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Chapter 241: Back To That Key Moment ⑧

TL: Resonance


Shang Ke spent a month recuperating in the hospital, and was then picked up by Yonis and brought home. On the day of his discharge, not only did Monroe, Mitchell, Lucian and others come to congratulate him, but he also received a large number of flowers and gifts from many Dark Sentinels concerned about him. Although he had slept for three years, Shang Ke, as the exclusive guide of the Dark Sentinel, was highly concerned by all parties, and his awakening was undoubtedly an uplifting piece of good news. During this period of time, the online media was almost swept with information and pictures related to him.


With the increased attention, the application for guardianship also went through smoothly. They just have to wait for Shang Ke’s body to fully recover before he could go to the union for testing.


The visit once every three day, because of Shang Ke’s return, turned into a ten-hour daily get-together, though he had to be accompanied by another guide.


Hence, Leo had the privilege of seeing firsthand the versatility of his mother. Cooking, carving, music, weaving, gaming, repairing and computers skills, he seemed almost omnipotent. What was most amazing to Leo was that his mother could even tailor! The cartoon outfit he was wearing, that was so cute that he wanted to cry, was handmade by his mother!


“Keke, did you give Leo my cake?” Yonis glared at his son with an unpleasant look on his face.


Leo tasted the cake with large bites while cursing in his heart. Such a petty father, just how did he manage to woo mother in the first place? Don’t be such a failure!


“It’s just a piece of cake, what’s with the tantrum? Here, compensation.” Shang Ke handed a piece of soft and fragrant fruit muffin to his mouth.


Yonis was successfully fed, his face immediately changed from gloomy to bright. After the feeding, he even went over and gave Shang Ke a kiss on the mouth.


Leo was caught off guard and got fed a mouthful of dog food, and his pure little mind was seriously contaminated. The cake which needs seven or eight bites to finish was finished by him in three bites.


Looking at his father’s lustful expression, he was sure that if he hadn’t been there, his dad would have immediately pounced on his mother on the sofa. Leo didn’t overlook the resentful glances his dad secretly gave him.


Haha, my dear father, your son may look only two or three years old, but he is actually an adult. Your old man’s childish behavior will become black history and be remembered by me. Leo thought darkly.


Leo’s eyes moved to his mother and his mood became bright again. The biggest fortune of his second chance was probably that his mother survived.


His unfamiliarity with mother has long since vanished unknowingly. Some people seem to be born with an affinity that was impossible to resist. Mother did not treat him as an ignorant child and deliberately approached trying to please him, but treated as an adult who can communicate normally, and always ask his opinion and feelings when it comes to matters related to him. For example, when cooking, mother will take out all the ingredients and let him choose his own. When playing games, his mother would let him take the lead and he would assist from the side. Even if he acts foolish on purpose, his mother would also not show any impatience. Instead, he would entertain him in various ways, so that he can finish the game without any burden.


When he was around his mother, he always forgot that he was actually a mentally sound adult and instead learned to be capricious and pampered. Although he secretly despised himself after each childish act, he still wanted to thank God for allowing his mother to live.


Half a year later, his mother successfully passed the union’s test and regained custody. On the day he officially returned home, when he saw his father and mother both standing at the entrance of the villa greeting him, a feeling of completion was born in his heart.


That night, Leo slept in the same bed with his two fathers for the first time. He thought it would be a good night, but it turned out to be very aggrieving.


Although they deliberately lowered their voices and controlled their strength, the rhythmic vibrations still pulled Leo back from his sweet dream to the tragic reality. Leo was originally sleeping in the middle of the two, but when he woke up, he found himself moved to the right side. A large area behind him became a tender place for two vigorous, passionate men to tumble and tangle.


“Wu… That’s enough…”


“Wait a little longer.”


“Then be gentler, don’t wake Leo up.”


“The brat is really in the way, let him sleep by himself tomorrow. How old is he and he still wants to sleep with his parents.”


Leo who was playing dead: “…” Suddenly felt like killing his father.


The first night back at home, Leo found another bad point about a certain someone: Always in heat!




The mattress beneath Leo vibrated violently as a short, low gasp rang out, and a series of unspeakable sounds repeatedly echoed in his ears.


He couldn’t take it anymore!


Leo’s spirit rebelled.


The exhilarated Yonis suddenly paused and his pupils contracted. His spiritual energy then surged, gradually condensing into a lion in the air.


Leo was shocked and his hair stood on end. But in the next instant, the pressure on his body all disappeared and was replaced by a comforting warmth. Slowly opening his eyes, Leo saw a light blue shadow. It was his mother’s spirit guide—Waves.


A spiritual shock, from start to finish, was over in just a few seconds.


Leo secretly sighed that his mother deserved to be called the unmatched S-class Dark Guide of the country. His control of spiritual power was too precise.


He subconsciously turned around and ended up seeing a blinding scene unprepared. His father was pulling out of his mother, and the bedding was pulled up to their waists, just enough to cover the dangerous parts.


