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Chapter 110: Becoming Your God (XIII)

It was understandable that the Love God was a hedonistic person who always put pleasure first. However, he shouldn’t enjoy this pleasure with Shang Ke. Now, he landed into trouble with the War God and he led Shang Ke into the crossfire as well. 

Shang Ke was dragged to the War God’s temple. It was easy to tell what would happen next. His attitude changed from unassertive to assertive. He waited while Saya was removing his mask and obstructed his mouth before he could release his anger. 

Saya was shocked and he stood in the temple awkwardly, allowing Shang Ke to assault his lips. Their mouths were tightly attached together. They sucked on each other’s tongues and exchanged saliva. 

Saya’s body slowly relaxed. He had one arm on the Evil God’s waist and his hand held onto the back of his head. Their kissing became coordinated rather than sloppy. They became more excited as the kiss deepened. A wave of heat spread from the two bodies and their desire increased making them unable to see reason. 

Shang Ke’s clothes fell on the ground while he was being pushed against the wall by the War God. Saya once again revealed his skills at instantly stripping him of those clothes that got in their way. 

Shang Ke quickly put his animal hide skirt on again. There’s a saying that no matter how much of a loser one was, you should still put in your efforts to resist. Saya was still pristinely dressed. It wasn’t so easy to defeat him. 

Saya wasn’t satisfied with simply kissing anymore and he turned his attention to other areas. 

Although this would be his first time, Saya was familiar with all aspects of making love from his long life of watching others. The only thing he lacked was experience. Therefore, he had no idea about foreplay and he was acting purely on instinct. 

Shang Ke’s animal hide skirt left him defenseless so he was unable to resist Saya’s length that drove into him. 

Shang Ke lifted up his head to cry out, but he was interrupted by Saya’s next move before he could let out any sound. 

The repeated sounds of skin rubbing against skin echoed throughout the temple. It was paired with loud sounds of heavy breathing. It was as if they were scorched by fire. 

Shang Ke refused to be outdone. Therefore, he attempted to follow the War God’s pace, but it only led to the thrusts becoming more intense. 

Shang Ke in a dazed state attempted to adjust himself to support himself from behind. 

The animal hide skirt acted as a veil obstructing their intimate position from being seen by others. The only thing that was visible was the rustling movements of the cloth which offered a tiny peek at the situation underneath. 

Gods were physically more powerful than humans. They were direct and had raw emotions that made them enjoy the fusion of body and soul. Their spiritual power became more powerful and spread all over which made the gods nearby descend into confusion. 

It was hard to determine how long they went about it, but Shang Ke has passed out due to exhaustion. The fatigue of a god was due to his power becoming consumed. This was what happened to Shang Ke as the power that he had accumulated was absorbed by Saya. 

Afterwards, Saya leisurely laid on the bed while supporting his head and using his other hand to stroke Shang Ke’s bare back. His eyes ran along the other’s body covered in love bites and bruises. He gently turned the other around and bent forward to gently kiss his lips. He looked at Shang Ke’s sleeping face with his eyes revealing his satisfaction and joy. 

This person belonged to him.

Saya felt that whatever he was missing had now been recovered. 

However, he still had not forgotten the guy who tried to get close to Shang Ke. 

The expression in Saya’s eyes sharpened and his figure disappeared from the temple within a second. 

Three days had passed and Neil remained in the same place where Saya had trapped him. He was lying on the ground with fallen leaves covering him and the occasional bug crawling on him. It was fortunate for him that he was hidden in the wilderness so no one was around to see him in this miserable state. 

It was at this moment that the air shook and Saya made his appearance known to Neil. Saya gave him a condescending look. 

“Lord War God, what did I do to offend you?” Neil offered him a bitter smile. 

“Uno belongs to me.” Saya said this with crazed possessiveness. 

Neil was shocked by this. “You and Little Mask…?!” He hadn’t noticed anything. This made no sense. He was the Love God! 

“I will only say this one time. The next time you make schemes against Uno, don’t blame me for being merciless.” He coldly gave his warning. 

Neil’s facial expression looked distorted. He asked, “Did you and Little Mask actually do it?! Did he consent to this?” 

“Of course,” Saya didn’t hesitate to respond. 

“That’s impossible!” Neil blurted, “I clearly tied him to….” 

He suddenly stopped himself, realizing that he should not continue what he was going to say. Otherwise, he would end up in big trouble. He felt that Little Mask had to have been forced because he had linked the red string to Yitamo. It was true that gods didn’t fall in love easily. However, it was impossible for Little Mask to not be influenced at all by the Love God and to completely give up on Yitamo and therefore, fall for Saya instead. 

If Shang Ke had feelings for Yitamo, then Neil had a chance to be with Shang Ke. However, Neil had no chance if Shang Ke liked the War God! Neil had hoped that Shang Ke would be more interested in Yitamo than Saya. 

“What was it that you wanted to say?” Saya inspected Neil as he felt that there was something fishy going on. 

