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Chapter 107: Becoming Your God (X)

Shang Ke noticed that Lord Saya was not acting like his regular self recently. Each day, he’d come over even if he was busy. He didn’t talk much, but he’d loiter for a bit and sway the sleeves of his robe. He had a strong presence in his life. 

If Shang Ke didn’t already see how emotionless this spirit god was, he would have assumed that he was using his aggression and arrogance to attract Shang Ke’s attention. 

Shang Ke had done a similar thing before. He revealed his proud figure in front of Saya as well as his wild temperament and his sensual animal hide skirt…. However, the War God was not moved by this. Shang Ke felt that it might be because he didn’t like strong men. Previously, he went for the beautiful, soft-tempered types. The different temperament of the current Shang Ke probably made it hard for him to accept. 

Thus, Shang Ke gave up. To him, a slow-paced romantic lifestyle between an elderly couple was less stressful. He wanted love, and he didn’t want to be rejected every time he made the first move. Feelings that fiercely burned might rage on till there’s no feelings left. 

It was fine the way it was currently. He decided to let their relationship progress naturally. 

Shang Ke watched Saya who appeared in front of him like a billowing black cloud with a naturally bright smile on his face, ‘(≧ˇ≦).’ 

Saya’s depression had worsened during the past few days. With that one smile from Shang Ke, his sadness vanished like smoke. 

The War God decided that he would let Shang Ke figure out how he had neglected and slighted this War God. 

Shang Ke wanted to question Lord Saya about his visits every day. All the other gods assumed that the two of them were ‘having an affair.’ That’s why the other gods didn’t dare to cause him any trouble. 

The War God noticed that Shang Ke wanted to say something to him which is why he waved his sleeves and patiently waited amongst the chaos. However, he noticed the change in Shang Ke’s expression from, ‘(^ ^)’ to ‘(°△°),’ but there wasn’t any warning before he faded away in front of eyes like a bubble. 

The War God was saddened by this and he used his divinity to search for Shang Ke’s soul. He discovered Shang Ke’s soul had already left the capital and returned to his statue at Mount Altia. 

What had happened? The War God frowned, and he flashed over to Mount Altia. 

Shang Ke had suddenly disappeared because he had received a signal of distress from the Shu Clan. Once he arrived at Mount Altia, he noticed a raging fire with burning red air rising towards the black sky. The black sky was now stained red with blood. There were countless animals that struggled and pitifully cried as they attempted to escape the raging fire. It appeared as if it was hell on earth. 

The abodes of the Shu Clan were torched with flames. Everything from their farmlands, manors, and gardens had been torched. The Shu Clansmen all surrounded the Evil God’s temple. The youth were using their knives and axes to clear the surrounding foliage. The old women and children gathered around the temple and cried through prayers in front of the statue. 

Shang Ke looked at them and felt anger bubbling in his chest. ‘Are you guys stupid? Why didn’t you run away? If I hadn’t come back, would you all give up your lives here? The temple can still be rebuilt even if it’s destroyed. There’s no need for any unnecessary rescue strategies.’ 

The fire rapidly spread like a mad monster. It crazily made its way towards the temple. 

Shang Ke was unable to control his anger. He lifted his hand and a stone hammer materialized. He rushed towards the mountain nearby and used all his strength to pound the surface of the mountain. 

With a loud bang, rubble scattered across the sky and earth while everything nearby trembled. 

The Shu Clansmen all looked towards the direction of the sound only to see a muscular figure floating midair while smashing a hammer along the side of the mountain. 

“God Uno!” The Shu Clansmen were all elated. The despair and grief they previously felt were instantly replaced with joy and hope. 

Their god was here to save them! 

Shang Ke ignored their cheers and instead focused on hammering the mountain wall. His energy gradually became depleted. The image of his body also started to flicker. 

Swish! A surge of water appeared from the crack in the stone. It was quickly followed by crackling sounds that echoed as the rocks broke apart, releasing an even larger surge of water that passed through Shang Ke’s transparent body and splashed onto raging fire beneath the mountain. 

Shang Ke turned around and saw that the stream of water had a long way to go before it could reach the temple. Without any outer forces, the water wouldn’t be able to put out the fire that was rapidly spreading near the temple. 

Shang Ke picked up his hammer and used his divination to pull out some ribbons of water. He sent those ribbons in the direction of the temple. He is not a god that is affiliated with water, so this was entirely done with his divination. The other gods wouldn’t dare to do anything like this since it didn’t enhance their power. Instead, it exhausted their previously accumulated power. 

He was an Evil God that had done many evil deeds before, but his heart also didn’t want to harm any living beings. There wasn’t another god more neglectful of their innate duties than him. 

The stream of water hit the flames and a black plume of smoke billowed out. 

The Shu Clansmen cheered loudly despite the smoky air. They let out their feelings of joy, without any idea that their God had depleted his power to rescue them.

