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Chapter 145: I Am An Evil Pen (II)

TL: Resonance


Shang Ke condensed himself into his spiritual state and floated about in the dark room. Once in a while, he would glance at the man who was sleeping on the bed. Suddenly, his figure came to a stop. He remembered that when he transmigrated into a statue, he had imparted his believers with skills by entering their dreams.


Although an evil pen wasn’t as strong as a statue, he should be able to enter his dream using the power gained after converting the negative energy.


Shang Ke circulated the power within his body. The power within his body was in a mess and all tangled up without order, perhaps because his body has been hungry for too long or because it was never managed. Shang Ke tried using cultivation methods to segregate and refine his powers. He only managed to smoothen his power after circulating it for a few days. The irritable sense of hunger also lessened significantly.


Looks like spiritual practice is also suitable for a pen spirit. However, this world doesn’t have spiritual qi. The only thing he could circulate was the negative energy accumulated by the pen spirit.


As it turns out, the pen spirit has perished because it lost its source of negative energy and also because it didn’t know how to cultivate. If Shang Ke can’t find ways to extend his life, he will soon follow the footsteps of the pen spirit.


Normally, everyone has negative energy on them. No matter how little they had, it was enough to maintain all of Shang Ke’s basic needs. However, Wen Jingrong was an exception. Even if he had negative energy on him, it will be neutralized by his blessing very quickly without leaving even a tiny bit behind. As for the negative energy on the people around him, there wasn’t even a chance to get near them.


What Shang Ke wants to do is to quickly cultivate his powers so that he can break free from the barriers of the contract faster. Then, he can start absorbing negative energy from people other than Wen Jingrong.


After making up his mind, Shang Ke circulated his powers. He turned into a cloud of smoke and entered Wen Jingrong’s dream.


He has no way to control someone’s dream with his current power. He could only be in it as a “guest”.


Wen Jingrong who was sleeping soundly wasn’t having a dream, so his dream world was just a chaotic mess. Then, a white figure suddenly appeared and instantly lit up the dark world. His feet gently landed, causing ripples to form around it. Like a feather, he gently “woke” up Wen Jingrong’s consciousness.


Wen Jingrong looked at the flickering figure not far away and his legs made its way to “it” without his control. The figure’s profile became clearer the closer he got. When Wen Jingrong was near it, the figure had already become human-shaped. To be exact, it was a tall and slender man with a thin back. 


Shang Ke was astonished to realise his disorderly figure starting to transform itself after Wen Jingrong entered his dreamland. It only took a moment for him to have a human figure.


“Who are you?” A voice suddenly sounded behind him.


Shang Ke turned around subconsciously and revealed a… blank face.


Wen Jingrong: “…”  He was looking forward to seeing his face, only to realise that the other person didn’t have any facial features at all. The disappointment in his heart was way more than his fear.


“Who are you?” Wen Jingrong asked again. Despite the person’s blurry appearance, Wen Jingrong still wanted to know his identity.


Shang Ke wished to reply very much. However, he didn’t have a mouth he could use. He could only be a quiet (faceless) handsome man. He also felt desperate.


Wen Jingrong narrowed his eyes. He tried to find Shang Ke’s facial features on that blank face. Unfortunately, it was blurry from start until end.


He rarely dreamed, but whenever he dreamed, he always woke up feeling empty as if he had lost something or was searching for something. The appearance of this man in his dream caused his unsettled thoughts to feel sober for the first time.


Wen Jingrong couldn’t help but stretch out his hand wanting to feel his existence more vividly. However, Wen Jingrong’s fingers had just touched his body when everything before his eyes became blurry and then fell completely into darkness.


Wen Jingrong’s eyes shot open and only saw his quiet room light up by the moonlight.


He sat up, took out a cigarette from the bedside and put it in his mouth. He kept thinking about the white figure that appeared in his dream and his deep eyes was difficult to fathom as it brightened and darkened within the smoke.


Shang Ke laid on the bed without a human form, looking very weak. He entered a dream for the first time. He hasn’t said anything and couldn’t even reveal his face yet he’s already half dead. Looks like he will have to cultivate for a period of time before he considers entering a dream again. Or else, he might really get himself killed.


Afterwards, Shang Ke no longer tried to enter his dream. Instead, he stayed by Wen Jingrong’s side and cultivated smoothly.


However, he didn’t expect that his entering of dream this time gave Wen Jingrong some after effects.


Wen Jingrong changed from dating woman to dating man. As long as someone catches his fancy, that person will receive his invitation to date. However, all of them were basically over after one date. For the past month, there were many handsome men who were moved by his “love”.


Wen Jingrong was a well known golden aristocrat of Tahm. His family background is extraordinary, he had excellent looks and he was very popular within the circle. Although homosexuality wasn’t mainstream, Wen Jingrong’s actions has undoubtedly hinted some single males and made their thoughts jump.


Many males started taking initiative to hook up Wen Jingrong. They weren’t able to find a chance to meet Wen Jingrong privately, so they tried to find ways to attend parties he showed up in to create various accidents to deepen Wen Jingrong’s impression on them.


Sometimes, Wen Jingrong would cooperate and strike up a conversation with them. Sometimes, he doesn’t even spare them a glance. After a few times, people soon noticed that the males he favoured were of a particular type. They all looked tall and slim with a warm temperament. Unfortunately, none of them were able to get closer to him. No one knew just what kind of male partner he was looking for.


