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Chapter 240: Back To That Key Moment ⑧

TL: Resonance


Leo knew he was currently dreaming. His consciousness made its way down the corridor, turned around a corner, and saw a familiar figure. It was none other than his father, Yonis!


His father was standing straight in front of the emergency room, his eyes fixed on the door in front of him, as if he wanted to pierce a hole through it.


Leo walked over quickly and called out softly, “Father.”


Yonis was oblivious to it and just stared at the door of the emergency room without moving.


Leo reached out to him, but his own hand had actually gone straight through his father’s body.


“Father…” Leo looked at Yonis’s cold face and his heart sank. Eighteen years of which mostly were spent apart caused them the father and son to be distant from each other. Up until the point his father left the world, Leo had never spoken to him properly before.


The father in his dream seemed younger and more heroic than he remembered.


Leo looked around and found himself in the hospital, surrounded by a number of familiar people. The greatest master of the country, Mr. Monroe, the A-class Dark Sentinel Mitchell who was equally famous as his father, guide Lucian who had always taken good care of him, and several of his father’s close friends… There were tens of people, all of whom seemed to be anxiously waiting for something.


Leo’s heart jumped. He quickly looked back towards the closed door of the emergency room.


Could… could it be… 


He walked through the door of the emergency room with a feeling of apprehension. In the emergency room, several doctors were busy in an anxious manner. Leo’s line of sight look passed their bodies and landed on the operating table. There lay a young man covered in blood, his face was pale, his eyes half-open, his eyelashes trembling slightly, his forehead covered with beads of sweat, and his consciousness was obviously in a confused state.


Although he had never met him before, Leo still accurately recognized the identity of this youth. It was his mother[1]—Shang Ke. If he wasn’t mistaken, this should be the place where his mother died back then.


He just couldn’t understand why he dreamed of this scene. Everything in front of him was too real, not at all like something he imagined himself.


“His heartbeat has stopped! Prepare for electric shock.” The doctor’s urgent voice interrupted Leo’s thoughts.


As he watched the doctors do their best to save him, Leo only felt a pang of sadness because the outcome was already predetermined. His mother, in the end, failed to pull through and died helplessly on the cold operating table, leaving his father with a lifetime of regret and grief.


“Heartbeat is back to normal, great, continue the operation.”


But a moment later, the instrument let out an alarm again, and mother’s heartbeat stopped again.


“Quick, electric shock!”


“Heartbeat restored.”



Leo clenched his fists and stared intently at the procedure, watching his mother struggling back from death again and again. His strong desire to live was moving. Despite already knowing the outcome, he wished his mother could be saved.


“The patient is bleeding profusely from the wound, prepare to stop the bleeding.”


“Wait, the instrument detected a vital response!”




“He’s pregnant!”


The doctors instantly froze and their hands stopped at the same time.


“The fetal seed is displaced, protective measures must be taken as soon as possible.”


After determining that he was pregnant, the attending doctor immediately made a decision, “I’ll be responsible for protecting the fetus, and you’ll be responsible for stopping the patient’s bleeding.”


The people received the instruction and started a new round of resuscitation.


“Mr. Shang, you are pregnant, please hold on!” The doctor encouraged, “The baby is weak and needs the mother body’s care, so please don’t give up.”


Leo couldn’t resist getting closer to the operating table and saw his mother’s eyelashes blinking a few times, as if responding to the doctor’s words.


“Don’t use a hemostatic agent, it will hurt the fetal seed.” The doctor reminded.


“But the bleeding is too much, if you don’t use the hemostatic agent…”


The doctor gritted his teeth, “Give me three minutes!”


“What three minutes?” Leo shouted angrily, “Hurry up and help him stop the bleeding!”


However, no one could hear his voice.


Blood continued to gush out from mother’s wound, staining the operating table red in a matter of moments.


“Stop the bleeding! Do you hear me, stop the bleeding!” Leo shouted frantically from the side.


The bright red blood stung his eyes. No matter how much he shouted, the doctors did not change their decision to prioritize the protection of the fetal seed.


“mother, hold on, please hold on!” Leo had already forgotten that he was dreaming. He was half kneeling by the operating table, encouraging his mother non-stop.


mother seemed to sense something. He slowly opened his eyes and glanced toward his location. Within his misty pupils, light seemed to be faintly flashing in it.


“mother, can you see me? I am Leo, your child Leo.”


As Leo finished saying that, he suddenly heard the doctor say, “Okay, we can use the hemostatic agent now.”


As soon as the words left his mouth, Leo saw hismother’s eyes that had been open slowly close again, and a great panic rose in his heart: “mother, no!”


Don’t let father suffer the pain of losing a loved one again.


“The patient lost too much blood, the situation is very critical!”


“Heartbeat has stopped again.”


“Blood pressure has dropped sharply.”



