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Chapter 267: This Life—The Beginning (VIII)

TL: Resonance

    尉勋见识了初号的强大以及机器人的发展前景后, 当即决定以此为基础,建立一座庞大的科技园。尚可作为技术核心和发明者, 拥有极大的自主权和股份配额。

After seeing the power of Chu Hao and the robots development prospect, Wei Xun immediately decided to use it as the basis to build a huge science park. As the core of the technology and inventor, Shang Ke has great autonomy and shares.

    有尉勋的支持,尚可再也不用为资金和设备发愁, 只要专心搞技术研发就行了。

With Wei Xun’s support, Shang Ke no longer need to worry about funding and equipment. He only had to focus on technology research and development.

    为了科技园的事情,尉勋忙得不可开交, 白天基本没有时间和尚可联系,但到了夜晚, 独自入睡时,脑中总会浮现各种纷乱的画面,扰得他心烦意乱,气血翻腾。

Because of the science park, Wei Xun is so busy that he basically has no time to contact Shang Ke during the day. But at night, when he sleeps alone, all kinds of chaotic images always appear in his mind, disturbing his mind and causing his blood to boil.

    拿起手机,尉勋给尚可发了一条短信, 没回。又发一条,还是没回。

Picking up the phone, Wei Xun sent a text message to Shang Ke, but Shang Ke did not reply. Hesent another one, but there was still no reply.

    “该死!”之前是谁跟他保证“以后手机24小时贴身携带,电量充足, 每一条短信都巨细无遗的查看”的?!

“Damn it!” Who was it who promised him he would “keep his phone close to him 24 hours a day, fully charged, and to check every text message in great detail”?!

    床上的手机传来短信的提示音, 初号转了转脑袋,开口道:“可可,来短信了。”

The phone on the bed beeped with a text message, Chu Hao turned his head and said, “Keke, you have a message.”


“Who sent it? Read it for me.” Shang Ke asked while lying on the workbench without looking back.


Chu Hao’s electronic eye flashed a few times, and the phone’s text message was read automatically: “‘Sleeping?'”


Chu Hao directly imitated Wei Xun’s voice, and Shang Ke knew as soon as he heard it.


“Do you want to reply?” Chu Hao asked.


Shang Ke: “Don’t bother with him.”


After a while, a second text message was received, and Chu Hao instantly read: “‘I can’t sleep, talk to me.'”


Why do I have to talk to you just because you say to talk? He was still angry at the fact that Wei Xun had climbed onto his bed at night. Shang Ke rolled his eyes and decided to ignore him. Then he thought, if he did not reply to the text message, that guy won’t “break into the house” again at night, right?


Whether he will or not, Shang Ke will not bet against Wei Xun’s morality with his own morality.


He abruptly stood up, stuffed Chu Hao into his backpack, then grabbed his notebook, put on his jacket, and left neatly.


Ten minutes later, a Land Rover rushed into the neighborhood. Wei Xun got out of the car and familiarly found his way into Shang Ke’s home. The result was that he didn’t get to see him.


“Keke, Wei Xun called.” The phone’s ringing echoed in the hotel room. Chu Hao thought Shang Ke did not hear and dutifully reminded.


While carrying Chu Hao out of his backpack, Shang Ke said, “Put me through.”


“Where are you?” Wei Xun’s voice didn’t sound too pleasant.


Did he really go to his house again? Otherwise, he should have asked “are you home” instead of “where are you”. Oh, what an “easy to understand” man.


“Yuntai.” Shang Ke casually reported the name of a place. In fact, he was in the hotel next to his neighbourhood.


“Why did you suddenly go to Yuntai?”


“To see the cherry blossoms.”


“When will you be back?”


“Two or three days.”


“Why didn’t you reply to my messages?” Wei Xun secretly thought, if Shang Ke dared to say that he didn’t want to reply, he would make him pay.


“Because I know that if I don’t reply, you’ll definitely run to my house.”


“… You want me to go?”


“Yeah, because I’m not home.”




There was no sound from the other side for a long time, Shang Ke didn’t have to think about it to know that someone’s face must be very terrible.