It would only take a little while longer before the fire would be completely extinguished. 

Shang Ke’s body was almost completely transparent. He was too focused on his task to notice his gradually decreasing power. He was unaware that danger was near. 

“Unos, I never thought that you’d be able to rise up from the ashes.” An enraged voice sounded out from behind him. “Did you really think that you’d have the opportunity to become as powerful as you used to be?”

Shang Ke tensed as he turned around to see a fire snake making its way towards him. 

Right when he was about to be swallowed by the snake, the snake was blocked by something less than three meters in front of him. 

The War God’s lengthy figure stood before Shang Ke. 

“War God Saya?” The fire that covered the sky gradually transformed into a tall and strong man. 

Shang Ke looked over the War God’s shoulders to see a man. This man was covered in robes that resembled flames. His head was covered with messy curly locks and he had a ferocious look on his face that made him look like a lion. 

Shang Ke remembered that the system had provided information to him about several other deities besides Saya who had confronted the Evil God. The Fire God Helu had been one of those deities. However, he didn’t receive much information since the Fire God was nothing compared to the Evil God. 

As it appeared, the fire was not an accident, but the Fire God had purposely set it off. This was apparently because his worshippers discovered the Shu Clan who lived near the Fire God’s temple. This attracted the attention of the Fire God. He was unable to destroy another god, but he could seal in another god by either having more power than the other god or killing the other God’s worshippers. Even though the other god could only be sealed temporarily, he could still weaken the other side. 

It had now been more than a thousand years since Saya had sealed the Evil God in Mount Altia. The seal had long been dissolved which allowed the Evil God to see the light of day again. 

“Helu, what are you trying to do?” The War God asked coldly.

“What do you mean about what I’m trying to do?” The Fire God felt that this question was weird. “Isn’t it obvious? I’m trying to reseal the Evil God.” 

The War God looked at the completely burnt mountain surrounding his feet. “Were you attempting to reseal him by setting fire to a mountain and tormenting mortals?” 

“I wasn’t the one who set the fire,” The Fire God objected, “My worshippers liked the Shu Clan’s ironworks and wanted to trade with them. This conflict started only because they were refused.” 

“There’s a lot of humidity on this mountain. How could the fire spread so rapidly without your help?” The War God wasn’t convinced by his argument. 

The Fire God angrily responded back, “War God, isn’t it more important to reseal the Evil God?” 

“Unos now belongs to my jurisdiction. I will make the decision whether or not to seal him in.” The War God stood before Shang Ke, covering him with his protection. 

The Fire God looked at the War God in shock, “So he’s under your jurisdiction? You mean that you allow him to gain power right under your nose?”

“That’s correct.”

“You’re crazy, War God!” The Fire God was enraged, “This is the Evil God Unos. Once he gains back his strength, the whole continent will once again be full of violent massacres.” 

“I won’t allow for that to happen.” 

“How can you be so sure? Will you swear upon it with your godhead?”

The War God gave him a threatening look, “Do you have any objections?” 

The Fire God instantly quieted down under the War God’s dominance. He instead chose to give Shang Ke a disapproving look. 

The War God smoothly moved over half a step to block the Fire God’s line of sight. 

The Fire God didn’t read too much into his actions. He just didn’t understand why Saya defended this scourge. ‘Was it so the War God could feel more accomplished once the Evil God was sealed by the War God himself?’ 

The Fire God’s anger had no bounds since he was unable to quickly seal in the Evil God. He spat out a few flames before he left. 

At first, the War God watched as he left. Then, he decided to return back to Shang Ke. He noticed how the other was so weak that he could barely sustain his apparent form. 

The War God immediately flew towards Shang Ke and used his divinity to support him. He was about to help his figure become more apparent. However, Shang Ke’s body turned into countless stars and disappeared before he could do anything. 

The War God’s hands remained in the exact position as he felt a sharp pain in his chest. He felt a strange emotion in his mind and his entire body. His entire spirit felt heavy. 

What had happened? The War God grasped his chest with a solemn expression on his face. 

The Shu Clansmen all rejoiced when the fire on Mount Altia was extinguished. They had no clue as to what transpired between the three gods since the War God had created a boundary around them. All they saw was their mighty god smashing the mountain wall with his hammer to release water to put out the fire and save everyone.

Shang Ke felt exhausted and he returned to being a spiritless god. However, he now had many worshippers which was different from the situation earlier. Therefore, he knew it wouldn’t be long before he regained his strength again. 

It took five days for Shang Ke to regain his apparent form. However, things had changed this time around. Now his form was stronger as it was made of flesh and blood. 

He had short jet-black hair, a defined figure, strong muscles, a bronzed skin tone, and slender legs which was revealed as soon as the animal-hide skirt was removed from his body. However, the mask with the sinister expression still remained on his face. 

Shang Ke couldn’t help but ponder if his mask was a part of his face!

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