The scene in front of his eyes gradually blurred, and Leo felt that his consciousness was being pulled by a force, moving uncontrollably further and further away from his mother.




Leo’s eyes snapped open, his eyes filled with tears.


Was everything that had happened in the dream real? mother tried so hard to survive, but in the end, he lost the chance to be saved because of him.


His closest relatives, one died because of him, one passed away alone, just what did he miss?


Tears came out uncontrollably, and Leo covered his face, feeling so sad he couldn’t control himself.


He didn’t know how long he cried, but he suddenly found something wrong. Raising his hands, he saw ten tender fingers through his blurry vision. Such fingers definitely do not belong to an adult.


Leo’s heart jumped. He rolled over and sat up, shocked to find that he had turned into a child of tender age, and the room he was in at the moment was the small building he used to live in more than ten years ago.


Leo jumped out of bed and stumbled to the mirror, which reflected his appearance when he was two or three years old.


In the middle of his daze, the door of the room was suddenly pushed open, and the person who came into the room was Cassie, the guide who took care of him as a child. He heard the guide said joyfully, “Leo, I have good news for you. Your mother have awakened.”


mother has awakened? Whose mother have awakened? Leo stared at Cassie dumbfounded, his brain in a state of confusion.


“Come on, I’ll take you to see your mother.” Cassie picked up Leo and walked towards the door while saying, “It’s wonderful that your mother has finally woken up after nearly three years of sleep.”


Leo gradually made sense of Cassie’s rambling speech. His mother was not dead but was just in a coma. And he had, for some reason, been reborn from eighteen back to two years old?


Was he still dreaming?


He was carried by Cassie all the way to the hospital while being in a state of confusion throughout. Seeing that the ward was getting closer and closer, Leo’s heartbeat unconsciously sped up.


Pushing open the door of the room, the first thing he saw was the sunlight coming in from the window. The sunlight which carried warmth lit up Leo’s vision.


“What do you want to eat, I’ll have someone bring it over.” The familiar voice came into Leo’s ears.


Leo held his breath and slowly turned his head, then saw a picture that he could never forget.


His mother was leaning lazily against the head of the bed, with a light smile at the corners of his mouth. His soft hair hung casually on the side of his face, exuding a peaceful tranquility. His father sat on the edge of the bed, holding mother’s hand and gazing deeply at him. The two of their heads were very close together, and between the meeting of their eyes, the strong affection seems to be like flower petals blooming in the sunlight.


This scene made Leo almost feel the impulse to shed tears.


They were his father and mother, living father and mother.


“Leo.” Yonis beckoned towards Leo, “Come here.”


The tone was as strong as he remembered, just a little less cold and a little more emotional.


Leo walked over to the bed, his eyes sweeping back and forth over the two, still in some disbelief.


“Keke, this is our child, Leo.” Yonis introduced Leo to Shang Ke.


Shang Ke looked at the little boy with some mixed feelings. He never thought that there would be a day where he gave birth to a child, and the moment he opened his eyes, the child was more than two years old. The child was handsome, with features that resembled that of Yonis, except that he had inherited his blue eyes.


“Hello, Leo.” Shang Ke held out his hand to Leo, gazing gently into his eyes.


Leo hesitantly took his fingers, the warmth of his skin and the touch of his fingertips finally convinced him of the truth before him.


Although he did not know how it happened, he may have really traveled to sixteen years ago. However, the sixteen years ago this time was unlike the one of his memories. His mother did not die, but only slept for three years.


Could it be that he was not dreaming before, but had traveled to the year of his mother’s death and changed history?


“Why do you look like a fool? Where is the usual energy?” Yonis’ slightly disgusted voice made Leo come back to his senses.


Although he knew in his heart that his father loved him, he still couldn’t appreciate the way he expressed his love.


Leo glanced at his father with equal disgust.


Shang Ke smiled and turned to Yonis, “When I recover, why don’t we take Leo home?”


He had already heard from Yonis that the child had been placed in foster care in the union because of a conflict with his spiritual power.


Yonis said, “To regain custody, you must first submit an application to the union and then pass a test to make sure it’s safe before it’s approved.”


“I will try my best to fight for it.” Shang Ke looked at Leo and asked, “Leo, what about you? Are you willing to live with us?”


Of course I am!


Leo was about to speak when Yonis had already answered for him, “He’s just a kid, what opinions can he have?”


Leo endured, he couldn’t be too harsh to an old ash that was once in an urn.


Shang Ke gave Yonis a disapproving look. Is this how he usually treats his children? He would make enemies in minutes okay?


“Leo, you may not be used to me now, but I believe we will become best friends and the closest father and son in the future.”


Leo looked at his mother’s bright smile and responded silently in his heart: Yes, I believe.


[1] Mother – The raws didn’t exactly use mother but used something like ‘the father who took the mother role’ which doesn’t really have a good english equivalent. The UK also had some movement to make the term ‘mother’ a non-gender term so why not?

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