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Chapter 96: Covenantor (XIX)

Lu Xiufan gave Shang Ke a tour of the entire villa. Both the villa and the mansion had similar styles. The most surprising thing was that the laboratory was currently under construction. It would mainly be used to research drugs, diseases, medical equipment, and other projects such as the mental virus which was a plague that lasted for hundreds of years. This project was originally put on hold for a while, but Lu Xiufan had recently restarted it again. 

He had brought Shang Ke to this villa so that he could recover at a faster rate as well as recover from the side effects of his surgery. 

Once Shang Ke noticed the laboratory, he felt as if Lu Xiufan had answered his prayers. 

The System had given him the task of researching drugs. Lu Xiufan provided him with readily-made research equipment and all the experts in the field. Even though he couldn’t just hand over the brain repair serum, he could consult with these professionals whenever he needed assistance. 

The mission of this world wasn’t as difficult when Liu Xiufan helped. 

Shang Ke gave Liu Xiufan an intent stare until the other wrote a response on an electronic tablet, 【What’s wrong?】

He suddenly had a feeling that they might be able to live together until they reached a ripe old age. 

Shang Ke shook his head and didn’t say anything.

The events that occurred at the distribution center were passed on to an agent hired by Liu Xiufan. The Yue family had already arranged a new successor. This gave him more time to relax at the villa and conduct scientific experiments. 

Surrounding the villa, there were several medicinal gardens which contained rare herbs. Shang Ke’s room faced these medicinal gardens, so he could smell the fragrance of these herbs. The purple flowers in the garden swayed gently and looked like surging waves. 

Shang Ke took one glance at the room and already fell in love. He felt happy as he enjoyed the view outside his window. 

At that moment, the housekeeper knocked on the door. Shang Ke looked at the doorway and saw him bring in a white dog that was half his height. He saluted Lu Xiufan before he knelt to remove the dog’s leash. 

The large dog tilted his head. He slowly wandered over to Liu Xiufan’s side and rubbed himself against Liu Xiufan’s leg. He gave Shang Ke a look of assessment. 

Shang Ke briefly looked at the dog’s face before he held his hand out towards it. 

The large dog gave him a reserved look before he extended his paws to touch Shang Ke’s palm as acknowledgement. 

Lu Xiufan’s eyes briefly held a smile in them as he patted the dog’s head with one hand and touched Shang Ke’s head with the other. He felt that both were praiseworthy. 

Shang Ke and the large dog both looked at Lu Xiufan with shockingly similar looks in their eyes. 

Lu Xiufan, ‘I suddenly get the feeling that life is very enjoyable.’ 

The large dog’s name was Snowball which didn’t seem to match its noble appearance. Due to his pure white color, he would look invisible if he walked across the snow. When Lu Xiufan wasn’t around, Snowball would mainly stay at Shang Ke’s side. 

“Where’s Xiao Ze?” Lu Xiufan asked when he returned to the villa soaked with rain. He didn’t notice the man that he was expecting to greet him. 

“Young Master Ze is in the fifth laboratory,” the housekeeper answered while taking Lu Xiufan’s coat. 

“In the laboratory?” Lu Xiufan remembered that Shang Ke had applied for a laboratory job to research the mental virus not long before. Lu Xiufan didn’t refuse him and assumed that he wanted to compensate for the time he couldn’t work. 

Lu Xiufan rode the elevator to the basement. He passed the disinfection chamber and headed straight towards the fifth laboratory. 

In the lab, Shang Ke sat in front of an instrument to carry out an observational analysis of a sample. 

His head was lowered and he had an attentive expression on his face. His slender fingers occasionally adjusted the instrument. With the white coat he had on, he looked like an academic researcher. 

The first time he saw him, Shang Ke had been wearing pajamas and was aiding two wounded men with an expressionless face. Shang Ke showed off his excellent driving skills the first time he acted like his chauffeur. Shang Ke resembled a kitten stealing food the first time he found him in the kitchen. In the bedroom, he loosened his posture and hid his passion…. He was a covenantor but was so colorful that others couldn’t look away. 

This was his man, and others couldn’t hold a candle to him. 

Liu Xiufan headed over to him. Just as Shang Ke lifted up his head, he pressed a kiss to the side of his forehead. 

‘He’s back?’ Shang Ke carefully placed the sample to the side before standing up. 

“It’s time to eat.” Liu Xiufan pointed out the time on the digital clock hanging on the wall. It showed that there was still three minutes till mealtime. 

Shang Ke nodded before slightly tidying up his work area. He then left with Lu Xiufan to return back to the villa. 

【Have you made any progress on your research?】, Lu Xiufan wrote on the tablet.

Shang Ke replied, 【There hasn’t been much progress.】

The chemical components of the brain repair serum were so complex that he had only analyzed three of them so far. Tomorrow, he had plans to divide the sample up and ask the other researchers for help in analyzing the components. 

Lu Xiufan was just asking casually. He didn’t really think that Shang Ke could really discover anything especially in such a short period of time. After all, this issue had been plaguing the Empire for hundreds of years. 

Lu Xiufan didn’t expect that Shang Ke would be so invested with this research topic. Besides eating or sleeping, he spent the rest of his time in the laboratory. If it weren’t for Lu Xiufan, he might have neglected getting any sleep. 

As a result, Liu Xiufan was forced to strictly enforce that Shang Ke get at least ten hours of sleep everyday. 

