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Chapter 147: I Am An Evil Pen (IV)

TL: Resonance


“President Wen, former workers of Tyson Materials are making trouble at the construction site. Should we find the related departments to come out and mediate?” The secretary asked.


“Tyson Materials?” Wen Jingrong replied without raising his head, “The factory that was bought last month? Didn’t we already give those workers a large sum of severance pay?”


“The workers of Tyson Materials are mostly old employees of more than seven or eight years. After losing this job, I’m afraid they…”


“Wen Shang group isn’t a shelter, it has no obligation to help them rearrange a job.” Wen Jingrong interrupted indifferently, “All the old factories are to be reintegrated and reach automation step by step. Reducing unnecessary labour force is an inevitable trend. Give Fang Ju a call and ask him to help settle this.” 


Wen Jingrong has always made bold and decisive reforms when dealing with projects with backward technology. Once he made his decision, he wouldn’t hesitate.


“Okay, I will go arrange it.” The secretary left the office. 


Shang Ke turned into a spirit and followed the secretary out after separating from his pen body.


He had seen Tyson’s rectification plan before. After buying Tyson Materials, Wen Jingrong directly laid off more than 200 people. He had paid them one year worth of salary, but these workers don’t have a professional skill set. They were also of older age. In this age of technology advancement, it is very difficult for physical workers to be employed.


Shang Ke wants to find out more of the actual situation so that he can better come up with a solution. Although he still didn’t know how he could die a heroic death for someone else’s employment issue, he should at least complete his mission first.


Tyson’s factory was more than ten kilometers away from the urban district. For the sake of checking out the situation, Shang Ke secretly brought his “body” along. If his pen body was in the contractor’s hands, he could only move about within a three kilometer radius. There won’t be any limits if he leaves his contractor. However, he could only absorb negative energy when he is by the contractor’s side. Other people’s negative energy are all blocked out by the boundary of the contract and completely out of reach.


When Shang Ke arrived at Tyson factory, he saw hundreds of people blocking the entrance, not allowing any of Wen Shang’s technical staff to enter. Both parties were arguing nonstop and the scene was chaotic. Soon after, a car stopped at the entrance and a middle aged man with a beer belly stepped out of the car. He brought along a few men in uniform and walked into the crowd ostentatiously. 


Shang Ke guessed that this person should be the ‘Fang Ju’ Wen Jingrong mentioned. It would have been better if he didn’t come. The moment he came, the employers who were already angry became even angrier. It didn’t take long for the verbal contest to turn into a martial arts contest.


Shang Ke can vouch that their battle was definitely not due to the appearance of himself, the evil pen. That’s what he thinks so at least. Shang Ke stood at one corner and quietly circulated the negative energy that was flowing on his body… 


“President Wen, there is an incident at Tyson.” The secretary hurried into the office and reported, “I’ve just received the information. Fang Ju is injured.”


Wen Jingrong furrowed his brows and ordered with a heavy expression, “Turn on the surveillance recording. I need to understand the situation.”


The secretary immediately showed the video of the factory.


Wen Jingrong watched the video without any expression. When the video was halfway through, he suddenly pressed pause and stared intently at the figure at one corner.


He stood up immediately and said, “Let’s go take a look on site.” 


A hint of surprise flashed past the secretary’s eyes, but he quickly reacted and notified the chauffeur and bodyguard.


Wen Jingrong sat in the car and stared intently at the video screen. To be more exact, he was staring at the young man who was spectating.


Ever since meeting him near the entertainment club that day, Wen Jingrong has sent out large amounts of manpower to investigate his identity. However, many days have passed and there still haven’t been any results. That person seemed like he had disappeared into thin air and no trace of him could be found.


Just when Wen Jingrong was about to lose his patience, he saw him on this surveillance. What is his relation with Tyson? Was he a past worker or a family member of a worker?


Wen Jingrong looked through the namelist of all the laid off workers of Tyson but didn’t find his information within. If that’s the case, perhaps he is a family member of one of the workers?


“Who’s in charge of Tyson right now?” Wen Jingrong suddenly asked.


