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Chapter 143: Spring Comes Upon A Withered Tree (X)


Ivan’s appearance was like an evil spirit while Shang Ke was beautiful to the core. The sharp contrast of ugly and beautiful had a strange sense of harmony and an erotic attraction.


Everyone did not know how “tight” they were with each under due to the clothing hiding it from view. The two of them did not care for their surroundings, completely immersed into their own world.


As the elements poured into Ivan, Shang Ke’s hand was also influenced by the seal. The same snake shaped scar appeared on his right hand and started to wiggle down from the hollow of his palm.


“Keke!” Ivan’s eyes constricted in worry.


“It’s fine, don’t worry.” Shang Ke comforted him, “I am trying to strip the phantom jade from your body. As long as it’s successful, the seal will immediately lose its source of power.”


“But you…” Ivan looked at the spreading scar on his arm, worry taking over his heart. He did not wish for Shang Ke to bear the same pain he was. He did not know what kind of damage the seal will bring to Shang Ke’s power.


“The one in danger is actually you.” Shang Ke sighed, “I don’t know if I can take the phantom jade out of your body while maintaining your safety.”


“Don’t worry about me.” Ivan continued to endure the pain and managed out, “To die by your hands would be my pleasure.”


“I won’t let you die.” Shang Ke quietly promised, as his face became even more gentle.


“AHHH…” The pupil of Ivan’s left eye appeared as if it was split open and the bloody red color took over his whole eye. The violent pain tore a scream out of him.


Everyone watching the scene were scared witless by his terrifying face and that eye that was almost tearing itself out of its socket.


The aura of the phantom jade spread out and scraped by everyone’s skin like a knife, sending stabs of pain through them.


Some observant people suddenly realized something. Several half-elves before couldn’t resist the phantom jade seal together, yet Shang Ke himself could do it alone. This kind of power, even a great master mage couldn’t compete with him.


Under everyone’s shock, screams came from behind them within the forest followed by flames and metals. The tranquil night was immediately filled with the clamor of a battlefield.


“The specters are here!” A soldier shouted, “Prepare for war, we can’t let them stop the unsealing!”


The alliance was so decisive in trying to deal with Ivan because they were short on time. If they could not undo the seal as quick as possible, they might lose the rare chance forever.


Although they acted pretty fast, the specters were also not slow on the uptake. Right when the seal was about to be undone, over a thousand specters broke through the defensive perimeter of the alliance and intruded the forest like a hot knife through butter.


The alliance soldiers picked up their weapons and bravely charged at their enemies. The cries and shouts of battle and weapons began along with the bright lights of magic.


The alliance used a forceful manner to request Ivan to sacrifice his life, at the same time, they also sacrificed their own life, carrying out their faith.


Within the light where Ivan and Shang Ke were, they heard the disturbance but did not pay attention to it and continued to concentrate on the phantom jade.


“Keke, don’t worry about me, just take out the jade.” Ivan gritted his teeth.


Shang Ke did not answer and continued at his own pace.


A couple specters broke out from behind the trees at the moment and aggressively charged at them.


A dozen alliance soldiers immediately answered in return and blocked their way.


The cold glint of blades scattered around as blood was reaped followed by screams. It was all heard by Ivan and Shang Ke, along with a hint of danger.


While the specters would not kill Ivan, they would not show such mercy to Shang Ke.


Several blades shot toward Shang Ke’s back. Ivan straightened up and dodged to the side while holding him.


Shang Ke’s legs accurately wrapped around Ivan’s waist. His body sunk down, then was thrusted into again.


Shang Ke moaned softly, his cheeks flushing.


Ivan tucked Shang Ke between himself and a large tree. Despite the pain, he couldn’t suppress his pleasure as his waist moved a few times unconsciously. While using his body to protect Shang Ke, he also took note of the specters’ movements.


The specter that had attacked them just now was surrounded by soldiers. They were able to temporarily avoid danger.


Ivan held onto Shang Ke as they hid behind a tree. Feeling that the man in his arms was a bit weak, he helped propped up his legs so he would slide around, which also conveniently strengthened their ‘connection’.


Boom! A fireball exploded above their heads and the tree was immediately ignited.


Ivan cursed quietly and switched locations with Shang Ke.


Although the situation was a crisis right now, Shang Ke felt a sudden bubble of laughter rising up.


He had just wanted to quietly make love with Ivan and undo a seal on the side. He didn’t expect that they couldn’t manage to finish either before their meet place turned into a battlefield.


A battlefield cannot be lacking blood, soldiers who sacrifice their lives can’t be cowards, and howls of grief are mournful. They still held their positions even under such a situation to carry out their act to the end.


Suddenly, Ivan’s left leg was pierced through with a flying knife. He staggered and fell to the ground with Shang Ke pressing down on him. His hand almost stopped what he was doing.


Ivan leaned against the wall, sweat pouring off of him. His line of sight became blurry, even the elf in front of him was becoming indistinct.


He blinked hard, the sweat and blood mixed together on his face creating a large ravine.


Shang Ke can say for certain, that his man in this world was the one that cut the most sorry figure and the ugliest of all worlds. 


