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Chapter 146: I Am An Evil Pen (III)

TL: Resonance


To Wen Jingrong’s disappointment, the person before him had facial features this time but his face seemed to be covered by a layer of tulle. Wen Jingrong couldn’t see his face clearly. Wen Jingrong stretched out his hand and traced his face gently. His brows, eyes, nose and lips… Warm breath brushed past his fingers. Everything felt so realistic. Wen Jingrong tried outlining his appearance in his mind, but wasn’t able to imagine what his soul was like.


Shang Ke felt tickled by his touch and couldn’t help but laugh.


“What are you laughing at?” For some reason, Wen Jingrong’s mood felt better listening to his laughter.


Shang Ke was about to reply when he noticed the surrounding area starting to shake. He knew he was probably going to be forced again.


“Wait!” Wen Jingrong stretched out his hand to catch him but caught nothing.


Only a graceful voice was left in his consciousness: “Can you practice on your dreaming skills next time?”


Practice on my dreaming skills? Wen Jingrong sat on the bed with a light smile as he looked at the daybreak sky outside the window. Though Wen Jingrong still wasn’t able to see his appearance, he already has a rough outline in his heart. He even got to hear his voice.


After a while, Wen Jingrong was expressionless again. What was he so excited about feeling for an illusory person in his dream?


Wen Jingrong lifted his blanket strongly and walked into the bathroom.


Shang Ke floated in the air. Entering Wen Jingrong’s dream this time wasn’t as difficult as the first time. It’s evident that his practice all these while was effective. He might be able to condense into a physical body after he finishes converting all the negative energy into power.


Shang Ke hung on Wen Jingrong’s sleeve as usual and followed him to his office. Wen Jingrong has business all over the planet involving many different industries. He started them from scratch. Although he couldn’t be compared to those rich families, he had great capabilities and unique foresight. He earned money at the speed of a rocket, flying to the top in an instant.


He has a strong personality and is decisive and ruthless, making all his competitors fear him. There were many people who wished to kill him, but no one has ever been successful to date. Wen Jingrong was of great value. He has a good relationship with many important government figures and pays an astronomical amount of tax every year. Most importantly, he only focuses on business and has never made use of his wealth to meddle with government’s decision making. Just this point alone warrants him the greatest support from the government.


If Shang Ke wished to complete his mission, it was best to borrow Wen Jingrong’s power. With all his business, it isn’t difficult to take in 1000 workers. However, in this age, most factories can already be automated. The need for low level laborers is getting lesser and lesser. If one doesn’t have a skill of their own, they can only choose to start a business on their own or work in the service industry. However, starting a business requires money and the service industry has high requirements on one’s appearance.


The 1000 people set by the mission were unemployed travellers, laid-off workers, veterans and ex-prisoners. Amongst these types of people, most of them don’t have any special skill other than the veterans. The appearance probably doesn’t meet the required standards too. Or else, they wouldn’t have been unable to find a job. In this era, one is very highly paid in the service industry. Most of them are concentrated in the food and beverage, entertainment, healthcare, cosmetic, and cleaning industry. Even if it was a cleaner job that doesn’t need much skills or a great appearance, it had strict requirements on one’s character. It was because they had to enter a client’s house and take care of some valuable objects.


But before that, he needed to have a physical body first. The most he could do as an evil pen was sign on some papers.


Fortunately, Wen Jingrong stopped dating other men and women. Shang Ke also stopped purposely creating trouble for Wen Jingrong. He wrote and spitted out ink when he was supposed to. He would focus on cultivating when he was free, intending to accumulate his power for a perfect meeting in the dream.


The third meeting was indeed very different. Shang Ke noticed that the dream scenery has changed. It has changed from a monotonous void space into Wen Jingrong’s room… It’s so uncreative. He could have tried an air fortress, Shangri-La or heaven for example.


Shang Ke was wearing a loose shirt while his two slender and long legs were bare. He stood in front of the french window and bathed in the sunlight.


Obviously, his current way of dressing came from Wen Jingrong’s imagination.


“You’re right, dreaming does need skills.” Wen Jingrong’s satisfied voice sounded behind him.


Shang Ke turned around slowly. His appearance was clearly revealed to Wen Jingrong for the very first time.


Wen Jingrong has imagined his appearance countless times in his mind. However, he only knew how much his imagination paled in comparison after seeing the real thing. He had seen countless amounts of beautiful people, yet none of them were able to move his heart as much as this person. Those clear eyes seemed to have long been engraved deep in his memories and only came to life now. His brows, eyes and lips… everything seem to be born for him.


Wen Jingrong’s heart beated uncontrollably. He pulled the person into his embrace almost without hesitation and lowered his head to kiss the person’s lips, leaving no gaps behind.


Everything in a dream always happens so fast. Shang Ke has yet to react when he was already pressed down on the bed, the shirt he was wearing in a mess. The man claimed him eagerly. The action seemed to be blurred out, sometimes stopping and sometimes continuing. However, the feeling of ecstasy was very real.


Shang Ke didn’t know how long they did it. His soul still felt the aftertaste of love after he left the dream world.


Aren’t things developing too quickly? He didn’t even get to say anything. All he did was moan!