Shang Ke laughed secretly for a while and spoke before someone got mad, “I’m going to Yuntai’s scenic area tomorrow. I’ll buy you a gift?”


When he heard the word “gift”, the anger that had just flared up in Wei Xun immediately dissipated and he said in a deep voice: “Up to you.”


“Then I’ll choose at random, don’t be picky when you receive it.”




After ending the call, Shang Ke opened his laptop, logged in to the shopping website, and neatly ordered a gift that was very characteristic of Yuntai.


Wei Xun sat back in his Land Rover and returned to his place in a happy mood, completely unaware that he had simply been pacified by Shang Ke’s carrot and stick method. If Shang Ke was sent by Wei Xun’s rival to mess with him, Wei Xun would have lost badly. The emotions accumulated through many lives have already become an imprint in his soul. Once awakened, it becomes a raging fire, causing an explosion of his scum aura and resulting in a tragic body battle within minutes.


However, facts have proven that someone is not so easy to get rid of. When Shang Ke checked out of the hotel and went home, he found that his house had been emptied by someone.


He called Wei Xun and the reply he got was: “The security measures in your neighborhood are too poor. Considering the technical confidentiality and your personal safety, for public and private reasons, I feel the need to give you a new place to live.”


“Are you not going to discuss with me before moving?” Shang Ke didn’t mind moving, but he did mind that someone had done it before discussing with him.


“It’s not too late to discuss it now. I’ll send someone to pick you up to come see your new home. If you’re not satisfied, you can always change.”


“…” Wei Xun’s so-called discussion meant “I don’t care if you want to or not, but you can choose the type you like from the options I offer”.


He still lacks training. This is what Shang Ke thought when he was picked up by the people sent by Wei Xun.


The house Wei Xun chose was a duplex apartment of more than three hundred square feet, located outside the third ring and about a 10+ minute drive from the city center.


“See if you like it?” Wei Xun welcomed Shang Ke in and showed him around.


Shang Ke was quite satisfied with this small building. Whether it was the environment, the location or the decoration style, they were all quite good. What’s more, it was equipped with an underground studio with an advanced security system.


Entering and exiting the neighbourhood requires identity verification, and the security level is very high with full coverage by surveillance cameras.


Considering the importance of the technology, Shang Ke did not think there was anything wrong with Wei Xun’s arrangement. In the future, when the laboratory was established, all those who participated in the core projects would be closely protected or monitored.


“I live alone?” Shang Ke did not believe that someone did not make any sneaky moves.


“I live right next door.” Wei Xun said calmly, “You don’t need to hire another nanny, just directly order my nanny and maids to do the trivial daily chores. There’s a pager on the wall and they are guaranteed to come when called.”


Shang Ke looked out the window and found an archway on the left side of the garden, and on the other side of the archway was Wei Xun’s residence.


Yeah, he really is an “easy to understand” man.


Wei Xun looked at Shang Ke who was leaning against the window, and his line of sight swept past Shang Ke’s handsome side profile and white neck. His tall body got closer to Shang Ke unconsciously, almost completely enveloping Shang Ke under his aura.


 “Here then.” Shang Ke suddenly spoke, “Thank you for helping me find the house, I like it a lot.”


After saying so, he took out a box from his pocket and slapped it on Wei Xun’s chest and smoothly distanced himself from Wei Xun: “The gift I promised to give you.”


Wei Xun received the gift, and when he looked up again, Shang Ke had already left his embrace and drifted away.


His eyes darkened slightly. Opening the gift, the first  thing he saw was a shiny pink color, then he recognized that it was a girly wallet with a cherry blossom design.


This was the gift that Shang Ke had brought back for him from Yuntai? Even if it was tacky, he still had to accept it with a smile. Wei Xun took the wallet out of the box stiffly and found a heart-shaped card underneath. On the top most part of the card, there was a “5-star cash back”, followed by a large “3” dollar…


Wei Xun’s expression cracked: “…”


Wei Xun glanced in the direction of Shang Ke and saw him lying on the sofa with only his head exposed and watching with joy.


“Ah, I suddenly thought of a genius design.” Shang Ke leapt up and rushed like the wind to the underground studio, locking himself in tightly before Wei Xun could get mad.