“I just wanted to say that without my power, he probably wouldn’t fall in love with you.” Neil quickly corrected himself.

“Watch yourself! I don’t need you to interfere in my business!” Saya swayed his hand to remove the restraining spell on Neil before he turned around and left. 

Neil got up and moved his arms and feet. Afterwards, he flashed towards the palaces. 

He felt that it was important to warn Yitamo to take more initiative. Otherwise, his man would be taken from him…. 

Shang Ke woke up from his slumber two days later. The first thing he noticed when he opened his eyes was Saya with a messy appearance watching him. 

Shang Ke got up from the bed and discovered that his strength had greatly recovered. However, there were still traces of what they’d done on his skin. Shang Ke figured these marks would take at least three to five days to disappear based on Saya’s strength. 

Saya noticed Shang Ke’s half-asleep appearance. He stretched his hands out and pulled Shang Ke into his arms before biting his lips to wake him up.

Shang Ke glared at him as he didn’t want another mark on his lips. 

“You’re glaring at me.” Saya had a stern expression on his face, but his voice sounded calm. 

‘Isn’t that obvious?’

“I will give you permission to glare at me.” Saya arrogantly said.

‘Well, that’s rare!Shang Ke kept glaring at him.

It was possible that Saya was only moved by him in this world. However, this was different for Shang Ke where this man had been his lover for their past several lives. Therefore, he felt extremely familiar with him which is why he revealed his actual personality to the other. 

Shang Ke quickly dressed up under Saya’s intense stare. He quickly left the temple with a toss of his sleeve.

Saya was speechless, “….” Perhaps, he should be given a lesson on how to behave as a God’s lover. 

Despite thinking that, he also didn’t want to restrict Shang Ke too much. He liked how the other man behaved around him. 

It was at this point that Saya noticed the mask that had been tossed aside during their struggle on the floor. The expression on his face turned gloomy and he picked up the mask before exiting the temple. 

Shang Ke had just returned to his courtyard when he heard someone call out his name, “Uno.” 

He turned around and noticed Yitamo. Shang Ke smiled at the other. 

Yitamo had a dazed expression on his face as he stared at Shang Ke. 

“What’s the matter?” Shang Ke asked as he raised his hand towards his face. It was only then that he realized that he had forgotten his mask. 

He didn’t realize how his smile had greatly affected Yitamo.

Earlier, Yitamo thought about countless possibilities. It was not until he noticed the face behind the mask that he realized just how dull his life was. 

There were many lovely people in this world. However, this was the first time Yitamo had seen someone so beautiful that he could feel inexplicable joy by looking at him. His eyes and his smile resembled a sea of flowers. It was bright and lively. 

Yitamo could feel his heart beating fast. His foggy feelings from earlier became real at this moment. 

The change of faith only lasted for a second. 

Yitamo hadn’t realized that it was from that moment on that he had become a follower of the Evil God instead of the War God. 

Shang Ke wasn’t the only one who felt that change, but Saya had also noticed as he had rushed over. 

He gave Yitamo a cold glare. There wasn’t any god who liked a follower who abandoned his faith. This change also carried some love towards Shang Ke. 

Saya went to stand next to Shang Ke. He held his waist in one hand before placing his mask on his face with the other hand. 

Yitamo’s eyes briefly lit up before he bowed to Saya. 

This mortal was not his follower anymore so Saya ignored him. 

At that moment, Shang Ke felt the original aura from Yitamo disappear before being replaced by one of the Evil God. 

From this point on, Yitamo was only his follower. He was no longer someone with the aura of the War God.

The familiarity he felt with the other was due to the War God’s aura around his body. With this aura no longer being there, there wasn’t any appeal any longer. Yitamo would never understand that his love for Shang Ke was the reason why Shang Ke had avoided him. 

It was still possible to be regular friends. However, Saya knew his true feelings and he would not give him an opportunity to act on them. 

Saya suddenly turned his head in another direction. A god was peeping at him from the clouds. When Saya noticed him, the god didn’t evade him, but rather, he locked eyes with the War God and smirked. 

【Long time no see, War God.】 The other god greeted him.

【Is there a reason for you to spy on my territory, Your Excellency Death God?】This god was the Death God who rarely makes an appearance. His role was focused on death. 

【I’m just curious. Don’t mind me】The Death God’s eyes slowly flickered towards the god next to Saya. 

Shang Ke felt his gaze on him. He wanted to turn around, but he quickly pulled behind Saya. 

The Death God had a pleasant smile on his face, 【I didn’t expect that the deadly enemy from more than a thousand years ago had turned into a friend. Oh, I meant a lover.】

【This doesn’t affect you.】The War God responded in a cold manner.

【I don’t care who you do it with.】 The Death God added,【No matter what, the Evil God cannot be your partner.】

【Why not?】

【He is a dark attribute god that belongs to the dark side.】His tone sounded murderous,【War God, you can enjoy him in bed as much as you like, but you are not allowed to possess him.】

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