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Chapter 108: Becoming Your God (XI)

Shang Ke’s mask was well-fitted to his face, but it wasn’t fused to his face. There should be some way to remove it, but he couldn’t figure out how to remove it. It was possible that this may be because his level was not high enough. 

Shang Ke looked at his naked body and tried to manifest some articles of clothing for himself. His body was encircled with stars before they wrapped around his waist to form a bright and beautiful… animal-hide skirt. 

The statue’s appearance represented the original form of a God. That’s why the mask, the hammer, and the animal hide skirt were fixed objects in his corporeal form. The animal hide skirt that the Evil God wore came from the hide of an ancient beast. The trim of the skirt was black and outlined with gold. It was immune to fire and water and symbolized strength and authority. 

However, excessive praise didn’t change the fact that it was just an animal hide skirt. 

Shang Ke’s animal hide skirt seemed to sense his contempt and dissatisfied attitude towards it. It swayed around a few times before it disappeared and left Shang Ke as naked as a naked mole rat. 

While Shang Ke was focusing on covering his body, a figure silently appeared behind him.

The War God sensed the usage of Shang Ke’s divine power and knew that he had recovered. He quickly disappeared from the capital in a flash. Who knew that he would see this form when he finally arrived? 

Spirit gods only had divine power and no physical power. The only way they’d get physical power is if they gathered enough emotions and desires from their worshippers to become a corporeal god. That doesn’t mean that a corporeal god was stronger than a spirit god. This was especially true in Shang Ke’s case. 

The War God didn’t understand how he had become a corporeal god. However, he had a pleasant feeling seeing him in his corporeal form. 

Shang Ke faced the setting sun in the middle of the turquoise lake. He was floating midair. His bronzed skin shone with golden luster from the sunset. His body was well-proportioned with perfect muscles. He was strong and lively. However, he also had an indescribable sexiness that made it hard for people to look the other way. 

In the War God’s eyes, the colors became more vibrant. He unconsciously trapped Shang Ke in a powerful cage. 

Shang Ke found that he was unable to move his body. He turned his head around to look. Before he could properly see what was going on, the figure that was near the lake appeared next to him. 

“Saya?” Shang Ke stared at the man in front of him. He was shorter than Saya by half a head, plus he wasn’t as strong as him. 

Shang Ke confusedly asked, “Saya, have you gained weight since I last saw you a few days ago?” 

Saya was speechless, ‘….’

Shang Ke gestured towards his head, “I was only a tiny bit shorter than you before. Why is there so much difference with our heights now?” ‘(﹁\”﹁).’ “Did you purposely put on pounds to exceed me?” 

Saya didn’t answer and simply let his eyes sweep along his body before he raised an eyebrow. Shang Ke didn’t understand what he meant by this action, but he felt unhappy about it. 

Shang Ke wagged his finger and called back his animal hide skirt to block a certain someone from staring in that direction. 

The leather skirt swayed lazily at his waist. This made people feel the urge to rip it off. 

Saya’s eyes lingered on the skirt for a while before it ran along his thighs, collarbone, Adam’s apple, and finally his mask. 

He slowly extended his hand to remove the mask for the second time….

Shang Ke didn’t move, “It’s useless. It….””

He didn’t even finish his sentence when there was a sound of a crack and his mask was taken off. The mask that he was unable to take off was easily removed by this man. This didn’t make sense!

Saya held onto the mask and stared without blinking at Shang Ke who had bewilderment flashing through his eyes. 

Shang Ke felt somewhat terrified from his immobile stare and he couldn’t resist touching his own face. He had never seen his own face before so he was hesitant. He might have a beautiful feminine face paired with his masculine body. 

Right when Shang Ke was about to head over to the lake and take a look, Saya wrapped an arm around his waist and placed the mask back on his face. 

When Shang Ke attempted to remove his mask, he found that he was unable to remove it! 

Shang Ke made a face, ‘( °□°) !’

At least let him see his appearance once!

“Saya, I think the mask is tilted on my face. Help me to adjust it.” Shang Ke looked at him with an extremely sincere expression. 

Saya took a brief glance and responded, “It looks fine. It doesn’t look tilted.” 

“I’m the one wearing the mask! If I say it’s tilted, then it’s tilted!” 

Saya responded back, “Then you should adjust it yourself.” 

Shang Ke made another face, ‘(▔﹏▔)’ ‘This guy must have realized his plan.’ 

“You should return to the capital with me.” Saya spoke up, “The Shu Clan have decided to move to the capital.” 

“Every single one of them?” 

“Yes.” Saya looked at Mount Altia. “The houses and the fields have been burnt by the fire so the Shu Clan need to rebuild their homes. It’s far more convenient and safe to build them near a flourishing city over a remote mountain.” 

Shang Ke was speechless. Based on the original story, the Shu Clan would have moved to the capital half a year ago. Since his current arrival, they have had a carefree lifestyle on Mount Altima. Therefore, they postponed their move. 

