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Chapter 109: Becoming Your God (XII)

The first thought that appeared in Shang Ke’s head after watching the gradually solidifying Saya was how every god in their corporeal form started out naked. 

He had long golden hair, golden eyes, strong powerful limbs, and a muscular body. His entire bearing gave off an intense aura that oppressed others. Shang Ke felt like stepping back after seeing him come near to him. However, he was confined by his powers so he could only watch as he came closer until he was right in front of him. 

Saya lifted a hand to caress Shang Ke’s skin. He seemed like he was feeling the temperature of his skin as he ran a finger along his collarbone. He slowly ran it down his body lingering as if he was strumming the strings over and over again on an instrument. 

Shang Ke found that he was unable to move. The only thing that he could do was allow those hands to run along his body. Even though this guy was molesting him, he still wore his default honorable expression. If it weren’t for the glimpse of a certain object’s movement from between his legs, he would have assumed that he was studying the sculpture of a human body. 

He couldn’t help but admit that this guy was larger than himself. It was no wonder that when he exposed himself, the other guy had given him a bewildered expression. However with two fully naked men standing in a dignified holy shrine, he couldn’t help but feel that there was something amiss. 

As his mind was running out of control, Saya clung to him with the energetic item below poking against his abdomen. It would occasionally rub against him which led Shang Ke to tense up as his concentration was directed towards that object. 

Shang Ke noticed that Saya planned to continue his research so he spoke up with much difficulty, “Saya, don’t you think you should put your armor on?” 

“My armor makes me look too conspicuous. Therefore, it’s not suitable to wear in front of humans.” Saya picked at the edge of Shang Ke’s animal hide skirt as if he were debating on taking it off or not. 

“I can request the Shu Clan to make a couple set of clothes for you.” Shang Ke quickly offered. 

Saya paused and let out an indifferent sound, “Hn.” 

What was the meaning of that sound? Shang Ke gave him a glare without realizing how enticing it was to Saya who had turned into a corporeal god. 

The desire he felt surged violently like raging flames. His blood felt hot and he felt extremely thirsty. It was an unfamiliar feeling for him but also a new experience. 

He remembered how Shang Ke asked him not too long ago why it had to be him. This was probably the answer. It was because he made him feel the desire to obtain him. 

How was it possible for a god to obtain another god? The most obvious way was to use force to obtain their allegiance. Saya felt as if he wanted more than that. For example, he wanted to use the primitive way to leave his scent all over his body. 

Shang Ke noticed how Saya looked at him in a gradually more dangerous way. The power that obstructed him was gradually becoming more oppressive. It felt like it was going to swallow him up at any second. 

Shang Ke was very familiar with this feeling. Whenever someone felt in the mood, that’s when the aura surrounding him felt even more deplorable. He was certain that this guy was after his chrysanthemum right at this moment! 

He was a spirit god that had never experienced emotions and lacked knowledge about the real world but he had immense power without control over his behavior. Once this spirit god had emotions, it was hard to predict what was going to happen. Shang Ke didn’t want to test him since he didn’t have enough trust on his sex skills and EQ. 

“Where are you trying to escape to?” Saya noticed how he was attempting to escape from his trap. He turned his full attention towards him and placed a hand on Shang Ke’s shoulder to solidify his body as it was turning transparent. 

Shang Ke replied back, “I’m going to go and make you some new clothes.” 

“Don’t you need to take my measurements before you can make me clothes?” Saya asked.

Shang Ke quickly ran his eyes over his body and answered seriously, “I already know your measurements.” 

“Is it enough to just use your eyes?” Saya then offered him what sounded like a huge favor, “I give you permission to touch me.”

‘Who even wants to touch you!’ Shang Ke was no longer wearing his mask so he was able to control his emotions better. No matter how riled up he was, he remained calm on the surface. 

However before he could completely calm himself down, Saya suddenly placed the mask over his face. 

Shang Ke made a face, ‘(﹁ ヘ ﹁).’

Saya didn’t say anything, “….”

Shang Ke made another face, ‘(▔口▔).’

Saya took the mask off once again and stared expressionlessly at Shang Ke. 

Shang Ke, ‘It’s really tiring having such a dishonest mask….’ 

However, he could now rejoice since the oppressive aura had disappeared. It was now replaced with rolling black clouds. 

Shang Ke patted him with his hands on his chest. He earnestly rubbed the area while he spoke, “Lord War God, thank you for giving me the chance to touch you. I feel extremely honored.” 

Saya didn’t answer, “….”

Saya’s mood turned gloomy as he stared at the hands on his chest. The desire that had just calmed down now flared up once again. 

Shang Ke’s stomach did a flip and alarm bells rang in his mind. Right when he was about to take his hands off, Saya grasped them. 

Shang Ke lifted his head and met a pair of excited eyes. 

Saya held Shang Ke’s hands as he stroked them. It was as if he was wondering why they were so nice to touch. The feeling of touching him skin to skin was wonderful and he couldn’t stop himself. 

However, Saya didn’t go any further than that. It was better to hold off on uncovering all the delights at once. 

Shang Ke managed to escape with his modesty. He could remain a pure and perfect Evil God. 

