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Chapter 144: I Am An Evil Pen (I)

TL: Sarah


The Spring of Life in the air began to converge towards the middle under the guidance of the mother tree. But for a moment, it condensed into a drop of water that gently dripped onto the land beside Teldrassil. Suddenly, a clear spring gushed out, forming ripples on the ground and rapidly spreading around along with the aura of nature.


“Ah!” The specters issued a miserable cry of pain. With their skins mottled and rustling, they fled from the forest in a panic.


The power of Teldrassil of the Spring of Life burst out at the same time, horrifying them. It was as if their strong bodies had been exposed to radiation, and their lives were quickly in danger.


When they fled, the alliance groups still hadn’t recovered from their shock. Their attention was originally on Ivan but Shang Ke turned out to be an elf transformed from Teldrassil. No wonder he could independently open the seal of phantom jade and was with Ivan! One body sealed the Spring of Life, while the other was the embodiment of Teldrassil.


All of a sudden, the Spring of Life and Teldrassil—the things everyone had been looking for desperately for years, appeared in front of them.


Happiness came so suddenly that everyone felt as if they were dreaming.


The only one who was in anguish was probably Ivan.


He stood under that tree, gawking at the exuberant magic of Teldrassil, his heart aching.


He was supposed to have been sacrificed, but it was him that disappeared.


Ivan raised his hand and gently touched the tree, sensing his aura. He called out his name in his heart: Keke…


【Congratulations to Host for Completing the Additional Mission 1: Resurrect Teldrassil.  】


Shang Ke looked at the System’s spotless space and had no interest in talking. He was entirely listless.


The System probably thought that he was being too wasteful of the Perfect Expression Pack and said, 【Host can obtain two return cards as long as one more main mission and one more additional mission are completed in the next world. 】


Shang Ke’s eyes brightened and his spirits instantly lifted.


【Please choose two skills to learn Host.  】


The skills provided by the System have basically been unlocked and he could learn at will.


Shang Ke rummaged for a bit and finally chose two skills with his eyes closed. Anyway, as long as there was enough time, he could master all the skills sooner or later. It was up to him to decide how much work he should put into each skill.


With the improvement of various stats, his time to learn skills had greatly shortened, and the difficulty of skills could be adjusted according to needs and preferences. Some skills only needed to reach the primary level, while some important skills needed to be taken further.


After coming out of the hundred training space, Shang Ke entered the next world with high morale.


Although Shang Ke had been prepared for it, his world outlook had to be forcefully updated by reality every time.


This time he had turned into a pen; and it was a pen, that from name alone sounded like it was fucking with everyone—‘evil pen.’ Basically, he was a pen spirit that fed on negative energy.


The origin of his birth cannot be queried. Since he had gained consciousness, he had lived by absorbing the negative energy of human beings. All of their negative elements such as jealousy, anger, evil thoughts, lust, killing and so on were food for the pen spirit. The pen spirit himself could also affect the minds of others. Any person with a weak will could be influenced to make wrong choices and take the wrong path under the spirit’s command, thus generating more negative energy.


According to the changes of the times and the needs of the environment, the pen could change its shape at will. From his original shape as a quill, to brush  to fountain pen, ballpoint pen, gel pen and even chalk, crayons, markers, etc.


And up to the present day, he has turned into (planet) Tahm’s most commonly used pen—magic pen. Magic pens were a kind of paper and digital writing pens that came in various shapes, including brooch, cuff link, lipstick, earring, wrist watch, etc.


The evil pen survived for thousands of years and never worried about food shortage. Complex human natures could always produce all kinds of strange negative energies. But his end finally came upon him when he was obtained by a “peerless good man.”. No matter how he bewitched him, this man always stuck to his principles and maintained an optimistic and kind nature. Even if he had nothing, he never complained about others. He could be regarded as a model saint.


The evil pen absorbs negative energy by signing a contract first. Only when the contract is established could it absorb the negative energy from the contractor and the people around him. Unfortunately, the pen signed a contract with this peerless good man. Since then, he never had enough to eat and became increasingly weak. Fortunately, the negative energy he accumulated from before was enough to sustain its life.


He worked hard to endure until the good old man died. On the day he breathed his last, the pen was filled with tears. He could not help but face upwards and howl: Finally, he was free!


However, he didn’t expect more tragic days to be following.


As a relic of the old man, the pen was passed on to the old man’s son, a boy named Wen Jingrong. To his delight, this man was not as kind and honest as his father. On the contrary, he was decisive in battle, ambitious and was very successful in business. He was regarded as a tiger and wolf mixed in one by many competitors.


The pen thought, the negative energy generated by this man would surely be enough to stuff me. The result, however, was that he could not eat anything at all!


This man was really not a good man, but he had a fortune that made the pen despair. The good karma accumulated by his father during his lifetime had all become a blessing for him! Those who had this kind of blessing were destined to be free from all spirits intruding upon them, to turn bad luck into good fortune, to rise in the world, and obtain much riches in business. It could be said that everything was smooth sailing for him as he went against all odds.