Wei Xun moved, but ultimately did not chase after him. The future is long anyway, he will let him off today.


Then, he looked at the box in his hand again. The corners of his mouth twitched a few times. Then, he put the box into his own pocket, turned around and walked out of the door.


After Shang Ke officially moved in, he immediately gave Qi Chen a call, telling him that he had moved and sent him the address of his new home.


Once Qi Chen took a look at the address, he knew who made the move.


“Keke, you know full well that Wei Xun has bad intentions towards you, why are you still giving him the opportunity to get close to you?!”


“We are collaborative partners.”


“Collaborative partners?” Qi Chen blurted out, “Would normal collaborative partners sleep with each other?”


After saying that, Qi Chen had a vexed look and wanted to bite off his own tongue, but he couldn’t restrain the anger in his heart.


After hesitating, he decided to simply say it all: “Keke, I know you’re concerned about Wei Xun’s identity, but don’t worry, he’s more concerned than you. If his family found out that he was sleeping with a man, they would be furious. The reason I chose to keep quiet is mainly because I am afraid they will make things difficult for you. Before things go out of hand, you should draw a line with him as soon as possible and move in with me. I have a way to keep you safe.”


Although the Qi family’s status is not as good as the Wei family, its influence in the business and political world cannot be underestimated. As long as Wei Xun has a sense of reason, he wouldn’t easily offend the Qi family and certainly wouldn’t blatantly come over to steal someone.


Shang Ke was about to speak when he suddenly felt hot on the back of his neck. Then, a body stuck to him, confining him between his arms.


“Qi Chen, who gave you the guts to snatch someone from me?” The man’s low and dangerous voice rang in Shang Ke’s ears, and two large hands smoothly probed into his clothes.


“Wei Xun.” Qi Chen’s gnashing of teeth voice came from the other side, “You think you’re very great? You only know how to bully people with your power and force others to do things they don’t want to.”


“That’s right, I’m forcing others to do what they don’t want to do right now.”


“Wei Xun!” Shang Ke was pinned down onto the windowsill, his pants were roughly pulled open, and a hot object was pressed between his legs.


“Wei Xun, what are you doing?” Qi Chen shouted angrily.


“What do you think I’m ‘doing’?” Wei Xun gripped Shang Ke’s hand which was holding the phone with one hand while his other hand groped Shang Ke’s waist and stomach. He bit Shang Ke’s ear and ordered in a low voice, “Don’t hang up the phone, or I can’t guarantee that I won’t do something to Qi Chen.”


“…” This blackened scum aura, Shang Ke felt that he could not hold on anymore.


Qi Chen’s furious roar kept coming from the other end.


The angrier he was, the more intense Wei Xun’s movements became. He wanted this man to completely understand who Keke really belonged to. How dare he urge Keke to go and live with him, he simply wanted to die!


“Ah!” Shang Ke was grasped by Wei Xun and got forced in without even lubricating.


Shang Ke broke free from Wei Xun’s shackles and violently threw the phone away. There was a click and the call ended.


“Wei Xun, are you a fucking animal?” Shang Ke propped both hands on the window frame and half of his body was hanging out of the window.


“Ask Qi Chen to stay away from you.” Wei Xun propped up his right leg and pushed hard, “I can indulge you in everything, but I’m never soft hearted when dealing with an enemy, no matter who he is.”


“Who I hang out with is my freedom!” Shang Ke said angrily. This man just can’t learn to respect can he?


“I don’t care about other people, but just not Qi Chen.” Wei Xun’s tone was firm.




“I want to kill him the moment I see him.”


Shang Ke: Motherfucker! The reincarnation curse of the last world is indeed powerful, someone’s scum aura was infinitely triggered…


Qi Chen gripped the phone tightly. Imagining the look of Shang Ke being forced to endure pleasure under the man’s body, a murderous look flashed in his eyes. His ears buzzed and he felt breathless. Then, countless strange images flooded into his brain like a tidal wave, as if there was a power about to break through the prohibition.


“Ah—” Qi Chen clutched his head and fell to his knees with a grimace look.

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