Saya finally got hold of equipment with images of the Evil God and some other smaller objects that were easy to carry around. 

Yitamo finally fulfilled his promise. He helped the Shu Clan build an Evil God temple outside of the city. The statue was also moved to the new temple. Since they formally became part of the Imperial Yi territory, there were more and more believers that came to pray to him. The speed at which Shang Ke obtained more faithful believers increased. 

Even though this type of power couldn’t change his abilities, it could help solidify his physique. Over time, maybe the War God wouldn’t be able to play with his body as he wished. 

However, Shang Ke felt that it was the calm before the storm. The Fire God held deep-rooted fear towards the Evil God. There was no way that he had given up on sealing the Evil God just from one warning from the War God. It was possible that he was currently gathering other gods to help him fight Shang Ke head on. 

Shang Ke had no idea that Saya had already received a message from the Fire God as well as some other gods. However, he ruthlessly rejected them. As long as the Evil God was under his protection, nobody could touch him. 

Saya didn’t give any attention to the threats the other gods had made. Instead, he had a new hobby of spying on Shang Ke’s every move. 

In the War God’s shrine, Shang Ke’s busy figure would be reflected in the pool of water. Saya didn’t know why he was so busy like a hardworking bee. He hovered around his believers to help them with their difficult situations. If he told others that this was an Evil God, they would have a hard time believing him. 

Shang Ke’s personable attitude increased the number of believers that followed him as well as admirers. They were often seen or heard at the temple openly expressing their love for him. There would be statements like, “My honorable God Uno, please take this faithful believer’s body as an offering” or “My dearest God Uno, I will keep myself chaste for you” and so on. 

Saya always felt displeased whenever he heard them interact.

He wasn’t really worried about the irrelevant humans, but rather three others. Those three were the Love God Neil, Prince Yitamo, and the girl from the Shu Clan. They all had a close relationship with Shang Ke, and Shang Ke also trusted for them. 

He was especially worried about Yitamo whom Shang Ke allowed to take his mask off despite Saya restricting him. He also appeared in front of him. There was no doubt regarding his intimate feelings towards Yitamo. 

Yitamo was a human who was also his believer. This is why Saya avoided him as much as possible. As for Neil and Tima, he still tolerated them.. However, something would happen not long after which would be the last straw. 

In the past, the Love God Neil tied a string around Yitamo and Shang Ke out of boredom, as expected, Yitamo’s favorable opinions of Shang Ke turned into love. However, Shang Ke’s feelings didn’t change. Despite how close they were, Shang Ke felt no love.

Neil was really confused about this situation. If Shang Ke stayed as a spirit god, then affection wouldn’t be possible. Once he turned into a corporeal god, there should have been emotions and desires involved. Shang Ke obviously held favorable opinions towards Yitamo. With the Love God’s meddling, then those feelings of love should have naturally occurred. 

Was it possible that he didn’t understand anything yet?’ Neil was very interested in Shang Ke’s emotional growth. 

“Little Mask.” Neil led Shang Ke to a lake during the dark night. He mysteriously said, “Let me show you something interesting.” 

“Something interesting?” Shang Ke felt confused.

Neil gave him a strange smile and waved his arm. A lively scene followed the ripples on the surface of the lake. 

Shang Ke peered over and was blinded by the sight of two conjoined humans. There were also the sounds of moans that echoed throughout the silent night. 

‘The guy called him out in the middle of the night to watch a bout of nighttime exercise live?’ 

Shang Ke gave him a disgusted look.

Neil asked, “How does it make you feel?”

“What do you mean?”

Neil fervently watched him, “You don’t want to try whatever they’re doing?” 

Shang Ke gave him a weird look, “With whom are you suggesting?” 

“How do you feel about me?” Neil lazily leaned against the tree trunk. His charming eyes held rippling emotions like waves. He had a smile on his face. His entire body emitted hormones. 

Shang Ke carefully checked him out with his eyes before shaking his head, “You’re not my type.” 

“How would you know if you never tried?” Neil stuck close to him and held his waist. He whispered into his ear, “There’s no restrictions among corporeal gods. You should just enjoy this.” 

As he spoke, a strange scent overtook him. Neil’s hand slipped itself into Shang Ke’s clothes. His eyes and his breath oozed seductive charm. 

Neil had a natural advantage when it came to this since he was the Love God. Despite his tofu being eaten, Shang Ke didn’t feel disgusted. The Love God’s scent was like honey. It was so sweet that it filled your heart and burrowed itself deeply into his bone marrow. This would be difficult for the average person to resist. If it weren’t for the fact that he already liked someone, then it might have been hard for him to resist. 

Right before Shang Ke could push him aside, he was swept far away by a strong surge of power. 

He immediately saw the furious face of Saya appear in front of him. He immediately stretched his arms out, held onto him, and disappeared from the spot. 

Neil who had been thrown aside struggled to get up. However, he found himself imprisoned by the War God to the point of being unable to make any movements. 

The lake reflected adult scenes while moans sounded out through the quiet night. However, Neil could no longer be his usual charming and gentle self anymore….

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