The pen’s did not have a high IQ in the first place, and he seldom chose contractors voluntarily. In his opinion, everyone had negative energy, but it was only a matter of how much. But he didn’t expect to meet a nemesis twice in a row. One was pure in nature and another good in fortune.


Following the nice old man was nothing more than starving himself, but following Wen Jingrong was not only to suffer hunger, but also to bathe in the glory of good fortune all year round. Even absorbing the evil spirit of the people around him was extremely difficult.


After decades of starving, the pen finally gave up and died gloomily in a brilliant blessing.


In fact, it was because his consciousness had dissipated that Shang Ke came to replace him, becoming the new evil pen.


 【Main Mission: Solve the Work Problems of 1,000 Unemployed Travellers, Laid-off Workers, Veterans or Ex-Prisoners.  】


Shang Ke: “……”


As a harmful and demagogic evil pen, he felt that this mission had nothing to do with him!


As he was thinking about it, he was suddenly taken down from a sleeve by a big hand, pinched and turned a few times. He immediately changed from a cufflink to a magic pen, and then he was used to sign a name on the tablet: Wen Jingrong.


“Inform Ai Sai that he will leave for Ferring City tomorrow.”  Wen Jingrong told his secretary.


“Yes, sir.”  The secretary collected the tablet and replied respectfully.


Wen Jingrong played with the magic pen in his hand as he pondered for a moment. Then added, “Push back the business reception I have tonight. I have another appointment.”


“Okay. Do you need me to arrange a driver for you?”


“No.”  With that, Wen Jingrong turned the magic pen into a cufflink and buckled it on his sleeve.


In the process of being moved, Shang Ke had the honor of meeting the mole on his palm.


Very well, Wen Jingrong was not only his man, but also his bread and butter in this world! However, he could only watch and not eat.


The blessing shining on him was simply a killing machine. Shang Ke could probably understand why the original pen spirit ended gloomily. To not be depressed while being shined on by this light was hard.


After Wen Jingrong left the company, he drove back to his residence. Dropping the car keys, he strode into the room, took a bath, and changed his clothes. He glanced at the time, then left through the door.


Before he went out, he didn’t forget to fasten Pen Shang Ke as a cuff link to his sleeve.


It was already dinner time. Shang Ke estimated that Wen Jingrong had made an appointment to have dinner with someone.


Sure enough, he came to a high-class western restaurant and was led by a waiter to a window seat where a young girl in her early twenties was sitting.


“Sorry, I’m late.”  Wen Jingrong, acting as the gentleman, apologized. In fact, it was half an hour short of the time of the date, but the girl came earlier than him.


“It’s fine. I got here too early.”  The girl smiled bashly.


The two seem to have just met as they talked about some topics related to interests and hobbies. It looked like they were on a blind date.


Shang Ke muttered bitterly in his heart, is his man straight in this life?


The girl seemed to like Wen Jingrong very much, from the implicit shyness in her eyes.


But Wen Jingrong’s attitude was a bit strange. At first he was gentle, but after a few more words, the expression on his face became more indifferent with no emotion. After dinner, he took the girl home and left without even saying a polite word about the next appointment.


Shang Ke was confused by the event. He wondered why Wen Jingrong invited her to dinner when he didn’t like it. He had even postponed the business reception.


Wen Jingrong returned home with a calm face and frowned in disgust at the smell of perfume.  Then he removed his clothes and walked naked into the bathroom.


He had to say, his man’s figure was very good in any world. Tall and straight with perfect proportions and strong muscles that were comparable to a basketball player’s. As for appearance, the standard domineering and charming CEO style. Shang Ke had seen too much of his face that he’d grown numb to beauty and ugliness.


He rolled out from under his sleeve and laid glittering on the dark big bed.


Wen Jingrong treasured his father’s “relics” and didn’t forget to put Shang Ke on the bedside before going to bed.


After lights out, the room was dark with only a few lights filtering in through the window.


Shang Ke stayed quietly on the bedside table, thinking about how he could complete the mission. If he kept his magic pen form, he would definitely not be able to complete it. The pen had been cultivating for so long, Shang Ke wondered if he could turn into a human form.


Shang Ke tried, but unfortunately failed. He could condense into a spiritual state, but couldn’t be materialized.


What could a spiritual state do? He could affect others subconsciously, but this person couldn’t feel his existence at all.


Putting aside how Shang Ke had turned into an evil pen, the mission itself was stupid!

TL Note: The pun here is that evil pen (shabi) is the censor way of writing stupid cunt.

Sarah: kinda sad how abrupt the last arc ended ;w; huhu THE BABIES! But it’s a new arc now aaaaaand …… he’s a pen??? XD;;;

SnowTime: *slowly I die* Thank you guys for the donations~ Because rip part time job here hahahaha.

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