If it weren’t for this, they probably wouldn’t have attracted this disaster with the Fire God and his believers. Fortunately, there weren’t any casualties. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have let the Fire God off. 

Shang Ke thought up to that point and he suddenly realized something. The Evil God of the past didn’t just have the Fire God and the War God as enemies. In fact, there were many other major and minor gods. There were at least ten other gods. There were some fallen gods amongst them, but others had improved their powers. The Fire God had almost sealed him, but if a few more gods had joined him, then it would have ended badly for him. 

The gods nowadays had their own ways. Even though they weren’t as strong as the War God, their strength wasn’t something to laugh at. 

Shang Ke looked at Saya, but he was unable to voice any words for help. He needed to complete his mission. It was more likely to be accomplished the more dangerous it was. He had no fear for his enemies, because he needed to become stronger. In this suicidal mission, strength was the only way his survival was guaranteed. 

Shang Ke transformed into his spirit form and protected the Shu Clan till they arrived at the capital. Even though Saya didn’t reveal himself, he kept track of their progress to ensure that the other gods didn’t launch any sneak attacks against them. 

It was clear to him what kind of terror the Evil God was to the other gods. The other gods would make sure to prevent him from becoming more powerful. If the Evil God was the same as he was before, then Saya would not show him mercy either. However, the current Evil God was like a completely different person. He was cheerful, passionate, and caring of his people. He cared for them till the point of exhausting his powers and enduring the pain from illnesses. He never harmed anyone on purpose, but he was the one who got bullied by the other gods occasionally. 

Saya didn’t have any ill intentions towards the Evil God. He simply wanted to keep him by his side and look after him. 

Hmm…. It felt as if he hadn’t seen him for twenty years. Let him go take a look

Saya followed after his scent and arrived at the Shu Clan’s residence. He found him sitting close to Yitamo in misleading positions. 

Shang Ke had on exquisite attire. His body slightly leaned over with his face in front of Yitamo’s face. 

Yitamo’s head was lowered and his hands cupped his face. It looked as if he was about to kiss him. 

Anger flashed in Saya’s eyes and he released his power. 

Yitamo felt his grip loosen. Shang Ke who had been next to him suddenly disappeared without any warnings, only leaving articles of clothing behind. 

Shang Ke’s corporeal form was not strong enough yet, so it was quickly shattered under Saya’s mighty power. 

Saya had grasped how to instantly strip someone so Shang Ke was stripped quickly. 

“Uno?” Yitamo stared blankly around the empty courtyard. 

“Saya, what are you doing?” Shang Ke felt unhappy and grumbled to himself after being forcibly taken to the War God’s shrine. 

“What were you doing with Yitamo?” Saya asked back. 

“He was curious about my actual appearance, so I allowed him to take off my mask.” 

“You’re not allowed to take off your mask!” Saya commanded him.

“Why not?” Shang Ke wanted to experiment to see if his mask could be taken off by just anybody, or just specific people. 

“You’re very ugly. If humans were to see you, then they would have nightmares.” Saya bluntly responded. 

Shang Ke was speechless, ‘….If it weren’t for the System increasing his stats, he probably would have believed him.’ 

Saya spoke again to make it clear, “Since you’re an Evil God, you naturally have a terrifying appearance. If you reveal your actual appearance to humans, it will ruin the image you’ve worked so hard to create.” 

Shang Ke made a face, ‘(〒︿〒).’ ‘Why is it necessary to slander me in this way?’ 

“Therefore, you should not show your face to any humans.” Saya finished talking. 

“If I’m unable to show my face to humans, then I’ll go find Neil.” Neil was a corporeal god, so there should be some common ground there. 

He had just started to speak when a powerful burst of energy was shot towards him out of anger, thus preventing him from making any movements.

“Uno.” Saya firmly stood in front of Shang Ke to block him. He spoke while emphasizing every word, “Except for me, you cannot take your mask off for any human or god.” 

Shang Ke was unable to utter a word to this man in front of him who could turn hostile so easily. 

Saya reached out and gently removed his mask. His fingers ran along his eyebrows and eyelids. He spoke in a soft husky voice, “Uno, I will protect you, but you need to obey me.” 

“Do I have to even when you rudely command me?” Shang Ke questioned. 

“Yes.” Saya’s tone made it clear that there was no room for questions. “I will be your only god. It doesn’t matter how strong you become in the future, I will always be stronger than you and far ahead of you.” 

“Why?” Shang Ke looked at him with an intense expression in his eyes. He asked, “Why must it be me?” 

Saya’s spiritual energy fluctuated under his undivided attention. His rippling bouts of power gradually became whole. The armor disappeared from his body and revealed a strong manly body that was followed by a blast of heat. 

Shang Ke looked at him in shock. Saya unexpectedly transformed into a corporeal god directly in front of him! 

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