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Chapter 266: This Life—The Beginning (VII)

TL: Resonance

    尉勋原本只是抱着“掏钱给他玩耍只要把他留在身边”的金主心态答应与尚可合作, 但看过尚可发来的资料后,他才惊奇地发现其中的技术含量和发展前景非常可观。

Wei Xun originally only had the mindset of a financial backer with the thought of “giving him money to play as long as he stays with him” as he collaborated with Shang Ke, but after reading the information sent by Shang Ke, he was surprised to find that the technical content and development prospects were very promising.

    机器人研发目前还处于起步阶段, 多用于某些猎奇的有钱人和高科技实验室。对于普通民众而言,没有多少吸引力。因为不够智能, 不够实用,而且价格昂贵。

Robotics research and development is still in its infancy, mostly used by some curious rich people and high-tech laboratories. For the general public, there is not much appeal. They are not smart enough, not practical enough, and expensive.

    但尚可对于机器人的构想, 完全是为日常生活服务的,按照功能主要分为宠物机器人、烹饪机器人、装潢机器人、知识百度机器人、清洁机器人、医疗护理机器人等等, 还有专业定制的导盲机器人、咖啡机器人、迎宾机器人以及综合性智能机器人。如果能够完美实现的话,即使只实现其中几种功能,也足以成为风靡全球的专利产品。

But Shang Ke’s vision of robots is entirely for everyday life, and is divided by function into pet robots, cooking robots, decorating robots, knowledge encyclopedia robots, cleaning robots, medical care robots, and so on, as well as professional customized guide robots, coffee machine robots, welcoming robots, and comprehensive smart robots. If they can be created perfectly, even if only a few of those mentioned functions could be achieved, they would still be a patented product that would conquer the world.


It’s just that these patents have not yet passed the application, and Wei Xun cannot be sure whether the technological skills mastered by Shang Ke is really as powerful as described in the data. If he can provide a finished product… 

    尚可刚回国就接到戚辰母亲的电话, 抱怨某个不孝子很久不和他们联系,只知道胡混。

When Shang Ke returned home, he received a call from Qi Chen’s mother, complaining that some ungrateful son had not contacted them for a long time and only knew how to fool around.

    “可可啊,你一定要帮我狠狠管教一下那个小子, 真是越来越不像话了!”

“Keke, you must help me to discipline that kid, he’s getting worse and worse!”

    “呵呵, 没问题。”

“Haha, no problem.”


After ending the call, Shang Ke fished out Qi Chen’s number and was just about to dial it when the doorbell suddenly rang, and the one standing outside was the “ungrateful son”.


“Keke.” Qi Chen hugged Shang Ke and wailed in pain, “I got dumped!”


Shang Ke wasn’t affected at all. He carried Qi Chen in like carrying a sack, then he kicked the door close.


“I got dumped, Keke.” Qi Chen looked at him pitifully, with a stupid look that begged to be appeased.




“…Why are you so cold and heartless.”


Qi Chen complained heartbrokenly while following Shang Ke into the living room. His line of sight fell on Shang Ke’s back, the playful expression on his face gradually disappearing.


“Get what you want to eat yourself.” Shang Ke sat down on the sofa and reproached, “Have you not been home again for a long time? Auntie Qi has given me instructions to discipline you fiercely.”


Qi Chen smiled, “Don’t be polite, please discipline me ‘fiercely’.”


Shang Ke glared at him and was too lazy to pay him any attention.


Qi Chen was glared at by him, but his depressed mood became more cheerful instead. He sat on the sofa opposite Shang Ke, then noticed the coffee table covered with wiring and parts. One of the relatively intact metal objects was connected to Shang Ke’s laptop.


Qi Chen’s heart was curious and was about to ask, but he heard the sound of the door unlocking. Then, he saw the tall figure of Wei Xun entering. His two cold and arrogant eyes fell straight on Qi Chen and there was no expression of surprise on his face. He obviously already knew he was here.


