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Chapter 242: Back To That Key Moment ⑧

TL: Resonance


“I was being very serious sharing my relationship experience with my son.” Yonis defended himself.


“As a Dark Sentinel who has been bachelor for decades and can’t even find a suitable guide and was coincidentally accepted by me in the end, what kind of relationship experience could you possibly have to share?” Shang Ke poked at his pale love history without mercy.


Yonis’ fragile heart was instantly hurt by it greatly.


“You too Leo, don’t be too busy snickering. How old are you now? You did not learn the good things, but actually learned to date? If you meet someone you like, you can start with being childhood friends first and know each other better. You can’t just go being boyfriends and girlfriends whenever you like so casually. Are you planning to be a scumbag who scatters love all around? In the future, if I find you playing with other people’s feelings again, I will let you know how domestic violence is practiced. Also, put down the leg you put on the coffee table. You clearly know that you have short legs, and still want to act cool like your father.”


Both father and son put their legs down from the coffee table at the same time. The two men had been spoiled by Shang Ke in recent years and life has been too sweet that they seemed to have gotten a little carried away.


Leo looked at his mother with a “heartbroken” look: “Mother, you are so attacking your son so sharply, are you not afraid that it would leave a psychological shadow on him?”


“Don’t worry, I studied psychology, if someone grows up with any anti-social emotions, I will find out in time and deal with it properly.” Four or five years is enough time for Shang Ke to understand Leo through and through, this guy not only matured early, but also has a high IQ.


Leo: “…” Are you still the gentle and amiable lord mother I know?


After reproaching the father and son, Shang Ke was ready to return to the kitchen.  When he was turning back, he added, “By the way, invite that girl here again for a meal.”


“Why? I’m going to break up with her tomorrow.” Leo thought his mother really wanted them to try dating. God knows he is not interested in children at all. The reason why he brought his “girlfriend” back is because someone who is on vacation at home recently has been monopolizing his mother all day long, so he had to find a way to increase his presence.


“Didn’t you say ‘today’s ingredients are not very fresh’ and promise to ‘invite her next time’? You should keep your promise.”


He was just saying it casually! That girl was rude to mother. He was already very magnanimous for not flipping on the spot, and now mother still wanted him to invite her for a meal at home?


“No, mother…” Listen to my explanation.


“It’s decided.” Shang Ke didn’t give him a chance to refuse and went away.


Leo looked in the direction his mother was leaving with a torn look, feeling that he had pitted himself. From the corner of his eyes, he saw his father watching the TV without looking away, and he felt even more upset: Don’t think that I do not know that you are gloating just because you put on a serious look! The spiritual lion named “Moloc” that is showing off by your side, has betrayed you!


In the evening, Shang Ke was leaning against the bed with his computer, browsing casually through the web when he came across a report on psychotropic dissociation gas. He remembered that when he “died”, this gas had just started to spread in the outside world, causing sentinel Zeder to fall into a chaotic state of dissociation, and if it was not treated properly, he would infect others. Now, seven or eight years have passed. Not only has this gas not been effectively contained, it has become more potent. Treatment by guides is becoming increasingly difficult and the symptoms are becoming longer.


This poisonous gas erodes spiritual power through smell. It has little effect on ordinary people, but is very harmful to spiritual evolutionists. Shang Ke did not know its specific composition and could not develop an antidote formula for the time being. But since it targeted spiritual power, it might be possible to find a breakthrough through this area.


“Keke.” Just as he was thinking, he was suddenly hugged into the embrace of a hot body.


“Yonis.” Shang Ke put the computer aside and looked seriously at the man beside him, “Shouldn’t we discuss the education of our child?”


“Yes, you’re right, it’s time to teach him a good lesson.” Yonis agreed deeply.


“It’s ‘education’, not ‘lesson’!” Shang Ke corrected angrily.


“Right, how do you plan to ‘educate’?”


“Children are easily influenced by adults, so I think we as parents should set a good example for him.”


“One of us is an A-rank Dark Sentinel and one of us is an S-rank Guide, is this still not good enough as an example?” Yonis had a puzzled look on his face.


Don’t tell me that in someone’s mind, having high status and being strong is a good role model?


Shang Ke explained speechlessly: “I mean character, mindset and three views!”


Yonis replied: “Are we unqualified in any of these aspects?”


“Get your hands off my legs first before we talk about qualifications.” Shang Ke warned.


 However, Yonis acted as if he hadn’t heard. Instead of moving away, he went deeper.


“Yonis!” Shang Ke was used to sleeping naked, and today was no exception, wearing only a loose nightgown and in an almost completely undefended state.


“Keke…” Yonis buried his head in his chest, squeezing his body between his legs as he did so.


“Wait, what’s on your fingers?” The slippery fingers with a slight coolness moved about in the tight inner walls. In a few moments, the coolness was replaced by a damp heat, which then turned into a flame that ran straight up his spine.


“This is the newly researched sex product, which can bring a better experience to the partner.” Yonis explained with a hoarse voice.