Leo wanted to pretend he didn’t see it or to act more innocent and ignorant, but the corners of his mouth which kept twitching betrayed him.


“Brat, tomorrow I will find you a teacher to teach you to learn to control your spiritual power.” Yonis pulled over the bedding and covered Shang Ke. With a stern tone, he reprimanded, “If you don’t know how to control it, it’s useless just having talent.”


If you had said this at another time and place, I might have been taught properly.


Shang Ke pushed away Yonis, quickly put on his pants under the covers and put on his robe. Then, he sat up and said, “Both of your spiritual powers are unstable. To avoid another spiritual rebellion, it is better to sleep separately tonight. Leo, come here, I’ll bring you to your room.”


Yonis nodded with a straight face, “That’s right, we should indeed sleep separately.”


Seeing that Yonis also agreed, Shang picked up Leo, turned around and walked out of the room. The moment he closed the door, Leo showed his father a “bright” smile.


Yonis also did not care. He thought Shang Ke would return after sending the brat, but no one returned. Then, he finally realized that something was wrong, and also finally understood why the boy left such a hateful smile before he left!


“Damn brat! Dare to snatching someone from me, he really needs a spanking!” Yonis spent the sleepless night in indignation.


The next day, Yonis did what he said he would do and found a teacher for Leo, the number one master of the country, Monroe, whom Shang Ke had once saved.


Monroe readily agreed to Yonis’s request. He himself was quite interested in Leo who was a rare young genius.


Although Yonis is also an A-class powerhouse, he has responsibilities and does not have much time to teach personally. Monroe is different, he has retired, is idle at home, and there was no one more suitable than him in the country.


Hence, Leo who barely got to enjoy the beautiful life of family reunion was sent to Monroe by Yonis mercilessly. Although the daily study time was not long because of his young age, Leo was still greatly hurt and once again held someone in his grudge.


From then on, he began to devote himself to being against his own father.


Children always grow up fast, and before one knew it, three years had passed.Leo, at the age of 6, officially entered the school and became a glorious elementary school student.


He did not have the fear and discomfort of a normal child in an unfamiliar environment. Instead, he behaved well and was steady, and soon received the praise of his teachers and the support of his classmates, making Shang Ke feel relief.


However, Shang Ke did not get to feel relieved for long before Leo revealed his unique nature.


“Leo, this is your classmate?” Shang Ke asked with a smile as he saw Leo lead back a little girl.


Leo threw his school bag on the sofa and casually replied, “No, she’s my girlfriend, two years older than me.”


Shang Ke thought he had heard wrong, so he asked again, “What did you just say?”


“I said she’s my girlfriend.” Leo sat down on the sofa across Yonis and poured himself a drink, completely without any intention of introducing “his girlfriend”.


It was really his girlfriend, and she was two years older than him! Shang Ke stared at his son speechlessly.


Yonis sat on the side and did not say anything.


The little girl wasn’t shy with strangers. She politely greeted the two, then sat dignifiedly next to Leo like a little princess.


Shang Ke took a deep breath and said, “You guys sit down for a while, dinner will be ready soon.”


“So he is the servant of your family?” The little girl suddenly said, “Why didn’t you say so earlier? I had to greet him so carefully earlier.”


Leo tilted his head and stared at her, “What’s wrong with a junior greeting an elder?”


“I was taught by my mother that there is status before there is respect. We are of noble blood, completely different from those inferior people.” The little girl lifted her chin proudly.


Yonis gave his son a meaningful look.


Leo stood up with a light expression and said to the little girl, “It’s getting late, I’ll have the driver send you back.”


“Didn’t you invite me to dine at your house?” The little girl asked discontentedly.


“Well, I suddenly remembered that today’s ingredients are not very fresh and it is a bit rude to use them to serve you, so I’d better invite you next time.”


Only then did the little girl show a smile: “Okay, then we will meet again next time.”


After Leo sent the little girl away and returned to the living room, Yonis, who had been silent, said, “This is the ‘girlfriend’ you chose? Her three views don’t seem good?”


“Yes, so I decided to break up with her tomorrow.”


“Look for the right one first before you make a move.”


“I call this early screening.” Leo replied unconcernedly, “I will start accumulating experience from a young age, so that I will not choose the wrong person in the future.”


“Finding a partner requires not experience, but charm, talent and luck.” Yonis instructed in the tone of a man who had experienced it before.


Leo glanced at him, “Father’s luck is indeed good.” As for charm and talent, do you really have them?


Yonis didn’t hear Leo’s meaning beyond his words, and raised the corners of his mouth smugly: “Right, compared to luck, indeed no one can beat me, and your mother is the best proof of that. So kid, if you want to refer to your mother as the standard to find a partner, I advise you to give up early, otherwise you are destined to grow old alone for life.”


Leo: What’s the use of having a father like you?


“Yonis, don’t you think it’s a little too early to discuss about a partner with a six year old?” Shang Ke’s faint voice suddenly came from behind.


Yonis shivered and suddenly got a bad feeling.

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