Shang Ke was hanging on Wen Jingrong’s sleeve. He saw Wen Jingrong being surrounded by handsome men all full of love and felt depressed in his heart.


“President Wen, there’s a document that needs to be signed.” The secretary placed the document in front of Wen Jingrong.


Wen Jingrong habitually took down his cufflink and changed it into a pen. He then moved his hand above the document, only to realise that there was no ink.


Wen Jingrong furrowed his brows. He raised the magic pen in his hand for a look but couldn’t see any problems with it.


There was fingerprint identification on the magic pen. Other people could still use it to write, but only when the pen owner uses it personally could the legal effect be utilised. This was also why it was a habit for the people of Tahm to carry a magic pen around.


Wen Jingrong tried it a few more times but still wasn’t able to write anything. He could only take out his spare magic pen to sign his name on the document.


After signing, Wen Jingrong wore the magic pen as a cufflink on his sleeves as well and gave Shang Ke a companion.


Shang Ke looked at the new buddy by his side and greeted, “What a coincidence, we are both cufflink magic pens.”


The new buddy coldly remained silent.


Shang Ke felt unhappy so he decided not to let Wen Jingrong use his body for a short period of time.


It wasn’t time to get off work yet but Wen Jingrong already left the office and drove to a private repair shop.


“Bra[1], long time no see.” The shop owner was a 40+ years old handsome uncle. He greeted enthusiastically when he saw Wen Jingrong enter.


“Don’t call me ‘bra’!” Wen Jingrong gave him a glare before he took Shang Ke off and passed it to him. “Help me take a look. Is it malfunctioning?”


The handsome uncle received the magic pen and complimented, “Look at this model, it’s a design of several decades ago. It’s well maintained and has quite a complete set of functions. Has it been modified before?”


“Perhaps.” Wen Jingrong inherited this pen from his father five years ago. He doesn’t know if his father has ever modified it before, but it’s function wasn’t that different from modern products.


The handsome uncle changed the cufflink into a pen and tried writing on a paper. The words were legible and the ink was uniform. There weren’t any problems.


“Isn’t it functioning well?” The handsome uncle looked at Wen Jingrong in wonder.


Wen Jingrong took the pen back and also tried writing on the paper. However, the result was still blank white.


The handsome uncle took it back to try again and was able to write successfully.  However, as long as the pen was in Wen Jingrong’s hands, it was immediately impossible to write.


“Hahaha.” The handsome uncle couldn’t help but laugh out loud, “Bra, seems like this pen doesn’t like you! Just how did you abuse it?” 


Wen Jingrong stared at the pen in his hand with a gloomy expression. Subsequently, a trace of negative energy appeared on his body.


Shang Ke’s spiritual body quickly flew towards that trace of negative energy. His speed of reaction and movement couldn’t be considered slow, but he ultimately wasn’t able to beat the blessing’s purification. The delicious negative energy disappeared before his eyes.


Shang Ke fell on the ground softly like a ball of cotton.


Why is it so hard to eat some negative energy!


“There’s no problem with your magic pen.” After checking carefully, the handsome uncle gave his professional judgement and said, “I feel that it’s your character that has problems.”


Wen Jingrong kept the magic pen and left the repair shop without looking back.


At night, Wen Jingrong finished bathing and laid on the bed to watch a while of TV. Then, he picked up the magic pen and started studying it.


This pen has been with him for quite a few years and never malfunctioned before. Why is he suddenly unable to use it? And it was only him who couldn’t use it. Wen Jingrong felt unhappy for some reason, feeling like he had been betrayed by his own item. He couldn’t think of anything despite thinking for so long. Wen Jingrong could only put his pen aside first as he switched off the lights to sleep.


Shang Ke sat lightly on Wen Jingrong’s body and kept making faces to scare him in spite of Wen Jingrong being unable to see any of it.


“Just you wait. I’m going into your dreams to settle with you right away!” Shang Ke waved his fist at him indignantly.


Just as he finished speaking, the man on the bed suddenly opened his eyes and stared sharply towards the direction of Shang Ke.


Shang Ke springed backwards strongly: Fucking hell, you scared me!


Wen Jingrong looked around in confusion.


Here, here! Shang Ke striked a distorted pose in the air.


Wen Jingrong could only feel wind blowing past his head. After staring for a moment with furrowed brows, he didn’t notice anything unusual so he closed his eyes again slowly.


After a while, he fell asleep.


Shang Ke adjusted his mood. Then, he used his power and entered Wen Jingrong’s dream land once again.


Just like last time, he obtained a human figure the moment he entered the dream.


He had yet to make any moves when he was hugged by a pair of large hands. The man’s low voice sounded by his ear, “I caught you.”


There shouldn’t be any sense of touch in the dream. However, Shang Ke felt his back heating up and he was surrounded by a familiar breath as Wen Jingrong neared him.


Shang Ke didn’t struggle free. Instead, he touched his face first and realised that he actually had facial features!


“Tell me. Who are you?”


I’m the evil pen by your side—Of course Shang Ke couldn’t answer this way.


Wen Jingrong didn’t receive any reply, so he held Shang Ke’s waist and slowly turned him around.

[1] The shop owner called Wen Jingrong 文胸(wen-xiong) which means bra and at the same time sounds like 闻兄(wen-xiong) which means brother Wen, 闻 being Wen Jingrong’s surname.

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