The secretary answered, “It is manager Gao Hong.”


“Give him a call. Ask him to send someone to secretly keep watch of this young man and protect him.” The person that Wen Jingrong was referring to was naturally Shang Ke.


“Okay.” The secretary gave Shang Ke who was on the screen a few curious glances and immediately called manager Gao as instructed.


Shang Ke doesn’t know that he was already noticed by somebody and was still watching the situation on site.


At this moment, the crowd which was scuffling about suddenly exclaimed. Immediately afterwards, they gradually stop their fighting and their sight focuses in one particular direction.


Shang Ke felt a familiar scent approaching him. He turned around to look and was surprised to see the imposing Wen Jingrong walking straight towards him.


What? Why is he here?


Wen Jingrong ignored the people’s reverent and surprised gaze as he walked and stood at a spot one arm away from Shang Ke. Then, he looked up and said to the crowd, “I’m Wen Jingrong, the president of the Wen Shang group. I’ve already understood your situation. It is imperative that the factory gets automated and laying off workers goes along with it. I have other arrangements for all of you. Everyone, stay calm and wait for further information. For the people who are injured, report to manager Gao later. We will take full responsibility for your medical expenses.


Everyone looked pleasantly surprised when they heard his words. They immediately started asking about how Wen Jingrong was going to arrange them. 


“Once we finish with our discussion, will we notify all of you of the detailed arrangements.” Wen Jingrong’s eyes were sharp and his tone did not allow for any questions.


The people looked away unconsciously under his gaze and didn’t dare to pester anymore. Afterall, Wen Jingrong’s identity is known to all, it’s unlikely for him to go back on his word in front of so many people.


Shang Ke found it somewhat hard to believe. He had yet to make his move and he already settled around 200 people’s employment issue? Though the real person who made the move was Wen Jingrong.


Seeing that the situation had been settled, Wen Jingrong held Shang Ke’s hand and said “come with me” before pulling Shang Ke to his car, not accepting any rejections. The secretary has already been sent to the bodyguard’s car by him.


After ordering the chauffeur to drive, Wen Jingrong made an utmost effort to suppress the excitement in his heart before he asked, “Your name?”


Wen Jingrong had never got the chance to ask for his name despite them doing so many times in his dream.


“Shang Ke.” Shang Ke furrowed his brows slightly. Perhaps they were too close, the blessing on Wen Jingrong’s body  is making him feel very uncomfortable. The body he had condensed into felt like it was being pricked by needles when he was near Wen Jingrong.


How strange. He had never felt this sharp stabbing sensation before when he was hanging on Wen Jingrong’s body as a cufflink.


Shang Ke pulled their distance apart unconsciously. That painful feeling lessened greatly after avoiding physical contact.


Wen Jingrong’s eyes darkened. He felt very unhappy by Shang Ke’s distancing. They had been so intimate in his dream, he even remembered every part of Shang Ke’s body. But in reality, he didn’t remember him and seemed to have a bit of rejection.


Wen Jingrong pursed his lips and asked, “Was there a relative of yours amongst the workers just now?”


“No. There were only a few familiar seniors.” Shang Ke wasn’t a registered person so he naturally couldn’t say anything.


“I will arrange a job for those people as long as you follow me.” Wen Jingrong could tell that Shang Ke was very concerned for those people, that’s why he directly threw out this condition.


Shang Ke gave him a glance. They met officially for the first time and he’s already trying to trap me? Someone is getting better at doing things.


“Follow you? To where?” Shang Ke asked calmly.


“Stay with me.” Wen Jingrong’s answer was simple and clear.


“…We don’t seem to know each other?” Shang Ke truly didn’t expect that he would be so direct. Is it a good idea to casually invite a “stranger” to cohabitate?


“We know each other now.” Wen Jingrong didn’t hide the intention shown in his eyes. His fervent gaze went past Shang Ke’s eyes and landed on his plump red lips. He remembered how he had deeply tasted it before and how to make it look even more beautiful… A fire quickly ignited within him and his blood started rushing.


He had been searching for the person in his dream for so long. Now that the person has finally appeared before him, Wen Jingrong couldn’t control his desire to possess him at all.