Shang Ke was stunned. Soon afterwards, he was shocked to realise that he could actually condense to a human figure outside of the dream world too. He was still in his spiritual state, but the shaping was very complete, even the male features were revealed.


What’s going on? Although he was now able to enter the dream world relatively freely, it consumes quite a bit of his power each time. This time round, not only did his powers not get consumed, it even increased significantly.


As Shang Ke was pondering about it, Wen Jingrong also woke up from his dreams. His desire has yet to subside from his face and his bodily reaction was even more direct.


He walked into the bathroom with an unhappy face. Immediately, the sound of splashing water and rough breaths could be heard.


Shang Ke: “…”


Shang Ke didn’t need to guess to know. For a man full of vigour, a spring dream was naturally not enough to satisfy his lonely body.


Shang Ke’s thoughts paused. Wait, negative energy seems to include lust. This explains why his power increased. Earlier in the dream, he had absorbed the negative energy arising from lust.


His distress for finding himself a source of negative energy is so easily settled? He wouldn’t have to worry about his powers being exhausted anymore if he has a round with his man in the dream?


Shang Ke didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. He was a fine evil pen but he might turn into a “lust pen” in the future. However, this was still good news to him. He can have his fill and can also enjoy. He also didn’t need to trouble the human world. Life couldn’t be better.


Things got simpler. Shang Ke would enter Wen Jingrong’s dream once every three days. Wen Jingrong gradually grasped the essence for having a spring dream and the scenery got more and more imaginative. From his room to the bathroom, from the garden to the pool, from the office to the terrace, from the car to the airplane… There was nowhere in the world they have never been to. There were only things you never imagined, never things you can’t do.


However, this world was different from the magic age of Ivan’s world. With the addition of magic, spring dreams could let the physical body gain real satisfaction. In Wen Jingrong’s case however, he only has the wonderful experience in his dream. When he returns back to reality, his body’s craving increases.


Two months later, the person who would appear in his dream every few days suddenly disappeared. No matter what posture he sleeps in, he never dreamed of him again. This made Wen Jingrong very irritable, causing his subordinates to suffer greatly.


After bearing with it for two weeks, Wen Jingrong decided to find a bed partner to vent first before he exploded. He had never thought of finding a one night stand before, but he really couldn’t stand it anymore.


No matter how much he desired the person in his dream, it was all just a dream. He had tried having someone draw Shang Ke’s appearance and secretly finding him. However, no matter how similar the people he found looked like Shang Ke, it only took one glance for Wen Jingrong to feel that something wasn’t right.


The chauffeur who was driving saw his boss sitting with a gloomy face at the backseat through the rearview mirror. He couldn’t help but mutter to himself: In what way does he look like he’s going to have some fun? He clearly looks like he’s going to destroy the place.


The driver stopped the car outside the entrance of an entertainment club and Wen Jingrong got out of the car. He was about to enter the club under the attendant’s lead when he saw a familiar figure across the street.


His heart clenched. He directly bypassed the attendant and quickly chased towards that direction.


That person walked into the underpass and Wen Jingrong followed without any hesitation.


No matter how fast Wen Jingrong was, there was always a distance between them. Wen Jingrong followed him through the underpass, past a few streets and boarded the train. Then, he squeezed through the crowd and got closer and closer to the person.


The young man stood quietly amongst the noisy crowd and looked at the scenery outside the window. He had a handsome side face and was exuding a gentle radiance. He had clear eyes and a gentle disposition. He gave others a serene feeling, a sharp contrast to the rowdy crowd.


Two hot flames ignited in Wen Jingrong’s eyes. His blood rushed and his fingers trembled nonstop due to his excitement.


Only when the train stopped and the young man exited the train with the crowd did Wen Jingrong realise what he should do.


Catch him, take him home and make him mine at all cost!


However, that person could no longer be seen when Wen Jingrong chased after him out of the train. Wen Jingrong searched crazily but found nothing.


“Damn it!” Wen Jingrong clenched his fist and punched the wall hard. The anger in his eyes was hard to conceal. 


He calmed down only after a long while.


It’s okay. As long as it’s certain that he truly exists, he can definitely find him!


After making up his mind, Wen Jingrong prepared to head home. However, he realised that his wallet was gone. He could only take out his phone to call the chauffeur to pick him up.


Wen Jingrong stood upright at the side of the road looking like a sculpture, not caring that he had become the focus of the crowd.


Shang Ke turned into a spirit and floated by his side. He thought gloatingly: Have fun waiting. Right now it’s rush hour and the roads are so jammed even a dog can’t pass through. The chauffeur won’t be here without taking a few hours.


One day ago, Shang Ke realised that he can already condense into a physical body. He evolved from a pen spirit to a demonic pen and could appear in human form for a period of time. Although he couldn’t be too far away from Wen Jingrong, a few kilometers radius was still possible.


He had wanted to give this man a surprise, but he actually went to find a bed partner! How could he do that!


Therefore, Shang Ke purposely lured him out and also hid his wallet to punish him.


However, Shang Ke’s plan failed very quickly. After waiting for 10+ minutes, Wen Jingrong called the person in charge of the nearby branch office. After a few minutes, a mount sped here and the great president was picked up comfortably.


Shang Ke felt very indignant and once again decided to push back the time they would meet. It just so happens that he still needs to search for some job information so as to prepare for solving the reemployment issues.

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