Feeling the phantom jade becoming lost, Shang Ke tossed away any distracting thoughts to fight the final battle.


Ivan’s body shuddered as his muscles stretched taunt, exposing his veins. His waist was arched as his desire remained strong, nailing into Shang Ke.


Shang Ke resisted the sensation from below and redoubled his efforts to extract the phantom jade from his eye bit by bit.


Ivan could only feel a sharp burst of pain, the pain was so strong he almost went insane. At the same time, he saw a blurred shadow rushing from behind at Shang Ke. While alarm overtook him, he could do nothing to stop it before his eyes went dark like he was falling into an abyss, his body overtaken by the cold. In the darkness, a frightening aura surrounded him and was even emitting a strange hissing sound.


The battle suddenly paused as everyone’s attention was drawn to the origin of the aura. They saw a red bead floating above Shang Ke and Ivan’s head. Flickering sealing characters were surrounding it and emitted rays of light.


The phantom jade!


Everyone looked for the phantom jade for hundreds of years, they finally found it.


Almost at the same time, the specters and the alliance rushed for the phantom jade.


The phantom jade that was not unsealed yet was a threat to the alliance while it was something the specters could rely on.


However, right as when a specter was about to touch the jade, sealing characters suddenly appeared in its surroundings and then shattered. A dazzling white light flashed and the night was turned into day.


Everyone subconsciously closed their eyes. When they opened them again, they were astonished to find countless drops of water floating in the air. They stopped and formed a screen of water.


A tremendous power of life encircled them. Plants slowly grew out, dispirited and withered trees suddenly regained vitality.


The alliance members held their breath as they watched this miracle. The injuries on their bodies healed slowly under the water. Elves all looked toward the sky, their eyes flickering with the lights as they felt both sorrow and delight.


The Spring of Life that had disappeared for hundreds of years finally reappeared.


On the other hand, the specters acted as if they were poisoned. Their metal skin began to rust as their violent expressions were overtaken by fear and pain.


“Kill them all, don’t let any of them live!” A specter officer coldly issued.


Sinister expressions overtook them again and they started to crazily attack in spite of their corroding bodies.


A massacre once again occurred.


Shang Ke who had undone the seal bear the brunt of it, becoming the most hated target of the specters. However, there wasn’t anyone who could come save him this time.


Seeing how a couple blades were about to hit Shang Ke, Ivan’s body flashed and he carried him away from the spot. The wind roused by his sudden movement shifted the dead leaves on the ground.


Ivan withdrew from Shang Ke’s body and positioned himself with his head hung low, eyes closed in a half kneeling posture. The scars on his face had long disappeared without a trace while the muscles on his body swell and strengthened. Golden scales faintly lingered on his body as a majestic aura surrounded him.


Ivan slowly closed his eyes, his golden eyes shining a dangerous light.


He who was freed from the phantom jade was like a freed eagle, the power within his body was released.


“This… is the aura of the dragons!” The specters were greatly alarmed.


Ivan looked at his hands. Within his excited expression was also pride. He had thought he would have to struggle incessantly to survive this battle, yet he had gained something back within the bad. The removal of the seal was not only on the Spring of Life, but also on him.


“Keke. stay here. I’ll protect you.” Ivan raised Shang Ke’s hand and gently landed a kiss on it.


Shang Ke nodded with a smile.


Ivan stood up, his hands pinched together and directed the water in the air to condense into an oxygen talisman spell that was sent directly at the specters.


Shang Ke leaned against the rock wall, watching as Ivan fought with yearning in his eyes.


Although the unsealing of the Spring of Life greatly cut down the specter’s power, in a short term battle they could still not be looked down on. The alliance were slowly being beaten back and their casualties were piling up.


Although Ivan obtained great power, it was still unlikely for the situation to reverse with the power of a single man.


However, they could not retreat. The Spring of Life still hasn’t converged together into an actual spring, the specters still have a chance in resealing it.


Seeing that tragic scene of everyone dying one by one under the blades of the specters, Ivan realized the severity of the situation and turned to speak to Shang Ke, “Keke, I will send you…”


He came to an abrupt stop and stared blankly, “Keke…”


Shang Ke’s entire being was wrapped up in a green light and his figure became fuzzy.


“No!” Ivan did not know what happened, but he felt as if the elf in front of him was about to leave him.


He rush toward Shang Ke, his arm reaching out to him within the light to pull him out. But his fingers directly went through him.


“Keke!” Ivan’s heart constricted as panic overtook him.


“Ivan, help me take care of the little elves.” The gentle voice left one last message to Ivan as he watched Shang Ke’s figure disappear before his eyes. What took over instead was an emerald green branch. The branch took root within the earth and started to frantically grow. One meter, two meter, four meter… the trunk thicken and branches extended outwards, stretching far and wide.


The change over him was quickly noticed by everyone. Under their shock gazes, a large tree stood proudly under the dawning blue sky.


Following that, young sprouts sudden grew from the branches and grew, flickering brightly under the light. As one grew out, many more followed in succession. Soon, all the branches were covered in green sprouts that made the tree form a large umbrella.


Feeling the presence of their mother tree, the half-elves all had tears in their eyes. They knelt one after another, piously and happily greeting their mother.

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