In the evening, Liu Xiufan made sure to check in on Shang Ke’s progress in his recovery. Shang Ke recovered fast and gained a few pounds under the month-long care of a troop of doctors and nutritionists. 

Shang Ke removed his top and bared his back to Lu Xiufan. That originally flawless skin had dozens of scars with varying lengths. His skin looked like randomly scattered pieces of white flower petals. 

Shang Ke felt Lu Xiufan’s fingers slowly trace along his back before stopping at his waist. His fiery hot body pressed against Shang Ke and he imprisoned the other in his arms. 

“I’m going to stay in the villa for the next couple of days.” The sound of Lu Xiufan’s hoarse voice entered Shang Ke’s healing ears. It caused him to slightly tremble like a string being strung. 

Lu Xiufan hadn’t touched Shang Ke since he had become injured. Shang Ke had finally recovered, how could Lu Xiufan hold back any longer? Once night fell, he entangled himself with Shang Ke all night. He was careful to hold back his fierceness. He entered slowly and advanced heavily whenever he felt some ecstasy. Their positions seemed more random as time went on. 

However, Lu Xiufan underestimated his own strength. Even though he was gentle, his endurance was excessive. Thus, Shang Ke couldn’t leave the room for three days. Besides his ten hours of sleep and eating as well as bathing, the rest of his time was spent on bed activities. 

Shang Ke laid in bed trying to calculate how much his research was delayed from the past couple of days. He tried to determine if he could increase the amount of time spent on research by another half hour after Lu Xiufan left the villa. To no avail, Lu Xiufan already determined the amount of time needed for his rest. If Lu Xiufan left, then the housekeeper would be there to remind him. There was no way he could sneak in more research time. 

His previous meticulous calculation of working hours left a strong impression on Lu Xiufan. So even if Shang Ke had wanted to change working hours, he couldn’t. 

Lu Xiufan stayed for three days. Even when he was leaving, Shang Ke laid in bed like a corpse. 

With a heavy heart, Lu Xiufan left for the relaxing countryside to quickly handle important national affairs of the country. 

Shang Ke was finally able to see the light again and he left the desire-filled room. After he had recuperated for a day, he once again got back into his research. 

This time, he separated the components of the sample and asked several researchers to help him with analyzing them. However, they didn’t act very friendly towards him. They only allowed him to place the samples before them before telling him that they’d get to it if they had time. 

This group of researchers were heavily invested in their work and didn’t know of the happenings on the outside. Thus, they didn’t know Shang Ke’s identity and only knew that he was Lu Xiufan’s kept man. The fact that these two didn’t leave the room for three days and nights made them have an even lower opinion of Shang Ke. They merely treated him as the eye candy of a royal courtier.

How could these experts not feel bitterness in their hearts now that a noble and majestic person like His Excellency was now addicted to bed sports? Therefore, they had to firmly resist the villain that made his way to the top through appearance. 

Shang Ke’s samples were valuable, but he didn’t want to give them too little of it. If the samples ended up lost, he would die painfully. 

There’s no way around it. Even though they saw him as a villain, this villain would still have to force them to open their eyes. 

Shang Ke ignored the sullen faces of the experts and called Lu Xiufan to give him a report in front of the them. 

Lu Xiufan immediately sent out an order. The order was that if the researchers cooperated with Shang Ke, they would receive doubled bonuses. 

Once they heard about the bonuses, several of the researchers reluctantly took the samples while secretly cursing that this villain was a pain in the ass. Why couldn’t he quietly act like a house pet? With all this time on his hands, why did he have to use it on research? 

Once they started analyzing the components of the samples, their impressions changed. What was this? The ingredients were complex and it was precisely created. The effectiveness of it was exceptional! Some of the substances appeared to be the same as well. 

To the researchers, it was as if a new continent had been discovered. Their eyes were brimming with a fiery expression in them. 

A couple days later, one of the researchers came looking for Shang Ke. He enthusiastically asked, “Young Master Ze, the samples you gave us have been used up. Can you give us some more?” 

Shang Ke’s face was expressionless. Inside, he was howling in fury, ‘Do you think this sample can be provided by simply asking for it? Can’t you use it more conservatively?’

Shang Ke knew that using it all in this way was important, so he could only say that he’d give them some more later. 

After sending everyone away, Shang Ke took out the bottle of brain repair serum which was still two-thirds full. His own brain damage could be cured if he drank it all now. However, he wouldn’t be able to complete his task. 

This System was too strict. It didn’t even give him any leniency. He despised it. 

Shang Ke carefully and earnestly removed a tiny drop of brain repair serum from the bottle and put it in the middle of a dropper. 

Shang Ke didn’t realize that even though he isolated the components of the brain repair serum, several researchers speculated that this was related to treatment for mental virus after analysis of information from experience and other studies. 

The brain repair serum that Shang Ke had was a finished product that the System provided him. Professionals felt amazement by the serum whether it was through the composition or through it’s effectiveness. They felt that even if Shang Ke didn’t create the finished product, he had still accomplished something amazing. 

If Shang Ke could reach the resulting product, then he would be able to figure out the key in solving the issue. This meant that he wasn’t just Lu Xiufan’s kept man which was what they originally thought. 

It was at this moment that the researcher’s opinion of Shang Ke went through a complete transformation.

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