“…” Shang Ke tightened his grip on the sheet and his eyebrows looked more charming.


Yonis’ eyes darkened and his breath was hot. A while later, Shang Ke felt the finger inside him being withdrawn, followed quickly by an even larger and harder object filling it until it was completely in. After getting used to it, Yonis began to drill meticulously and deeply, his rhythm sometimes fast and slow and at varying angles. The dim light caused the two closely entwined figures to be reflected on the wall. They were undulating and swaying, and intermittent moans and ambiguous rubbing sound could be heard.


“Slow down, you…” Shang Ke didn’t manage to stop him in time and his body was already filled with a wave of heat, “Yonis, you, you forgot to use protection again!”


“Keke.” Yonis’s low voice rang in Shang Ke’s ears, “Don’t you think Leo is too lonely all by himself? Let’s add a few more siblings for him, shall we?”


“…” Shang Ke wasn’t unwilling, but was just worried that once he let it be, the future will be out of control. Who knows if a certain fellow with excessive D energy will start to implement his “one every three months” crazy childbirth project? (The male guide’s fetus seed can be removed from the body after three months.)


But seeing the expectant look in Yonis’ eyes, Shang Ke couldn’t help but feel soft hearted.


Sensing his wavering, Yonis hurriedly added on: “It isn’t easy for male guides to become pregnant. Even if we do not have protection, it is not possible to always be pregnant.”


Shang Ke heard and felt that he had a point. The reason for the protection before was mainly concern for his body’s health and not really because he does not want children. Besides, he and Yonis will have to leave this world sooner or later. When the time comes, Leo would be left alone and it was a little unbearable.


Thinking about this, Shang Ke finally nodded his head and no longer insisted on protection.


Yonis was overjoyed and kissed the person in his arms deeply…


In the next few days, Yonis, as expected by Shang Ke, was very “hardworking”. Sometimes he would even take advantage of Leo’s absence to have a go in the living room or kitchen.


Shang Ke was tempted to tell him that frequent sex would lower the chances of pregnancy. But considering that he’ll be going on a mission soon, he’ll let it be. The only bottom line is not to shamelessly do M18 act in front of Leo.


Half a month later, Yonis received instructions for the mission and had no choice but to take a break from his happy life. Before leaving, Shang Ke handed the father and son a jade pendant respectively.


“This is a jade pendant carved by me. I will give it to you as a protective talisman.”


Yonis put the jade pendant around his neck, then kissed his lover on the forehead and smiled, “I’ll be back soon.”


Shang Ke smiled and returned the kiss, then stroked Leo’s head, signaling him to say goodbye to his father.


Leo said calmly, “I wish you all the best, Father.”


Although he wanted to be close to his father like a real child, the rigid communication pattern of his previous life still affected him today, and he could not play the child who was reluctant to see his father leave.


Yonis was obviously as awkward as him, just nodded at him coldly and turned to leave.


After sending Yonis away, Shang Ke drove Leo to school. Leo’s school was some distance away from the villa, and he was usually sent there by bodyguards. Today’s mood was a little low, so Shang Ke decided to stay with his son a little longer, secretly seeking comfort.


“Mother, don’t worry, I won’t casually bring a ‘girlfriend’ home in the future.” Leo suddenly said.


Shang Ke was speechless, don’t tell me he thinks that he was personally sending him to school in order to supervise him?


“Speaking of which, Leo, I want you to be very careful.” Shang Ke slowly said, “You have the unique advantage of being compatible with all the guides despite being a dark sentinel. In the future, as long as you agree, there are many guides for you to choose from. But because of this, it is easier to get lost and not know what you want. Maybe it’s too early to tell you this, but I know you’ll understand. Leo, I have only one expectation for you, and that is to be happy in life without shame.”


Leo fell silent, and the words he had once seen in a photo album came to mind: For our beloved child, who we wish for a lifetime of peace and happiness.


“I understand, mother. I understand.” He faintly understood the love his parents had for him only after their death. Now they were around, it was so clear and real, filling his monotonous and lonely memories to the brim.


Waving goodbye to his mother, Leo took a brisk step and blended in with a group of innocent children… 


During the time that Yonis was away, life was calm and leisurely.


Leo got his wish and had the full attention of his mother all to himself. His occasional requests to sleep with him were also not refused. The happy times made him forget a very important thing.


Leo’s elementary school is an elite school. The students inside all have the potential to become sentinels or guides. Some have even awakened the spiritual power, for example Leo.


This day, the school carried out a spiritual scene simulation, with numerous students gathered in a closed metal room, learning to feel the frequency of different spiritual power fluctuations. This kind of training is not dangerous. It takes a total of twenty minutes, with a few teachers responsible for spiritual guidance.


Ten minutes into the training, a student suddenly fainted without warning, followed by a second and a third… Finally, even the teacher responsible for guidance was not spared.


Leo was also in the training room. At first, he did not notice the abnormality. It was only until his brain suddenly felt a burst of dizziness when he jerked open his eyes and saw the fainted people in front of him. In the large training room, he was the only one left awake!

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