “I’ve noticed that the girl whose name is Tima seems to like you.”

What? Shang Ke abruptly turned his head and made a face, “(⊙Д⊙)!”

“Pft.” Neil bent over in laughter

Shang Ke made a face, “(—_—+).”

While Neil laughed, Shang Ke took this as an opportunity to escape. He quickly disappeared from their line of sight. 

Neil immediately stopped laughing, and his eyes revealed some surprise in them. He had surrounded them with an enclosure. He assumed that thirty percent of his own power would be enough to trap Uno, but he was able to escape from it. It had only been a few days, but his strength had greatly improved in that amount of time. Was it because of the battle that day?

“Neil, what type of battle property do you think Uno controls?”

“I’m not sure.” Neil shook his head from side to side. He sensed some evil whenever he came near, but there didn’t seem to be any sign of danger. If this assumption was proven wrong, then Uno must have been good at concealing his true self. 

However, the girl whose name was Tima was proud of her god. He noticed a pink aura from her being, which symbolized love. Since he was the God Of Love, there was no wrong he could be proven wrong about this. 

As Neil recalled this fact, he unintentionally glanced at Yitamo.

“What’s wrong?” Yitamo revealed a bewildered expression. 

Neil patted his shoulder and offered some important words, “My brother, whenever you plan to do something, you should do it. Don’t start regretting things after the beautiful flower has been picked by someone else.” 

Yitamo’s facial expression revealed his confusion.

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