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Chapter 97: Covenantor (XX)

After the first set of samples had been analyzed, the researchers would frequently pester Shang Ke for even more samples. Shang Ke analyzed the samples before, but he was shocked to find out that these researchers used way more than he did. Thus, he was stern in expressing that the samples should be used more conservatively and that there wouldn’t be any more stock of the samples. 

Shang Ke eventually divided the sample in three separate portions for them. He also requested to see their analyses of the samples. 

The researchers had no choice but to leave in a furor. Shang Ke finally felt more peaceful as there weren’t any more distractions and only reports of the sample analyses were sent here and there. After that, he had to make ingredients, calculate the proportions, blend them together and repeatedly experiment with them. This was a long and tedious process. 

Shang Ke was meticulous and serious with his work. Through their interactions, Shang Ke finally received approval from the researchers. Thus, he formally became a part of their research group. 

Lu Xiufan felt worried that Shang Ke would feel depressed being in a residence so far from the city. However, he was actually the one getting depressed. Shang Ke used to run towards him to greet him whenever he returned. Now, he was stuck seeing that old butler’s wrinkled face as well as a silent, cold house. 

Liu Xiufan looked at Shang Ke. Shang Ke was currently having a heated discussion about the experimental results with the other researchers. He thought to himself, ‘Didn’t he say that they didn’t get along? How did they start getting along within the few days that he was gone?’ Shang Ke was even allowed to enter the laboratory that was viewed as a forbidden area to outsiders. 

“Sir, you’re back.” A middle-aged researcher was the first to notice Lu Xiufan and he got up to greet him. 

Another researcher who was next to him said, “Sir, are you here for Little Ze? We have finished our part of the work, so you can have Little Ze.” 

Lu Xiufan was reminded of two days prior where this man was vehemently against him bringing in an outsider. 

“Working hours are not over yet.” Shang Ke quipped. 

After he finished talking, the others gave him sympathetic looks. ‘This child seemed to forget about this man once he started working. How is this acceptable? Hurry up and comfort him. It would be best if you could lock him up in the room and roll around with him for another three days and three nights.’ 

Shang Ke’s work ethics drastically improved his image in the eyes of the researchers. In the past, they assumed he was nothing but Lu Xiufan’s bed partner. Now, they felt like they were a perfect match. 

“Who said work hours are not over?” The elderly researcher pressed a few buttons on the virtual clock which caused time to jump forward by thirty minutes which was a minute over the scheduled rest time. 

Shang Ke thought, ‘.…Is it really okay to do something like that in front of your boss?

Lu Xiufan thought, ‘Having a flexible mindset makes you worthy of being an expert.’

Lu Xiufan had an expression of admiration on his face for that researcher. He took Shang Ke with him and left the laboratory. 

After they left, the researchers gathered together and each guessed how many days the two would stay in the room. They also let out wretched laughter occasionally…. It had to be pointed out that once these researchers got into their gossiping spirits, they were no different from the aunties on the street. 

Lu Xiufan also lived up to their expectations and lovingly tangled up with Shang Ke for four days, breaking their previous record of three days. 

In the early morning, some researchers got out of bed to exercise. When they opened the window, they were attracted by the beautiful scenery outside. 

The eastern horizon was like a filmy silk the color of rose. The humid and cold wind brushed by the sea of purple flowers. The sparkling dewdrops flickered like moving lights. The large white dog, Snowball, happily rolled in the flowers. Under the elegant morning light, two tall figures strolled hand in hand. It was like an emotional and beautiful oil painting. 

“Haah, should I go find myself a lover?” A researcher over forty years old suddenly let out a sorrowful sigh. 

The researchers around him lifted their eyebrows. You already have a wife! 

Life was peaceful and relaxing while living in this mansion cut off from the rest of the world. A year gradually passed by and substantive progress was made on the brain repair serum. With the combined forces of everyone, they managed to successfully manufacture five types of medicine which was followed by human experimentation. 

Shang Ke knew that it wasn’t possible to create an exact duplicate of the brain repair serum. He could only hope that it would reach the expected results without too many side effects. Shang Ke analyzed the five types of brain repair serums for differences between them and the original. They were all similar to the original one. The fifth one was the closest at ninety-two percent similarity to the original. 

The researchers all discussed who would take the experiment to the higher-ups. Shang Ke suddenly said, “Let me do it .” 

“What?” Everyone was shocked at what he said. 

Shang Ke calmly replied, “I am a covenantor.”

They all were shocked at this. He was a covenantor? They had interacted with him for so long and they hadn’t realized. 

This guy, aside from being partially paralyzed in the face, punctual, silent, and calm—Just how did he resemble a covenantor? 

His thoughts were unique, and he worked in a neat and orderly fashion. He never took the initiative to chat with people, but he did ask questions and answer them. Whenever others teased him, he’d play along. For example, he was asked, “How’s His Excellency’s bed skills?” He replied back, “There’s a top and bottom, as well as in and out.” His response gained the admiration of the researcher. 

However, this healthy-looking man was a mentally disabled covenantor? Everyone had assumed that he was haughty and arrogant, but in reality, he was unable to express his emotions. 

“What do you think about letting me be the participant?” Shang Ke asked once more. 

“No way!”

“No way!”

The voices of opposition came from the researchers within the laboratory as well Lu Xiufan who had just walked in. 

Lu Xiufan was displeased as he walked to his side. He said, “I will find some covenanters who are nearing the end of their lives. You don’t need to put yourself in danger.” 

The others nodded in agreement.

“Alright.” Shang Ke did not force the issue.

Lu Xiufan didn’t lower his guard. He privately ordered the other researchers to help supervise him so that he wouldn’t be alone with the finished drugs. That evening, he was even more demanding so that Shang Ke would listen to his commands and obey his orders. 