Under that man’s increasingly undisguised gaze, Shang Ke only felt like current was coursing through his body, causing his whole body to soften. Although hard, he ultimately resisted it. He solemnly expressed his determination, which mustn’t bow down to might or lose to temptation, saying, “I’m sorry. I’m afraid I…”


Shang Ke’s rejecting words has yet to finish when he was interrupted by Wen Jingrong, “I’ll be frank. I fell in love with you at first sight and wish to have further developments with you. Cohabitating is the first step in developing our relationship. I will pull you into my life regardless whether you’re willing or not.”


This is the most annoying confession Shang Ke has ever heard in his life… If Shang Ke didn’t know how persistent Wen Jingrong had been for him, just that sentence alone was enough for Shang Ke to throw him into the cold palace.


Let’s not mention that he is currently a demonic pen that cannot be known. Even if he was a human, there was no way he could agree to such a request when it had only been five minutes he got to know Wen Jingrong. Did this fellow’s EQ get eaten by a dog? Can’t he take a more reserved and graceful route for once?


“President Wen, you’re going too fast, I can’t keep up.” Shang Ke wasn’t in a hurry. In any case, he can become a low key and elegant evil pen again in just a second.


“It’s okay, I will guide you.” Wen Jingrong’s arm went behind him and held his waist. Wen Jingrong took him very naturally into his embrace, as if having done it numerous times.


His arm had just touched Shang Ke’s body when that needle pricking pain appeared once again. Shang Ke got a shock and suddenly retreated backwards, breaking free from Wen Jingrong’s embrace.


Wen Jingrong’s eyes darkened. Seeing Shang Ke rejecting him so much, anger that was hard to suppress emerged in his heart. He doesn’t care if everybody else rejects him. Only the person before him couldn’t!


His breath, feel and scent has all been assimilated into Wen Jingrong’s soul, becoming a drug addiction Wen Jingrong couldn’t quit.


Wen Jingrong pressed him against the car door and lowered his body to kiss him, greedily biting his lips.


Shang Ke was trapped in a narrow space, his bended legs forced open by a hot body.


Wen Jingrong stared into Shang Ke’s eyes with a beast-like gaze. He lowered his body and stuck closely to Shang Ke. Shang Ke could clearly feel the shape of his desire. The burning heat went through the fabric and burned Shang Ke’s skin.


However, Shang Ke wasn’t in the mood to enjoy. The blessing on Wen Jingrong’s body cut his body slice by slice like a blade.


Pain could be seen on Shang Ke’s face. He straightened his arms and blocked the man above him. At the same time, Shang Ke lifted his leg and kicked towards his belly.


Wen Jingrong held Shang Ke’s ankle and pulled Shang Ke towards himself. Shang Ke’s body slid downwards and he was lying horizontally on the seat. His legs were spreaded apart and held onto Wen Jingrong’s waist.


Wen Jingrong saw the messy look of the young man below him and images of them doing it in the car appeared in Wen Jingrong’s head. The scene in his dream aligned with what was happening before him. What’s different however was that the Shang Ke in his dream was extremely attached to him, but the Shang Ke in reality is so rejecting of his intimacy. The young man’s horrified expression caused aching pain in his heart as if he was treated like an enemy by the precious darling he cared so much for.


Wen Jingrong tried his best to suppress the madness that kept surfacing in his heart and closed his eyes. When he opened them once again, his usual deep eyes returned.


He held Shang Ke up and helped tidy up his messy shirt. Then, he said softly, “Come home with me.”


Although the tone was gentle, it did not allow for any rejection.


Shang Ke looked at the man before him and vaguely understood. The difficulty of this world didn’t lie on the mission, but on Wen Jingrong. Previously, Shang Ke could use his tolerance, love and hot body to placate the man’s hidden tyranny. However, he can only reject him now. 


Not only does the blessing on Wen Jingrong’s body bring him pain, it also burns up his life. The closer Wen Jingrong is, the faster his life is consumed.


He can die in any situation, form or accident, but he must not die in this man’s hands and let him carry the guilt of killing him.

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