Shang Ke didn’t get up to welcome him. He only gave him a glance, then focused on the computer again.


Qi Chen saw that he was so cold to Wei Xun, and there was no need to mention how comfortable he felt in his heart. Then, he gave someone a warning look: You are not welcome here, tactfully get out of here.


Wei Xun ignored him and walked to Shang Ke’s side. He was about to sit down when Qi Chen suddenly jumped up and occupied the position next to Shang Ke in lightning speed. Wei Xun stopped in time and prevented the tragedy of directly sitting on Qi Chen’s face. Then, he quickly raised his foot and accurately kicked  the nerve on Qi Chen’s calf. It was so painful Qi Chen couldn’t straighten himself.


“What’s wrong?” Shang Ke heard a loud noise and turned his head to look at Qi Chen.


Qi Chen held his leg with one hand and pointed at Wei Xun with the other, complaining, “He kicked me!”


“I kicked.” Wei Xun stared at him condescendingly, “What do you want?”


Qi Chen stood up while limping on one leg and stared at him aggressively.


Just when the two of them were fighting with their eyes in the air, there was a sudden click beside them. Then, they heard a light-hearted children’s song ringing in the room: “I am your fruit pie-oh, I look so cute, nutritious and delicious, delicious and thirst-quenching, and also look  very obedient… Apple, banana, strawberry, watermelon, 12345, 54321, played all day, but do not want to go home, my mood is ever changing. I will reward anyone who can guess my mind…” (《Sweet Fruit Pie》)


Wei Xun: “…”


Qi Chen: “…”


Both of them turned their heads to look at Shang Ke at the same time, and then realized that the children’s song did not come from the computer, but the strange metal object on the coffee table. It shook its head, rotated and bent, and the two bulb-like eyes flickered, looking very bizarre.


“What is this thing?” Qi Chen asked in amazement.


“My pet robot.” Shang Ke replied with a smile.


Qi Chen’s expression was strange: This thing suspected to be made up by metal trash is actually a “pet” robot?


Wei Xun on the other hand was interested. Not long ago, he had wanted to see the finished product. He did not expect Shang Ke to create it so quickly. Although the appearance is a little shabby, the important thing was its function.


“Keke, if you like robots, I can order it for you.” Qi Chen pointed to the “metal junk” on the coffee table, “This thing in your hand… isn’t it too ugly?”


Shang Ke did not say anything, but the robot treated as “metal junk” spoke: “I’m ugly but I’m gentle.”


Qi Chen: … Was he hallucinating just now?


“Let me give you guys a formal introduction.” Shang Ke laughed, “This is my pet robot ‘Chu Hao[1]’. Chu Hao, these two are my friends, ‘Qi Chen’ and ‘Wei Xun’.”


“Hello, friends Qi Chen and Wei Xun, my name is ‘Chu Hao’.” Chu Hao extended its incomplete mechanical arm to them.


Both Qi Chen and Wei Xun did not move.


After 5 seconds, Chu Hao retracted its arm, and then said to Shang Ke, “They don’t have any manners at all, my favourability towards them has dropped by 50 points.”


Shang Ke asked, “How many points was their initial favourability?”


“58 points for Wei Xun and 55 points for Qi Chen.”


Shang Ke: Just one meeting almost dropped all the favourability… 


Qi Chen asked in dissatisfaction: “Why am I 3 points lesser than him!”


Chu Hao’s eyes flickered a few times and it replied, “Wei Xun is 2.5 centimeters taller than you and was 8.2 pounds heavier than you, which is perfectly in line with international standards.”


Qi Chen was angry: These days, robots also like to judge people by their appearance?!


A strange look flashed in Wei Xun’s eyes, this robot can actually directly scan the basic data of the human body?


He quickly sat down opposite Shang Ke and seriously asked, “What specific functions does it have?”


Shang Ke smiled and casually clicked open a two-player web game, then patted Chu Hao’s head: “Let’s play a game.”