Lu Xiufan brought in five covenanters around thirty-three years old five days later. Their brains have started to degenerate and the cells could not differentiate. They were nearing the end of their lifespan. 

The researchers did a complete physical on his entire body before they formally prepared to advance towards human experimentation. 

 Before experimentation, the group was very optimistic. They believed that even if the drugs didn’t have good effects, it probably wouldn’t worsen their conditions either. 

The covenantor who took the first drug started out as expected. The damage on his brain started to lessen. The brain cells began to regenerate and were close to reaching full functionality. However, he suddenly died on the seventh day. 

The first experiment immediately snatched a human life. The researchers were immensely shocked. The second experiment was thus delayed. The delay lasted half a year until one of the four covenanters was close to dying of old age. 

The second drug went through many improvements. This time, sudden death was avoided. Instead, it slightly revitalized the participant that was near death. However, he only lasted half a month before he succumbed to the fate of his expiring lifespan. 

However, the researchers gained some confidence with this result. 

For the third trial, Shang Ke requested the fifth drug be used instead. No one protested this. 

Just as they prepared to start the trial, someone with bad motives complained about the research group. 

Following some negotiations, the Queen sent Prince Lu Xiuqi, Lu Xiufan’s older brother, to confirm what was going on. In reality, it was just a formality. The Queen had privately approved of this experiment. It just wasn’t made public to avoid unnecessary criticism and trouble.

Lu Xiuqi left the imperial palace with the protection of bodyguards. When he was about to enter the car, he felt a stab of pain on his nape. He reached and rubbed it. He didn’t notice anything weird so he just continued entering the car. 

Once he arrived at the villa on top of the hill, Lu Xiufan and the other were already waiting at the entrance. 

They originally exchanged conventional greetings before heading to the lab. Halfway to their destination, Lu Xiuqi curiously observed Shang Ke. He assumed that this younger brother had fallen in love with him. Otherwise, he wouldn’t work so hard on researching medications for covenanters. If possible, he sincerely hoped that the experiment would be a success so Xiufan wouldn’t suffer from losing his true love. 

The elevator started. Lu Xiuqi’s mind felt a burst of dizziness. He just assumed that it was an unsettled feeling from the feeling of weightlessness so he paid it no mind. 

The group had just exited the elevator when they heard the sound of cheers from the lab. 

“Sir, we’ve succeeded!” A researcher excitedly ran over. He seemed to have forgotten proper etiquette as he loudly declared, “Serum number five has reached the expected result. The damaged brain is able to recover itself and survive.” 

Lu Xiufan suppressed his varying emotions. He calmly asked, “Are you sure his condition won’t worsen?” 

“We are certain!” The researcher replied with certainty. “The participant’s recovery has been moving along smoothly. We observed him for two weeks and finally made sure of it today. Serum number five is very efficient in healing the injured covenanter. Although we aren’t sure of any side effects, there’s no issue with extending his lifespan for five hundred or ten hundred years.” 

After hearing his reply, Lu Xiufan looked at Shang Ke. He felt extremely happy in his heart. The medicine would help them live and protect each other for the rest of their lives. 

At this moment, the researcher grasped Lu Xiufan. His face froze and he quickly saluted. “Your Majesty, I’m sorry for being so rude.” 

Lu Xiuqi smiled, “You don’t have to be so polite. I understand how you feel. Can you guys let me look at your results?” 

“Of course!” The researcher proudly puffed his chest.

Some people entered the lab and the first thing they saw was the isolated covenantor. His face was expressionless, but he had a spirited expression in his eyes that was far more lively than other convenantors. 

The researcher presented the covenantor’s treatment files to Lu Xiuqi. He happily recounted the progress of his recovery. 

Everyone’s attention turned towards the researcher and the isolated covenantor. No one noticed that Lu Xiuqi’s face turned pale and the expression in his eyes eased. The researcher led them to a room where the experimental data was stored. Lu Xiuqi suddenly let out a loud roar and launched himself at the researcher. He aggressively bit his ear. 

“Ah!” The researcher screamed while the others had stunned expressions on their faces.

The laboratory was a confidential organization. The other bodyguards all had to stay outside with the exception of Lu Xiufan and Lu Xiuqi. The remaining people were all part of the experimental group. 

Lu Xiufan quickly reacted and rushed towards Lu Xiuqi. Another figure made their way towards the laptop and equipment, planning to move them to safety. 

Lu Xiuqi in his crazed state had impressive strength. After knocking over some members of the crowd, he picked up a chair and directly threw it.

“No!” The expression on the researchers’ face morphed. Lu Xianqi threw the chair at the direction of the laptop. The laptop had all of the research results from all these years. Once destroyed, it would be difficult to recover. Most of the results from previous experimental procedures have been saved elsewhere. However, the latest portion had not been saved. 

They noticed a person blocking the direction of the laptop. The chair flew straight towards the person and the blunt sound of the object hitting the person sounded out. The chair was made of metal and weighed around 50 pounds. If it directly hit someone, one can only imagine what type of injuries would be sustained. 

“Little Ze!” Lu Xiufan’s pupils contracted as he helplessly watched Shang Ke fall on top of the laptop. Blood flowed from his mouth as his breathing was almost at a stop. 

He had been daydreaming about a future with him moments ago. He daydreamed about living with him when they were old and grey-haired, but then in the next moment, he saw him collapse before his eyes. 

Shang Ke felt as if his vertebra had snapped. The pain was so intense that all he could do was tremble. He was only trying to push the instrument away! Why did he have to be hit by a flying chair the moment he turned around? He wasn’t planning to court death at this time!!!

Right before he lost consciousness, his body was pulled into a familiar embrace. His ears picked up the sounds of mournful cries. 

I’m sorry. I still ended up breaking my promise.

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