Chu Hao immediately moved to Shang Ke’s side, connected itself to the line and went online, selected its game character, clicked play to enter the game interface, and began to play together with Shang Ke. Shang Ke’s gameplay can almost be considered invincible, but Chu Hao’s gameplay was even more cheat-like. It seemed as if the monster’s heads exploded the moment they respawn. The timing is extremely precise, and Shang Ke is just assisting throughout.


And this was a combat type game, if replaced with mind games, it would only take minutes to defeat the opponent.


Wei Xun silently looked for a long time and hesitantly asked: “Are you sure it is a pet robot, not a game plug-in robot?”


“This is not called a plug-in, it’s called a golden finger.” Chu Hao coldly replied.


Wei Xun: “…”


Shang Ke laughed: “Robot is a mobile computer. In theory, they can have all the functions a computer has. Forced restrictions would affect the growth of their intelligence.”


“The robot’s intelligence can still grow?” Even with Wei Xun’s composure, it was hard to hide his astonishment.


“Yes.” Shang Ke explained, “My initial settings for pet robots are to be cute, play games, assist in learning, archive and analyze the owner’s interests, and talk to humans relatively intelligently based on keywords and sentence arrangements. In its networked state, it synchronizes and updates facial expressions, vocabulary and knowledge. In times of crisis, it will protect its owner. In addition, there are regular functions such as note-taking, timing, recitation, recording, playing music, etc. One of the most interesting designs, which is also different from today’s robots, is that its personality will grow according to the owner’s interests. If the owner is an otaku who lives in seclusion and spends a lot of time with instant noodles, then sorry, his robot may also become a senior otaku with strange three views in life.” One can imagine that in the future, there will often be a harmonious scene of one person and one machine nestled in a dimly lit room teaming up to play games…


Speaking up until this point, the sound of the game clearing music came from the computer. Chu Hao raised its arms of different lengths and spinned happily in its place. Then, it extended its hand towards Shang Ke.


 Shang Ke smiled and shook it: “Happy cooperation, Chu Hao.”


“Happy cooperation, Keke.”


Wei Xun could not describe his own mood at this moment. He was previously surprised at Shang Ke’s bold vision, but after all, he did not have an intuitive understanding. Now that he has witnessed it with his own eyes, he is finally truly convinced, and it was even far beyond his expectations.


Qi Chen also came back to his senses, and pointed at the robot in shock: “You, you… it, it…”


Shang Ke added: “Chu Hao has only just passed the basic debugging, and would need more accurate data proofreading, program editing and limb manipulation.”


Wei Xun thinks that this is already very powerful!


Qi Chen has already worshipped Shang Ke as a god!


The two of them completely forgot about their previous conflicts and devoted themselves to the discussion of the robot.


Shang Ke showed them other functions of Chu Hao one by one, and they were very amazed.


A pet robot is already so powerful, what about other types of robots?


Wei Xun couldn’t help but ask this question.


Shang Ke said confidently, “As long as there are enough fundings, I am absolutely sure that I will be able to realize all the ideas in the plan. Currently, I’m focused on pet robots and decoration robots. The decoration robot can accurately measure the size of the house and randomly generate hundreds of basic design schemes and color matching drawings. The owner can choose the design he likes, then go online to select pictures of furniture that match the design style and import them into the robot system. The robot will automatically generate the 3D images. Although not as fine as the manual design, it’s enough to make it clear for people what kind of decoration style they want. Not only that, the decoration robot can also search for information on various decoration materials, test the quality of the materials, and help the owner screen out the best suppliers and decoration teams.”


Wei Xun and Qi Chen were dumbfounded. This type of robot is simply an interior designer’s nightmare! Other than large buildings and buildings with relatively special design, ordinary house decoration can be perfectly resolved by a decoration robot.


Once this robot appears in the market, it is unknown how many interior designers will face unemployment.


Wei Xun looked at Shang Ke in a daze and suddenly felt like he was looking at a terrifying person who could start a world trend… 


[1] Chu Hao – Literally meaning number one.

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